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Best Wildebeest Poems

Below are the all-time best Wildebeest poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of wildebeest poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Cry of the Wildebeest

He played the part he knew so well
(the juggling acts, the ringing bells)
The smile he smeared across his face
(another act, to hide disgrace)
His laughter hid...

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Categories: wildebeest, introspection, life,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Premium Member Poetic Licence
Poetic Licence

I've been granted my Poetic Licence,
Which allows me to write as I find.
Exaggeration here, embellishment there,
A free spirited open mind.

With vivid inspired imagination,
I see...

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© Kevin Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wildebeest, adventure, animal, imagination, symbolism, visionary, write,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member No Slaughter
Swimming in the river were some elephants 
They were giving themselves a bath 
And over by the river bank 
Was a lonesome male giraffe

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Categories: wildebeest, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Choosing To Punish Myself
A zig of happiness sparked the upper peninsulas
Of my wildebeest heart, a mere tich.
Could that teensy beginning shake my
Anger, which I had determinedly
Held onto for...

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Categories: wildebeest, anger, introspection, self,
Form: Free verse
Masai Mara Migration
Masai Mara Migration

When Mother Nature calls
A wildebeest then recalls
Yonder, to migrate en mass
In search of Greener Grass.

Great a Hand that beckons
Utopia is yonder he...

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Categories: wildebeest,
Form: Couplet
My Africa
A dusty street, commuters meet
A taxi crowded, a route decided
Street vendors sell, plastic from China
Fresh fruit, dead meat, flies from hell
A cellphone rings,...

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© John birch  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wildebeest, africa, earth, people, drug,
Form: Free verse
One Mad Rush
        the ground shakes
      dust swirls in the air

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Categories: wildebeest, nature,
Form: Haiku

Four Africa Poems

Full moon uneasiness
Veranda dining, seven course style,
One day after my thirty sixth birthday,
I dine alone, in a poem.
Waiting for the Moon to pass to wane...

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Categories: wildebeest, adventure, africa, travel, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Developing Like a Distant Runner
Incredible in nature, diverse in settlement
a home to the big five beasts
and a constant retailer to glory takers
of distance running in the global games event.


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Categories: wildebeest, africa, community, earth, nature, society,
Form: Ode
Lion Tooth
worn like a killer bite around the neck 
It breathes in unison with a heaving chest
offers protection like having eyes on the back
of the head...

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Categories: wildebeest, africa, courage,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Modus operandi of psychopaths and sociopaths
Modus Operandi of psychopaths and sociopaths

They are all around us, seeking to destroy us,
if not to kill us, to maim us, for life
physically, mentally, emotionally

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Categories: wildebeest, betrayal, bible, corruption, horror, humanity, psychological,
Form: Narrative
Open Letter to Thomas Jefferson
Open Letter to Thomas Jefferson

You sir, destination unknown, I dare
To address. A son of worthy causes  
For land vast in majesty and vast as

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Categories: wildebeest, america, character, patriotic, peace, political, society,
Form: Blank verse
How Can Life Be So Cruel?

The figs on my fig tree are ripe,
Tempting and enticing,
They want you to have them,
To enjoy all you can.
My pear tree is bearing beautiful big...

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Categories: wildebeest, tree, life, tree,
Form: I do not know?
The Dinner Party
The elephants were feeling down
As pachyderms oft do.
The cockatiels were quite depressed
The chimpanzees were too.

The mood among the jungle crowd
Was in short quite low,
When a...

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© Rufus Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wildebeest, children, funny
Form: Rhyme
Unknown Soldier
He stood as he braced himself for the greatest battle he`ll ever known
His entire life`s existence an accolade towards this very moment, this last battle...

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Categories: wildebeest, death,
Form: Sonnet
The Namib
If your love was like the Namib;
Mountainous and bare,
Would you dig deep for water?
Would you scour the ridged crevasses there?
For something that moved,
Within and without,

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Categories: wildebeest, animals, loss, love, naturelove,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Desert Memory
Desert Memory

Wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle,
      Such a wonderful sight to see.

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Categories: wildebeest, adventure, flying,
Form: Verse
Premium Member New Frontiers
Everyday another moment wakes me.
My love hunts like a wildebeest around rusty corners
Craving lost memories.
I am the coward and the hero.
You are the wizard and...

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Categories: wildebeest, nature,
Form: Free verse
defecation dilemma
gluteus maximus left and right half moon cheek
   re: byte size buttock 
attached via usb (uniform firm behind) to this freak

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Categories: wildebeest, firework, happy, humorous, poetry, uplifting,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member O World, O Life
O World! O Life! In cinematic flash
  from depth's darkest fathom to alpine drift -
in molten rain, in shaking mountain ash
  and in...

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Categories: wildebeest, beauty, nature, planet,
Form: Sonnet
who knew
who knew?

firstoff, i wish to say, but not overdo,
that i never knew, what the new gnu knew
he never really said very much, and i knew

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© Goode Guy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wildebeest, adventure, animal, love, lust,
Form: Rhyme
Washday at the Zoo


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Categories: wildebeest, funny
Form: Free verse
The Pen
"The pen is mightier than the sword"
- In general, I guess that's true
But mine's a lazy blighter;
It treats sloth as a bloody virtue

It's not the...

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Categories: wildebeest, writing,
Form: Rhyme
I dream poetry...
I write all the time...sometimes even as I sleep, I dream of words and lines that collide to 

become my next poem or verse. Sobriety...

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Categories: wildebeest, on writing and wordswords, write, dream,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member IN THE WILD

Early morning, we go for a drive,
An awesome feeling as we arrive,
At our camp gate which, opens 
At 6 o’clock, 
Now we are...

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Categories: wildebeest, adventure, africa,
Form: Rhyme