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Board Games Poems

These Board Games poems are examples of Games poems about Board. These are the best examples of Games Board poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Smoke
An uneven start,
the same potential;
Hustle creates moves,
you are owed nothing;
Keep your strike silent;

Secret to fire? 
Control the flames;
The board is yours,
stepping ahead;

in the lead

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Categories: emotions, games,

Premium Member Monopoly
by M. Griswold

Have you rolled the dice and played the game?
You know, that one that's in the hall of fame.
Where one travels the board at...

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Categories: games, 8th grade, fantasy, fun,

Chess pieces
Chess pieces
By Michelle Morris

We are like chess pieces, 
Being moved around the board;
Forever in play for political payoffs
For control of the world. 

Boundaries invisible, yet

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Categories: games, humanity, life, political,

Premium Member Revenge Of The Balls
Marbles of different colors
Wobble on a board
Striped or solid colors
Numbers all aboard

Carpals, long or short
With a stick, prong or jolt
Balls babble on the spot
Squabble on...

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Categories: games,

The Game of Life
My son looked through the board games
And he chose the Game of Life,
Where people-pegs must navigate 
Through times of joy and strife.

My grandkids bought insurance,

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Categories: games, grandchild, life,

Premium Member Check Mate

On board
Stars ponder
Making good moves
Until one of the two will surrender.
Exciting as it is to play so cool.
Win or lose, mime.
Star players


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Categories: fun, games,

Who Killed Mr Body
I strolled into the room, real casual you see
I took a look around, one of them was guilty
*Bang* an authoritative door slam sounds in my...

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Categories: games, humor, murder, mystery,

Burial Games
Kicked a crab apple up the road
I hate bein' told, I hate bein' told
Why don't you get with the program, son
And strap on the vigilante's...

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Categories: games, angst, cancer, childhood, death,

Premium Member My Carousel of Thoughts
hop on board my carousel of thoughts
  where wild ideas bob up and down
theories hang on tight for dear life
  some die on...

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Categories: fun, games, today, truth,

Premium Member Eight Ball
Morning breeze of air filled the room
Everyone else are sleeping, snoring in their dreams
Neighbors are outside, picking flowers that blooms
Birds singing merrily as they fly...

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Categories: childhood, christian, games, grandchild,

Board BORED Games
Having met with an untimely
grimm death

After loosing his property monopoly

In pursuit of trivial gain

Using eloquent intellect scrabble
word's in order to create reasonable doubt

Until all the...

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Categories: games, candy,

Premium Member Mental Manoeuver

In the strategic game plan,
the king is the prime vulnerable,
to be defended, not to lose the game.
All the pieces shift as per dynamic scheme,
attack the...

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Go to the head of the class. Colorful heads snapped into plastic bases or classic wooden heads. Roll and...

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Called By Cobain - Seance

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Categories: games, 10th grade, art, character,

The Game of Life
Were you a peg that wouldn't fit?
   That peg who missed by just a bit.
   A tad too round or oddly...

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