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Bill Of Rights Poems

Bill Of Rights Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bill of rights poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bill of rights.

New Poems

Premium Member OH, I HAVE A DREAM

              ...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, dream, friendship, god, international,
Form: Rhyme

Multicolored Persecution
We may not agree with you, but we love you.
We may not condone your choices, but we accept you as made in God's image.
We are not afraid of you, but we believe God wants a different life for you.
Why do...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, anti bullying, bullying, christian, discrimination, freedom, hate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Venezuela April 30, 2019
Venezuela April 30, 2019

God bless and keep Venezuelan
protestors safe!
Put your mighty Hedge of Protection
about their fearless waists.
Let it admonish us all, in the USA.
how 'socialism' can metamorphosize into
a corrupt, immoral snake.

How many of us have the backbone to
perish in American streets?
For our...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, anger, angst,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A One Color Kaleidoscope

Under all the hate there’s still hope
although it’s difficult to cope.
Evangelist abandoned God
caging families ripped apart
by politicians, with no heart.
Cultist republicans applaud
a President without morals.
And heap gratitude and laurels
upon a charlatan and fraud.
Loyalty can be sold or bought
constitutional rights mean...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, 12th grade, abuse, america, angst, anxiety, hate,
Form: Verse
Let's Make Beef Stew Great Again
Our country is turning to .
And not like a pretty  that your pet cat hid pretty well in his litter box
A Big Fat Obvious Odorous Cow ,
The kind you can smell driving up the gravel road almost a...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, corruption, immigration,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member IF YOU PULL A LONG FACE - Part XXV

IF you pull a long face
Neither side in tug-of-war giving way
Pull in the name of the Populace
Neither side will lose face e'ven if they bray

But if you pull a long surly face
In...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, anti bullying, care, dedication, irony, pride,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Revere the Founding Fathers, Part I
We star it off with Ben Franklin,
American renaissance man,
whose industry and sharp wit
made him the richest in the land.
Lived out an American dream
before the country ever was,
entertained with his writings and
helped discover scientific law.
Pushed hard for independency
and helped form the...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, appreciation, freedom, history, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
When Reason Goes Out The Window
I find it curious that people will debate the nature of God, with one side saying it is irrelevant as He doesn't exist and the other sure they can pin down the nature, the complexity, of a Being so far...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, angst, atheist, god, humanity, judgement, rights, society,
Form: Prose
It's A Crying Shame 2
Martin Luther King would not tolerate it, and call it a crying shame.                           ...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, emotions, faith, freedom, god,
Form: Prose Poetry
Net Neutrality
inalienable, inimitable,
     and inviolable sacrosanct
contentiously debated enshrined Constitution 
     ratified June 21, 1788

     preceding hallmark Bill of Rights 
     (adopted effective December 15, 1791)...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The People from Those XXXX-Hole Countries
The People from Those ****-Hole Countries

The people from “those” ****-Hole countries, eh??
Really?? Really?? You don’t say?? I didn’t know that!!
This is a recent stream of consciousness comment, which
constitutes a new low in the American political discourse,
courtesy of, none other...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, allusion, america, betrayal, corruption, judgement, political, racism,
Form: Political Verse
Symbol of Freedom
Freedom aint Freedom, said the gravelly Voice
the beauty of Freedom is that it gives you a Choice
the symbol of Freedom lies in Old Glory
Normandy, Okinawa, Vietnam and many like Stories

Freedom is more than appearance
Freedom is more than it Seems,
Freedom allows...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, freedom, patriotic, peace, pride, remembrance day, soldier,
Form: Rhyme
Second to None

Welcome to the war, son ...
You’ve been conscripted,
go grab a gun
And you daughters 
of the new American flag,
you’re not exempted either
Go get that gat outta my bag
There’s a 21st century civil war goin’ on,
and you gotta declare right now
which side...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, conflict, parody, perspective, war,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member On the Edges of Reason Wondering
What provides comedians the gift of speech 
 uncensored with lessons that teach?
Their  open mindedness  provoking ease
 undeterred to speak as they please.

How easily the comedic commentary flows
 to places  typical populace dare not go
 and those...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Once the dream was to make America the shining light of the world 
a caring and compassionate country with opportunities for all
but after the fake election America has become the corrupt, the ugly,
the distrusted, the fallen dream of millions.

A neophyte...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, integrity, loss, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
War hell on earth, fire in the skies, rockets bombs, and bullets.
Freedom is on the line and souls get free to roam the skies of heaven or get tortured in the flames of hell.
Democracy and a free world, blood guts,...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, anger,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Ecclesia
An old Greek word, ecclesia,
is often translated as church,
but could also be thought of as a civilization
acting civilly,
as a citizenry
acting as responsible citizens.

The noun side of Ecclesia
casts residents as consumers
of democratic and economic cooperative systems,
while the verb side
speaks of residents...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, culture, fear, health,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Original Freedoms of Intent
Do you see yourself as more Republican
or leaning more Democrat?

Oh my,
I'm a card-carrying Republican.
Came from a long patriarchal line
of red-blooded Republicans.

What makes you a Republican?
What is Republicanism, do you think?

Well...being against the Democrats, mostly.

I get that.
But, what are Republicans...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, earth, freedom, games, garden, health, humor, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Type A Feeling Type B
I believe it was McLuhan who gave us
The medium is the message.
Here are a few other  YangForm with YinFunction appositionals.

Exterior space is interior time,
both survivalist-competitive and thrivalist-cooperative.

The economic cooperative median technician, transactor,
is also the ecopolitical WinWin and/or Win/Lose bicameral...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, community, language, math, power, relationship, science, time,
Form: Political Verse
Christmas should be banned
The day after Christmas I really can't wait
The day it's all over - my one favourite date
The months of piped carol's wherever I go
I swear I'll go mad at the next "ho ho ho"

I need a lone island to hermit...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, christmas, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Verse
And then the Head Elephant rose from the dead 
Surprising and shocking everyone
All cheered, “He is alive!” they shouted
“He lives!”

The opposition wrung their hands, 
Beads of sweat poured from their brows.
They had been so sure, so smug of victory.
“What happened?”

In...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, america, history, hope, loss, political, power,
Form: Political Verse

In this tumultuous political climate
I find both parties irrelevant and obsolete

They do not speak to me and my families’ needs
Neither do these elites know the suffering we go through

Day after day we look for respite from the turmoil of war
Wrought...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, integrity, patriotic, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rights and Opportunities
Rights and Opportunities
By Franklin Price

Rights and opportunities
Intertwined in many ways
Rights, Constitution given
It's opportunity that pays

The Constitution's Bill of rights
And Amendments added to
Disclose the Federal rights we have
No one can take from you

The Constitution also defines
How the government proceeds
To take the...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Franciscan Swissophiles
part of my own historic root system,
has a Bill of Rights for vegetation,
protecting rights of intrinsic dignity
with concomitant human respect for their healthy and aesthetic purposes.
It is not OK to merely throw away 
without regard for future seedling’s rights of...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, gender, health, humor, love, political, poverty, power,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Lack of Appreciation for the Foundation of this Nation
Suffering and pain for our nation’s gain,
but no one recognizes what those before us went through
because in today’s self-centered society the only thing that matters is you.
They fought for their freedoms, rights, and happiness,
yet all some remember of them is...Read More
Categories: bill of rights, appreciation, freedom, history, patriotic,
Form: Free verse