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Adrenaline pumping, I watched brave Spartacus 
take his last doomed stand against Roman oppressors.

Eyes misting with tears, I reached the climax of
a beautifully choreographed West Side Story,
where a modern Romeo and Juliet tale plays out in gang-filled NYC.

Also in the 60’s  I sat through a Psycho shower scene
that went on to include a Hitchcockian ending that blew my mind!
From the Splendor in the Grass passion I viewed on tv re-runs
to the innocence of Gidget and Tammy in Love and 
to the he-man action of cowboy and war movies seen with my stepdad;
by the end of the 60’s I was helplessly and utterly hooked on movies.

In the later 70’s I vowed to catch a show each weekend from thereon in,
within an actual movie theater where films NEED to be seen and heard!
Multiply 54 weekends a year times 40+;add all the shows from my childhood.
Tack onto that my 80's to 90's video movie marathons.
Onto that add cable movies, series, and Netflix.

How  many movies have I seen in my lifetime?
How many movies have I reviewed on internet sites and on Facebook?
It staggers my mind to imagine. I am one of movies’ biggest fans,
and I am . . .OBSESSED.

March 29, 2021
for Regina McIntosh's "My Obsession" Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich