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Long Classicism Poems

Long Classicism Poems. Below are the most popular long Classicism by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Classicism poems by poem length and keyword.

Self explanatory is the title, 
Of what my view is.... 
About you.. 
I am exhausted.. 
Of the endless thoughts.. 
That seem wild though... 
With nothing else but.. 
Sincere love as the reason behind... 

Though i...

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Categories: classicism, dedication, endurance, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Romanticism


They were the best of friends to the best of friendship
They did everything together to the best of friendship
The three wise men that came together from different locations
One from the north, one from the...

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Categories: best friend, betrayal, desire, lost love, lust,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member The First Gathering, The Wrath, The Return Of Zeus


The First Gathering, The Wrath, The Return Of Zeus
( "Wherein Fate and Destiny Reign Over Blind Worship )

Else the throngs of mortals find the truth,
teeming in the angry hordes they may,
forget to pay...

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Categories: art, corruption, creation, imagination, mythology, symbolism, war,
Form: Classicism
Dead Man Tales
Dead Man Tales
shards of glass pearl the emperor's rise,
his arms embracing upon our sins and lies, 

do not deceive yourself , my friend.
in the twilight of our beings our corruption merges and blends.

there is no...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, emotions, freedom, sad, sin,
Form: Classicism
Through My Sons Tears In Nicu
Through My Son’s Tears in NICU! 
God my creator, You knit me in my mother's womb 
You knew me when I was in my mother's womb 
You had plans for my life 
I was very...

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Categories: blessing, child, children, faith, kids, mother son,
Form: Classicism

My prayers are not asking you to
save me from my enemy.
My children have turned their backs.
They praise dance with many
When they need be refuking,
protesting and rebuking.
Among-st those who...

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Categories: analogy, spoken word, wisdom,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member In The Valley Of Avalon
In The Valley Of Avalon

This day the master of my Fate
Is none of those who lead shuddering
Through mazes of wizardry,-
Nor Trachmyr the Hunstman,
Nor Tannwein the daughter of Gweir,
Nor Penpingyon the porter of the palace,
Nor the...

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Categories: art, creation, fantasy, imagery, imagination, mystery, surreal,
Form: Classicism
Hello, I come to speak of peace,
The kind which saves the mind from deviation.
To give life to dead instincts,
For the lost throne belonging to black men is found.
Let the whole world come to hear this...

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Categories: adventure, africa, age,
Form: Classicism
Which Rare Gem Are You
Dr.V Krishnan you have a great way with kids 
Combined with excellent knowledge and skills 
You are an amazing Neonatologist and Pediatrician 
Where all kids would love to run to you when they are sick....

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Categories: blessing,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member I am the Grinch
I am the Grinch

I am I am, you know that I am
The Grinch of Grinch's and so
Don’t call me Sam
For Sam I not am
I am the grouch of this festive season
I take what yours; I...

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Categories: children, christmas, life, love, sweet,
Form: Classicism
It is dark! I could not see
I grasp on the night and I held on to objects that I know not of so tight
Dark! I hear strange voices from afar
but I see not their faces

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Categories: africa, earth, horror, planet,
Form: Classicism
Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord
Do not let your hearts be troubled
Our God is An Amazing and powerful God 
He can turn your Disappointment into Gods Appointment.
He can turn your past misery into your present ministry.
He can turn a curse...

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Categories: blessing, christian, christmas, encouraging,
Form: Classicism
Here she approaches, dark in complexion…
Exposed majestically in a catwalk,
Principle looking personality considered for deliberation.
Optimistic to achieve the world most valuable models award.
Built from positive cementation and aspiration,
Indeed, her skin proves she`s never coward.

We count...

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Categories: adventure, analogy,
Form: Classicism
Love and Gratitude

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Categories: cry, dedication, deep, emotions, i love you,
Form: Classicism
Land of the seven Suns
' The gods' spake to all who had 'wide' ears...
but all they heard was Apollo's muse....'

How leavened my soul to search,
   wooly and wild to the waxxen...

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Categories: heaven, hope, metaphor, philosophy, spiritual, tribute,
Form: Classicism
The scent of WATER
Beating the Rhythm against my Eyes,
Making us Survive, There your Love lies!!
The Mirage in the Sunlight, Shimmering with its pristine reflection,
Flowing in its ain mood with no restriction!!
Glorious River-The awe-inspiring bank, has streams rushing aestheically...

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© Madhavi SP  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: crazy, desire, feelings, how i feel, rain,
Form: Classicism
Can we share some words?
Maybe that seems to be your test,
The relevance of your beauty spreads fire all over me instead.
It tells a marvelous story about nature to which I think is the best.
Anytime you...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Classicism
Some place somewhere,in nowhere
Oh! come dearly wind,come to the place and everywhere
Were it not bad of you to bend and bypass us in your haste
Eternal it would be-had love been bethrothe'
To the valley,slummed with valour...

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Categories: africa,
Form: Classicism
Fruitful days are filling up the piles of treasure mesuring the misogyny it shouldn't be a topic of forgery while waiting for break outs throwing correction direction of stereotyping the tipicallity of capabilities in abilities...

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Categories: africa, america, art,
Form: Classicism
Welcome to the world filled with dark skin,
That seat belongs to you,
Let`s discuss the outstanding matters of our two.
Every pinch which will strengthen the rightful decision without hurtful rule.
I`m for the motion, and it`s not...

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Categories: analogy,
Form: Classicism
Better let me know what’s being done in the dark,
When you are far from here,
I start to slug.
Only you bring the light that burns with cheer,
I`m your lover before the world start turning back.
The road...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Classicism
Be Happy

Happy? Say... Be Happy!
Be Happy with all you may!
Forget the past, it's done at last,
Be Happy for today!

The sweetest proposition...
Begins with state of mind.
Far better to be Happy...
A choice of being...

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Categories: emotions,
Form: Classicism
It`s necessary for men to be alert,
And Wrong for the entire universe to be swayed,
Your last goal can even be achieved only when you revert,
What will be the reply to questions about your earthly character...

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Categories: allah, anxiety,
Form: Classicism
The inner force 6
He wandered, “why?”
She said, “As you didn’t obey me 
Let her go or you will not know
Her way”

He screamed,”no!”
This scream vibrated wall
This scream wake up deepest sleeping
She laughed and said,” Oh boy! You feared me!’’

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, art,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member When Laughter Falls On Gods Ears:
        When Laughter Falls on Gods Ears

Today I was reminded that “GOD still happens”
Despite it all “God still happens” No dogs barking –
On this still solemn Monday –

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Categories: america, cheer up, encouraging, inspiration, muse,
Form: Classicism