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Monster Child Poems

These Monster Child poems are examples of Child poems about Monster. These are the best examples of Child Monster poems written by international poets.

Child Soldier
My village was dusty and burning
Everyone was screaming and running
I stood dumb in the chaos, my eyes rolling
Tried to listen out for mother’s calling

The noise...

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Categories: africa, child, child abuse,

ADHD Diaries: Fostered
I open my eyes, no time to react
The bottle glass flies, my father's face cracked
Sirens at the window,my father's goin' to jail
 It's not the...

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Categories: child abuse, life, lonely,

Yeastie-Beastie: Part 2
Cont'd from Yeastie-Beastie: Part 1 

"If you have more yeast," she uttered, 
"you'll be quite a sight.
With a bigger mouth you'll surely 
take a bigger...

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Categories: adventure, child, imagination,

Yeastie-Beastie: Part 1
In the town of Munchin-Broten, 
every single Fall
people held a baking contest 
for the big and small.

So, one time Elaine McMiller 
thought she'd win a...

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Categories: adventure, child, child abuse,

Halloween Child
Halloween mornings,
Shining sun and cool breeze
Blowing over sediments of dead leaves,
Warm in color,
At the mercy of the wind.

A call from down the stairs
Wakes me from...

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Categories: child, halloween,

The narcissistic eye ogles itself in the glass;
Which egoistic orgy well paints Man's greed.
His self-elevating smiles mirrors easily prove 
As crude hungers only selfish deeds...

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Categories: child abuse, discrimination, mystery,

Premium Member Moulding Allegiance
Dino walks on the lino with a cat for a hat


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Categories: child,

Problems to stronger one
I'm sad
Actually God is very bad 
Sending so much problem in my life 
that I decided to commit suicide 
Mother :
Means you are...

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Categories: child, depression, god, sad,

It Comes at Night
	At night.

	At night the wind howls.

	At night the wind howls and it shakes the trees

	At night the wind howls and it shakes the trees and...

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Categories: child, kid, scary,

Premium Member Adventureland

Are you searching for a dragon, oh wee one on the sand,

          In amidst those grainy...

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Categories: appreciation, child, childhood, fantasy,

Beauty looks from the run way
Complimentary gift wrapping 
What inside is really happening

Beauty Looks from the runway
Caution Tape Stay away

Avant Garde 
My fashion doll house will play

Hard Candy eyelashes
To match...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, child abuse,

Premium Member THE CLOCK TICKS
In darkness, 

I couldn't see,

the monster nearing me,

but I heard,

the clock ticking, 

and the old wood floors,


felt my breath catching, 


his lips smacking,...

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Categories: abuse, child, child abuse,

Premium Member Rats and Snakes Hiding In Here
There could be rats and snakes hiding in here.
Yes, I am talking about asps and cobras, big ones.
Hiding under the bed, no, not in my...

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Categories: child, 10th grade, 11th grade,


wicked wobbly weebles both wondrously
 Junior Super Stretchy shame
 Hippity Hop astonishly
Crazy forts 
glow in the dark
Limbo Hop 

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Categories: anxiety, assonance, child, engagement,

Where are my dolls
Little sweet Lucy..four small. 
Her pink teddy bear.. and her Barbie doll. 
Pushed strollers of fun. traipse of malls. 
Then a Topsy turvy...

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Categories: child, death, destiny, emotions,

Premium Member Beat her Young
Even in expensive suit
a monster cannot be glamorous.
A young lady full of life and purpose
is blind to the script she had never read.
She's charmed by...

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Categories: child, adventure, age, betrayal, devotion,

If I could tell you...

How I felt...

Every time... 

The monster...

Whipped me...

With his belt.... 

Welts upon my flesh... 

He left...

But they're not...

The only...


You'll see...

Pain still...

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Categories: child, child abuse, childhood,

Premium Member Soul Cry

“Soul Cry”

Yeezy you da best
Not ice cold soulless 
You gotta big heart
Wanna be next U.S. Pres'
You now swingin' with da rest
with your delusional pal 

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Categories: abuse, america, child abuse,

Day in and day out
He says there is a monster under there,
He usually has gum in his hair.
Lego's are all over the floor,
then he runs upstairs and slams the...

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Categories: child, 1st grade, boy, my

Premium Member The Lewis Trap
“The Lewis Trap”

Well, of course he's misanthropic
He’s a Misanthropic Man
The Devil’s in the details
Buried deep under the covers
Of bedtime stories, slithers ‘neath loose sand

A Liddell...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, child abuse,