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Best Paradox Poems

Below are the all-time best Paradox poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of paradox poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Paradox of Love
We love those who don’t love us
And we don’t love those who do
We long for the unfaithful
And neglect those who are true

We give to those...

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Categories: paradox, confusion, heart, love, me,
Form: Quatrain

The Paradox of Time
    You've seen 
what time can do 

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Categories: paradox, time
Form: Lyric
The Paradox Of The Jewish Youth
There is a disturbing discrepancy
Between mortals and the spirit world,
Such as the eternal salvation of man
From the curse of sin and its hold.

The paradox of...

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Categories: paradox, anniversary, religion,
Form: Verse
The Christmas Paradox
Merry Christmas and all that stuff and don’t forget to write,
Now if you would all be on your way I’d like a silent night.

It’s not...

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© Tony Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: paradox, funny, holiday, christmas, time, christmas, day,
Form: Light Verse
The Breadth Of My Love
if my love for you was any greater
the trees would  line up in poetic forms
...awe you in sonnets written... allow winds to cool your...

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Categories: paradox, love, planet, romance, romantic,
Form: Free verse

Hidden Beauty
Hidden beauty resides not in the grace like charms
Of coy smiles 
Painted across a gentle Madonnas face.
Nor is she vested within the chastened vows
Of saintly...

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Categories: paradox, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A smile in my morning
A tease on the wings of summer's breeze
A tickle in the touch of whispering winds
A glimpse at the art of museum paintings
A stare in the...

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Categories: paradox, metaphor, poetry, poets,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Listen to the Heart
"Listen!  to the Heart"

every heart strums strings of symphony
an open book exploring dreams and fantasies
the lovebeat touches...

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Categories: paradox, love, heart, heart,
Form: Rhyme
where barren branches touch newborn leaves
Scurrying on my way home, a little leaf catches my eye, and I am compelled yet again to slow down.

a whirlwind of thoughts
compete with swaying...

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Categories: paradox, absence, introspection, leaving, life, mystery, nostalgia,
Form: Haibun
In those bleak fields that so quietly lie - stilled as graves,
Between where the thin wind creaks and upwardly heaves,
Unseen feet can sometimes be heard...

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Categories: paradox, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Vanity
There lives a silent evil deep within
Which once was locked inside Pandora's box
Now said to be the "father of all sin"
And one's denial is it's...

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Categories: paradox, vanity,
Form: Sonnet
Let me write you something.
Let me write you a poem.
A poem so great Bukowski would give me a hats off-
And hand me a beer.
A poem so well-written, John Mayer...

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Categories: paradox, loveme, write, me, write,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wisdom (An Emily dedicated to Brian Strand)
A sprinkle of sage enhances the flavour of rice
A sage enhances the flavour of  life.

 .        ...

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Categories: paradox, dedicationmay,
Form: Epigram
A Total Enigma
I can’t be branded and put into a box
I’m a rhyme wrapped within a riddle a complete paradox
I won't  carry the labels, or walk...

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Categories: paradox, introspection, riddle,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Third Station
Weak and tired I fall on rough cobbled stones.
Blood oozed down my face across my cheek bones.
My knees are bruised and pain spreads from my...

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Categories: paradox, faith, pain,
Form: Couplet
My Friends in Poetry
Dear Alliteration, 
First friend, foremost;
Forgetting not,
Shy Allegory, 
Dressed in Allusion; 
Sweet Anaphora, 
How I need thee! 
How I need thee!
And Assonance; 
Never deep asleep,...

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Categories: paradox, art, education, on writing and words,
Form: Rhyme
My piety,my poetry ,my love
All are in vain
my music, my love ,my mind
All are running insane

My rhymes are all crooked
I can't write a perfect song

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Categories: paradox, age, death, death of a friend,
Form: Lyric
Infinity and I...

Infinity,an ongoing paradox
there is no end,without a beginning,
no center without circumference,
primordial matter the ancient ylem
or...are we and the other orbs,just
ganglions in the almighty universal mind?

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Categories: paradox, introspection
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Behind His Knowing Eyes

(For some reason this old one from 6/6/2010 will not allow me to scroll to the bottom and put its date. but that's when it...

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Categories: paradox, death,
Form: Rhyme
I went out walking to the woods today
I went out walking to the woods today
I saw some canvas cities there
And many empty houses along the way
With yards overgrown or bare
And some building...

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Categories: paradox, allegory, faith, life, time
Form: Lay
Microscopic Windfall
Perhaps I’m facing pogonophobes? 
Apparently wore the wrong face.
Age-hardened wiry wisps forge 
post-pubescent platemail -
protect strangers
from my truest fleshy pores, protect me 
from the xenophobes...

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Categories: paradox, business, people, sick, society, work,
Form: Free verse
SCHIZOPHRENIC PROSE - The Secret Society of Hidden People
My soul is lost 
   upon ice-blue crevasses so deeply!
    help me my blue elephant
that lettuce is brave 

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Categories: paradox, imagery, imagination, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
Mental Massacre
My mind opened releasing the remnants of Pandora’s Box
Revealing the wraths of a complete paradox
Eradicating the thought process like a mental massacre
Destroying your clarity until...

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Categories: paradox, slam,
Form: Rhyme
Give A Man A Sea-Kitten
Give a man a sea-kitten,
And you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to sea-kitten,
And PETA will make him pay.

I guess there isn’t much...

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© Gael Attal  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: paradox, funny, nature, seafish,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To Want To Look Away. . .
(this is a sonnet kyrielle, which uses line 1 and 4
of the first stanza in a final couplet)

To want to look away. . . And...

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Categories: paradox, philosophysweet, sweet,
Form: Kyrielle