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Sweet Dream Poems

These Sweet Dream poems are examples of Dream poems about Sweet. These are the best examples of Dream Sweet poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Serene Dream

The sun the wind and the rain
And once again I forge onward 
Through woodland paths
Of wild poppies and emerald blades

I gaze upward at enormous pines...

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Categories: dream, emotions, life, love, nature,


So close

I smell them in passing winds
They beautifully appear at night when I'm asleep
I hear their sweet whispers when I sit with my higher self

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Categories: dream, beautiful, birth, blessing, change,

Premium Member Autumn's Reverie of Beauty and Decay
In autumn's graceful waltz of time,
Beauty and decay intertwine.
Where joy and sorrow blissfully dance
In grace, they move, a mesmerizing rhyme.

Leaves unfurl like a painter's dream,

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Categories: autumn, dance, dream, halloween,

“Sometimes dreams allow you to drift through unfathomable realms of Bliss” ~ by Poet

Across the golden gossamer clouds, I drift
Through valleys of void, in a...

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Categories: dream,

Premium Member I Dream Poetry in Darkness and Light
| I Dream Poetry in Darkness and Light |

Unbroken, my light rises like deep alluvion of sweet rivulets,
Craving passions and tragedies like written poetries of...

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Categories: allusion, destiny, dream, giving,

Premium Member Colors of My Heart

When we met, I surely knew the yearning
Breathlessness erasing my weariness
Feelings, dreams, soothing every discerning
You silence doubts, discourage dreariness
Deep inside, I long for your spirit’s...

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Categories: dream, appreciation, friendship, joy, love,

Premium Member Reading 2
Reading fun books all day
Renews life with a smile
Reading eyes feel heavy
Running book down my lap
Read pages into life
Red hot dreams are in sight...

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Categories: books, dream, life, red,

Jagged Edges
Every Curve,
Solid, Straight.
Down steep alleys,
Never too Late.
Time, Shrinking,
May lose its sense. 
Foolish some say,
Feelings, immense.
Genuine the tracks 
Twists and Peaks,
Both sides of every fence, UNIQUE.

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Categories: dream, adventure, change, courage, dedication,

Premium Member Reading
I love reading fun books
Life is in the pages
Reading eyes feel heavy
Book slips down to my lap
Dreamland I am headed
Pages coming to life...

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Categories: books, dream, fun, humor,

Premium Member It Happened On A Rainy Night-Collaboration
Foggy mists engulfed the bright
When raindrops fell throughout the night
The lampposts glowed at midnights dark
When sweethearts kissed at Lover's Park
A kiss that did...

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Categories: dream, good night, kiss, love,

Premium Member Would you love me if I wasn't a poet?
In a pretty rose garden we were having tea,                      the butterflies were kissing the flowers...

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Categories: dream, garden, poetry, poets, writing,

Premium Member Marrying Miss Poetry
My dream was to marry Miss Poetry
When I was very, very young
Intelligent, determined and strong
Miss Poetry was sweet, zesty and classy.

My Muse was about styles...

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Categories: beauty, cute love, dream,

Premium Member Colorful
Quote By Poet: "God's pretty colors paint a pretty day for us to enjoy."

God paints butterflies
magical colors to see
dancing on flowers.

God paints all flowers
from His...

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Categories: dream, animal, beauty, butterfly, flower,

Premium Member That's all i can ever remember
I hear your whispers in my dreams,
As I see your beautiful blue eyes.
I feel the tip of your finger,
Slowly, glide down my neck.
Your body moves...

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Categories: desire, dream, emotions, fate,

Premium Member Onion Soup
Soup bowls and mugs come in all sizes                 ...

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Categories: dream, food, fun, humor, sleep,