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Free Verse Football Poems

These Free Verse Football poems are examples of poetry about Free Verse Football. These are the best examples of Football Free Verse poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Rambling
Quote By Poet "Time is a funny thing. It is here, it is gone.
Never to be found again." 

As l get older,
I find the same...

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Categories: football, baby, day, kid, mom,

Premium Member Building Tension
Did you ever stand on stage,
behind the big curtain.
Standing there peeking out from behind the curtain,
watching the audience looking at the stage.
Your knees are shaking,

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Categories: football, courage, emotions, fear, god,

Premium Member P G
Pretty gardens, peaceful grounds praying gratefully.  


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Categories: football, flower, garden, love, peace,

Premium Member Musings of Love
Great love is like a heavenly moment,  
when one's heart will skip a beat.  
Love can come packaged in many boxes,  

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Categories: football, flying, heart, heaven, jealousy,

Premium Member My Words VS The Judges
I write because I love to write,  
writing for a contest makes me think.  
My imagination and creativity come alive,  
as the...

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Categories: football, poems, poets, words, writing,

Premium Member Undone
I was only four, 
when Blackie my dog died. 
My dad ran my best friend over, 
yes it was a horrible accident. 

I was...

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Categories: football, cat, dad, heart, love,

Premium Member Tea Time
Spice tea is for me,  
hot with honey on a cold winter's day.  
Pretty pink rose cups,  
are filled to the top...

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Categories: football, cool, drink, flower, summer,

Premium Member Poetic Inhalation
As I read poetry,  
I love reading the amazing words.  
When breathing in,  
each word comes alive.  
When breathing out, ...

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Categories: football, dance, peace, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Oasis
"Morning arrives when the brilliant sun first kisses the earth." Quote Written By Poet

The hot sun burns my fragile skin,
I am turning red like a...

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Categories: football, adventure, food, red, sky,

Premium Member Sipping Coffee
I am the coffee cup,  
holding the coffee which is God.  
He fills me with sweetness and warmth,  
so others can enjoy...

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Categories: football, beauty, drink, god, heart,

Premium Member Winter's Slumber
"Bears sleep all winter. Spring is their wake up call." Quote By Poet   

All summer we have had fun,  
playing and running...

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Categories: football, animal, life, sleep, snow,

Premium Member The Snowman Takes A Wife
The snowman 
fun and cold 
watching kids. 

Covered in snow 
white head to toe 
sun stay away 
please no melting. 

Frosty is my name 

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Categories: football, celebration, fun, love, marriage,

Premium Member Good Wishes For My Enemy
Dear Enemy, 
I will wish you well and set you free. 
Your words and knife, 
will no longer hurt me. 
Too bad it all had...

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Categories: football, blessing, family, freedom, friend,

Premium Member Forgiveness
I have heard a hurt person say, 
if you knew what they did to me you would never forgive them. 
Hurt can run very deep...

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Categories: football, cry, hurt, life, memory,

Premium Member Tonight
Tonight as I gazed out my window,  
I saw a shiny bright star on a velvet sky.  
I wondered if it hung over...

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Categories: football, night, peace, prayer, sky,