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Death Birth Poems

These Death Birth poems are examples of Birth poems about Death. These are the best examples of Birth Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member From the Earth's Depths
Written: September 24, 2023

In the dawn-like haze—a shriek was heard,
An echo so shrewd, yet birdless, oddly slurred 
It was ordained by—a stratum unseen,
A throbbing coerce,...

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Categories: analogy, angst, birth, death,

Premium Member The Family Circle
The Family Circle

They shared a smile that will last forever,
as she gazed at him while he gazed back,
from within his little blue woven bassinet.

She reflects...

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Categories: age, beautiful, birth, death,

Premium Member To A Warrior's Creed, Valiant Death, Fate Oft Decrees
To A Warrior's Creed, Valiant Death, Fate Oft Decrees

I follow the red line into hot, blazing Hell
with razor sharp long sword firm in my fighting...

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Categories: birth, career, character, courage,

when you walk through and reshaping melts the binding glue 
nothing in my heart will remember you
not the hardest blow to my soul, the grief...

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Categories: 11th grade, birth, death,

Premium Member Returning Home
     Raises head

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Categories: baby, birth, death, life,

Premium Member Spirit Vessel Elegy
Spirit Vessel Elegy by James Edward Lee Sr. 

Decayed lay the vessel, fill with rot;
Derailed and decomposed;
Tilled embalmed yet corpse not;
Dispose of spirit so rose;

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Categories: adventure, allusion, analogy, birth,

Birth of Stars

The birth of stars in cosmic skies
could life and death epitomize,
and though we’re but a dot in space,
our earthly home with azure face
might mirror all...

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Categories: birth, death, earth, nature,

Waiting For Death
I once ruled my body
but now
My body rules me...

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Categories: addiction, bible, birth, black

The grand ode to life
The grand ode to life.
Though your time has passed, your spirit remains 
And in there, I find comfort.
You were a father to many, a role...

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Categories: birth, celebration, death, life,

My Advice to You
From the cradle to your dying breath
Let the love in your heart guide you
Save only the good and discard the rest
Don’t let the small troubles...

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Categories: birth, poetry,

Loanly Caterpiller
Lonely caterpillar, roaming around wondering what your purpose is, why the butterflies are so beautiful and you are you! Crawling around, getting ready to sleep,...

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Categories: birth, africa, analogy, animal, art,

Premium Member Decayed

What causes a relationship to fail?
Decay sets in when thoughtlessness persists,      
when selfishness extends beyond the pale,
and chances to show...

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Categories: birth, death, nature,

Premium Member Immortality

I was not. I was. I am. I will be. I will not be.

I was not, but my star stuff was. Part of the universe....

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Categories: age, birth, death, poems,

Premium Member Birthmarks
unique identifying signs,
cover our walls.
Scuffs, scars, scribbles,
fingerprints, nicks.
Randomly appearing after
marking the birth of our son.
Would I trade those pocked surfaces
for pristine blank spaces?
No. The memories...

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Categories: birth, boy, childhood, death,

I held the dark night as my companion
Close to my chest
My jaw clenched
When they let me go
I just had my skin and my bones
To call...

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Categories: absence, anger, birth, death,