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Eagle Poems

Eagle Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of eagle poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for eagle.

New Poems

Premium Member Poem for Whoever
she is tranquillity
yet lava flows in her veins

cut her open and you'll burn

she is Eve's apple
nemesis to patriarchy

one bite and you'll bleed

she is a rainbow
an eagle taming storms

no chains can contain her

she is a pilgrim of passion
composing a trail of...Read More
Categories: eagle, friendship, inspiration, tribute,
Form: Free verse

The Waterfall

In cold winters, water spates into sculptured ice;
opaque embodiments frozen in motion.
Art almost living, as it creaks and crests,
tumbling toward some other birth.
Lovers come here, drunk teenagers,
and just drunks.
Empty beer cans roll or fill with a gritty snow.
Someone has spray-painted...Read More
Categories: eagle, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Broken poet

Silence is golden 
Mind is traveling and rolling 
Heart secures with pains and trouble 
While society wraps me into brokenness 

              Smashed, dusted, abandoned 
  ...Read More
Categories: eagle, 12th grade, africa, america, art, beautiful, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
The Starlings Descend

They flow out of a pocket of sky,
a door in the air no one saw
until dark wings shower
over our heads.

Their plumage has a metallic sheen,
as if they were made in parts,
in some elvish workshop, their wings
hammered on last.
Wings that talk...Read More
Categories: eagle, poetry,
Form: Free verse
you’re not my judge, nor my jury;
And I don’t have to worry;
I’ve been unforgiven-BY YOU…
And yet I’ve already paid my dues;

I am
Oh, woo a oh

Not of this place;
Just a sinner, saved by grace;
Not of this world;
Yet still I’m a...Read More
Categories: eagle, analogy, appreciation, encouraging, forgiveness, humanity, inspirational, jesus,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Dairy Barn Invaded by Jay
cooing blackbirds drowned out with quick ugly squawk
dairy barn invaded by an irritated jay
wooing bovine herds mooing down by eagle rock
airy haymow fragrance potent on this summer day

nest in rafters, possibly of a small frightened wren.
able farmer’s wife shoos prickly...Read More
Categories: eagle, farm,
Form: Lento
To Interlopers in the Middle East
Back yonder, when I was a boy, over sixty years ago,
A haughty sergeant, drunk a bit, big as a strong buffalo,
Yet nimble too, strolled down our street in a cheerful afternoon
Together with some friends of his to spin a yarn...Read More
Categories: eagle, anger, anti bullying, bullying, war,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Spring Birds - CL
Robins are a delight to see
When winter snow is almost gone
To see them chirp and bounce with glee
And hear songbirds singing at dawn

An eagle soars, mighty and brawn
Flying, circling the sky so free
Feeders full, hummingbirds are drawn
Bird watching is joyous...Read More
Categories: eagle, appreciation, beautiful, bird, spring,
Form: Lay
Premium Member CHILLY WINTER BIRD- -
Chilly winter bird
A white, gentle eagle calls
despite the squirrel

Chilly winter bird
a young, gentle bird so cold
huddles by squirrel

Chilly winter bird
rest ever so gentle so falls
despite the squirrel

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2020©
...Read More
Categories: eagle, analogy, animal, appreciation, bird, cool,
Form: Haiku
The rising spirit
First steps on crisp new snow,
Flakes dancing with sparkle and glow,
Vibrations rising from the toes,
Through the body to the soul.
Snow clad trees, strength they lend,
To the weight as they bend,
Creating tunnels, spectacular view,
Over untreaded paths, guiding you.
To the perfect place,in...Read More
Categories: eagle, poems,
Form: Free verse
Turtle and the Wintu Maiden

A beautiful Wintu girl reached puberty. Her sisters were sent to find 
maple bark to make her an apron. 

It so happened that Turtle, the mischievous son of the mighty ‘Sky 
Turtle’ stopped at the village on his way to...Read More
Categories: eagle, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Too Late
She sat on an old wooden bench rotted by age and weather.

She looked intently at-

the whitewashed houses
the donkey laden as it clopped on a cobbled street
children as they played and laughed- not caring of the past- or the future
the golden...Read More
Categories: eagle, age, death, sea,
Form: Free verse
Whispered in the wind
The wind whispered to me a secret I could not share,
I carried it around hidden in my memories,
time moved on and the secret distorted in content,
I wondered often if it was real or imagined.

I sat on a mountain not at...Read More
Categories: eagle, god, heaven, time, wind,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FROZEN COLD WINGED Eagle SOARS - A Haiku

hillside wooded cold 
A golden, old eagle flies
cold wings before soar


rocky cold hillside
A headed, old eagle flies
beyond the cold wings

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2020
...Read More
Categories: eagle, adventure, bird,
Form: Haiku
Amid the Sylvan Shade
******This poem had special appeal to me in that a friend had brought up that I had a talent for poetry and he encouraged me to write more. I was very proud of this piece, which was written at one...Read More
Categories: eagle, mythology, nature, peace,
Form: Classicism
The Strange Tale of Turtle and Salt Woman

Turtle heard that Salt Woman was on the road again, and he was 
wanting a taste of her. Some miles from Cochiti, he stopped 
for directions at a Speedway gas station.
The dwarf who ran the garage could not speak, but...Read More
Categories: eagle, humanity,
Form: Prose Poetry
Beautiful becomes the rain
When it falls on the plain..!
Flying helter-skelter are birds
While I have no words
When eagle flies so high
Up above in the sky
Morning is full of dew
I yearn to play with few
After rain sun gets shine
Wow! Pleasure is all...Read More
Categories: eagle, angel, appreciation, assonance,
Form: Couplet
Roasted Faraway, for Pius Adesanmi
By Izunna Okafor

Beyond the shrubs of Sahara 
Lifted a munt of brainy bond 
Over the Mississippi of Ethiopia
Lofted a penner with his hunky thoughts

Across the bridge of a foreign land
Hovered a book of beautiful pages
Tightly enclaved yet as an Ireland
In a skull...Read More
Categories: eagle, africa, death, life, tribute, voyage,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member o, my America
an eagle in flight o’er the Colorado Rocky Mountains 
embraces freedom-
soaring o’er states in sight with might,
searching for a way togetherness can shine; 
the United States of America, you are beautified when 
patriotic unity brings ease-
(a red, white and blue...Read More
Categories: eagle, america,
Form: Ode
The Dance Of The Whirling Wheel of Lights

In the twentieth year on the 11th day of the first month
I saw a vision and the skies open up before me

As I stood facing the south direction the Sun began to dance
In colors of light

The Sun moved to the...Read More
Categories: eagle, birth, earth, extended metaphor, fantasy, heaven, mythology,
Form: Free verse

                         Girl woman mother master wonderful mind

         ...Read More
Categories: eagle, allegory, allusion, creation, metaphor, poetry, poets, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Free Verse Fever
He painted with emotions from a palette of words

Found himself in a forest of light green foliage

Threw his colours and ink pots high into the air

Waited for streams of consciousness to settle

Until sentiments found sentences on their own

The prism of...Read More
Categories: eagle, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Dream Of Freedom
I dreamt I saw a feather upon a ripening wave
That fell and rose; this eagle feather strayed
That lay upon the blue cheek of a smiling sea,
This smile from sea and sky, that smiled at me

I dreamt I saw a feather...Read More
Categories: eagle, art, freedom,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member you were gone
you were mine-

i walked down our dirt road and 
by the time i got home…
now winter wears not white,
filth like my heart,
i never imagined we would part

as if i was okay being alone;
content being abandoned
by an eagle in...Read More
Categories: eagle, death, deep, metaphor, sad,
Form: Verse
The Interlude of Aphradere: One-of-a-Kind Soul
Give me a chance to gain the will of positive vibes, nestled in happiness and glorified in gladness
You allow me to swim in passionate blissfulness and I'd like to thank you with all of my heart's gratefulness 
I truly belong...Read More
Categories: eagle, emotions, encouraging, endurance, fear, longing, sorrow, strength,
Form: Free verse