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Recalling Her

It is thirty six years ago, and I am with her in the garden,
where July is a picnic of egg sandwiches, cress-stippled,
fuzzy-downed peaches, yellow-tangy lemonade.
Her fingers have the delicacy of dancers
as she deftly mixes paint on a palette blue as the sky -
blobs of acrylics bright as sweet shop candies.

Summer is a sizzling colour wheel, spinning in its heat hues -
cadmium orange, pyrrole red, gold ochre -
those fever-flames that blaze across her page.

My small world is warmed by the sun in her smile.

Russian vine stitches a delicate doily over the shed roof.
The heat-glazed garden shimmers and buzzes.
There is a twilight world under sweet clusterings of lilacs:
a cool shock of shade, pendulous-legged black flies
hovering in the murky mauve.
China white stars of jasmine light my way.
Please keep me close. Let me stay.


It is twenty six years ago, a morning of mourning,
and the notes of the dead bells toll
as, mist-muffled, they roll
through November's sleet streets.

I close my eyes and the sun in her smile parts the clouds.

Sober-suited people crush and cluster in pews;
row upon row of perylene black, winter-pale faces titanium white.
Stained glass windows filter and warm the ash-grey light
until her coffin is a vibrant palette of rainbows.

There are stories - lots of stories - anecdotes,
a crimson-backed journal she wrote,
a painting she painted, coffin-propped,
a poetry reading - one of her own -
Tapestry is a wondrous thing, in it the lovely colours sing...

Creamed rice-colour roses heap sweet
on her stone - a slate plate serving up a dead name -
and carnations splash cadmium scarlet
like blood throbbing from the gash of grief's raw wound.


It is now, and I am alone, taking a short cut home
through evening's rich palette.
Elegiac elms shed viridian tears
and the sky is a burnt sienna explosion.
October's umber seeps into November's sepia tones.

My mind is coloured with her and then.
I hold a small cameo box that held
the colourful spill of her pills: kaleidoscope planets
orbiting my loneliness, spinning off into nothingness...

Dark figures fill the park: silhouettes, shadows
following me home; spirits stepped from her portraits,
faces pushed down into coat collars, crinkled with frowns.

Paint-pinned people in their primaries and pastels,
on canvas, under glass; stopped heartbeats of the past.
Trapped moments on paper and boards.

I close my eyes and see the sun in her smile,
recall how, since her passing, life has become a free fall,
a parapet leap without parachute.

And the smudged charcoals of memory
are beginning to blur, fading like her watercolours...

in memory of my grandmother

2nd place in contest 'Anything Goes', date judged 4/12/2014
date written 11/3/2013

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2013

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A Small Stain Of Blood

an early morning rise,
up the stairs
walk into the bathroom 
in the sink
a small stain of blood.

less than a measure of yesterday 
pulling a baby out of the womb into my arms.
on the sheets
a small stain of blood.

midwives  wrap
my first born
snug and warm.

when her mother
finally gets her initial fill
she hands me this precious
new life.

i hold her knowing
there is nothing,
better then this moment!,

sweet scented perfection!,
lulls me into a peaceful bliss.

as she grows,
i spend my best times with her 
and later her sister too.

my daughters own me 






 i still see your
baby green eyes
reaching out to me.

i still smell your
childhood scent.

i can still taste
your hopes and dreams.

i can still touch
your youth as if it were now,
hear your tiny voice

 "daddy i love you but you're my best friend too".

there is nothing,
better then this moment!,

you're now twenty two.
in the sink?
a small stain of blood.

in your bedroom 



i clean 
carefully picking them up.

i know you know you're playing
russian roulette with your life.

the drug convinced you 
your life isn't worth living.
that's what drugs do.

they're that snake in the garden of eden
and you know eve ate that apple
and you know she sacrificed everything
for a fruit that would never taste that good again.

evil always presents itself as the only choice
while good seems too tough an alternative
but the truth is, the harder you have to work for it 
the better it feels and it holds its feel with nothing to chase.

you can't hear me
the monster deeply 
imbedded in you.

but Ali i love you
and Ali my heart weeps
and on my chest sits
a small stain of blood!

June 3 2015

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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Silent Lies and Deception

Silent Lies and Deception

In the silence of murky waters
There slithers oily snakes of the night
Wearing masks of deception
Beware of fools singing with Stalin’s tongue

The KGB shall set you free
Drowning you in the river Volga
The cold water keeping your lips tight
Whilst the silent ones spread their deceits

Lies, lies their dirty little lies
I wonder how their tongues wag and loudly sprout
So righteous, like imams with out a doubt
I call for radio silence

When comes the clique of hate
They say they have none, and
Maybe this is true
They run out at times, spreading it to you

Those who truly have good will and peace
Growing like flowers in a botanical heaven
Never spew the bloody insecticides here on earth
That alters the genes of peace in me and you

Beware of white sheep
That howls like the wolf at the full moon
A wise man knows the meaning of silence
Silent ones simply slither sneaky prose in the night

The Caspian Sea
Holds many ghosts who if not for death
Could tell you many silent tales
Of those with a million smiles and twisted masks

Seekers of the Silent Lies and Deception

	Dead Sea and salty tombs

		Silent in womb

Notes: The last poems Angel and Devil, about mans ability for both good and evil, I continued the theme here, by describing two repressive regimes, Russian under the likes of Stalin and Putin and the Palestinian one under Arafat. The poem is either incomplete or to be continued in a second poem, as in the end I inferred the Silent one Amina, a story about the repression and hardships of women in India. An excellent book by a great author Fiza Pathan.

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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"I never travel without my diary, one should always have something sensational to read . .
 . " Oscar Wilde, 1891 

Tues    May  9:   
Just when I was busy with plans for Russia, Rudolf Hess dropped by with  crazy notion of
flying to UK for peace.   Said he bought  some new boots yesterday   for the trip  - 
dead   shiny .  I’d like a  pair like that.    I told him  -  forget the trip   and tell
me where you got the boots. 

Wed     June 22:     
Invaded Russia.   Eggs for lunch  -  hard boiled again -  I hate that. Must speak to Eva
about it.

Thurs    June 23:      
11:00  am - heard Chamberlain on radio again – that dreary voice!  that paper-waving 
droopy-moustached  old gopher!   My small black moustache  is much neater.     
12:30 pm -   inspected new bunker in East Prussia  with smoother concrete walls .   Eva
wants  to wallpaper  them    (nice little red flowers) and why  not?    
8:00pm -  after dinner,  practised  arm-gestures for  big Nuremburg speech  on Saturday. 
 Rehearsed a few ad libs. . . .  Eva liked them.

Fri    June24:      
Rained all day.   Slow day  (almost invaded Egypt) - stayed in and read.      Eva dyed her
hair  creamy-yellow.    ( I’m gonna start calling her Blondy.)           That new german
shepherd Bormann   gave me  -  I took her out for walk. . . . she's called Blondi  too  
 (Joke there  - the guys will like it) .   After dinner we all  listened to Franz Lehar’s
“Merry Widow” again.  I love it.   Eva fell asleep;    so did the dog.

Sat   June 25:   
Nuremburg speech went ok. Got all the ad libs in except one.    Rommel was on the phone
talking about Africa and Libya, and some place called Tobruk. Must make a note – where is
Tobruk? P.S. Must find out where Libya is.

Sat    Dec    6:  
Just read the latest in the newspapers....almost four million Russian prisoners  now.
Sun   Dec  7:  
Those crazy Japanese have  gone and done it. . . . oh  boy, they’re gonna be in trouble! 
Thurs   Dec 11:   
Oh, what the hell. . .  in for a dime in for a dollar :  this Russian war is too  easy,  I
need a bit of a challenge. Think I’ll whiz down  to the  Reichstag tonight  and tell ‘em
we’re declaring  war on the USA.    Might  get a pair of those shiny boots there too.  

Written by Sydney Peck  
for Constance La France ( A Rambling Poet )  -  Contest Name:  The Diary

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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My twisted mind
Had everyone blind
No symptoms
Not a single sign!
I want to forget everything,
Living a life of no regrets,
Facing the sun
Ignoring my debts
Wiping of the cold sweat,
Taking another drink from my sweet tea set.

My life, a game of “RUSSIAN ROULETTE,”
there is no positive or negative.

A game of slip and slide,
Opened wide
Put a gun inside
Staring down the barrel
A quick pull trigger, gone sterile 
I give thanks to another day.

Madness, I've gone insane
Lots of money down the drain.
Initiated gum pops,
Broken lemons drops,
Tainted temples,
Upon another turn,
I dream of no shame!
Always saying 'NEVER!'
To this life, I scream “WHATEVER!"


I wrote this poem, 
and dedicate the poem to my gambling addiction... 
ha ha, I miss it... he he he.... JK 

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev of Russian descent
Designed a table for each element
Periodic symbols he inserted for flavour
Was his a chemical or human behaviour?

Contest: Periodic Table of Elements
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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The Seeking Ship

A solitary sail of contrasting 
     White in a salty sea of blue.
From its own land, to disconnect,
     Why seek a land that's new?

In a friendly sea where the mast bends
     From soothing winds it takes heart.
However; it seeks not happiness
     Nor from happiness does it depart.

The sea glistens much brighter
     Than the warm sun filled sky,
Yet rebellious, it seeks a storm,
     As if to find peace within its eye.

Translation by Connie Marcum Wong

Note: A melancholic soul often feels more at home
surrounded by chaos when one has been raised in 
constant chaos on the edge. 


Original poem
The Sail
By Mikhail Lermontov

This site would not print in Russian text.
?????? ????? ????????
? ?????? ???? ???????. —
???´ ???? ?? ? ?????? ????????
???´ ????? ?? ? ???? ??????? 
?????? ?????, ????? ??????,
? ????? ?????? ? ???????;
???! — ?? ??????? ?? ????
? ?? ?? ??????? ?????! — 
??? ??? ????? ??????? ??????,
??? ??? ??? ?????? ???????: —
? ??, ????????, ?????? ????,
??? ????? ? ????? ???? ?????! 

Literal translation
A lonely sail shows white / against the sea's blue mist. / What does it seek in a distant region? / What has it abandoned in its own land?
The waves play, the wind whistles, / and the mast bends and screeches… / Alas, it does not seek happiness / and is not running away from happiness.
Beneath it the current is brighter than the azure, / above it is the sun's golden ray… / But it, rebellious, asks for a storm, / as if there were peace in storms.
(Literal tr. Donald Rayfield, with Jeremy Hicks, Olga Makarova and Anna Pilkington)

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2015

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Legendary Lady Leaders I salute you

I am like
embraced by serpents many
always trying something new
and dramatic with my
I am like
Eva Patrón
growing up with a painful family
getting lost in movies
thinking of my own
hypnotizing when I speak
First lady of Argentina
meeting you, after death
would be a treat
a nervous habit, of nibbling
on my jewelry
the similarities, between us
gave me a sense of foolery
I am like
Wilma Mankiller
Chief of the Cherokee Tribe
for ten years
fighting against Native stereotypes
despite such distress
enemies did stress
promoting to ‘be of good mind’
you were a leader, of your time
an advocator for women
that they may grow up
and become chief
as a child, you wondered
the forests, like me
not the streets
I am like
Aung San Suu Kyi
wearing three types of 
flowers in your hair
feeling at times like a 
‘splinter of glass, sharp, glinting
power to defend itself against hands
that try to crush’
winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, 
for courage, was
a must
I am like
Catherine The Great
a love to laugh,
coffee, and feeling compelled
to always fill abandoned blank
sheets of paper
you were a Royal Russian Empress,with
not one red drop of Russian blood
and her people, were blessed
to have her
I am like
the Queen of England
longest royal lifetime in history
strong built, from a miserable childhood
toughened her
this is no mystery
preferring candle light
to electricity
handwriting over typewriter
and poetry
I am like
Indira Gandhi
dreaming to live as she did
riding elephants and having
tiger cubs as companions
your own Sikh security
killed you, the story
a sad one
secret dreams of being a writer
angered, by the imbalance of
between men and women
listening to beat poets
like Ginsberg
as a great Prime Minister of India 
you were heard
and understood
I am like
Rigoberta Menchú
drew the worlds attention to 
native Indians rights,
because of you
your goal, to be
a drop of water on a rock
dripping in the same spot,
eventually in the world, you
may leave a mark
wearing many colors
‘because it gives you life’
insisting men and women be equals
you fought this fight
to relax, as I do
writing poetry into
 the night
I am like
Joan of Arc
French Military Heroine
burned at the stake at just
age nineteen
known for keeping your cool
even on the battlefield
being a courageous and inspirational
rare jewel
Legendary Lady Leaders
I salute you

Copyright © Heather Hill | Year Posted 2010

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Russian Roulette

          Russian roulette
          With fate

          The hand that tempts
          And flirts

          With the shadows
          Of death

          Silence that lurks
          And creeps

          Through cobwebbed paths
          Of doubt

          Sets in

          Feelings torment
          And gnaw

          At self belief

          Blood flows
          Slowly in drips
          It ends

          Russian roulette
          With fate 

Contest: Mussetle Train
Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux
Placed: 1st

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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Why I Am Voting Trump

Why am I voting Trump this time?
I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he didn't start the deadly wars in
Libya and Syria, nor did he support
the brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he does not believe that under our
Constitution every Sunni Muslim around
the world is automatically guaranteed
an unimpeded entry into America.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he does not support ISIS, Al-Nusra,
the Free Syrian Army, and all the
other terrorist groups in Syria with
money, weapons, or by bombing from
the air the Syrian government forces.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
under President Trump, the U.S. Air Force will
never be used as ISIS's aviation—let alone
threaten to shoot down Russian warplanes
in an insane no-fly zone over war-torn Syria.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
I don't want to die in a nuclear
war with Russia and China provoked
by the deranged Cold Warrior hawks
in Washington, D.C., who're seeking to
dominate every other country in the world.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he will never cancel a presidential 
election his opponent has just won, 
claiming that Russia has supposedly
hacked and manipulated the popular vote.

Finally, I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he has pledged not to be the first to
use nuclear weapons or overthrow foreign
governments during his rule—a pledge that
no other American politician has ever made.

Copyright © Ross Vassilev | Year Posted 2016

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He should have gifted something else the gifts brought her an instant fame as she saved those on her 'blue dress', Zippergate was the scandal name! ==============000================ Placement: 6th;(March 2012) Contest:Chaustushka Form-Russian Poetry Sponsor:Gwendolen Rix By:Kash poet

Copyright © kash poet | Year Posted 2012

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The Ghost of Mengele

"I will curse thee with my last dying breath,
Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death"

The years have passed yet the memories haunt,
my mind still clinging to the past.
I've tried to move on but his voice still taunts,
sometimes I wish I had been gassed.

At least those who died have rest from the pain,
their suffering is long since gone.
Many of those left have since gone insane;
in his eyes we were all just pawns.

"Brilliant" they said, "Innovative" they bragged,
"The Fatherland's brightest and best!"
They tied up my hands and had my mouth gagged,
"Be still son, it's only a test."

He prodded and probed and stuck me with pins,
my flesh he cut with a dull knife.
An innocent twin, no knowledge of sins,
how dare they toy with a child's life!

"Here little one, I've a chocolate for you,"
that soft voice, so charming and sweet.
"You did well today, O little boy blue,"
my spirit sank in sheer defeat.

As I laid on that bed, weeping and cold,
my thoughts took me back to the past.
Mummy and daddy, a teddy to hold,
how I wished that those times could last.

But hatred and lies and prejudice reigned,
life changed from that moment on.
Like poison the evil became ingrained
in their minds, brainwashed by a con.

The Angel of Death changed me forever,
forgiveness - so hard to extend.
The man I am, eternally severed,
from the child I was before then.

Yet hope springs eternal, I look ahead,
the promise of Eden to come.
Oppressed ones will live, oppressors stay dead,
vindication under the sun.

*bonus poem


"All Yids* of the city of Kiev and its vicinity must appear on Monday, September 29, by 8 o'clock in the morning at the corner of Mel'nikova and Doktorivska streets (near the cemetery).  Bring documents, money, and valuables, and also warm clothing, linen, etc.  Any Yids who do not follow this order and are found elsewhere will be shot.  Any civilians who enter the dwellings left by Yids and appropriate the things in them will be shot."

- Order posted in Kiev in Russian, on or around September 26,1941

"Mommy mommy tell me mommy what does it all mean?
Daddy daddy is this real or is it just a dream?
Will we live here will we stay here must I pack my things?
Shall we kneel now shall we pray now see what 'morrow brings?"

"Listen up dear things are changing time to pack and go.
Find a new home find a new place find somewhere to grow.
It's okay dear it's okay hon never liked this town.
Come to daddy let me hold you chase away that frown."

"Mommy loves you let me kiss you wipe away those tears.
Hope in good things faith in new things don't give in to fear.
Trust in God child trust in us child life is looking up.
Never worry better hurry pack your favorite cup."

"Promise mommy promise daddy that I'll make new friends.
Heart feels broken heart is hurting hope it one day mends.
When we get there when it's over can I get new shoes?
Mine are old now getting new will help to heal these blues."

On September 29th and 30th a special team of German SS troops and others murdered 33,771 Jewish civilians after taking them to a ravine in Babyn Yar, Kiev.  They had been told that they were to be relocated.  They were forced to remove all clothing, and to lie down.  Each were shot in the neck at close range.  Bodies piled on top of bodies as the killing went on for two days.  Finally, the murderers covered the bodies with earth to form a mass grave.  Only 29 are known to have survived.  The clothing and other valuables were collected and turned over to local Germans or to Nazi administrators.  Among the valuables was a little cup with a picture of Minnie Mouse...

*Russian slang for Jews

Copyright © The Seeker | Year Posted 2016

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Thirty-three Letters From Batman to Robin

Playing Batman and Robin is a lot different

When the Riddler is your Stepfather

And simultaneously an alcoholic and pedophile

When your secret mission is to keep him

From bringing heroin and pornography

To Gotham city


Your mother wanted to save you both

But Catwoman captured her

And held her six children hostage

You tried to save your brother

From the Riddler that October night

But you were just nine and

The Joker had you in quicksand

The rope was too rough for such small hands


 Twenty years later you both get married

And you laugh at those childhood battles

Neither of  you knowing

That those villains were still there,

The Penguin was waiting in the shadows


Batman gets arrested for Statutory rape

They put Department of Corrections

On his fabled cape

No Batbelt to help him escape


Batman sends Robin thirty-three letters

Written on that yellow prison paper

With those light blue lines

Tells him  he's found Christ

Read the New Testament twice

Robin pretends to be happy for him

Even when he really doesn't believe him

And is too disappointed to care

         And returned letters from his two children

Hurt him in the worst way

When all he wanted to do was

Give them four or five dollars

For Christmas or their birthday


   Still in every Former Super heroes life

There is a Forrest Gump/ Gomer Pyle

That just takes it all in

Regardless of his sin

Just because he's your brother

And because you love him

    Because you were the one that rode

On the handle bars of his bike

Holding the umbrella on the way to the store

While it was thundering and lightning

Not knowing that the real rain was yet to pour

   And you were the one

That sailed into the wind like Mary Poppins

when the bicycle stopped

"Make sure Mama's groceries don't drop."

   You open those letters

Because he was one that you looked up to

When there was no father to answer your call

And a twelve year old make-believe father

Was better than none at all

    Because he built you a ten feet basketball court

Out of throw away scrap wood

It wobbled when you shot the basketball

But he did the best he could

    And you were the one that used to ruin his fishing trips

By getting your hook snagged every ten minutes

And he would still ask you to ruin his next trip a week later

And he would walk in the dirty lake to un-snag your line

Because you didn’t like getting your clothes dirty or wet

   You don't tear up those those letters

Because he was the one that

Shared those stupid


At your mother's funeral

    And you hated it when his kidneys failed

And he was only fifteen

And he couldn’t fight bad guys anymore

And you both swore never again

To wear those stupid capes

 Your heart failed when he was charged with rape

   You open those letters because

When you can't sleep or rest

Nothing like a game of Russian Roulette

Ignoring the voices in your head

The next letter is the one you’ll regret


    But hidden in those letters

Between the lines of

Those religious rants

Somewhere Between the Johns

The Deuteronomies and the Acts

Were those unknown facts

That never made it to

The courtroom

Was never read by the DA or judge

The DNA that got lost by Vice

The bloody tissue misplaced by

The evidence clerk

The real trial was in those letters

    And you learn that he wouldn't

Tell the Judge the real truth

Waived his right to a trial

Because he didn't want his kids

To end up in Foster care.

And Robin wasn't there

   And he broke his promise

To never ever play  hero again?

They gave him fourteen years

For another person's sin

   We could have put those capes on one last time

We could have beaten the Joker

And put him and the Riddler on the run

Could have shot Cat Woman with our toy guns

    After five years in prison

Batman dies at forty-one

And Robin has to go on

    And it sucks that you left

All the clues with me

And I can't even use them to set you free

The rape you confessed to

Was never what we all believed it to be

And somewhere in Gotham city

The Joker, Penguin and Riddler

Are still running around free


Goodbye Batman

Growing old with you

Would have been better

But the best of you remains

In these thirty-three letters

Copyright © Poet M.e. | Year Posted 2016

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Inappropriate Attire

It is the evening I have waited for, 
stiletto heels three inches high adorned my feet,
real nylons hung from garters beneath a
skin tight, leather skirt of maraschino cherry-red.
A blouse of white silk, with a cascade of ruffles,
played peek-a-boo with my décolletage.
Outdoors, the rain pounded the asphalt  
making the reality of his arrival even more bizarre.
A Harley barrels into the driveway.
Apparently, he thinks 
he is Marlon Brando
and I am Stella?

I stand on the porch, a black umbrella
covering my new do, and watch as he
saunters through the puddles on the concrete walk.
The color of the umbrella my only 
non-incongruent element in the frame, the scene made.
His smile was like a box of Chiclet's
on his clean shaven face.
He kisses me.

I lick the raindrop
from the tip of his Roman nose
and take hold of his Russian fingers.
He tosses my umbrella on the porch,
throws his black leather jacket over my shoulders,
lifts me off my feet, and carries me to the bike.

The sun breaks through the clouds and the rain stops,
just in time for the neighbors to glare at the sight of my legs 
reflecting on the bikes chrome work.
Shake their respective heads
and donate a few wolf whistles.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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Finding The Plot

Finding the plot

Of lost innocence
engrained in untold memories

The silenced absence 
in past present unspoken
stories well hidden
and therefore evoking
my past and my future
not mine and mine

Quite a mind-field
mines bombs blazing
artillery burning houses

My antecedent shelter of
generational tapestry
knotted not knotted
attached and attacked 
in hindsight myopic
insight reflection distortion

Existential vertigo
imagination fictitious
'memesis' narrational
irrational in
un-disclosing reality

Approximation of personal
truth and forgetting
un-kown remembrance
what was and was not
what might have been
unsettling my journey
reconcilling projections
more real than the void
of silence screaming

Two photographs
unearthed post mortem
heritage disbelieving
acknowledgment in 
second order ties that
bind generations
for later or worse
in not so new

The baby-faced soldier
volunteered for fascist
idealised purity
insignia “Lebensraum”
in mind soul grenades

Mastering marches and race
for books to be burnt and bodies
alike the stench of 'smeltering'
flesh concentrated ashes
on the graveyard of living
hell horror abomination 

Mislead but never
the less culpable
in complicity of non
resistance and passion

Small steps from juvenile
prodigy as child radio
speaker in brown shorts
and obedience
deluded megalomania

Meeting Mussolini
“Heil Hitler my Duce”
surviving Russian winters
of lice infested power
pulverised bodies
ideological mind

This is my history
my baby-faced father
wielding the guns

My mother instead
diving from high platforms
somersaulting into the pools
of water not yet turned
to blood of skins
into lampshades
bayonetted children
dispatched from
dignity freedom
in aberrated inhumanity

She was a champion
of the Reich
winning her laurels
in aesthetic beauty
regime terror crashed crystals
of synagogues gay friendships
political cells
Roma wagons mental
asylums with refuge
refused in annihilation
exterminated in denial
and no mutiny displayed

Later saving roofs from
the fires of retaliation
suffering no doubt
in misplaced childhood
not yet knowing defeat
for a better world to be
dreamt of naively

Beautiful plaits wanting eyes
graceful in innocence of 
a story unfolding
inside and around
etching into
the moment of
ancestral procreation

My history again
and insights lost never found
behind the veil and defence
of post-traumatic perpetration
cynical acceptance of what
has been regardless of 
what was not to be disclosed
responsibility shunned
oozing into the next
generation of children

Never found plots
in aphonic dialogue
shouting so loudly
into the festering wounds
of un-explicable sadness
marching boots
of complicity

I have not walked 
in history’s shoes
just in the silence

My own offspring...


Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

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25th October 1854 Part 2

Left And Right

Either side the cannons roar
Took of blood and wanted more
Salvo after salvo into the valley
Point blank range to deter the rally

Water poured over steaming muzzles
Russian gunner at this sight puzzles
Tis madness against this cannonade
Tis the sacrifice of the Light Brigade

The quicker they fired the faster they came
Under billowing flags and the Queens name
Torn and shredded they carried the fight
And many a soul, never saw that night

The Redout

The Russian generals looked in wonder
Stood in awe at the total squander
The cannons barked and took their toll
Removing horse from man, man from soul

Rifle, cannon, spoke the same
The Light Brigade on they came
Thundering hooves and yelling cries
All for the sight of the Russians eyes

And at the distance of a lance
The Russian soldier in a trance
Sabres cut and slashed in violence
All was death in the cannons silence

The Russians fled in disbelief
Last shot fired to the Brigades relief
Bleeding soldiers and tattered flags
Stumbled, tottered, like wizened hags

Down The Valley

Looking back along that mile
Bodies, horses, pile on pile
Wounded men lean on lance
Said a prayer in skyward glance

On the ground a sleeping parade
Remnants of the Light Brigade
Depleted souls but not of honour
Yet a picture of battles squander

On the conclusion of this battle
Fingers wag and tongues will rattle
But nought should be put to shame
The Light Brigade and its day of fame

At Night

When the moon shines that longest mile
Hear the hooves on lush green pile
The rattling sabres and rippling flags
And how he rode the horseman brags
In the night the ghosts they ride
Full of honour and full of pride

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2010

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This feeling dragging myself to the lowest standards 
the horrible feeling of being ruled by the man who has me face down on the mat
and when i give in,, the craving go into the deep dark abyss..
i only see one way out and the cold steel is in my hands,,,,
playing Russian roulette with my emotions..
not knowing when my next craving is going to hit me over the head.....

But then i realize that i have a purpose on this earth,, and i don't have to give in to
"the father of all lies" and that i do have a way out, and i do have people who love me
so what can i do??

Let the pen bleed out onto the papers who have no way of judging my defects of character

and take it one day at a time

Copyright © jacob lammerman | Year Posted 2011

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Shot down

blazing overkill
attacking inner depths
savagely i ride
the storm

on the crest 
of waves
unfurling high winds
battered and torn

russian roulette
rolling in the chambers
lead heavy
spinning circles
upside down 
pulling on feelings

emotions explode
burning fire
in depths
shot through
the heart

to a lovers emotion
love lives
in you died

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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Steamed Ferret

Steamed Ferret

Very steamy hot thoughtful stuff
get me hotter sure enough
getting hard to  keep it down
feral  ferret will swim or drown

would you like to eat a chop
as i'm fumbling at your top
lamb is good but tiddley's better
cannot get the catch unfetter

can we have a cuddle now
moving closer to the chow
tween your thighs I could slip
panties dinna wanna slip

things are damp its getting harder
no way to get  between
in a  rotten Russian Lada
gear stick jabs me so obscene

finally i'm in the passion pit
plunging driven just to it!
yes i'll make you moan a bit
but i'm only dreaming :)

Don Johnson

Yes Trace :)

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Pleasure and Pain

Intoxicating smell

I breathe you in
The smell of sweet torture
You intoxicate me
And I get high on exhilaration from you. 

Dangerous games

We play Russian roulette with my heart
You take aim and fire
Each blank is a rush of fear and adrenaline
With an underlying tinge of pain.

Painful pleasure

You find new ways to break me
Then you build me back up again
I know the pain is almost unbearable
But I keep coming back for the high of the pleasure.

Bad addiction

Almost every part of me knows you're no good
A bad drug pulsing through my system
And I can't give you up
Because I'm addicted to your type of pain.

Copyright © Brittney Tyler | Year Posted 2016

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Waste Of Time

A long time he has hung on
It's about time he gets the boot
The rest would be glad to see him gone
They'll team up to say good-bye to Newt
Chastushka Form-Russian Poetry contest of Gwen Rix With visiting Judge Andrea Dietrich co-judging 7th Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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This Poem May Kill Me, or Not

Notes: I am putting the notes upfront, suicide is no laughing matter, however, anything that makes it something that can be discussed I think is a good thing. Humor really is an aid to many an illness. Note the poem starts with a reason, when someone is at the point of suicide, there is NO reason. It is an illness like any other. Also inside humor  and innuendo is meaning. Enough said.

I went to the casino of love last night
I placed a bet on romantic seven
Lost all my chips, ain’t going to heaven
Broke me heart
Lowered head, I walked back to the car park

Next morning I woke up
Put a gun to my head
I can’t even win at Russian roulette

Need a change, to get away
Mending the pain or soul, some might say
Took a plane to Bengal
Ended up in beuruit
Walked right into the middle of a war or 2
Explosions all over, around me head
Thank god, soon I shall be dead
I saw a terrorist with a real mean look
I waved hello, shoot me, shoot me!!!
I am sure he would have given a chance 
But someone else tossed into him a lance
Seems even in a war I can’t make myself dead
Sadly I lost at even this deadly dance

Then an explosions tossed me sky high
Was i going to heaven, was this my grand demise?
No, I landed in the sea and just on time
For a cruise ship to save me, soul and all
Off too Florida it seems
Death sure has some gall

I was walking along a sunny beach
When all of a sudden two gangs appeared
One Cuban, one Mexican, they sure looked mean
Two gangs known as killing machines
Here is me smack in the middle
My lucky day, for how could I lose
Suicide was assured, come on, you know it
I yelled to both of them
I am DEA, and I think all of you queers are very very gay
That out to get me the bullet I wish
What the hell, they all dropped their guns and surrendered
I admit I was starting to be mighty offended

So now I have this Medal of Honor
For saving a community of drugs and plunder
I just can’t win at the casino of life
I can get myself killed no matter the plight

So back home I go
What the hell
I’ll fill the bathtub
And give that a go

You think I’m bragging or boasting of death
I am serious, this will work, why drowning for sure
What could go wrong? with such a fine plan?
All I want to be is a dead dead man

So yes, I fill up the tub with water and suds
I down some pills, some booze and some bud
I am drifting off, to my purgatory bliss
When I hear an alarm the wakes me
What’a darn bitch
The buildings on fire, ok I can burn in my sorrow
Except the bathtub collapses and doses the fire

I am a loser, this is for sure
They gave me Medal of Honor again
For saving all the seniors by making it rain
I am not dead, and I am not happy
Seems I can’t accomplish 
Even my death
Even this task I make a mess

Now I am curious, I have to ask
Have any readers killed themselves yet?
This tale that’s a mess, being alive is giving me stress
If not read on, it’s gonna get better
Someone I will succeed at this suicidal adventure

OK now a bridge I hear is a good place to die
Not to hard, you jump and say good bye
I can do that, doesn’t seem hard
So now I stand on a Golden Gate Bridge
Happy at last that life will be over

All of a sudden a huge shaking occurs,
An earthquake , oh lucky me maybe the bridge will collapse
Not to be and you know that now, it tosses me infront of a car
The car brakes and halts and honks its horn
Till it sees the crack in the road just up ahead
If not for me falling right right there
That car would be the one drowning in the ocean of despair

They jumped out and hugged me and kissed me with thanks
Apparently I saved an ambulance full of pre mature babies
You know what happens next, and don’t you go crying
Another Medal of Honor for me, a hero without trying!

What the hell I give up
This suicide profession is harder than you think
Hell I might as well go back to my whiskey and drinks
Live in the darkness, and pray that one day
Life has enough meaning that I wish to actually stay

So now that these ideas so dark and so deadly
I have discarded without hope, so now I will be friendly
I will join the world of human souls and laughter
Even if inside I still lack such basic character

No more silly ideas of death
I need to move on and make life the best
So off to the store, to get me some groceries
A new leaf I have turned and I confess to a smile
When I am crossing the street, I see to my horror
That I am hit by a bus, and finally no damn tomorrows

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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LAND of the LOST

Land of the Lost

Time in time out
What's it all about

Got no freedom
Drunk on rum

Russian roulette full of fun
Empty barrel, trigger gun

Bust a cop
Prison mob

Modern warfare
Lord's prayer

Life's a steal
Keep it real

Living will 
patients bill

File for divorce
Marriage course

False image
True discourage

Hating phase
Finger peace trace

Murder case

Where's my justice
Religion practice

Body full of lies 
the truth dies

Sex thrive

Driver licenses
Fatal expense

Public enemy
Hermit disease

Auspice unity
Combined greedy

Foot prints
Heart dent

Failure to communicate
Achieve to hallucinate

Judged by hypocrite
3 seconds, 3000 kilobits

Every minute matters
For jugglers and gamblers

Every life has a cost
Land of the lost

By: P.D...

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Nothing Remains the Same

Where could you be tonight, Sinatra?
Love and Marriage
Love and Marriage
A chant I heard reverberate
As far away as the length of the waves 
I rode indisposed 
When I was bound
To a remote island
Named Buyukada

The permanent content of what you mean
Transcends me the moment I kiss your lips
And I know that meaning is produced 
Only in an unexpectedly rambunctious union

Succinctly, I dissect everything
Looking for generic terms I left 
Back somewhere in Kadikoy
At nine o’clock sharp near the theater 
Where I heard a beautiful young voice
Lamenting Istanbul in operatic tempos 

Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha 
Fatih Sultan Mehmet 
Jalal al-Din Rumi
All proceeded towards Istanbul again
Alas! Nothing remains the same
Everything is only revisited once again
Even the empty sunflower fields of Kutahya

Detach yourself, postmodern Kerouac,
From the vicissitudes of a stuporous life
Isolate yourself from mundane places 
Where nothing transcends the ephemeral
I know that I will meet a deadline  
Just because life manifests itself 
Unintentionally in those experiences I weave 

I thought my days could end 
On a ship to Prince’s Island bound
Alas, a Russian girl took me aside
To recount her Icelandic memories
To a dismembered Moorish heart  

Copyright © Elhabib Louai | Year Posted 2014

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The Spy and the Clown

She descended from a far away land
I was from the backwoods
She was my life and death
I was her lover boy

They taught me simple things
Beware of seductive pretty strangers
How to drive a car very fast and true
How to meander as a tourist in blue

To drop a note inside empty walls
To see my reflection in windows tall
To pick up this and that from here and there
Cross a border or two, if I dare

She moved into my dreams
They knew I was compromised
I knew not a thing at all
So I played the spy and the clown

East German prisons and needles
Russian doctors and dreams
Tomorrow sometimes never comes
Lucky me to be so old and dumb

In the basement of a side street
A Paris jazz saloon
I sat alone
As it dawned capon me

I have no one, I am the clown
The spy that never was
Photographs dancing in my mind
Lovers dancing arm in arm along the Rhine

Helsinki rendezvous
Swedish diplomatic moves
Vodka for both, a drunk white rose
The Russian red room was to be my tomb

I lost my lover
Pistol whipped and left for dead
Never be the spy and the clown
My only desire to touch the sea of Oland
Hope the hell I drown

Rainy days and clowns
Those days of cat and mouse
Left me alone in the old spies house

Hanging around
Saved the world
Lost my love
Time for me to cut my throat

Spies end up playing solitaire
Clowns end up alone
Fools drown inside vodka dreams
Lena still lives in my heart, weeping

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015