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Lily Flower Poems

These Lily Flower poems are examples of Flower poems about Lily. These are the best examples of Flower Lily poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Lilac Lily

As the spring zephyr ripples in my lawn, 
I see the dance of the dulcet spectrum
on petals of lily unfurling with the touch of dawn,...

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Categories: analogy, flower, love, spring,

Premium Member Color Echoes
cream rose white daisy
blue jay on a cobalt sky
heart stopping sunset

frog on lily pad
diamonds on a starry night
gold butterfly sun

tree bark gingerbread
apricots and honey dawn

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Categories: beautiful, butterfly, color, flower,

Premium Member The Easter Lily
The Easter lily welcomes spring,                    ...

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Categories: beautiful, birth, flower, god,

Thus They Blossomed
Crocus, like a purple diamond,
Golden pollen-jewels within;
Sensational; seducing; and
Enrapturing my home garden…

Daffodil, cheering with delight,
As gorgeous as a butterfly;
Golden-yellow and pink perfect,
And in orange stood...

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Categories: color, flower, garden, nature,

Premium Member Language of Flowers
Snake’s head, pitcher plant, Lady’s slipper orchid, and the corpse flower
Four of the strangest flowers, but not the contender for queen of the rare.
That honor...

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Categories: flower,

Premium Member Spring - haiku chain
carnation cuteness
class ceremony
graduation day

red rose redolence
lily scent countryside dew
springtime perfume cue

orchids of blue bloom
valley violets, tulips hues
geraniums soothes

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Categories: flower, rose, seasons, spring,

Stargazer lily,

I always catch my breath
as I watch you dancing in your pretty pink party dress
twirling and swirling on a sultry summer breeze 

lovely lily


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Categories: flower, senses,

Premium Member SWEET HONESTY
Smile on the face or innocence on the face
              is as attractive...

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Categories: flower, senses, youth,

Premium Member Living in the Sunshine
My multicolored garden has such a sunny outlook,
Like the fleeing dawn shadows daylight overtook.
Not minding the storms, they drink up the rain,
For veritable growth, often...

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Categories: beautiful, cheer up, flower,

Premium Member JASMINE

I love...

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Categories: flower, love, sweet,

Premium Member Vanilla Accent

Some flowers smell like memories of home,
Lily-of-the-valley is one of those.
It's like what color is to monochrome,
beyond the spicy scent of any rose.

I link it...

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Categories: flower, 10th grade, 8th grade,

Premium Member Milk Of Hera
From the breast of Mother Hera
pours forth the sacred lily fair;
symbol of chastity, purity
and womb of mothers everywhere.

White is the Lily of the Virgin
from whose...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, flower, nature,

Premium Member Lilac Lily
"The flowers dance to the music of ecstasy, in your dreamy eyes I see me glow" - By Author

As the spring in the air ripples...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, flower, longing,

Premium Member Friendly Blooms
Friendly Blooms
"Flowers we gather along life's highway,
are friends kept in memoirs floral bouquet.”
Quote - poet’s own.
Daffodil, tranquil queen of the bower
Shining as the sun after...

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Categories: flower, friendship,

Life’s cyclic existence from death to rebirth
best understood this season of burgeoning.
Flora, as Phoenix, rises from the sodden earth
in graceful flourish of death unburdening
itself with...

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Categories: color, environment, flower, life,