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Brave New World Poems

Brave New World Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of brave new world poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for brave new world.

New Poems

Legends of the fall
Legends of the fall
Straight from the war always going on
God didn't say we wouldn't have enemies
Skinny little blonde haired child
Not knowing, but fighting to stay alive
Growing up in a brave, new world

Straight from clean water
Into the dirt
Barbed wire
Trying to find...Read More
Categories: brave new world, conflict,
Form: Free verse

This Way America 2
In my opinion, my dear country, America, has lost her way.                             ...Read More
Categories: brave new world, america,
Form: Prose Poetry
Judy and alters
Five months, and a flower blossomed
Artemis' prayers chanted at the lighted moon
A spirit entered your home,you won't go back

Who is she? A god or a demon
You hate her and love her
So much suffering drunk your mind
So many alters no one...Read More
Categories: brave new world, devotion,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member What If
Archimedes slipped in the shower
          Diogenes drowned in a barrel 
                    Thor...Read More
Categories: brave new world, blessing,
Form: Free verse
The Mask Has Slipped
I'm disillusioned of this modern world
This quantum, promise-palter singularity most days leaves me hollow like empty Technology 

Picture an old colour tv- tubeless workless-
abandoned on an urban bombsite; that's me

Deep unsettled forebodings haunt my sleep, itself a fitful deal 

On...Read More
Categories: brave new world, angst, betrayal, career, destiny, guitar, rude,
Form: Didactic

Defensive Schemes

Some things in life are guarded from the start and sealed
They are so well secured,  protected,  and hard to steal.
There's a great sense of safety and a very comfortable feel.
The contents are highly treasured; nothing gets in or...Read More
Categories: brave new world, abuse, christian, evil, society, world,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member NEW AGE DYNAMICS 6


New even as change
Reveals a heaven-on-earth
That tells a story
Where each soul lives
And breathes a sublime truth
As beauty encompasses
A brave new world
With distinct possibilities
And miraculous frontiers


Leon Enriquez
03 October 2019
...Read More
Categories: brave new world, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member An Inquiry into Poetry
An Inqiury into Today's Poetry

Poems get shorter.
Emails near non existent.
Texts really shrink!
We live in a world of 'xoxo'
Or -)) an amazing, endless list.
Our time, we tell others, is short.
People have to guess what we think?

Time so valuable, our full
baptismal, wonderful names...Read More
Categories: brave new world, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Alexa, Cortana or Siri -- How would you like your AI
Hi, there. My name's Alexa
  I'm heaven-sent; I'll never vex ya
Nor will I do anything quirky
  In fact you'll find bright 'n perky

Don't care for perky? Give me a try
  I'm Cortana, efficient but dry
My task is...Read More
Categories: brave new world, fantasy, perspective, technology,
Form: Rhyme
One Year Alcohol Free
365 days of the Alcohol Experiment
After 30 days the need to continue was evident.

Italian adventure to Rome Florence and Venice, cosy restaurants and no wine a penance!
Elation on completion of a holiday with alcohol deletion.
Real rest, renewal and recuperation.
Not hangovers,...Read More
Categories: brave new world, addiction, celebration, change, drink, emotions, inspiration, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
The truth she said
There was truth in the words she said
As there was nothing in it you'd dread
She spoke of a brave new world
And the non-negotiables she held

You could hear it in her voice
The way her heart sang for choice
For in the end...Read More
Categories: brave new world, love,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Raising Hades in the 80's

Oh, how much life can one decade contain?
          To hold my first girl, trembling in my arms,
              ...Read More
Categories: brave new world, life, memory, nostalgia,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member A POEM MATTERS

Feel in the breeze word strains that ooze,
In a bright flash comes strange lyrics;
Know in a squeeze verse drool from snooze,
A certain dash of crisp magic.
From mere nothing that feeling speaks,
Borne beyond thought a certain swirl;
Words craft something in surge...Read More
Categories: brave new world, blessing,
Form: Sonnet
Emo B
there came up from the projects a Brooklyn youth
holding anger in his eyes he came at a big surprise
with two turn tables with a mic he was ready for a fight
rattle his cage at such an early age all in...Read More
Categories: brave new world, art, rap,
Form: Free verse
In 100 Years
In another century
artificial intelligence will rule
humans will live like the Jetson's
with robots in your homes and schools

The one child only policy
will be strictly enforced
because there is no longer a need for many humans
in the brave new world workforce

Drones and autopilot...Read More
Categories: brave new world, future, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In 100 Years
In one-hundred years, might things be as bad
as people guess? I’d like to think at last
that peace prevails. Instead of being sad -
that people share! All fear is in the past!

Perhaps we’ll be invaded by a race
of aliens who teach...Read More
Categories: brave new world, future,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Brave New World of Cars
Automotive experts clearly agree
Driverless cars are the thing for you and me

How did they arrive at this brilliant conclusion?
Perhaps by illusion or via delusion
Perhaps by a bit of Malthusian confusion
  --All I know is it leaves me in deep...Read More
Categories: brave new world, business, car, future, satire, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Color White
The Color White
To ponder on the color chart
What colors dominate our life
Alas, the shades of black and white
may only favor day and night
The color black is very dark
devoid of character and traits
But white is space so infinite
To designate a peoples...Read More
Categories: brave new world, color, race,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brave New World
"Brave New World"

In a Clear Blue World
spirits strike matches
inner flames capture
dancing magnetised
towards intimate 
Shining Light
melting like 
liquid diamonds
Ultra Muses 
fusing bright
magic lyrics 
healed compositions
mirrors merge tight
no division
hearts forever blooming
unfurling like sweet
Anais Nin’s Roses
they’re salty divination kiss
sheer delight, rapture union
hear their...Read More
Categories: brave new world, baptism, destiny, future, inspirational love, love, romance,
Form: Free verse
My Brief Perception Sans, American Democratic Paradigm
Thee United States bedrock foundation 
built upon premises sans, 
Greco-Roman template, 
whence freedoms as liberty, 
life, and pursuit of happiness 

revered as constituent concepts, 
precepts, and tenets, 
within which complex edifice 
(unique to these United States), 
which metaphorical palimpsest blueprint...Read More
Categories: brave new world, allegory, allusion, america, creation, history, mystery,
Form: Lyric
There was so much potential when I was a kid 
The future looked brighter than it ever did 
We'd put a man on the moon and the sky was no limit 
Was a brave new world if only for a...Read More
Categories: brave new world, song,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member A Telegram from the Queen
A Telegram from the Queen

An interview with Maisie Widdop,
On her very special day.
Her telegram from the queen has arrived,
and has something, she wants to say.

Maisie please tell our readers,
This most wonderful story of yours,
When you were but a small child,
A...Read More
Categories: brave new world, adventure, april, birthday, dream, loss, sad, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Galaxy Star's
The Star's look brighter tonight
Anything is possible
Look how they shine
In darkened honesty
Bound to Galaxies 
Beyond our moon
In an endless lagoon 
Of outer space
Where shooting stars
Traverse the fields of gold and rye
And illuminate the string of black holes
Not yet discovered 
By...Read More
Categories: brave new world, mythology,
Form: Free verse
Child of my heart
It is in the exquisite depth of your eyes
That I see a brave new world
I cannot help but melt into
The constellations of Essence
And soft innocence
Of your preciousness 
Little child...

It is in the trusting grasp of your dimpled little hand
Around my...Read More
Categories: brave new world, child, love, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Archives, Part 1
AmI haveI willI doI as all been some will be with all the helping verbs from Ahman and Ricks in jr high in a timed collective to last a lifetime, I be a  planetary legimate in my own entity...Read More
Categories: brave new world, anxiety, children, how i feel, school, teacher,
Form: Free verse