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Exhibit Poems

Exhibit Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of exhibit poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for exhibit.

New Poems

Premium Member Terms of Engagement
Rancorous bile spits from the screen like a dragon’s bad breath

Venom and distasteful acrimony captures an innocent monitor

An irritating display of malicious vitriol exposes malevolence

Vindictive malevolence achieves to exhibit a self-righteous tongue

        ...Read More
Categories: exhibit, anger,
Form: Free verse

The Thief's Offering
The police are everywhere
And barracks are empty, 
I see military fatigue, locusts
I see firearms that can make the devil blush
I see the MK 18 mod 1 carbine whose libido is famed abroad
I see the Glock 17 Semi-automatic Pistol which shoots...Read More
Categories: exhibit, corruption,
Form: Blank verse
Levity and gravity
Levity and gravity

The weight of gravity and lightness of levity complement nicely
Like a seesaw or ying and yang they are balanced precisely
Levity may add the touch of light relief in a minuscule dose
But too much is like bubbles ascending up...Read More
Categories: exhibit, earth, flying, light, moon, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Joshua
Jovially, you approach life, with jokes to share.
Optimistically, you view obstacles as opportunities.
Sacrificially, you ensure safety for loved ones' care.
Honorably, you'd rather do what's right than appease.
Understandingly, you unfold patient behavior.
Admirably, you exhibit traits of a savior.

For my dear husband....Read More
Categories: exhibit, blessing, dedication, family, hero, husband, love, meaningful,
Form: Acrostic
Well Assured He Could Be Cured and Many More
We always had been well assured,
That after everything we endured;
Prayers said;
Not dead;
Are sure and certain can be cured.

Jim Horn

My mind had been active again
lately. Wonder what keeps it going
and wish I was knowing where my
future was going. Anyone have any

Already...Read More
Categories: exhibit, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's resolutions for the year,
I hope for a another beautiful season.

We dream of becoming more successful,
Achieving goals, distant and near.

A healthy and happy year with relatives and friends,
Care and love guides us through the year.

Accomplishing more and thriving at...Read More
Categories: exhibit, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, books, god, happiness, thanks,
Form: Free verse
Glass Wall
Cotton candy
Face to face with 
A deadly animal
Only 4” of glass wall
Preventing them from being

We got married
Thinking it would solve 
The problem of loneliness
Only to discover a glass wall
At the tiger exhibit
And we are face to face
With...Read More
Categories: exhibit, husband, marriage, tiger, wife,
Form: Free verse
Missing Pieces
Caught you in my reflection,
It zaps
My insides 
Like a sting from a bee.
It is not the wisdom you exhibit in your eyes.

It exerts the rawness of our connection.
Trying to wrap
My head around the way we collide,
The way you bring the...Read More
Categories: exhibit, death, love,
Form: Rhyme
Less Is More

Fashion, the fresco of generational passion
keeps pace with the sprint of rushing times.
Like an art-form it makes cleaved impression,
modernity worn even if body contours don’t rhyme.

Vision blank, she cat-walks the fashion track,
dormant desire turns her to an exhibit called style.
A...Read More
Categories: exhibit, fashion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member They Blamed it on Her
The bowl of fruit left on the table
to wither and rot by those unable.
Those whose minds are shattered by death,
whose minds are weakened and bereft.
There cliché exhibit they concede,
tells of their leal for their dead lief.
We sing a laud then...Read More
Categories: exhibit, character, dark, death, judgement, society, word play,
Form: Ballad
The Lady with No Breasts
Step right up step right up one and all,
We’ve got amazing freaks short and tall,
There’s the strongest man in the world,
We’ve got midgets the tiniest people in the world.
We’ve even got bearded lady and the boy with twelve fingers.
Don’t be...Read More
Categories: exhibit, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
The law of nature
The law of nature

What a beautiful flower
A wasp runs freely
Jumps at once
Into the lap of a beautiful flower

The flower welcomes the wasp, gratefully
She blossoms lovingly and offers sweet honey in honor of love
No other flower in the vicinity exhibit jealous...Read More
Categories: exhibit, allegory,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Pumped And Ready

Pumped and ready to start a new day
Bringing it on no matter what comes my way
Can you believe it
Must watch for censorship
At times overdo it and exhibit a naughty display

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Categories: exhibit, happy,
Form: Limerick
Incomprehensible space time continuum intrigues
Incomprehensible space/time continuum intrigues...

One insignificant, infinitesimal
incomprehensibleness cosmic speck,
who doth readily confess
swallowed within

infinite cosmic wormhole, nonetheless,
he feels mind boggled, fascinated,
transfixed... helpless to express
following concept suddenly
gripping his feeble mental compass.

I haint never gonna get
smart enough to understand
supposedly how universe
under contract to expand
subscribers...Read More
Categories: exhibit, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Seasons
By: Tom Wright

Spring is the preferred time,
for daydreams to appear.
When Summer comes along,
these dreams often sear.

But Fall is readying itself,
to exhibit sudden change.
A precursor to Winter, the blahs,
and a Christmas gift exchange.
...Read More
Categories: exhibit, seasons,
Form: Lyric
25 light tears away
with no hope
of ever seeing
you without a

for your galaxy
and you are
more than
light years

but a

my eyes
to the almost
full bucket by my

the dying tears
of a been dead poet

NOW for our
next exhibit
we have

from the poet
himself but not by

teeth...Read More
Categories: exhibit, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Mona Lisa Education
Educated as a young woman,
Became a teacher through choice.

Enjoyed teaching for many successful years,
As a retired teacher I received a lovely certificate.

Photographed with the Director of Education,
Received my twenty-five year pin.

We had a beautiful retirement dinner,
My youngest son was my...Read More
Categories: exhibit, appreciation, art, blessing, books, friendship, god, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Song of a Traveling Man

I flop at truck stops
hid by other sleeping truckers.
I like the loneliness.
Amarillo, Detroit, Tacoma, Richmond,
places packed and stacked
with the bad and the good.
I scoot by paying no heed,
to features, just forms,
how bodies once glimpsed
sometimes return inside of me.
Cities of light,...Read More
Categories: exhibit, poems,
Form: Blank verse
Talents To Be Realized
When I retired i thought what will I do with my time,
Made  friends with a handsome gentleman

Maybe I fell in love for awhile,
We couldn't date because he is much younger.

I played the piano for the seniors,
Christmas songs are my...Read More
Categories: exhibit, appreciation, blessing, friend, god,
Form: Free verse
Physically they are attractive, handsome, pretty!
Their structured bodies are just frames,
Within them sadness reigns
Those dear to them treat them like preys.

They are dead living...
Not the living dead!
Their graveyards are the frequent tree they hibernate to whenever disoriented.

You would think they...Read More
Categories: exhibit, depression,
Form: Elegy
The Shoe
A beat-up shoe that’s toddler-sized
Has a sock that’s stuck inside.
We don’t know whose it was, but know
Its owner surely died.

It’s one of many artifacts
From Auschwitz on display
In the Heritage Museum*
Where I volunteered today.

The school groups come, we lead the tours;
They...Read More
Categories: exhibit, holocaust,
Form: Rhyme
I Am Not a Victim

I had a dream the other night
Of walking in a field of cornbread
Golden brown
Baked just right
One solid
Unbroken field

As I softly crunched my way
I looked up
Coming toward me
Was a line of tigers
With a man in the middle
No one was tethered
Just walking...Read More
Categories: exhibit, analogy, confidence, conflict, strength,
Form: Narrative
Consanguinity Begets Anomalies
Offspring between close family members
not biologically fit nor ablest
even if direct immediate relations
consider themselves best
buddies, emotionally intimate, and offload
heavy matters weighing down

on their respective figurative chest,
cuz lurking within brethren and cistern genes,
and/or chromosomes dwell deadliest
nastiest, and weakest link undermining
searingly robust...Read More
Categories: exhibit, baby, body, conflict, confusion, devotion, fate, horror,
Form: Free verse
Play it Loud
Instruments of rock & roll
Are showcased at the Met.
It’s closer to some classics
Than I’d ever hoped to get.

From Ringo’s drums and Clemons’ sax
To numerous guitars,
You get to see the favorites used
By legendary stars.

Jimi, Eric, Chuck and Prince,
Elvis, Keith and Bruce,
Lady...Read More
Categories: exhibit, music,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Friend Gone Missing
Friend Gone Missing

I really am in stupefaction,
As to what tore us asunder.
These Hallmark cards, once a year
Infuriate me,
More than the coldest glacial thunder.

With loving exclamations of BFF
Just stop your justifications!
Sadly, I must admit, technology affected
you with a humongous hit.
If I...Read More
Categories: exhibit, betrayal, friend, internet,
Form: Rhyme