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Love Chocolate Poems

These Love Chocolate poems are examples of Chocolate poems about Love. These are the best examples of Chocolate Love poems written by international poets.

The Moon as a Metaphor for Your Mouth
The Moon as a Metaphor for Your Mouth
by Michael R. Burch

When I was closest to love, it did not seem
real at all, but a thing...

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Categories: chocolate, candy, love, metaphor, moon,

Life is a Dream of chocolate covered trees
life is a dream  of chocolate covered trees
makes me so hungry to eat the trees
dark brown chocolate covered trees
as I eat them I hear...

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, food, silly, soulmate, tree,

Intergalactic Love
I carry your heart in my pocket
Only you can make it melt, like chocolate
Let’s go away together into outer space on my rocket
We’ll intergalactic travel...

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Categories: adventure, chocolate, cute love,

Pet Art
-- pet art --
| pRINTS  | p
| ReVEAL  | e
| NAtURE  | t
| AFFaIR   | a
| DEMUrE | r
| UNPENt...

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Categories: chocolate, animal, care,

Mulberry Trees
It has happened years ago.
Maybe yesterday’s  tomorrow.
It was long forgotten time.
As a convict on furlough, 
I felt innocent of crime.

Childish memories uproar, 
Kiss I...

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Categories: chocolate,

Hmmm... let's start with the Saxons, 
and not forget when they got their groove on. 
If it wasn't for the seax, and the -ons, 

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Categories: chocolate, history,

I wonder
I wonder, on the day we meet 
will I be so nervous, that I can’t verbally speak 
I wonder, will hugging you bring us closer,...

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Categories: chocolate, beautiful, best friend, black


When you Sing to me is another 
way to seduce my mind, 
sending every nerve ending up in my body 
like ringing of an alarm

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Categories: chocolate, beautiful, beauty, black love,

Premium Member Me Today
Me Today
as you can...

Oh, how you hate me today, 
I am just the mom. 
I do the cooking and cleaning, 
I do the laundry, 

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, chocolate, granddaughter, grandmother,

untitled 7 of 12
Love is super weird and cool
Orange citrus in my chocolate
Vacant boxes every year
Except if you're allergic...

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Categories: candy, chocolate, cool, crush,

Valentine's Day
This Valentines day
LOVE is genuine
the passion
beautiful scenery
the vacation, flowers are presented
the warmth and love is given
chocolates and a dinner
both are enjoying this time
given to each...

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation, best friend, blessing,

If I had the mind of a poet,
I would connect a mind piece to yours, sit together in silence, 
Yet the world would be questioning...

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Categories: chocolate, emotions, girlfriend, love,

Happy V-day MOFO , Electropopdance-poppop-trapnu-goth pop
you got my hart
and its twisted and raw
guess what?
I, wrapped it in
some bloody SPONGE GAUZE

only to serve it to
my favorite god

so stop dragging it
through the...

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Categories: betrayal, celebrity, chocolate, february,

Premium Member Wisdom For A Coin
Wisdom For A Coin

The essence of honesty in action, 
a kind word, a special moment. 
Many walk on by, 
and do not even try. 


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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, addiction, chocolate, death

Premium Member The Sitter
The Sitter

They rushed me in. 
I had no time to prepare. 
Talk they said. 
We will not be... long, 
it was a song.

My first...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child, childhood, chocolate, daughter,

not listening
Not listening
The old poet, a Canadian of Jewish ancestry,
Was tall elegant, wearing a hat in a jaunty angle
Reminded me of Alfred, my imagined father

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Categories: celebration, chanukah, child, chocolate,

Premium Member Stop Killing My Country
Stop Killing My Country

Accused of political banter, 
to speak the words, God Bless, 
and America in the same sentence. 
Bespeaking the fear, 
of being proud,...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, allah, america, anti bullying,

Who has put a reward out
Who has put a reward out
He who says that it can be done
Every turn every cry 
They shoot the past and get left with no...

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Categories: adventure, beauty, chocolate, destiny,

Premium Member Back in the Box
Back in the Box

Empty packages, 
lots of paper, 
refolded for another year. 
Saved, again and again, 
generation after generation. 
slowly getting too old, 

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, chocolate, christmas, cinderella,

Premium Member Sometimes I Think
Sometimes I Think

Alas, poor York,
I knew him well? 
That is foolish, 
and crazy. 
Dressed up for a party, 
at the edge of the world,...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, abuse, angel, atheist, brother,