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War Blitz Poems

These War Blitz poems are examples of Blitz poems about War. These are the best examples of Blitz War poems written by international poets.

war kills
War kills

Retina less windows
Bodies were strewn on foul streets
A photo of Grozny
Summary execution
Death sways from unlit lampposts 
Friend or foe
Who knows?
Conspiracy of peace
Both sides declare...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, business,


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Categories: courage, giving, marathi, mentor,

Universal Truce

Silent the guns and call your enemy
to say hello, as long as there is life in you
and empathy in mutual suffering by
the massacring virus invading...

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Categories: age,

Premium Member Cache of Shame - A Halloween Blitz
Filch sweet treasure
Filch my cache
Cache in gut now
cache your hide
Hide dear brother
hide your skull 
skull so empty
skull obtuse 
obtuse to pain
Obtuse maneuver
Maneuver wisely
maneuver quickly
Quickly dodge

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Categories: anger, brother, candy, war,

The Tale of the Liverpool Blitz
The Tale of the Liverpool Blitz

Mill Road Hospital took a Direct Hit
On the Maternity Ward indiscriminately killing Pregnant Women and new-born children 

Reduced the City...

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Categories: blitz, world war ii,

the war marriage
the war marriage

as I watch them sit there
I see happiness
and life
thy remember the war 
the blood thy shed
the blood that fell
she remember the being a...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, art, beautiful,

My soldier
Like Leonaidas ,
lets vie for love

take the spear of affection point it to the enemy and when destiny calls,
your heart will fall in my thirsty...

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Categories: love,

Fade back-

picture rap,

this here is capped,

my movement strap.

One voice,

a toy,

diibullar roid!! 

I don't take voids!!!

I supply the stores,

dish on a pour because we ignore,

we don't...

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Categories: easter, endurance, friend, hope,

Enter this word in your mind, where is the days going. The days goes faster and the night seem like it will never end. In...

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Categories: anxiety,

Holocaust at the Time
Murder of six million Jews
Murder through holocaust
Holocaust as foretold
Holocaust in scripture
Scripture Daniel 8:23-26
Scripture for the vision
Vision from an angel concerned
Vision in the distant future
Future came...

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Categories: abuse, death, history, holocaust,

Premium Member Hero To People
Kenya rebel
Kenya hero
Hero of the people
Hero executed
Executed by hanging
Executed and buried
Buried in a mass gave
Buried in the morning
Morning of mourning
Morning end
End of his fight
End of...

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Categories: africa, death, hero, leadership,

Save Me
The shadows are the doors to hell the light is the staircase to heaven. In this relm on Earth is a battlefield. The war of...

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Categories: body, death, earth, evil,

Men in Black,
Wear a Black,
Worry of Black.
War a Black...

Fear a Black,
Block a Black,
Lock the Black.
War on Black...

Luck a Black,
Unlocked Black,
Back in Black.
War of Black...

Mock a...

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Categories: anti bullying,

Vanished Away
Your words are sad they say
Your heart cant simply feel that way
Way to broken to repair these days
Way to hurt to ever return
Return to the...

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Categories: brother, divorce, children, sister,


Shape a picture 
Shape your dreams  
Dreams catcher
Dreams chaser
Chaser is fast
Chaser is slow
Slow runner
Slow track
Track of the costs
Track of the times
Times to...

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Categories: character, desire, faith, growth,