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What a girl wish

        What a girl wish 

I keep her words as a sharpener into my art of 
Soul the blade of her beauty 
Scratch my wounds 

What a girl wish is as hard as hard like to measure the deapth 
Of sea in a moon light 

Silence is a kind of hymns like 
With us for her day and night 
Only to know by her like a 
Feel of wind 

Her wishes is like a nature
of girls happy that she never 
Stab behind me like a witches 

What a girl wish is not the issue because we all in a 
cycle ofcultural society of 
love and lust 

Eyes gets blank after the drink of her single drop of her tear 
into my peg of drink............ 

What a girl wish remain a question for me till any of the 
Girl will tell me by her kiss 
To my peg page 

Thanks dear all 

With love all 
Jagdish Bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri