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Premium Member Gospel ReWrites
I think, and sometimes fear,
we have two ways, maybe more,
to read the four holy gospels,
and any sacred scripture,
and any regeneration/degeneration story
of creative tension,
win/win sweet spot future aspirations
midst win/lose historic raw spots
of past experience.

We can read Earth's inspired articulations
as a book...Read More
Categories: book, caregiving, health, integrity, relationship,
Form: Free verse

The other night at the bookstore in a young family strolled
and it didn’t take but a minute for them to make me feel old.

We have an antique typewriter in the store…
(the kind that makes a clicking sound and ends with...Read More
Categories: book, age, memory, old,
Form: Verse
The son of the Rain
He is the son of the rain, 
the heavy rain-storm and the thunder.
The son of the three suns and the three sparks
which form, when they clashed together.
the six points of the enigmatic star.
He was the book and he who wrote...Read More
Categories: book, heaven, magic,
Form: Free verse
Mortimer Adler
Like emperor Constantine
You were a convert 
to Catholicism on the deathbed.
Fascinated by Thomas Acquinas

and your other heroes:
Etienne Gilson, Jacqes Maritain,
Martin D’Arcy.
You considered yourself a pagan

and wrote a book,
“How to Think About God”,
as a guide for others.
You demonstrate God as the...Read More
Categories: book, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Chapters of Life
"Our lives are like a book,
Chapters document the trips we took

In each phase of our lives,
Pen to paper does not lie

Some chapters are light and gay,
Others are tough as we made our way

Others we don’t want to read again,
A few...Read More
Categories: book, confidence, encouraging, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Could Be a Writer Too
I have the best ideas 
I could make a million dollars if I wrote them down
My book would be a best seller for sure!

Great, I told him. What are your ideas?
They are not ready yet, he informed me.
Besides, I am...Read More
Categories: book, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
The Book of Ages
The Book of Ages

Has page's
Torn and stolen from it

What now ?

Reality is dawning 

They are lost forever
More precious than Treasure
Beyond measure

Left only to speculate 
They could have possesed the meaning of life
They could of brought us closer to God

God...Read More
Categories: book, life,
Form: Free verse

Real debates hard to find
There is no trace of them on face book,
No matter how hard you look,
It is no better,
To go on Twitter,
And you would not want to be talked in,
To having a debate on LinkedIn.

Letters to the Editor are now,
Just for show,
At...Read More
Categories: book, age, analogy, blue, care, character, confusion, hope,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Empty Shell
I have no more inside to give...
it doesn't seem to matter how i live.
i feel i have nothing left to believe in...
although sometimes i feel like i might win.
No expression on my joy is gone without a trace.
My heart...Read More
Categories: book, anxiety, feelings, how i feel,
Form: I do not know?
Hold Me in the Light
Hold me in the light,
Right where you are.

Lead me down the path
That leads to your throne.

Touch me with your grace,
That I may know your mercy.

Write me in the book
So I may live forever.

Feed me with your word,
That I may never...Read More
Categories: book, bible, christian, god, religion, religious,
Form: Couplet
Dark times, be gone

Trying harder getting harder
The Sun rises again, nothing better
Many books are being read
The writers have all rightly said.

Day after day, strength dwindle
Hope cries out, who will rekindle?
Antagonists waiting for your fall
And you'll be done when they call

You...Read More
Categories: book, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Mishari Rashid Al Afasy - Rahman - Lyrics & English Translation ? 
By Miss Aliza Kashmala Kiran.
Mishari Rashid Al Afasy – Rahman
Rahman means Our Most Merciful Maker The only Allah AlMighty.

Rahman Ya Rahman
Syaidni Ya Rahman
Israh shadri  Quran
Imla’ Qalbi Quran
Wasqih...Read More
Categories: book, allah, blessing, faith, islamic, nature, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Hamd
Looking for something
Looking for something
I open the book of trust 
I thought I could found 
The names of the ones 
I thought they were of truth 
So sad I was stoned in my vision
Then I washed my hands 
Off the bow of...Read More
Categories: book, africa, dedication, deep, growth, humanity, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Humane moment of time
I wanted to reach your hand with patience
No answer came, just an utter silence…
In the dark, wanted to feel the warmth of thy closeness
Felt a cold body, lying in a deep sleep, unconsciousness.
To be honest, getting used to of this,...Read More
Categories: book, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Automatic


Push me back into
a body of work

Taken three by ten plus two

I visit her to hearken you
Love never left the leaves of
a book written for three

I love green more than blue
I was taken three by ten plus two

I am here,...Read More
Categories: book, light, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
What,s Your Story
"We all have a story to tell,
Some we know too well

Mostly for the pain we remember,
And the battles where we were worthy contenders 

Curious though where they reside,
Locked away deep inside

Our own little chapter book,
Few are invited in to look

For...Read More
Categories: book, blessing, emotions, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: LIII - Tongue Teasers

Whether the glass is « half full » or « half empty », what counts is WHO « drank" the "other half », the « better half » ? Lucky Devil !

« By hook or...Read More
Categories: book, animal, girl, humor, irony, word play,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
In The Space Between Words

That book, now lying on the table,
Borrowed from the library,
It is dog-eared and stained,
The print bold and legible,
The space between the lines discernable, 
Has its intents open and bare.
I must read 
The unpronounceable words it contains
That pick on the weaknesses...Read More
Categories: book, faith, fear,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What happens to the unborn
Where go the unborn?
no breathe shall draw in this world
no rocking or lullabies
no breast shall comfort
no earthly mother to hold
reborn miraculously

From pages the book
divine narratives bestowed
transformed to cherub angels
deliver blessings
illuminate consciousness
creative inspiration

Entered in the Fives and Sevens Poetry Contest
Placed 4th
Sponsor:...Read More
Categories: book, angel, blessing,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Scorpion
Collaboration: James Swartz, LadyLabyrinth


Lack of water leads to lack of life
exposed beneath the Sun like blood
from the tip of a Scorpion’s tail

Corporal attitudes aligned in spaces
battle demented servitude in spotlights
stroking the sights of a symbolic death

Lack of want leads a...Read More
Categories: book, desire, imagery, life, lust, psychological, sensual, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE WALL

the wall...the wall
let’s invite them all
the library tech i am
says build it with books
spanish on one side...english on t’other
if it’s burned down
we’ll build it again

suddenly people pause
to read a classic
or a favorite
someone from the other side
hands them a beverage
as...Read More
Categories: books, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Only One
Can you experience a lifetime,
inside of a minute

Can you say with one word,
what used to take a book

Can you thank those you love,
with just one smile

Can you see the truth in everything
—with only one look

(Dreamsleep: July, 2019) 
...Read More
Categories: book, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Dinner Demands
Soon we're having guests for dinner,
Some old friends from out of town,
So you three must mind your manners,
Just as you've been shown.
Jane, as the eldest, your example
Should set the standard:
Remember, you assume the mantle
Of the courtesy demanded.
Now Stella, you are...Read More
Categories: book, dad, daughter, drink, friend, son,
Form: Rhyme
As we search the river’s source,
It jumps the banks of our twisted past,
Set sail for the uncharted,
The pale flickering of the pole star,
The ever present circle,
Surrounding, unfolding, revealing,
Where mere words find their ending,
My being extols with creation,
As the unseen manifests,
My...Read More
Categories: book, inspiration, life, longing, paradise, peace, stars, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dementia the last visit
Blank pages in a book 
yet thumbed and coffee stained.
Stared at in bemusement
long lost fairy tales.
No beginning, No end 
the story stays untold.
To turn the page is pointless
as the next page is just the same.
Oh how you loved the author
their...Read More
Categories: book, i miss you,
Form: Free verse