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Blissful Ignorance Poems

Blissful Ignorance Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of blissful ignorance poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for blissful ignorance.

New Poems

Premium Member The Dual
In singular, in blissful ignorance,
I happily existed in advance
of tasting blithely an ambiguous kiss.

My dear singularity, intact
complacent wholesomeness, what have they done:
a sweet saliva, a Chrysostom tongue,
the lips, a bit thin lips, to be exact,
a tricky smile, a quick eye...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, kiss, love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member EXPIRY DATE

At times we wonder
About our fate
Our destiny
Our future
The days their number
What’s around the corner
Our blissful ignorance
Mingled with
Fretful anxiety
We say we’d like to know
But could we handle it
Best live day to day

posted on March 15, 2019...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, age, angst, future, growing up, hope, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Blissful Ignorance
Breaths of darkness percolate through the ether,
Hades’ fingers crawl into every corner,
Evil’s creep is silent and surreptitious,

    Meanwhile - we party!

“Sapphic Stanza with a Jux” Contest
Sponsored by Craig Cornish...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, dark,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member The Secret Storm
Within cries decreed with shadows mourning
Mortal sin translucent through eyes scorning
Brewing storms amidst silent atramental abyss
Accruing waves breathed loves lingering kiss

Minds melting transfixed thru ravaging ruins
Blinds building walls amongst cerebral fluids
Demonic seeds with remorseful ruling hands
Chronic dementia within bloodstained sands

Temptations...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, confusion, depression, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
Truthful Ignorance
Seul, a soul alone. One that knows all of the faces of people, 
but his is left unknown. 

Blissful ignorance. 

I envy them. The confidence that they share that was 
mercifully stricken away from me. 

Sorrowful truth. 

A fog rolls...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, anti bullying, loneliness,
Form: I do not know?

Live and Learn
To have an infatuation on your mind
Through this endless day
The need to make a lonely entity whole
When you love someone they cloud your heart
Bringing forth an illusion that has just begun
Impending love
Tis better to have loved, then never to have...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, love hurts,
Form: ABC
To Be Blissfully Ignorant, Or Not To Be
To be aware is to know 
that I will be cared, feared, & sneered; 
But Ignorance is not knowing 
neither who, what, or where!
My awareness can move like a shifting gear!
My thoughts slowly get hazy, 
& suddenly become clear.
My Awareness...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, faith, growth,
Form: Rhyme
Our Games of Tears
I never felt like anyone
Should take their life away
Now I’ve started to run
Wondering if I’m late
These games of tears
Sipping poisoned lakes
Knowing that we fear
All the lies we ate
Reminiscing on
Society's abuse and hate
Singing songs of love
While we fill our...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, abuse, america, corruption, society,
Form: Free verse
Love of Life
Starless night, a fire ahead
upon a wind sheltered hill.
Drizzling rain and steamy breath,
I feel the yearning for you.

Lighted by the flickering shine
you seem to be nameless to me.
But your words, your versant vein
recall the charm of the past.

Like a swallow...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, emotions, loneliness, love, magic, remember, sad, youth,
Form: Free verse
Castaway :-
Long day…longer it gets…
with no hand at a distance,
grey skies, with glimpses of clouds
that traverse together, like a bound existence.

far off, in the sultry fields
a raw sight, of a damsel,
a women…or a helpless maiden
hardly could anyone tell.

dry eyes, with...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, fate, giving, humanity, loss, love hurts, true
Form: Ballad
mother he lost
Step 1. Bag the wildest most sexy one night stand you can find 
Step 2. Make her last more than one night
Step 3 tell her you love her after 2 weeks and proceed the rest of the time to prove...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, abuse, anti bullying, heartbreak, mother,
Form: ABC
But For The Grace Of God Go I
…There, but for the grace of God go I…
Is a thought I oft used to think
As I cast a hasty, judgmental eye
Roundabout the coffee shop
And o’er the brim of my morning drink

…I used to judge those so-called ‘sorry souls
And ascribe...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, fantasy, imagination, people, stars,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Comes with a Cost
I come bearing a rare gift,
not something of material wealth
No silver, no gold ...
no diamonds, no pearls
No bearer bonds, no dollar bills ...
no rubies, no emeralds

I come with an even more desired thing,
the most precious offering someone can bring
I come...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, spiritual, truth, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Thalassophobia, I love you
they say that there's a dance hall
right beneath this lake of sawdust
where underwater towns
have gone astray
and I can hear the harpies
the bagpipes
and I can smell
the burning petals
after we set the house ablaze

the blissful ignorance
of ghosts and revolvers
is pure nonsene 
-...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, dream, imagery, surreal, words,
Form: Imagism
Tender vittles
I'm where white trash meets technology. It's safe to say that the whole towns' gone to the dogs. As Society loses focus are pivotal issues and revolts against a coffee cup color like a pack of skittish lab rats, I...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, abortion, abuse, allah, america, angel, art, betrayal,
Form: Acrostic
Christmas at the Cuckoo's Nest

Of all the holidays that come and go
Christmas is the one that we love best.
No matter how crazy, it just goes to show
we love the yuletide in the cuckoo’s nest.

We deck the halls with scat, and...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, celebration, christmas, crazy, holiday, nonsense, word play,
Form: Light Verse
Deceptive Snowflake
Soft lazy clouds push down on sky
Clinging to the heavens with solitary resolve
Heavy wet blankets the oblivious wind
Spreading an icy breath of discontent

One Deceptive Snowflake leads the exodus
Leaving the safeness of sky
Praising in dance new freedom
Giving tow to weary stitches...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, change, metaphor, winter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Jesus Says
Jesus says that we all must become like little children
before we can enter the kingdom of heaven.
In theory it does make a lot of sense,
but how can one regress back to a state of childhood blissful ignorance
and become unaware of...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, introspection, philosophy, religion,
Form: Rhyme
Who to believe
When we silence the noise, of our electric clock 
wake-up, turn on lights, and our coffee pot 
Should we feel shame, for what we have done 
or in blissful ignorance, greet the morning sun 

millions of people perform this ritual...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, freedom, inspirational, introspection, philosophy, political, spiritual, life,
Form: Rhyme
The plan for escape comes together, 
Desperate to leave the past behind. 
Ready to venture out the front door, 
Unsettling thoughts consume the mind. 

Frightened feet reluctant to step out, 
Fragile courage quickly collapses. 
Fingers cross, hoping for a moment,...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, confusion, journey, life,
Form: Quatrain
Forever together, unaware of their fate,
Happy they were and in blissful ignorance,
But true to their natures they were destined to separate,
And instead of friendship, betrayal was to take place.

The shock of this betrayal shook her soul,
That unexpected treachery struck her...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, depression, friend, life, happy, betrayal, betrayal, friend,
Form: ABC
I've been pulled under the raging current...
I keep thinking of those delectable yesterdays...
Those tantalizing absurdities of truths not yet known...
I miss the blissful ignorance and innocence,
and I curse all the realities I have been shown...
Time used to be just a...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, life,
Form: Verse
The Truth
Is it the line defining reality and fiction?
Or a taunting reminder of the past’s ghosts?
Skeletons hidden to perfection
Until the dwindling smell brightens the lights 
And the then shadows the now. 
A fact that many dare not speak,
But tong it to...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, life,
Form: I do not know?
A Vacuous Affair
Blissful ignorance

A vacuous affair

Mind numbing atrophy

Life without a care

Cloud dwelling dreams

Of a world less realized

The pyramid schemes

Of a world materialized

Land of the free

Home of the incarcerated

The money wheel keeps turning

Our debt exacerbated

Before it's too late

Do what you can

To save what's...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, angst, death, inspirational, world,
Form: Rhyme
The Smallest Light
Like stone, my heart feels heavy in my chest
Rainclouds overhead mirror the haze that permeates my mind
Marked by silence, the path I walk is worn and narrow

A forgotten heart left behind in blissful ignorance
The worn and narrow path once shared,...Read More
Categories: blissful ignorance, hope, loss, heart, autumn, heart,
Form: Free verse