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Daffodils Poems

Daffodils Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about daffodils. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for daffodils.

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New Poems

Premium Member The Yellows are Winning
the yellows are winning
dandelions and daffodils leading the way
sun shines her yellow on the earth
spring prances into sight with bird trill tune

the yellows are lively 
adding happiness to the season
as we plant yellow marigolds 
surrounded by tiny butterflies showing their...Read More
Categories: daffodils, spring,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Who's Counting

Before one sketches,
best to know if a giraffe, 
only has three legs.

Indiana Shaw . . . *o*

"Me; 5 years old at nursery school" . . . : )...Read More
Categories: crazy, daffodils,
Form: Senryu
What nights began at dawn
For the day is strained to
end with the setting of the
Lonely nights have women
To be less than perfect angels

Days eager end leaves her cold
Must these strangers have
Need for her company
Must strangers make mention
Of those nights
Whos whispers...Read More
Categories: character, culture, daffodils, evil, jealousy, music,
Form: Ballade
What nights began at dawn
For the day is strained to
end with the setting of the
Lonely nights have women
To be less than perfect angels

Days eager end leaves her cold
Must these strangers have
Need for her company
Must strangers make mention
Of those nights
Whos whispers...Read More
Categories: character, culture, daffodils, evil, jealousy, music,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Forty Seven Degree Heat Wave
I threw my coat into the back seat because it felt like summer.
Forty-seven degrees! A heat wave after the below nine’s we had been having.
Let’s go swimming! I yelled to my husband who was still curled up in a blanket.
Shivering,...Read More
Categories: daffodils, summer, weather,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member Whatever Weekend
Whatever Weekend

Being humble common pathways ere,
I ought traveled nearby that lea,
Past the margin of my home there,
Where the daffodils fickle sprightly,

As I shared the natural trail lead,
General impressions befall o'er sunlit,
E'er lighthearted to the bird's melodies,
I travailed the character of...Read More
Categories: daffodils, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Daffodils and My Ageing Aunt

I try to visit her at least once a week
for lunch, or take her shopping, then spend
a few hours listening to a waterfall
of repeated small talk soaking my brain
and wearing away my endurance,
but pretending to hear for the first time....Read More
Categories: age, daffodils,
Form: Light Verse
Love Flowers
red roses and violets blue
fragrant scents redolent of you

ashen orchids pallid hues bear
sunbeams ignite goldenrod hair

sunflowers tease touching blue skies
emerald-green jewels dance in faceted eyes

daffodils crown daisies add style
silver waters mirror her luring smile

foxglove hues ornament silken arms
mirror hedges lining...Read More
Categories: daffodils, love,
Form: Rhyme
With A Smile
Piercing silence with a smile
       a smile so wide it tempts the trees
              to bow to early morning breeze

  ...Read More
Categories: daffodils, hope, life, smile, together,
Form: Rhyme
Flowers mean friendship and happiness
Coloured so gorgeous by the Almighty God
Flowers give us the best we need to begin a new day
Flowers bloom especially in the month of May
Flowers glow like amber lights nowadays...Read More
Categories: appreciation, celebration, cheer up, color, daffodils, dedication,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Wealth of Spring
Wealth of Spring

Assorted spring flowers, naked, rise in morning sun
Breaking through a thin blanket of snow, earth spun.
Cascades of dainty narcissus smile with golden faces
Drinking up the sun as morning warmth embraces.
Enjoy the heavenly floral scent that gardens bring.
Fledglings high...Read More
Categories: daffodils, beauty, flower, nature, spring,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Winter Walk
I walk the garden run
   in the icy chill of winter sun,
 where flowers once bloomed in their colorful glow
   but now sleep silently beneath the snow;
clear and ever on the move alone
   the...Read More
Categories: daffodils, winter, writing,
Form: Rhyme
I looked out of the window it was all cloud and fog
I looked into my email and found have got an avslag 
My picture is blurry said it in the report 
With all their might they want me to deport...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, change, corruption, daffodils, dream, emotions,
Form: Epic
As I look at nature, it’s sure delight,
because what I see is a lovely sight.
Can’t you hear the birds take flight?
daffodils sway to the left and to the right,
Eagles soar, with keen and good eyesight. 
fish swim, in ocean such...Read More
Categories: daffodils, appreciation, love, nature,
Form: Abecedarian
the daffodil folk
the daffodil folk
by Michael R. Burch

to live among the daffodil folk...
slip down the rainslickened drainpipe...
suddenly pop out
minuscule as alice, shout
in wee exultant glee
to be leaving behind the LARGE

Published by Andwerve and Bewildering Stories as "escape!" This poem...Read More
Categories: change, cinderella, city, culture, daffodils, fairy, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Garden By July
Buttercups, daffodils and bluebells mark my garden so sweetly
One row of flowers enhancing the surroundings rather neatly
Tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas and onions growing underground
By July I will have the most glorious garden of anyone around

...Read More
Categories: daffodils, garden,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tenacious Daffodils
A delicate daffodil tenaciously pushes her way through the snow. 
Her cousin Gladys is next to her, doing the same thing but faster.
I love spring she says, it is our time to beautify and petal show.
Gladys replied yes, we are...Read More
Categories: daffodils, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member The Odyssey of We are Centre

"The Odyssey of We are Centre"

Where does he come through 
with his fishing lines?
Casting off metaphors
worms of vitriol
hooked and dipped,
he’s so green backed  
rolling in grandiose 
self published flack
unhip and seasoned 
with his tart rye 
swallowed for kicks
pulling deep...Read More
Categories: daffodils, abuse, anti bullying, bullying, dark, imagery, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member For You My Cunning Daffodil Beautiful and Wonderful Yet Still-
For My Cunning Daffodil Beautiful

So cunning and yet lovely
Yet still running
Skill is cunning,
And so are you.
Such a blurred view
you’re a ocean beautiful,
So cunning and yet lovely

running waves of blue
Up to the skies,
billowing, bright enchantment 
so are your eyes.
So cunning and...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, beautiful, celebration, daffodils, flower,
Form: Free verse
I wandered lonely as a cloud* 
to places far and wide
I often thought it would be fun 
to rain down on a bride
Or maybe on a summer Fete
as rain is something people hate
When dressed up in their finery
they saunter in...Read More
Categories: daffodils, fun, rain, summer, sunshine,
Form: Personification
Trader Joe's has Daffodils Now
I do not love you. I do not I do not I do not. Yet the words come out of my mouth like a the smoke of an addict who swears they are on their last cigarette even though they...Read More
Categories: daffodils, abuse, angst, anxiety, introspection, longing, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Over The Air

They both; met on the net, they seemed, so well, matched
Her sitting there; in her hair curlers, married, but detached

Dressed in her tattered night-gown, cigarette in her mouth
Her boobies lacked their elasticity, were now heading south

Told her;...Read More
Categories: crazy, daffodils, yellow,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member POETRY trad and modern
                ...Read More
Categories: daffodils, poetry, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member garden displeasure
The garden lies dormant all winter, dreaming wet dreams, visualizing March and April's growth, keeping the perennials close to her chest, warming their bulbs.
Anticipating the new annuals the gardener will bring to her.  Geraniums, lilies and tulips, only a...Read More
Categories: daffodils, garden,
Form: Haibun
golden yellow hues
their trumpets herald spring time
hosts of daffodils 

Written 25th January 2020
Contest Nature Themed Haiku with colour
Sponsor Tania Kitchin
2nd Place

Contest Strand no 660
Sponsor Brian Strand
Categories: daffodils, spring, yellow,
Form: Haiku