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Bleary Eyed Poems

Bleary Eyed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bleary eyed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bleary eyed.

New Poems

The Compass
I was once a full-on novice surfing the waves,
Seas were rough and choppy here and there.
I could not bear the challenges I was going to face,
But you were by my side guiding me when and where.

The ocean was as sunless...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, childhood, dedication, education, inspiration, school,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Pulsating Rhythm of my Heart -----
Hungry and bleary-eyed
I lie on my bed late in the afternoon.
Rain pitter-patters on my window panes,
Thunder rumbles overhead.
A half darkness envelops the room.
I wish to sleep but repose eludes me.
An enigmatic discomfort prevails.
I ponder on my desperate ventures
to capture...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Her Final Bow

Row upon row of long stemmed dandies,
Yellow trumpets set to blare,
'Neath them growing, little snowdrops,
Announcing spring is in the air.

Songbirds sing sweet melodies,
As on branches blossom grows,
Life anew, is now stirring
Spring arrives to steal the show.

Purple crocus greet the Sun,...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, flower, seasons, spring,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Morning Lost

How I rued the morning lost,
For I slept late, till ten,
I love to watch the rising Sun,
But I had missed it then.

I like to rise with the birds,
To hear them greet the day.
But this morn I idled,
The hours just slipped...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, bird, morning, sunshine,
Form: Rhyme
Northern Winter Night
Driving, bleary-eyed, down a winding state route,
no moon overhead to break-up the dark,
just clouds blocking out even the stars,
my headlights shine on white banks against the black.

Trees stark, barely visible on the edges,
wind swirls loose snow, snakes across the road,
gusts...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, imagery, lonely, night, snow, travel, winter,
Form: Blank verse

Is it About That Time Already Again
One stormy evening dark and dreary-
I sat alone all bleary eyed and weary-
drinking my beer when what did I hear
but a rat-a-tap tapping at my door.
Away to the window I flew like a flash
pulled back the curtain and peeked through...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, humor,
Form: Free verse
Dark comedy makes light of war
Talk to me of War

And ask of me to comment ?

I would do an injustice to put my thought's into words

So I would rather refer you to

Or point you in the direction or ask you to watch 

A black comedy...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, world war i,
Form: Free verse
Dance of the Commuter
Early morning, bleary-eyed
We’re a weaving coffee-carrying crowd
One more sip,  heads bowed
Oh Grief! That train horns loud! 
Sorry! Excuse me!
Opps…Shall we dance?
A frown turns round
Manners & Humour - it's sound
...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, dance, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mustard Seed Paradise
HolyWar and Final Judgment and RoughLove Advocates
against infidels and other, more domesticated, sinners:

Put down your Bibles and Korans,
written to grow love 
and not weapons for bleary-eyed bullies.

You spend too much time reading and thinking
and arguing
to let your spiritual emotions swell...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, celebration, faith, history, humor, integrity, love, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Class of 2017: The Little Rascals crew
It’s been four (long) years. Yes, long - to my dismay.
Some think it goes quickly; RUBBISH! I say.
When you have a child, the days will drag,
The season crawl, and the years can lag.

But onward we prevail, with our heads held...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, appreciation, children, school,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Thy Sorry State May Soon Be Descried

A Parody of Sir Philip Sidney's Sonnet 31 from Astrophel and Stella

With wobbly steps, O Youth, thou climb'st the stairs!
How clumsily and with how red a face!
What! Dost thou trip and fall about the place
and pray thy folks sleep soundly,...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, night, teen,
Form: Sonnet

coiled lies an oily snake
circling the rim of the cup
eschewing the softness of milk
the sweetness of sugar.
A black hole – waiting – beckoning
the bleary-eyed robot
leaving a scent trail
harsh, uncivilized,
psyche popping


submitted to WAKE UP WITH COFFEE OR TEA...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, morning,
Form: Personification
Not Bleary-eyed

Not bleary-eyed, for the Lord said to trust,
He always means what ever he says.
So I reach up my hands heavenwards,
And he reaches down with his right hand of

He always means what he says,
I will trust in his ways for...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, bible, blessing, encouraging, hope, jesus, trust,
Form: Pantoum
Storm at Sea
CRASHING waves... SMASHING seas...
Bringing sailors to their knees.
As they struggle to save their lives
Hoping and praying, help arrives.

The stormy seas as dark as coal,
Preventing the sailors from reaching their goal.
Battered and bruised, but still they fight...
Staring ahead, into the dead...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, angst, encouraging, imagination, storm, uplifting, weather, wisdom,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Hyacinth
The winged god Zephyrus, handsome and graceful
gently flapped his wings, gliding across the meadows.
His eyes fell on naked youths splashing at play
in the sparkling water of a deep wide pool, sheltered  
by willow trees, where fragrant flowers bloomed.
He slowed...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, jealousy, love,
Form: Epic
Smoke Detector
I stood there naked in the hall 
Bleary-eyed, as you
Screeched out your fury
I could be on fire for you
But all you do is belch smoke...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, conflict, goodbye, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sweet

Woke up this morning, looked at the clock

Bleary eyed, thought it read 5:23

Way too early... turned over and went back to sleep

Woke up again which seemed like 10 minutes later

The clock read 7:42

Thought for a moment in my stupor

Holy crap!...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, retirement,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member What's White Got to Do With It
Black-blue and purple-gray, barred from florescent in amber we play
scratched across vinyl, we sway, arguments in amber we play.

Hopped up on booze, blow, and the down beats blare where we grind
the twenty-first centuries bruised gene pool is content in amber...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, nostalgia, parody,
Form: Rhyme
Delusions of Evening
Evening sets with self-delusion
stirring the synapses
with a steaming 
cup of coffee.
A dimly lit oil lamp
shrouded in Saffron 
casts the room in an amber hue
where words meld like gold 
onto the page
		in an alchemic blaze.

Morning rises, dispelling dreams
out of every fold...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, dream,
Form: Free verse
Army in Me
The temptations of armor, sheilding me from aching breaths. Save me from battle.
A ruthless, lying war. Makes your face hurt and your temples burn.
The anxiety eating away pieces of sanity. Laying down to sleep searing in your own heat, and...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, abuse, body,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Norma Jean

If I had the choice to start over again
What would I rather have been
A rocket scientist, a famous writer
Or a stand-up like Norma Jean!

Must've been fun to make 'em laugh
To make people giggle and smile
To help them forget life's many...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, remember, tribute,
Form: Quatrain
Unrequited Dreams
Once more, treading the boulevard of dreams
Only the sun's glint on the corroded surface gleams
Shangri La's gate no longer in the distance beams
Steamy, foggy haze around each mile marker streams
Grand plans, lofty designs are buried deep in impermeable seams
Over once...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, adventure, career,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member FREE POWER - Part Two
                                       ...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, political, satire,
Form: Free verse
the drinkers dilema
I am the bleary eyed bemoaner
of self made misery
my body's not a temple
its more of a distillery
drinking doesnt numb the pain
but it numbs my awareness of it
sat talking to myself in the corner
like a sodden surly hobbit
the main reason your...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, depression, health,
Form: Verse
Jack O' Lantern's Hallowed Eve
Jack O' Lantern jeers through 
molten screen
With fiery eyes and a fifth sense 
so keen
Masked goblins saunter in shadows 
Wily Jack swills jade folds with 
florescent stream
Billowing ghosts in phosphorescent, 
satin mantles teem
Stolid Jack bathes in Hoary Frost's 
velvety Vanilla...Read More
Categories: bleary eyed, fantasy