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Feed Poems

Feed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of feed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for feed.

New Poems

Premium Member Empowering Integrity
Verbal microaggressions
[You are a liar!]
neglect non-violent humanity
as macroaggressions
[uninvited explosions with intent to kill],
rather far beyond verbal bullying,
physically retaliate against abusive inhumanity,
seldom too fastidious
about recognizing collateral damage
to people
planet Earth.

Critical mistrust
[how does this defend democracy?]
may yet remain mindful of Golden Rules,
active hope...Read More
Categories: feed, bullying, health, integrity, peace, political, psychological, violence,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member The Sitter
The Sitter

They rushed me in. 
I had no time to prepare. 
Talk they said. 
We will not be... long, 
it was a song.

My first response.
should have been. 
In the end, 
adrenalin and panic
gave way to remembered 
moments with...Read More
Categories: feed, child, childhood, chocolate, daughter, mother daughter, mothers
Form: Narrative
Premium Member This Vagrant Lust
Hell's music taunts his hooded lie
Condemns his fingers fretful glee
This vagrant lust that will not die
Nor feed his longing to be free

Cold tremor of long deadened strings
Hell's music taunts his hooded lie
Refutes the truths to which he clings
His voice an...Read More
Categories: feed, death, music,
Form: Quatern
The Dung Beetles Taste

The dung beetle’s disgusting taste
for other creatures fecal waste 
begins at birth because inherent
and therefore not dependent
on years of trial and error 
to determine which they prefer,
as is the case by humans required
because our brains are not hard-wired
like theirs to...Read More
Categories: feed, food, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member A Poem For Christmas NIght
Greeted by the multi-lit display
draped over the hedges
and the railing of our front porch,
the brilliant lit Christmas tree
winks at us, welcoming us home
from the Christmas Eve Mass.

You settle comfortably in your chair
as I walk into the dining room.
Sitting down, I...Read More
Categories: feed, christian, christmas, religious, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

Blood thirsty carnivore that does not back down
On this ridge day and night, I sit and lie in wait
Hungry as the beast of my soul lies inside my chest

Forgetting the pain of the hunger of yesterday and yesteryear, 
Upon thy...Read More
Categories: feed, confidence, conflict,
Form: Free verse
Horn Church Haiku on Sunday
Sunday Horn Haiku
Written on morning
of January 19, 2020
at St. James Episcopal
Church, Shallotte, NC

With God and His hand
We began to understand
Why minds will expand

We remember monk 
Who always would have much spunk
Slept in bottom bunk

God miracle made
His hand on us He...Read More
Categories: feed, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Gods Anger Not Just The Church
If I was God 
I'd be angry with the world
I tried to teach the Romans

Instead, the Romans
taught the world how to build empires
The Roman taught the world
how to take over countries

and charge then a tribute
call it a tax, call it...Read More
Categories: feed, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Lost In The Crowd
I stand amidst the crowd listening to them talking very loud
I stand amidst the crowd watching them walking about
I really don’t feel like talking so I moved away from them
And listen to my silent thoughts as they thunder from heaven
It...Read More
Categories: feed, adventure, america, angel, anxiety, appreciation, character, community,
Form: Narrative
It's Magic
We all need a little magic
Magic and intrigue
Can be sad or tragic
Imagination can feed

When a clever magician
Pulls a rabbit from a hat
Everyone laughs and claps
Nothing can be wrong with that

Then, dressed very smartly
In his evening dress
The conjuror pulls out some...Read More
Categories: feed, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Ralph lived on an island
Isolated and remote
His only companion was Gertrude, the goat
He didn't have many possessions
There wasn't the need
As long as he had a roof over his head
And enough food to feed
Himself and of course the goat
I forgot to...Read More
Categories: feed, 1st grade, angel,
Form: Rhyme
Welcome yourself to America, the land of the free.
Where dreams come true and the roads of opportunities
is ahead of you. We march and sing in the land of the free, 
I welcome you to America. Where we fight for our...Read More
Categories: feed, poetry, poets, spoken word,
Form: Prose Poetry
Perhaps people will argue with me
saying that's your interpretation
But I did not write the bible
Thou shalt not kill

appears to me means
we should not kill anyone
I don't know how you can
interpret it any other way

It did not say
you can kill people...Read More
Categories: feed, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member About The Last Shark
There once was a great white 
Who was looking for a bite 
And there was a seashore town 
That had smiles instead of a frown 

Preparing for a 100 year celebration
With wind surfing racing 

It took a whole year of...Read More
Categories: feed, adventure, beach, body, fish, fishing, food, summer,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Nimo, My Sweet Home, By Marcel Ike Okonkwo
Written By Marcel Ike Okonkwo

Under the sound of the Ekwe Nimo
In ancestral groove
One hears the dale and might
And songs of our ancestors
In a land of rich cultural heritage.

Nimo, the land of great heroes where star guides 
And tender moon abides,...Read More
Categories: feed, africa, creation, eulogy, home, poems, poetry, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ego the Word for ''I''
do what makes you happy
feed it, walk the walk
oh yeah, 'cause for anyone to grow-  we needs some sun

"I" is the self in me
it is my identity and separates me from others
the "I" of me is not chaotic, unreasonable,...Read More
Categories: feed, introspection,
Form: Lyric
The Gatherer
The Gatherer and the Giver sat atop a hill to gaze again
down at the village where they lived, and talk about the ones in need.
At end of day as sun went down, they sat there talking in the dim
as soul...Read More
Categories: feed, care, giving,
Form: Rhyme
The Attitudes
From the heart these words are sown
Borrowed from the word and on loan
Follow along as you will read
In turn these rhymes your soul they’ll feed

In an attempt to pen like Cowper and Knox
And share these thoughts from a bag of...Read More
Categories: feed, anxiety, beautiful, bible, character, forgiveness, heart, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme

As my fingers trace your silhouette
Your lips will feel my kiss
The shoulders that have held me up
I will never have to miss

The strength of you in support
The little girl has grown
Opened up to live and life
Through love, she...Read More
Categories: feed, love,
Form: Verse
If You Had Done As I Asked
I wasn’t asking for you to take control
I had no one in my corner 
show support the asked of role 
as I was the performer

My situation my experience 
a plan I created to crack on
You doubted me in an instant...Read More
Categories: feed, anger, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
Hunters come to camp on this hill,
prime vantage point to plan the kill.
They watch a herd of roaming deer
that come to graze in valley near.
And in that herd they spot their prize
so sneak towards with foucussed eyes.
A fast kill from...Read More
Categories: feed, england, food,
Form: Rhyme
You Have a choice
The battle between Rich and poor
the needs of one conflict 
with the needs of the other
Rich people want cheap labor 

reduced costs 
poor people want 
better wages, holidays, life
the negotiation unions

Perhaps 5% unemployed 
is the desire of Rich people
having 5%...Read More
Categories: feed, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Choices of Mankind
soft dough eye eucalyptus eater
 a vegan that sleeps through the days 
 without the energy of meat from a deaden cousin
 the gentle soft Australian teddy bear, alone or with
 a mother— there a little one cradled in ...Read More
Categories: feed, blessing, devotion, life,
Form: Free verse
Scruple's Flaws
Tamerlane verse (Edgar Allen Poe)

As windows on this world get stuck;
disgust demands space on the lip.
Events I have not thought about
reveal hatred, make me upchuck
and fills untrusting minds with doubt.
Men’s base unkindness gets a grip
attacking vision with its whip.
When insult...Read More
Categories: feed, 11th grade, bullying, political, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
Broken Glass
We drink to Life. L'chaim. Summer smiles
In Leah's eyes, June sunlight gently glowing.
The glass waits on the earth, bowl, base, and stem 
Remembering. Then, shards beneath 
My foot. Then, Mazel tov, the guests all cry. 
God send you many sons....Read More
Categories: feed, jewish, racism, religion,
Form: Blank verse