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Death Elegiac Lyric Poems

These Death Elegiac Lyric poems are examples of Elegiac Lyric poems about Death. These are the best examples of Elegiac Lyric Death poems written by international poets.

Breaking News- RIP AKA
Police sources in Durban have confirmed Rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes was shot dead in a drive-by shooting spree on Florida Road, on Friday Night. Another...

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Categories: betrayal, death, emotions,

Thus passes by the glory of the world
Relics, relics sad and lone,
Cromwell's head and a single bone
that William the Conqueror left on earth
prove today of petty worth.
Oh that now those proud in...

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Categories: death, power, vanity,

Passing On
Another old friend has passed on,
May he rest whereever he's gone.
Once you're a year above eighty
thoughts of life's transience are weighty.
but here were good times...

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Categories: death of a friend,

My heart like a desert is dry,
From my eyes flow the stream of tears...
For the pain of the world I cry,
The world is in turmoil,...

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Categories: anxiety, depression,

Why So Early
Light shone so bright
The future outright
Hills you have leveled
The small valley yet to be crossed

Hard work you had invested
Promising fruits in abundance
Yet a breath cut...

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Categories: anger, bereavement, best friend,

Premium Member The tides of July
  Late July, the clouds billow waiting for the afternoon rain
  This summer although, just is not the same
  Nature takes its...

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Categories: death, emotions, grief, loss,

A Jewel's Passing
So no more shall his traitors hate;
For death's veils have made it late
To slight any soul time has called
To dine and wine in the city...

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Categories: appreciation, death, family,

Black Tantrum
Something yond is sore to proveth,
judging those who is't disagreeth,
hurst nay hast peat swamp.

People breath their owneth blood,
Ulcers replaceth green air?

Benumbed lungs and panshard death,

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Categories: blue, pain, sad,

Good Night, Caro
Go forth to the Sea, Sis 
In fulfillment of thy request
To flow with divers, seagulls, your Sea dreams
Envy shall sailors see, Sis,
You and this dancing...

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Categories: death, depression,

Ten years spun into ballooning wear
Keep slipping through tighter fingers, 
Fresh year's tries in futility repair
Adamant dents of wasting days.   

Naive New Year's...

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Categories: age, allusion, anger, angst,

By the Wayside Stricken
Who lies now by the wayside stricken,
sick of body,  sick of soul?
His eyes are closed, his ears are deaf
to the somber bells that toll.

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Categories: friend, humanity, sympathy,

Premium Member Stained Glass Cry
Tears flow in torrents, I shiver and gulp, weeping loudly by the window at my dead cousin’s fleeting ghostly figure.

Date posted : January 16th 2021


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Categories: art, care, character, death,

No Witness
No living witness to The Truth
None has died, returned to testify.
Each his day, back to the root
Tombstone a memory beneath which to sigh.

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Categories: death, god, life, memory,

Silent Refusal
A little hidden, beautiful, and tranquil aquarium 
With an amazing view of the subterranean dome. 
The ache may be the sign of worsening emotion,
From a...

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Categories: corruption, funeral, hurt, introspection,

In lengthening slumberous reposes lies
Dickens' sterling pen under bluish skies; 
And through them gloats deathless sun,
Taunting all that under his embers burn. 

No more savoring...

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Categories: bereavement, books, death, destiny,