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Love Care Poems

These Love Care poems are examples of Care poems about Love. These are the best examples of Care Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Nature
Oh nature what do I see,                   ...

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Categories: care, beauty, butterfly, color, flower,

Premium Member The Play
As we sit here waiting for the play to start,
we wonder what will it be like.        ...

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Categories: care, child, death, parents, silence,

Premium Member Never Give Up
My dad said never give up to me,
as I sat upon his feathered knee.
Little ducks need to swim, 
the water is like a gym.
I will...

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Categories: care, dad, freedom, water,

Premium Member Vacations
Vacations are for me                     ...

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Categories: care, flower, fun, vacation,

dear friends
I think of you
I just cant tell you right now
I miss you 
I just cant admit it right now
I need you
I just cant show you...

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Categories: anxiety, beautiful, boyfriend, care,

The Senile
She walks relentlessly to and fro
Silent, serene without much ado
What does she search incessantly?
Her shrinking weak, thin physique shaking
Her nerves and bones tingling and aching

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Categories: care, inspiration, life, love,

Premium Member Why

Did you ever ask why,                                         ...

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Categories: care, crazy, life, words,

Premium Member Embrace and Release Life

Embrace life and living,                       ...

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Categories: care, baby, color, fun, hurt,

Premium Member Tears I cry
When I cry,                                            ...

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Categories: care, cry, goodbye, rose, sad,

The Waste picker
She's a little girl aging nine or ten,
Short, serene, slim, with a look luminous;
Obtaining no formal education,
Possessing many a dream glorious;
At sharp five, every morning,...

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Categories: care, life, love, poverty,

Premium Member The Way You Look At Me

Your presence takes my breathe away   

Date Written: 5/1/2021 

3 Place
"The Way You Look At Me" Contest 
Sponsored by:JCB Brul ...

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Categories: care, beautiful, love, romantic,

Accept! Accommodate!
Adjust! Agree! Adapt! 
Admire! Appreciate!
Avoid all annoyance!
Act affectionately!
Advocate altruism!
Actualize agape!

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Categories: care, life, love,

Premium Member Unicorns

Unicorns all ages                      ...

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Categories: care, animal, color, fun, magic,

It happened at the age of three
Still hitting the brain..!!
I pulled my dad's shoes on one leg..!!
I made a cotton mat on my father's chest...

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Categories: blessing, care, dad, kid,

Premium Member We Are All Creative and Unique

We start out with our tiny feet inked,                               to show our...

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Categories: care, beach, ocean, old, people,