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Labor Birth Poems

These Labor Birth poems are examples of Birth poems about Labor. These are the best examples of Birth Labor poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Letter to my Unborn
Though my heart was broken because I never knew you, my unborn, unknown, unfamiliar thought, the one that was much more than an inkling, yet...

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Categories: baby, beautiful, birth, blessing,

Premium Member Chapter 34-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: The seven
Damian searched for Molly.
He found her at 10:30 in 
the morning 
In the biggest bathroom 
Bathing Godfrey and Barrington.
Matthias and Shadir were still 
Sleeping. The...

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Categories: beautiful, birth, confidence, courage,

Premium Member Chapter 31-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: TWINS the TEN
September finally came. Dolly 
Was in Labor but she stated 
That she would deliver her
Babies at home. Damian Tried 
Gentle discouragement. "Naw,
Babe we will be...

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Categories: 6th grade, birth, caregiving,

Premium Member Chapter 30-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: GRowing Family of Boisterous BABY BOYS
Hotest July in Damian's 
Memory. Mallory began having 
Labor pains at 7:30am.  
Damian drove her and Delilah 
To Magnum Medical Hospital 
Center.  She...

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Categories: adventure, baby, birth, child,

Premium Member Chapter 18-- DELILAH DAMIAN and DAMIAN JUNIOR makes THREE
The ambulance ride only lasted
For 10 minutes.
Delilah was in Labor now
Experiencing strange labor
Sensations. They were orgasms
Dolly didn't want to admit that.
Most of both families swept...

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Categories: beauty, birth, birthday, blessing,

Premium Member Stillborn

As I closed my door and lay down to sleep,
A poem came and violently knocked at my door.
Being quite late, I put a rein on...

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Categories: analogy, birth, poetry,


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Categories: beach, birth, environment, nature,

Premium Member GOD'S ACT CREATED ME-
Beginning mine act of God today 
Blessed event creation dawning 
Delivery labor not sent dismayed 
Nascency natality parturition producing grace
Trend visitor from universal space

Written words...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation, birth,

Premium Member Weeping Sky
Weeping sky, downcast sky, 
laden with winter sorrow, with winter apology.
Ruminating sky, regretful sky,
pregnant with unsettled mind, unsettled life.
Necessary suffering sky replenishing, restoring
all the waters...

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Categories: birth, emotions, sad, seasons,

Premium Member IT DOESN'T HURT TIME TO GIVE BIRTH- My SpokenWord
Time to give birth I am in labor today it's time time to give birth
From my Father in heaven provider refining myself worth 
In all...

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Categories: analogy, birth, blessing, engagement,

Premium Member Labor of love

Stand and deliver! this new bundle for your life 
Never you knave, I’m a muse not some midwife 
Bring me warm water, and lots of...

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Categories: birth, creation, fun, poetry,

Premium Member Like a Baby's Birth

Writing a poem is like giving birth to a baby.
With the copulation of fancy and thought,
Comes the moment of conception!
It swims into you as...

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Categories: angst, birth, child, inspiration,

Replete with Colonial Army spirits
Though I posted the following poem 
(B)efore (C)ovid, a sense 
of glee donned my being 
the notion arose to trumpet anew
said literary handily crafted endeavor.


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Categories: birth, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Upon exiting the womb
Upon exiting the womb...

23,190 days ago,

Yours truly got hashtagged
as the 2,975,075,410TH
person alive on Earth
according to website

Come November 15, 2022
(a little more than
four months from now...

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Categories: adventure, africa, america, birth,

Principium Vitae
A labor of love
 Frequent contractions
Bloody show appears
Belly and back pain
Her water breaks now

The baby drops
Loosened-up joints
Cervix dilates
Cramps are intense

Nauseous mom
Start the drugs
Feeling great

Bear down...

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Categories: baby, birth, body, life,