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Best Revenue Poems

Below are the all-time best Revenue poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of revenue poems written by PoetrySoup members

Infernal Revenue
RING RING...Hello IRS ... 

What's your take on a dependant child? 
My boys 40, ain't worked in a while! 
I got 8 more kids inside...

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© Judy Konos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: revenue, humor,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member His Eternal Revenue

Years as paint strokes on canvas you,
and framed into a new star when through.

Contest:  Any Theme Crystalline
Sponsor: Rick Parise
Written:  11.12.16

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Categories: revenue, age, god, inspirational, spiritual,
Form: Crystalline
RING RING...Hello IRS ... 

What's your take on a dependant child? 
My boys 40, ain't worked in a while! 
I got 8 more kids inside...

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© Judy Konos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: revenue, giving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sold
There is no difference,
the saints whisper and every enemy and ally
wake to forever’s difference,
that neither knee nor tongue will deny.

Doubt bit into Innocence and sold

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Categories: revenue, bible, christian, corruption, god,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member The Highways and the Byways
The Highways and the Byways
By Franklin Price
(Inspired by Nancy McIntyre Stepp)

 The highways and the byways
Of this life in which we've grown
Bring back many memories

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Categories: revenue, adventure, happiness, travel,
Form: Rhyme

Reckon To You

Living I'm blessed to do
I reckon to you
There's more than a dimension or two
Life continues to beckon through
In any direction it's true

Worse and better selections

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Categories: revenue, dark, fun, life, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Unhappy Anniversary
Shaking in trembles, tremor within. 
A delicate pivot, shifts in separation.
Consolation comforts, the loss of win.
My first year of divorce, set in liberation. 

Bushwhacked, travelling...

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Categories: revenue, absence, anniversary, break up,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Waxing Taxes
It seems you are not taxed enough
But the government knows what to do
and even though the times are tough
The state needs revenue.

We'll bring to law,...

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© Joe Inka  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: revenue, political
Form: Rhyme
A satire to the famous politician
Politics! Politics! 
What a deadly 
her victim early 
memories i 
recall there 
was but once 
an election,but 
present tell us 
of selection.
With eyes...

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Categories: revenue, absence
Form: ABC
The Voice of the Poor
In a utilitarian, profit-maximizing economy
Where supply only meets demand
And demand runs only for those
Willing and able; where the margin
Between total revenue

And total cost must be...

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Categories: revenue, money, poverty, society, voice,
Form: Free verse
Arise, you song birds sing in morning dew;
The flow’ry host to colour fields and furrows,
And sap of Spring runs gold in willows veins; 
As tender...

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Categories: revenue, anger, angst, betrayal, bird,
Form: Sonnet
Ode to Dizzy
Desmond loved his cards, his woman, his song - all three.
But life took a turn (for the better), as you'll see.
He spurned his nickname, Desi,...

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Categories: revenue, 11th grade, blessing, grandfather,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Who is killing our nation
 Our country is full of hypocrites 
who stand up against nothing and bend over for everything 
the peoples amendments pushing European agendas upon us...

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Categories: revenue, betrayal, patriotic, poverty, religion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Human solutions
Human solutions

You asked for a change now you´ve got it!!!

I promise that the next four years will bring prosperity to all,
it will be the best...

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Categories: revenue, business, confusion, hope, humanity,
Form: Narrative
The greatest gratitude
Words can paint a picture, meant only for the ears to view
As thoughts can spark the actions for the will of the body to do


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Categories: revenue, faith, philosophy, perspective, universe,
Form: Rhyme
If my dream could come true...Winner in Carol Brown's Contest by the same name
I would build a center for learning,
Working title: Community Wellspring
Where people would come to learn new skills and new ways
To earn a living in these...

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Categories: revenue, business, computer-internet, education, on
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Superior Courts of Ecological Justice
What evidence do we have that businesses receive financial as well as other nutritionally healthy benefits, 
by co-investing cooperatively within health-developing community cultures?

What are financially...

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Categories: revenue, culture, earth, health, humor,
Form: Prose Poetry
A girl was raped in a bus that night
A girl was raped in a bus that night 
By six men, all drunk, who had lost their minds	
Ambrosia was the elixir of gods, it...

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Categories: revenue, angst, daughter, men, night,
Form: Narrative
The Pro's of Mary Jane
Great things could be accomplished,
If the Government would relent;
And Legalize Marijuana for good,
Think of the taxes that could then be spent;

The Revenue from the taxation...

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Categories: revenue, peace
Form: Rhyme
as adults we must be accountable for our own behavior
if we expect the same from our children.
when children see political leaders in compromising positions, 

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Categories: revenue, angst, people, philosophy, political,
Form: Carpe Diem

This ailment clips my bare soul 
My malady hides my ample sight
Penury loads my cognition. Watery hole 
Shift not far my destination, yet too...

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Categories: revenue, poverty,
Form: Elegy


Two sources of laws that govern the lives of men
One’s called survival the other a stroke of the pen
Those from survival are easy...

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Categories: revenue, analogy, conflict, freedom, hyperbole,
Form: Rhyme
Money Manager

Pssst ...
Hey kid, 
I heard you came into a trunk load of cash
Can I ask, do you know how to manage it?
Moving from poverty to...

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Categories: revenue, money, people, satire, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
I have an idea and I'm writing it down
Pastor Warren’s church in Orange County, Unity of Tustin too
There’s hardly anyone not affected; it’s sad but it’s true
Bottom lines are red, tithes & love...

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Categories: revenue, business, on work and
Form: Free verse
The Passion of Poetry
"The Passion of Poetry"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

The power to express every emotion that is you
Here and now, this is Love, the only essence that...

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Categories: revenue, art, beautiful, emotions, inspiration,
Form: Monorhyme