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naaaaa, couldnt be global warming

naaaaa, couldn’t be global warming

as state after state begins to boil &
the people of this country begin to sweat,
swelter & roast
under these oppressive heat waves, the
National Weather Service
issues excessive heat advisories
like it was “handing out speeding tickets at 
the Indy 500”
because the temperatures there have grown
to highs of 110 F or higher &
this has become the norm for more than a 
third of the country’s people just in June 
today, the Ohio Valley is thrown on the 
grill &
if ya take a five second gander at the map of
the states for July 4th on the NWS website,
you’ve got plenty of “Special Marine Warnings,”
warnings concerning high winds, flash floods,
gales, lake winds, extreme fires & RED FLAG 
WARNINGS (unique marked areas that are soon
to exhibit, or are already exhibiting “gusty
southerly winds, widespread relative humidities” 
that will “create severe fire weather conditions
with the potential for explosive fire growth” ).

um, yeah…
but we all know that these extreme weather conditions
have absolutely nothing to do with
global warming, right?

naaaaa, couldn’t be global warming.

so what,
if the increasing number of heat waves have
resulted in the creation of overwhelming high 
temperature records for the month of June---
we all know, 
it couldn’t be global warming
so what,
if the Summer produces more droughts, wildfires,
spasmodic downpours & more catastrophic storms,
we all know,
it couldn’t be global warming---
“the jury is still out!”
“there is no conclusive evidence great enough to 
say that global warming directly causes any of
“Al Gore’s movie should be banned from the
so take your skin cancered self &
cool down in your bunker,
making sure to pack a snorkel just in case
the thing isn’t airtight &
blame all the things that are happening on
“god’s wrath!” in hopes that come 
December 21st, 2012,
the world will come to an end anyway,
so that you won’t have to deal with this,
because none of it has
to do with
global warming---
that is for 

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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When I Am Old

Many if not most people are nice and complimentary, and I have heard it said, "You look much younger". Or, "You look great for your age".  However, age                                                                                                             and weight are very delicate areas and sometimes, our best efforts at being nice don't work.

An article on a website indicates that a survey was taken of 3,ooo adults                                                        ranging from 18 to over 65. Based on the Pew Research Center study,*                                                                                  old age begins at 68. When young, I longed to be older but not 'old'. Now,       I am not young, but the jury is still out on whether I am old. So, at 68, I'm not certain that I qualify to enter this contest because of the theme, "When I Am Old".  I may 'already be old', but will enter this contest if for no other reason except that 'I like the theme'.

At the edge of the rural community where I was born, there was a large creek.                                                        We had no pool to keep us cool, so into those muddy waters, we took our leap.                                            When fortunes changed, we swam in the city pool which was some eight miles away. It's funny sometimes how time brings change like night eventually turns into the light of day. But it's not so funny when 'time for change' has come, and we won't flick the switch.  Instead, we prefer a world of make-believe, pretense, and suspense, simply longing, "I wish".

I have no problem with modest roadway journeys to the fountain of youth.  I do have a problem with botched facials and too many unsuccessful tucks and endless pursuits.  I have seen beautiful aged ones taking 'looking young' to the extreme. Some dress youthfully in cut-out jeans, and on their faces, apply too much cream. They don't seem to realize that it's really just fine to be yourself and look your own age.  To them, it's not a laughing matter, nor are they just going through a faze. But I don't always know what to make of my fellow elderly associates, but let it now be told,  I will just be me. I want to look my best and be the best that I can be when I am old. 

08012018PoetrySoupContest, For Your Poetry Journal, Broken Wings. *Website, Live About, Article, "When Does Old Age Begin?" By Sharon O'Brien

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2018

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Love Trial The Verdict

After many days the jury was still out determining Love's
guilt. Love was nowhere to be found and the media was having a blast with the trial of the century.

Headlines read:  Love's meddling challenged by Fear
                         Love is in hiding afraid of verdict
                         Seems as if Fear bagged Love
                         Love is loose and in hiding 
               Love is at it again with scores of marriages 
               Love found hiding in peoples hearts
               Love trumped Fear and hope is alive 

The jury is still out and the judge called the case a Mistrial.

So the jury did not reach a verdict concerning Love's actions and her continued pursue of hope and love.

Copyright © ARBOL VERDE | Year Posted 2018

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I used to say the elephant, people and the giraffe are not needed. 
How wrong I was the elephant reminds us how small we are and 
The giraffe tells us how short-sighted we are. As for people 
The jury is still out

Copyright © jan hansen | Year Posted 2018