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Lyric Child Poems

These Lyric Child poems are examples of Child poems about Lyric. These are the best examples of Child Lyric poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Gift
by Maxwell "Max" Sebastian Burchett

However you say the name,
Mom, Mum, Momma, Mommy,
We can all say the same.

Dear Mother, Thank you!
For all you did for me.

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Categories: caregiving, child, children, daughter,

Away on a wheelchair
no fear on his face
my special child triumphs
to win trials’ race.

He zooms for improvement
along growth delight
and surmounts hindrances
to soar midst faith-flight.

By his...

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Categories: appreciation, child, christian, faith,

Innocence destroyed Children are not brides
Often hidden or ignored, child brides and sex slaves are still a current global problem; as is child abuse in varying ways, including child labour....

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Categories: abuse, child, child abuse,

You are the poetry
Tony, a cherished blessing,
Born from paper's embrace.
You are the poetry,
In my artistic space.

In the union of pen and page,
You emerged, a miracle divine.
A symphony of...

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Categories: care, caregiving, celebration, child,

Premium Member Bing Chat AI Shockingly Gives Me a Score of 95 Out of 100 for My Poem
Me: "Bing, the intended rhyme scheme for the poem below is ABABAB; and I made additional changes in line 9 of the poem in order...

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Categories: child, childhood, death, dream,

The Child In Me, PTSD
I see the eyes of a small lost child
Living within my mind
Been there so long she's now living wild
Hiding from cruel and unkind
She looks out...

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Categories: child abuse, sad,

Love transcends all
Love transcends all 
By Michelle Morris

When we were first separated
It felt like a shot to the heart
Feeling like I wouldn't make it
The world becoming grey...

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Categories: child, i miss you, love,

We're down on our knees
Begging you please
For wanting a which way to go
Are you listening at all
Uouve forsaken our call
Oh why is your answer so...

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Categories: betrayal, child abuse, depression,

Angels Always Nearby childrens Book ms
***  Angels Always Nearby  ***

“All day, all night.  Angels watching over me, my Lord.”

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Categories: child, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Lest it upset you
Inspired by the beautiful and hugely talented Clare Bowen's character Scarlett from the hit musical show Nashville. Her character's childhood reminded me of my family...

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Categories: anxiety, child abuse, childhood,

What Child Is This
What Child Is This
“What child is this”
who came to earth,
knowing earth's ruler
would deplore?

“What child is this”
who came to earth,
knowing His torture
in store?

What Father is this

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Categories: child, appreciation, music,

Good Luck, Charlie
If things keep goin’ my way, 
I don’t know what I’ll do
Maybe I’ll go be a priest 
in the Church of Déjà vu 
Maybe I’ll...

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Categories: child, encouraging, goodbye, heart,

Fathers and sons
Fathers and sons
By Michelle Morris

It was cold there in his shadow
Fathers and sons struggle with their roles
He didn't support your sensitivity
You always felt he was...

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Categories: child abuse, conflict, courage,

The Only Star For Me
With Christmas rapidly approaching there is only one star for me
That I need to keep my gaze on so I can be all that He...

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Categories: angel, child, christmas, courage,

Premium Member I'm Thrilled To Say Hello To Princess Charming
I'm thrilled to say hello
to princess charming...
you're so adorable in that lovely glow;
do others envy you and keep ignoring 
what did it take to earn...

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Categories: age, beauty, child, conflict,