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Best Takeoff Poems

Below are the all-time best Takeoff poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of takeoff poems written by PoetrySoup members

Before Takeoff
The planes were lined up in a queue,
A reminder of something I knew.
     They awaited permission

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Categories: takeoff, flying,
Form: Limerick

Cleared for Takeoff
Her life is just about to take off,
As she straps in behind the stick.
The destination might be unclear,
But the route is hers to pick.

Education fuels...

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Categories: takeoff, inspirational, for her, graduation, for her,
Form: Light Verse
Ready For Takeoff

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Categories: takeoff, animals, imagination, nature, visionary,
Form: Haiku
My Dreams
I dream in color with vivid detail
I travel and run and chase
But my favorite dreams I love to have 
Are the dreams where I can...

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Categories: takeoff, dream, flying,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Alzheimers
Raintears run down
the cabin window,
and the lights go dim
for departure.

It's twilight here
on the ground and the sun
has just set behind
the western mountains.

The plane taxies around...

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Categories: takeoff, introspection, love, mother, nostalgia, thank you
Form: Free verse

Spaceship (acrostic with rhyme)
Spend your hard-earned cash on fuel for takeoff.
Pray that the government does not find out until gone.
Allow your free time for checking weather, not golf.

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Categories: takeoff, adventure, funny, imagination, places, spacewater, water,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Operation Money Jump
Thanksgiving, 1971,
a parachute pilgrim approaches Northwest Flight 305
as Dan Cooper, anonymous businessman,  anarchist airborne, 
black suit, black sunglasses, a black tie
and a black briefcase...

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Categories: takeoff, america, history, mystery,
Form: Epic
Bicycle man
Bicycle man ride, ride fast
I see the wings spreading
increase the speed geometrically
as you reason arithmetically
you are about to fly into air
the bicycle is on takeoff...

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Categories: takeoff, political, satire,
Form: Free verse
Dare Risk, Travel to the Moon
It seemed that I dared
To climb the stairs toward heaven
Effort over a millennium, or was it timeless? 
A spiritual goal pursued in this endless universe

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Categories: takeoff, destiny, earth, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FLIGHT QZ8501

Abruptly now
Sad tragedy strikes;
Flight enroute

Bad weather 
Storms magnify;
Erupt and hurl

Airplane turmoil
In stormy squall;
Now lost at sea

Surabaya takeoff
Bound for Singapore;
Java Sea crash

Search and Rescue teams
Mounting massive...

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Categories: takeoff, death,
Form: Free verse
I’m boarding Delta, and it is the end. 
The end of two cumulative months 
Of connection 
Hidden in professionalism. 
A connection too amazing
To admit openly.

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Categories: takeoff, absence, change, cry, emotions, farewell, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To the Moon
In April of '57 the US got quite the shock
   The Soviets launched Sputnik
   The space satellite rock  
We fell...

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Categories: takeoff, america, leadership, moon, race, space,
Form: Rhyme
 become sand full of hourglasses. 
One thousand snowflakes are one thousand dead cats in the Hudson River.
 Memories hurt. 
They are Michael Schofield broken...

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Categories: takeoff, confusion, introspection, words, me, high school,
Form: Free verse
Gloria in Profundis
I sensed it in the rock
compressed a thousand feet below.
I saw it in the cardboard box
where some humanity must breathe
the stench of garbage that was...

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Categories: takeoff, christmas, men,
Form: Free verse
Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 4)
[90766 Log 004]

7/18     20:15

[recored audio]
Nate-- see you on the other side.
Agent-- See you later little bro.
(air let out from the Air-Tight...

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Categories: takeoff, war
Form: Narrative
Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 1)
[90766 LOG 001]

7/18     13:23

BETA-- Sir, The facility has issued a search for-
Agent-- I know... it's to late now
BETA-- Protocol states: any...

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Categories: takeoff, war
Form: Narrative
Air Assault Infantry
The mission is crazy
Will we come out alive? 
The movements are dangerous 
Load up lets go

Hop in the back 
Gear ready to go
Put down your...

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Categories: takeoff,
Form: I do not know?
brain fart
a blank mind sets in &
though it may only be for a
flash of a second,
the words you are really trying
to muster,
dangle like a doughnut on...

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Categories: takeoff, life,
Form: Free verse
Do the Dangle

He moves fast, so jet set
Go glamour globetrotting,
having amorous affairs cosmopolitan

Carrying no emotional baggage of regret,
no tear-stained cloth spotting
Lonely hearts do get winsome wet when...

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Categories: takeoff, absence, heartbreak, longing, sad love,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Broken Monoku in Series
between black and white – 

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Categories: takeoff, fun,
Form: Monoku
Pure Effulgence

Trekking on a path of life to immortality, 
 Time moves in an eternal cycle of mystery. 
 Neither is there a beginning nor...

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Categories: takeoff, creation, deep, freedom, god, joy, love,
Form: Free verse
Fall into the Void

Last time thoughts of boosted hope
came toppling down from the launch pad
of inert indecisions 
Malfunction of a dilithium crystal heart ... 
another failed relationship

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Categories: takeoff, dark, love hurts, metaphor, space,
Form: Free verse
The Racetrack
                     The Racetrack 


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Categories: takeoff, horse, race,
Form: Free verse
poet in flight
writing for a free airspace
keeping the seatbelt on
closing both of his eyes
to let the poem fly for itself

Every breath that i whisper
a single...

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Categories: takeoff, inspirational, introspection, life, on writing and
Form: Ode
Plagued Generation
I swear I was an innocent bystander
when the mirrored metallic hotdog crossed the planes
of surreal and subconcious.
I witnessed the takeoff faster than a time touched

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Categories: takeoff, peacecry,
Form: Free verse