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Best Jared Poems

Below are the all-time best Jared poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of jared poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Ode to beauty-w

I stand on the snow covered mountain
Colorful vase of flowers
Slopes  with flower beds laden
I saw the snow lotus flowers
I asked, “Why are you all...

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Categories: jared, flower, inspirational, snow,
Form: Ode

The Sun Rises--The Moon Sets
The Sun Rises- -The Moon Sets 

Think of life, the cycle of 
How radiation can support life, enough heat to
Ensure a stable self sustaining system.


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Categories: jared, life, naturemoon,
Form: Acrostic
Where Reveries Reside
Tears subside,
hushed breaths draw ebbing tide,
soft virgin sands, un-walked and damp, shine.

A delicate filigree of silvery brine
brings an interlude where grief and beauty entwine,
gently swaying...

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Categories: jared, introspection, lost love, love,
Form: Tanka
Eye Candy
Double Acrostic

I just want to mention before you read this poem that "Oasis" by Charmaine Chircop
allowed me the inspiration to write this. Thoughts had been...

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Categories: jared, future, heart, inspiration,
Form: Acrostic
That childhood faith, vehemently spirited,
Difficult to bend, impossible to tame.
That still-cradled heart, curiously open,
Eschewing fear, shunning struggle,
Accepting of each coming day.
The journey so hazardous.
Now a...

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Categories: jared, absence, abuse, childhood, grief,
Form: Free verse

The Christmas Card
Christmas day so full of joy,
putting a smile on my face.
Inspiring your eldest boy
with love. I say grace

I am fortunate to have
a mother like you.

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Categories: jared, motherlove, me,
Form: Free verse
Rolling Thunder And A Gentle Rain
The gentle music flows
from every drop of rain,
as it just lightly taps
against my window pane.

The wind begins to whistle
it's own melodious song,
while the wind-chimes
dance and...

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Categories: jared, nature, rain, rainbow, sky,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member First and Last Palindrome!
(I'm really sorry if I left your name off, but I tried to do
 all the premium members I could imagine plus the 
non-premiums with...

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Categories: jared, peoplepoets,
Form: List
Random Thoughts*15* Palindrome Poetry
*Palindrome Poetry*


represents scales.
balanced and fair.
Sway little, intellect overbearing, charming.
Opinions strong, mediator, excellent.
Bonds deep, spiritually forging connections.
Compatible, Scorpio and Gemini strong.
Artistic and creative. 
Creative and...

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Categories: jared, art, uplifting
Form: Free verse
Wandering Soul
A speckle of light
appears in the dark
barely visible to eye sight
it is always there.
I think it is my grandmothers
wandering soul
here for some purpose
what for I...

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Categories: jared, happiness, inspirational, nostalgia
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kanhapatra - WIN
Once upon a time there lived a dancer 
Shyama, a concubine of a feudal baron
Had a pretty girl Kanha, also a dancer
Quite excelled in playing...

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Categories: jared, mother, time,
Form: Ottava rima
B-Dubs w(Rap)
first for an appetizer 
I'd like an O-ring basket
and a pound of shrimp.
Cook those things crispy, 
so when I take a bite
they burn my upper...

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Categories: jared, funny
Form: Free verse
Our First Meeting On The Isle Of Man
Such a beautiful morning 
So quiet and serene 
Contented and yawning 
I'm living the dream. 
I lie back in my deckchair 
Emitting a contented sigh...

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Categories: jared, humorous, romance,
Form: Rhyme
A Beach Lagoon
MONOTETRA: Each stanza contains four 
lines in monorhyme. Each line is in 
tetrameter for a total of eight syllables. 
What makes the Monotetra so powerful...

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Categories: jared, inspirational, pain, beach, me,
Form: I do not know?
Random Thoughts 61 Mirrored Refrain
Mirrored Refrain
x represents the only lines that do not rhyme in this poem. A & B represent the refrain!


Angelic force,
draping over me, her canopy. 

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Categories: jared, dedication, happy, muse,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Collaboration Poem - Our first meeting on the Isle of Man by Jan Allison and Darren Watson
Such a beautiful morning 
So quiet and serene 
Contented and yawning
I'm living the dream.
I lie back in my deckchair 
Emitting a contented sigh 
When landing...

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Categories: jared, humorous, lust, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Random Thoughts *43* Double Acrostic
Fondling to a rhythmic caress. I'm
Obliged as I
Undress you.>> exposing your beautiful,
Radiant body.

Pheromone perfume stimulates my 
Loins and brings forth this
Animalistic fury within me. I

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Categories: jared, mystery
Form: Acrostic
Dreaming of Legos MONOTETRA

Using Jared Picketts form Monotetra


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Categories: jared, fantasy, hope, loss, time,
Form: Free verse
A Little About Me
01. High heels or boots? I guess it depends on how feminine I feel....LOL
02. What time did you get up this morning? 7:15 am ...

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Categories: jared, funnyfood,
Form: I do not know?
Personal Fame
save me for I have sinned
I have shot a man for nothing
I wish I could rescind 

I've committed grand larceny 
to pay rent and countless...

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Categories: jared, life
Form: I do not know?
Three Way Collaboration
"Thoughts of a Sexual Nature"

Vivid thoughts of you,
in your birthday suit.
Sprawled on my living room floor,
anxiously you wait
for what you came here for.
Long toned legs,

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Categories: jared, fantasy, passionbirthday, love,
Form: Free verse
The Perils Of The Ghetto
Soft silhouettes sashay by my window
Grievingly gazing out unto a world of which you may never know
Linen curtains briefly ruffled in the breeze
Old drunken Julius...

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Categories: jared, life, people, sorry, world,
Form: I do not know?
Rhythmic Fornication
My life was heading into an infernal pit of passion.
I am inebriated, sipping your juices like a fine wine.

Infiltrating your body defenses with my offensive...

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Categories: jared, dedicationbody, life, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Now You've Left
For Jared Pickett's Trois Par Huit.....Tanka.....Rondel Contest:

It is fall
and now I’ve tasted gall -
prefaced by a final kiss from you.

The moon, huge ball above that...

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Categories: jared, heart, lonely, love,
Form: Tanka
RIP LMB Sweetheart
**Swap Quatrain**

Each stanza in this poem must be four lines where the first line is reversed in the
fourth line. Rhyming pattern AABB, CCDD, and so...

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Categories: jared, dedication, inspirational,
Form: Quatrain