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Rhyme Dream Poems

These Rhyme Dream poems are examples of Dream poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Dream Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Mist
You fall, you crawl, you roll, 
And into people’s thoughts you seep, 
Like an uninvited dream 
Into foggy brains 
On the edge of sleep...

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Categories: dream, literature, poems, poets,

Premium Member Similar Dream Boats

Amidst the tempestuous waters and dreams.
Some argue we are all linked by similar streams.
Yet, I disagree, as countless distinct ships,
Cross those raging waters, reaching for...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dream, analogy, appreciation, bereavement, boat,

Premium Member The Shadows of Dreams
In unconsciousness, where shadows prance,
An elusive dream, a furtive trance,
Weaves its tendrils through my mind,
Lingering with longing I cannot find.

Evasive visions, forever out of reach,

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Categories: destiny, dream, hope,

Premium Member Bunny Dreams
Bunny dreams up and down and all around
In technicolor, reds and pinks, no tans or brown.
Carrots, lettuce and radishes are dive bombing him.
He is excited...

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Categories: dream,

Premium Member To Kiss, Perchance to Dream
Rain or shine, doesn't matter
Every day is bright
After all I have your face
To see in my mind's sight

I always have this wonder
What it would be...

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Categories: dream, for her, i

He said that one day we will meet
When pheasants with them moon will bring
When birds make nests in depth of sea
When dead ones stand and...

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Categories: angel, art, destiny, dream,

I Wish
The time has come
to bid adieu
to all the dreams
I've had of you

Of high school dances
and corsages
like so many
sweet mirages

Sunset walks
along the beach
with you forever
out of...

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Categories: dream, farewell, sad love,

Premium Member A Little Something
Kicking stones along gravel paths
A quiet forest walk
Alone with just my honey
Out loud to her I talk
She can't be physically with me
Though how I do...

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Categories: dream, for her, i

The Touch
Time passes so slowly when I can't be near you, I can only reminisce the feel of your soft lips, the tender touch of your...

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Categories: deep, desire, dream, love,

Where Dreams Are Born
Where Dreams Are Born

In a realm where dreams are born,

Where laughter dances, joy is adorned,

Resides the youth with hearts untamed,

innocence glowing, souls unblamed.

Oh, the bliss...

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© Di No  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dream, hope, imagination, innocence,

Premium Member Sans Toi
I'd love to just be with you
An oft recurring theme 
But what I mean is ever since
I had that vivid dream
My heart was captivated
Captured and...

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Categories: dream, for her, i

Happy Birthday To Me
In the realm of time's grand symphony,
Amidst the dance of destiny,
A moment shines, a day reborn,
For it is the day you were adorned.

Happy birthday, dear...

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Categories: africa, birthday, celebration, dream,

Knight at Arms
knight at arms the hills are freezing! 
vale and ways with fog are laden
Steeds in awe at  peaks are  gazing
Smiles at them nature...

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Categories: adventure, destiny, dream, fate,

Gluttonous connoisseur of ethnic culinary cuisines
Yours truly would never be confused for a gourmand, nevertheless I could enjoy experiencing taste testing select food samples if offered an opportunity of attending...

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Categories: dream, addiction, appreciation, birthday, blessing,

Dream state yields deep sleep personifications
Dream state yields deep sleep personifications

Upon lying supine - eye shutter lids
into the land of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,
where the sandman beckons and bids
dead to...

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Categories: dream, 12th grade, 1st grade,