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Bottom Line Poems

Bottom Line Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bottom line poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bottom line.

New Poems

A Husband's Nightmare
‘Twere a foolish youth indeed
that ne’er his parents’ voice would heed.
“We hear you’re courting Mary Lue.
Dump that flirt, what e’er you do!
Once you’re wed, she’ll run you down.
Her name is known throughout the town.”

Alack! O woe! O Sorrow’s pang
upon the...Read More
Categories: bottom line, dream, marriage, parents,
Form: Romanticism

Categories: bottom line, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, america,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Line
The Line

At the store, 
there was a sea of people. 
Not one or two or a thousand, 
drops from heaven, 
that never stopped
On a parched land
of holiday cheer. 

Shopping lists, 
wish lists, 
Christmas lists, 
and the like, 
none to show...Read More
Categories: bottom line, allah, america, angel, atheist, god, heaven, jesus,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Sweetest Valentine
Just like in days of auld lang syne,
He is filled with benevolent wishes!
He is as poignant as the bottom line,
And much dearer than summer's riches!

A blessed love, unlike any other;
His are the diamond dewdrop blooms!
A holy birth, to a sainted...Read More
Categories: bottom line, christian, devotion, jesus, love, religious, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
We love to make lists,
To describe, name, number.
How can it have value,
If not on my list.
As logger I stand
Before the green forest,
The numbered trees
Are ones to cut.
The forest cut down
Is only to me
Bigger box to live in,
A shiny new car,
The...Read More
Categories: bottom line, anger, animal, nature,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Those of Failed Worth
Replacement is a mark of worth
gauged by those who hear the voice
of a world that seems to care
for dollar’s sake and dogma’s bane

one dictates a bottom line
measured by where profits lie
with the spreadsheet all shall know
who shall come and who...Read More
Categories: bottom line, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Discount Justice
Discount Justice

I go to the store, 
there is a paper…
It is meant to sell me things. 
Most items I need, 
some I want, 
others are on SALE.

A coupon is cut from
this same sheet, 
It is a promise, 
of goods,
of services,...Read More
Categories: bottom line, absence, analogy, appreciation, december, garden, immigration, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Happy Jack's Beard

Had a beard since nineteen sixty-two
Hate to think what's underneath
Might even be a family of boat people
Maybe an old Christmas wreath

Heard that it's even very possible
For animals to flourish and survive
In the depth of my hairy countenance
Where they multiply and...Read More
Categories: bottom line, confusion,
Form: Quatrain
If we put the wisdom of providence on one plate of the cosmic scales, and the mysteries of luck on the other one; 
the bottom line will turn out a third mystery. Let's say, our individual value in the universe.
Would...Read More
Categories: bottom line, surreal,
Form: Narrative
"Drawn towards the word demand,
And the connotations it remans 

The popularity of a particular brand,
Or the request to know where you stand

Compensation for a fateful event,
Or a request as to where you went

Retribution to even the score,
Stipulation you need much...Read More
Categories: bottom line, confidence, courage,
Form: Rhyme
the bottom line
in the early
hours of her
late night 

skin turns
more milk

ocean waves
pound outside
her window 
asking instead

for her 
to walk in
as if she were
the one knocking

but everyday she
dawns on a yellow
bikini contrasting
her now darkening

body growing from
twenty four to twenty
five percent 

after five...Read More
Categories: bottom line, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Sowing Seeds
We act out what we really believe                                 ...Read More
Categories: bottom line, poems,
Form: Rhyme
Middle Class Dismissed

Marginalized middle finger people
moving upwardly mobile
on a quality-of-life escalator going always down

Mall pallbearers for the palladium pocketeers,
(them who bring forth weekly pocket tears)
Three-piece suit gator claws with Wall Street wolf ears

Kiss-the-ring finger people
trying to climb up the societal brass rung
Getting...Read More
Categories: bottom line, anxiety, imagery, jobs, symbolism,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Military Presence
Iraq. Israel, Germany, Japan, 
Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, Afghanistan, 
Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,
Serbia,  South Korea, and the United Kingdom.
What do all of these nations have in common?
Each has a US military presence in their land,
and all of theses nations,
are just a small...Read More
Categories: bottom line, america, military,
Form: Rhyme
C'mon Toes, Let's Go

if you own your feet
they will take you to the greater theme park
but we are sad to see the old self go
and cling to the labors that bring us here
as though survival there was assured
through perpetual alertness
which meant that to...Read More
Categories: bottom line, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
A Disappointing Sale
Used to sell cars, it was a few years back.
I sported a tie, white shirt, and of course dress slacks.
It's good to know what's on the showroom floor.
Answer a customers question wrongly, they'll race to the door.
Knowledge is key, with...Read More
Categories: bottom line, car, perspective, work,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Respect Your Name
Everyone has a given name,
that is certified and true.
That name belongs to no one else,
that name belongs to you!

It’s your official moniker!
When there’s a need for you to sign,
this is the name that you must use!
That’s the bottom line!

But, there’s...Read More
Categories: bottom line, self,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chaim Tickles the Ivories on Our 14th

Chaim Tickles the Ivories on our 14th 

Blooma Yehudis's Cure for Tickle Cell Anemia:
The Bilecks, Chaim's Piano & Poor Puns,
Bananagram Moshe, Laundry & Sleep-o-mania,
Shalom Bais, Cookin', & Walkin' at Ann's,
Savoring, Chaim sings "Hail Fredonia!!!",
Don't be Hasty! The Tasty Final Crumb...Read More
Categories: bottom line, anniversary, humorous, jewish, joy, love, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Horoscopes
A person sits down, figures out the position 
Of the planets, and the stars
At the exact time of one's birth to do a
Forecast under their sign. Is this Devine?
You can look to the things that are afar they
Really are spectacular.
They're...Read More
Categories: bottom line, addiction, allusion, creation, education, fantasy, fun, hilarious,
Form: Villanelle
Another one shuts down
Another One Shuts Down
Gates and boards and reels of wire
Garbage by the gates
Driveway overgrown with grass
The factory is a state

Security checks once an hour
To make sure all's still locked
Another business shut it's door
the economy was rocked

Another workplace bites the dust
Another...Read More
Categories: bottom line, 9th grade, america,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Trump Card
I'm not crazy about political poetry
Because politics feel a bit ... soiled to me
But as a requirement for the contest
I will say the following, as a humble opinion ONLY ...

I do not know the man
I don't know the motivations of...Read More
Categories: bottom line, perspective, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Celebration Of Life

I love life, that's probably apparent
By the happiness in all my poems
When I make my final curtain call
Want the biggest celebration known

Don't want none of that mourning stuff
No sad songs, no shedding of tears
Just want some joyous good time fun
Great...Read More
Categories: bottom line, life,
Form: Quatrain
Tortured Tortoise

I ventured into us
Without any outcome in mind
I was content at the time
Happiness was the bottom line
Nothing could prepare me for this
The fire was put out of our bliss
How did we come to this
Unbearable twist
It is impossible to know
That love...Read More
Categories: bottom line, change, deep, depression, emotions, feelings, heartbroken, wife,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Frilly Red Knickers Show Time
(aka "Trump's Bottom Line")

Cartel Jesus launched an old crone
High over Trump's Wall on a drone
Our Border Patrol
Went out of control
Snapping photos with their iPhone!

...Read More
Categories: bottom line, political, usa,
Form: Limerick
Naked Before The Mob
Why is ‘Almost Good Enough’
  never what you need?

Why is ‘Clearly Not Enough’
  an ounce more than you deserve?

Why is ‘Almost What You Need’
  the most you’ll ever have?

Why is ‘It’s Not Only That’
  the only...Read More
Categories: bottom line, truth, words,
Form: Free verse