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On my journey,
through this thing,
that we call our life,
I have taken so much for granted,
choosing wrong over right.

I have hurt so many people,
with the choices that I made,
not realizing,
the sacrifice,
they gave.

Then a voice whispered,
in my ear so tenderly,
you are my child,
take my hand,
I offer eternity.

With open eyes,
that once were blind,
and a heart,
so full of love,
I was saved, in the nick of time.

Sin is all around us,
and our Free Will,
shall be untouched,
but God offers forgiveness,
because He loves us that much.

Now my journey,
is headed somewhere,
I'm not spinning in my tracks,
God fixed my broken engine,
I will never go back.

Forward, and upward,
His word is leading me,
as I share,
what He gave,
words for all to see.

Thank You Dear Jesus,
I speak these words so true,
for the cross that You died on,
freed my soul,
so one day, I'd be with You.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2009

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the chair where you were sitting

my angel you are with me
in a way i never knew
just sitting here thinking
and spending time with you

we recall the good times
and lessons that we learned
sneered at the bad times
and hours that they burned

both learning truths
as God helped us to see
a little something about you 
a little something about me

we were brought together
it was our destiny
and just like all beautiful stories
ending in tragedy

but only just today
have i found you in my mind
and now something tells me
that you were there all the time

my spirit has accepted 
that your body has gone
but everything you did
in my mind lives on

you made me someone
much more than i am
giving me presents and presence
being my biggest fan

i could never win anything
more valued than you
my gift from God
i was given to you too

the chair where you were sitting
beside me so so well
for a while it held an emptiness
a little piece of hell

but i have learned for the good
perhaps in the nick of time
that i can fold your little chair
and put it in my mind

and place it with my treasures
things i've had since i was a boy
with my most treasured memories
horses and toys

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2011

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Cowboys in the Badlands

Rather lost, they stare over the divide,
how best to circumnavigate this obstacle?
They can see a path gently sloping down
but it is far off to the north two days ride.

West is back from whence they had come,
east is an impassable cliff of sheer rocks.
They can not see far to the south but maybe,
they talk it over and head into the unknown.

Tumble weed rolling by pushed by the wind
as playfully it blows them into their path.
Miniscule trees dot the flat plateau
and small shrubs popping up here and there.

In a hurry they head on swiftly southwards
and soon start to descend to the valley below.
Billy is pale with anxiety as they push on
his wife Betty is due to give birth.

Sammy casts worried looks at his friend knowing
there is little he can say that will help.
At last they reach the valley and gallop on
Just another five miles will they make it in time?

Their horses now struggling, sweat pouring off them.
Billy's homestead comes into view cattle scattering
as they gallop through the herd and into the yard.
Sammy hangs back as Billy dashes in to Betty.

In full labour she screams "Where have you been?"
"The preacher is here to wed us. Did you get the ring?"
"I have it here" said Billy and without delay they were married.
And within minutes the twins arrived a boy and girl both bawling.

"Geezers you cut that close Billy" said Sammy
as they slumped on the front porch drinking beer.
"We made it in the nick of time" replied Billy
flushed with the joy and fulfilment of life.

written 17/09/2014

contest: Cowboys in the Badlands

sponsor Isaiah

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Paradise in your eyes

Paradise in your eyes

I was love's emissary...
on a mission from God,
love letters were written ...
but, in the desert were lost,

A broken compass to guide me...
but, hidden in the sand,
Thirsty desire compels me...
as, hope slipped through my hands

The burning sun...blazed down upon me,
my perceptions ... faded so quickly,
but, just then I see...

I see paradise...not a mere mirage...
you are a perfect reflection, my love
you put my heart on pause...and,
I see paradise...I see paradise...
I see paradise...
in your eyes.

I had a vagabond heart...
and a gypsy soul too,
Chasing my tail in circles...
in a room with no view,

Living life without reason...
without any rhyme,
You came along in due season...
in the nick of time.

The burning sun...blazed down upon me,
my perceptions...faded so quickly,
but, just then I see...

I see paradise...not a mere mirage...
you are a perfect reflection, my love,
you put my heart on pause...
I see paradise...I see paradise...
I see paradise...
in your eyes.

The burning sun...blazed down upon me,
my perceptions...faded so quickly,
but, just then I see...

I see paradise...not a mere mirage...
you are a perfect reflection, my love,
you put my heart on pause...
I see paradise...I see paradise...
I see paradise...
in your eyes.

I see paradise...I see paradise...
I see paradise...
in your eyes.

June 04,2018
John Derek Hamilton

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2018

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Waiting in the Maybe

Waiting in the Maybe                       For My Aunt,  Billie Marie Zal

Maybe I Am
singing Singing a tune.

Maybe I Am
Somewhere singing like a loon.

Maybe I Am
Somewhere Walking in the dark.

Maybe I Am
just waiting for The day to start.

Maybe I Am
saving for a rainy day.

Maybe I Am
just having my say.

Maybe you should be rocking
not sitting still.

Maybe you should sing
like the whippoorwill.

Maybe I Am
giving back the dime.

Maybe I Am
taking back My time.

Maybe the need
needs to be refilled.

Maybe the need
needs to be still.

Maybe changing places
keeping time.

Maybe you will get the Answer
in the nick of time.

When waiting in the Maybe
there is no I in Me.

Daniel Taylor

Copyright © Daniel Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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Magical Faerie Water Fall

A magical feeling unknown anywhere else lingered at the faerie waterfall
This was the gentle resting place of all worn-out muses and elves, after all
A mystical silence filtered over each caregiver, lingering over each rose in bloom
King and Queen Council had ruled no interlopers ever, could enter this sacred place
This astral valley and heavenly meadow full of strawberries was given to them by God’s good grace.
Summer day break was lighting up the valley by the warm happy shine of a shimmery white moon
Day young, the caregiving faeries flitted around excitedly, knowing the day was full of potential.
Hope, love, compassion and good spirited fun here was terminally quintessential
As new souls were brought here to nourish and love fully, before they entered mother’s womb.
Everything at Faerie Valley was orchestrated, to be heavenly-inspired, helpful and tender sweet.
Dream-state-magic, giving the waiting families and neonates a dream-state place to meet
When the birthing day arrives, there is a lot less surprise, and jubilant rejoicing from the womb.
Hark! What is that I hear? It is faerie flutist’s sweet note music, calling us to listen to love’s call.
A baby is being born, this one with those enormous brown eyes, the one whose last name will be Hall.
Whisked away, leaving a trail of marigolds, and yellow buttercups, in a methodical magical state of faerie zoom,
We reach the hospital in the nick of time, and deliver our pretty babe, to parents who are pining.
When we newly-deigned stork magicians float back to the faerie waterfall, every elf and nymph is shining.
A leprechaun musician known by all us first week’s elves as Lars congratulates us, one and all.
Did you get a birth announcement? He asks, but we are shocked, not knowing it was essential.
Faerie Queen said it is a bit of a tradition, but you are new, so this time it is not quintessential.
The parents were so excited to wrap the baby up, count his toes, and listen to his baby heartbeat.
We newbies felt happy, excited, enthusiastically crazy about our job, and sixteen inches tall.
Glad to be a part of this excitement, they allowed us a dip our toes into the secret faerie waterfall.
There was a celebratory banquet with goodies in the Hand Maiden’s Reception Hall.
We were both talking about the delivery over and over, completely over the moon.
Next time, get the birth announcement the queen said, so it was important after all.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Dragon Hood

Yes, I read my Dragon, the story of good old… ‘Robin Hood’.
You know, the first super hero, who was really… super good.
Now, with Dragon, things don’t always end up, exactly… as they should!
His eyes lit up fiercely, as he ran thru the door… toward great knighthood.
Yea! He’s now Dragon Hood… Dragon Hood… Crazy Dragon Hood!

Grabbing his green cape, he ran to the park, yea, where he… then stood!
Grandpa Troll grabbed a stick, like little John, to stop… that Dragon Hood.
Minstrel Frogs started, playing his song, with lutes in hand… as they should.
Cause Dragon Hood, was about to be, ‘Feared by the bad. Loved by the good’.
Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Yes…Dragon Hood!

The Penguins followed, as Merry Men, with sticks in hand, yea… made of wood.
He would ‘Steal from the Rich, Give to the Poor’, Yea… You know he would!
He looked for, the Sheriff who, was most villainous of all… that ever stood.
Yea, Dragon Hood, knew he would be, ‘Feared by the bad. Loved by the good’. 
Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood!

Now up, drove the Sheriff, of crazy land, to patrol the park… as he daily should.
He stopped to talk, to Dragon Hoods’ maid, Lady Cathy Ellison, of maidenhood.
Above all others, Lady Cathie would have, to be saved… from great villianhood!
Dragon Hood was, ready to be, ‘Feared by the bad. Loved by the good’.
Steamed was… Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood!

In the nick of time, Grandpa Troll wrapped, Dragon Hood in his… very own hood.
You can’t fight, if you can’t see, so our Little John, drug him home…like driftwood.
Lady Cathie, and Lord Jack, came for tea, and to save the day… in brotherhood.
A story began, of Dragon hood stopping, a witches’ darkness… and her sisterhood.
Yea! He believed it… our Crazy Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood!

We thanked Dragon Hood, for saving the day, by lifting our cups… in great song.
Lady Cathie kissed, Dragon Hood’s nose, after Lord Jack, knighted him…erelong.
We told Dragon Hood, how He’d saved us all, from the direst …fate and it’s fallout.
Dragon Hood, the crazy Lout, was amazed, by it all, but he believed… had not doubt!
He’d saved us all… from the sheriff and his evil fiendish… witch sisterhood.
So ends our tale… of the Great… Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood!

Refrain: (Every body sing!)
Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood… riding thru the glen, 
Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood… with his merry men. 
Feared by the bad, loved by the Good! 
Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood, Dragon Hood!

And thank you Robin Hood in all your stories, and songs.
Inspired by the 'Theme Song to the Adventures of Robin Hood' TV Series.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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Mrs Muppet

Mrs Moppet decided to go to the beach
as it was such a sunny day.
Loading up her car with kids and picnic
they set off singing as they went.
The road was long and very twisty
and half way there with a loud noise
the car groaned to a halt.
Oh my said Mrs Muppet as clouds of
smoke rose up from the hood.
Luckily Mr Squirrel was passing by
he knew a thing or two about cars.
I will tow you to the garage he said
your rad pipe has a leak.
At the garage Mr Fix-it soon 
had things back to rights.
So off they set, the kids singing again
and soon the sea was in sight.
They parked on the beach a-mid dunes
and the kids hopped off to play.
Not too far called Mrs Moppet setting
out the rugs and towels.
She set out the salad sandwiches,
and carrot cake a firm favourite.
From down the beach came a cry
Biily Muppet had got stuck between two rocks
Mrs Muppet tugged and tugged no way
could she get him free and the tide was coming in.
Bertie Badger seeing their plight came to help
and in the nick of time they pulled Billy free.
Time for food said Mrs Muppet inviting Bertie
to join them, just as they were tucking in up
blew a sand storm, burrow in and wait it out
it will soon pass and it did but the heavens opened
and down poured the rain soaking all the food.
Oh my said Mrs Muppet what else can go wrong?
Just then the rain stopped and out came the sun
only drinks left the food is ruined said Mrs Muppet
as a strong gust of wind carried off her grass hat
and her skirts blew up around her ears.
Brick-red in face she tugged them down quickly
lets go home moaned the kids this is no fun.
Packing everything up they set off for home  
But fate was not yet done with them and
soon the car started started to buck along
Whatever now, oh no, we have a flat tyre
Mrs Muppet struggled hard to change the wheel
but could not remove one of the nuts.
It was growing dark and they were stuck
in the middle of nowhere. The kids huddled
close feeling scared as strange rustles  and weird
noises filled the night air.
We may be here all night, said Mrs Muppet, lay
out the rugs and try to sleep.
The children settled down but found it too eerie,
weird noises surrounded the car.
Then came a tappety tap on the window
making them all jump. Who is it? wavered
Mrs Muppet. No need to fear it is only me
said Randy Rabbit, do you need some help?
Oh yes please Randy my tyre is flat and a nut
is stuck fast. No problem, said Randy I will sort it out
and setting to work he soon had it fixed.
Thank you, thank they all chanted and Mrs Muppet
invited Randy home for some dinner.
Arriving home she soon set out a tasty meal
and they all tucked in heartily.
Well now I am sure you can guess the rest,
they fell in love, married and eight weeks later
six tiny baby rabbits were born.
Which just goes to show every cloud 
does have a silver lining.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Near Death Experience

Back when I was twelve, my dad built me a dabchick
I had great fun learning how to sail it getting many dunking's
Us kids used to sail around the harbour and race to the spit.

One day after racing back and forth several times,
the wind started to pick up and the others headed ashore.
But I carried on, this  was way too fun as I sped about.

The squall grew stronger and I turned turtle several times
up righting my boat I foolishly carried on until as I up ended her
I was hit on the head, dazed I sat on the up turned hull.

Unable in the squall's strength to get her up right
I clung to the centre board and watched the harbour wall get closer
too dazed to realise the danger I was in I just sat there waiting.

Lucky for me the yacht club notified the life boat and it came out,
rescued in the nick of time they took me aboard and dried me off.  
They towed my dabchick still turned turtle back to the yacht club.

My parents Dad especially were furious and I was grounded for
the rest of the summer while dad repaired my dabchick.
My humiliation was complete when the local paper covered my rescue.

I learnt that day to respect the sea and treat it with caution.
My story could have ended so differently. Yet I remained a dare devil
and went through two very bad car clashes with barely a scratch.

Now at last much wiser I take things much more steadily
and rarely take such risks after all I am not invincible.
Just someone who pushed her luck right to the edge.

written 11/02/2014

contest: Near Death or Near Life Experience 

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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The Once Dead Boy - Revised

The Once Dead Boy - Revised 
Once upon a time there lived a little boy 
Who filled his mother’s heart with boundless joy.
This sweet young lad was pure as snow
Spreading goodness and kindness like seeds that grow.
People couldn’t help but notice his eyes
Always shining brightly and looking up high.
He laughed and smiled from dawn to days end;
Never spoke a bad word and couldn’t count all his friends.
Boys and girls and grownups galore;
Everybody loved him until he laughed no more.  
While riding his bike on a warm, spring day
A car rounded a corner and took him away.
But he never saw it coming and floated so high
Watching his dear mother weep, wail and cry.
“Why God, why God, why God me? 
Why not another boy from across the sea?”
She cursed, fumed, begged and pleaded
But all her pain went quite unheeded.
Meanwhile the child just set his sights 
On a place he knew beyond the light
Shining down from high above
With the pull so strong of pure, deep love.  
As he traveled wide and went so far 
Beyond the blue and past the stars;
Galaxies were toys just hanging there
Like a baby’s mobile in the cool night air. 
While time stood still and truth became dreams
And he knew the answers to everything
From Aristotle to the age of space 
And found himself without a trace;
While still connected to his mother’s mind, awakening
From his coma in the nick of time.
While the doctors said he was surely dead 
For a while, who knows for certain?
(It’s a fine line between here and gone
And drawing the final curtain).
The moral of the story is the boy survived 
Because no one knows the difference 
Between dead and alive.   

Copyright © Terrell Martin | Year Posted 2012

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A Threat To The Regime

A Depiction Of The Novel 1984 


Upon the edge of the so called enjambment manipulative psychological rhetoric
,I stand corrected upon the dividing wall of urban decay, if but to glance forward possibly backward through my looking glass, could I shape a thought perhaps create something that in all reality might come true. Like a rat on the never-ending wheel, running ahead, in a twisted perhaps a brilliant anticipation, the year forty eight and the moment- war torn. I stand, hanging, with without, within, held, unable, a breath suffocating, a realm of slumber, although to wake, awaken in death, of vast gray, without form - nor shape, a desolate cell of demise...yet, still gladly to forge ahead, crawling...

To fool the mind of grandeur or simply to put a conjuring thought to motion. Might I say...Who's reality is it, anyway...And then to enter...Perhaps her arrival, sent from the heavenly realm, as they say "Just in the nick of time" "She Loves Me - She Loves Me Not" in confusion, yet she turns as the world turns and leads me upstairs where I am taken away. Oh the ministry of truth...At last my freedom in slumber received...for now "Hello" and then, soon she shall go...

If a double thought of torture would remain. Perhaps to sit and watch the love of another day, for within the mind "I See" and silently around every corner, they watch...


cold war torn winter-
from the frozen hills above
the winds of change drift



Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2017

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Dance With Death

I went down this road so many times
I have danced with Death for way too long
It's a matter of time until I run out of chances
And he takes me on his own

Every time I try I regret it
Every time I fight hard enough just to make it back in the nick of time
Then I tell myself it'll never happen again
But he knows it's a lie deep within

I've done this so many times
He seems to check up on me once a year 
For the last five
He could have me by the touch of a finger
But the doctors or fear bring me back
Before he can touch me

It's the sixth year now
And I called him again
He says he's tired of my games
But I'm serious this time
I want this pain to end
So he goes to touch me one more time
There were no doctors
And there were no fights
He touched me with one finger and took my life

Copyright © Kyleigh Henderson | Year Posted 2016

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enjoy the life you're given!

poor Walter Jacobs, a wretched soul was he
one day he said he had enough, then hung himself from a tree!

the tree was old and brittle, its branches gloomy and dead,
which snapped like a fragile twig, as Walter fell on top of his head! 

from the tallest building in town, he decided to make a jump,
he landed on a construction scaffold, which made a loud..."KA-THUMP!!"

he grabbed an old revolver, one that he swiped from his mother,
the bullet passed through his empty skull, one ear and out the other!

he laid across some railroad tracks, silent as an unspeakable mime,
wouldn't you know that train had stopped, just in the nick of time!

a bottle of sleeping pills didn't do the trick!
he barfed like a volcano, they only made him sick!

he drove his car off a bridge, such a stupid plan he hatched,
he walked away unscathed, without a single scratch!

he set himself on fire, but the flames quickly died
all he lost were the hairs on his butt, which badly singed his pride!

one day Walter said to himself,..."life ain't so bad, what the heck!"
just then he tripped over his sleeping cat, and broke his freakin' neck!

a moral behind this writing? i knew you'd quickly ask!
no one said life was easy, each day's a difficult task!

death's beyond the horizon, time passes all too fast,
life's with us for only a moment, slow down and make it last!...

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2010

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Three Pink Flamingos Go On Holiday - Pt2

Please read part 1 first

When Moe got off the phone, he couldn't believe his luck
Somehow he'd managed to hire, a great big monster truck

He opened up the back door and chucked his luggage in
Then flew up to the drivers seat his journey to begin

From way up in the cab, Moe could see for many miles
The patchwork fields below him looked like tiny mosaic tiles

Off on his way now, see the wheels roll
But Standing in the road was the giant troll

"Mr Troll, Mr Troll, please let me past"
"Not on your nelly, I know you are the last.

I'm tired and I'm hungry and I've waited all day long
I'll eat your truck for supper, out you get, run along"

From his seat in the monster truck way up high
Moe could look the troll straight in the eye

The troll looked back, not quite sure what was happening
As Moe revved the engine in a way that was quite threatening

The truck sped forward, Moe's course did not alter
And as the gap got smaller the troll began to falter

Just in the nick of time, the troll jumped out the way
and fell into the river where he quickly washed away

Soon Moe reached the seaside, where he found Flo and Joe
He told them what had happened to their giant foe

And as they sat on the beach, drinking lemonade
Moe raised a wing his eyes to shade

"What's that shape over there, far out to sea
It's troll shaped boat, I think it's waving at me"

So now you know the story of their little holiday
And how the three flamingos got there that fine day.

Copyright © Nick Bagnall | Year Posted 2011

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Someone's Journey

There was an initial
step taken
unsteady and unsure.

In time the pace increased
as curiosity endured.

Once adept and confident
the toddler ventured
on much longer treks.

In the light of day
youthful strides of wonder
lasted until sunset.

At adolescence with effort moving along
on the fun-filled futuristic trail.

Supposedly toward
an independent path
if no misfortune prevailed.

Unaware rescuers
stood by for escape
from a solemn immobile lane.

By now confused and weary
from an unending road of strain.

Teen kitty conditioned
for beguiling wolves
roaming the mean streets.

Detoured to the
lost byway
for a fatalistic defeat.

In the nick of time a majestic reclamation
occurred from heaven's boulevard.

To ensure a journey much smoother
where life
failed to be so hard.

Copyright © Debra Mundine | Year Posted 2013

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They saved him in the nick of time,
By a heart attack, from biting grime

By divinity, a pirate gave up ghost
With “heart” his heart to find a host!

The heart’s cage they cut it through
Infused heart to give pulse anew!

He is now healthy, live and vibrant
By the torque of a heart transplant.

What then could have gone wrong
His is no longer a humble being’s song;

He vaunts, tongue cracking like whips
Dog-tired, it droops outside his lips!

Could he have received a dog’s heart
Shuttering character and mien apart?

Is he re-living his Donor’s idiosyncrasy
Swaying to the Pirate’s foray decree?

Is he led by a lascivious Pirate heart
Lusting for all he left as he did depart?

Will he not re-marry the old widow
To quell the long break’s fiery libido;

Or on the hard floor paddle a table
Like boats when he was a sea rabble!

Is he behaving the Donor heart’s age
That I fear dazzles with reckless rage!

To kind Donors or sick recipients alike
This poem does not hold with dislike;

Ignore the poem as a frivolous affront
To “one man” I’m eager to confront!

***This is a situational poem, bear with me. I have no issues with the rest of Donors (who selflessly part with their valued organs) and Recipients (who have received a new lease of life.)


10th January 2014 


Copyright © Joseph Matose | Year Posted 2014

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Reverence on The Corporate Ladder

In our ever changing world it becomes more difficult
for women to flourish in business, because men view 
them as misfits, 

They try to deplete their power and
pride with familiarity, treating them as they would their
spouses, acting as if they are insignificant caretakers
of their houses and spawns,

Objects of their desires to be lured and discarded,
for entertainment purposes only,
Women's business accumen is rarely lauded,

The mens' behavior makes women feel inconsequential
and forlorn, causing them to doubt themselves and feel torn,

Intelligence and wisdom are never appreciated,
it threatens the male ego, so cleverness becomes

The men in corporate America would gladly
bury intelligent women beneath papers,
while they take all the credit and pursue
their capers,

God bless the women who have their own minds
and run interference in the nick of time,
for their deceitful counterparts would have them
looking like hysterical, flirtatious chicks,
discounting their talents and treating them 
as if they were uncivilized Hicks.

Copyright © Margeret Bailey | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2012

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Turn off that smartphone, unplug yourself
Before your battery stops powering itself
Only offer the brain native analog signal
Forgot about any screen or the next level

Listen to creatures talk, remember inside
All you wanted to do was just to be alive
Reaching higher stars in the nick of time
Every dream seemed one rollercoaster ride

Feeling a little higher inside your shoes
Rhythm of the outdoors from nature groove
Reminded that today can sometimes improve
Life can be affected by an energy of mood

Make sure to tune in just once in a while
Things around us live under the same moon
Never be somebody you cannot remember who
Always just someone who never forgets you

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2011

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The Day of Infamy

I can't imagine what goes through a girls mind,
As she lives grows and encounters the blues,
Looking for prince charming in the nick of time,
To carry her off on a journey that begins with two.

Most guys I know tremble at the thoughts of getting married,
They run hide say not for sale and crack other jokes for fun,
Guys think ball chain hang us now or let me be buried,
However with smitten heart they come with eyes fixed on one.

The day comes which the two have planned at last,
It seemed like forever this moment to arrive,
Hand in hand giving rings and vows shall they cast,
The Lord over them teaching them how to thrive.

Next stop vacation fun and the honey moon suite,
Then lessons of how to live together and pet peeves will spawn,
Moving on in their future we hear the pitter patter of little feet,
A home the lady will keep tidy while the man cuts the lawn.

Years will pass by and changes shall take place,
Children now grown and ready to leave the nest,
But the two remain in tact thankful for each other and new space,
Knowing it was God who helped them excel and pass each test.

Hebrews 13:4a - "Marriage is honourable in all,..."

Copyright © William Arthur Tell | Year Posted 2006

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An Ode to The Eagle and the Dove

An Ode to The Eagle & The Dove

As I look in Eagles eyes,
As they scan what lies ahead.
He stands a strong guard,
Knowing others have bled,

Many died, doing this,
This standing the guard
The Dove thinks it’s easy
While it’s actually hard.

As I stare at the picture,
Look close at this thing,
Note Dove’s not beside,
But more under, Eagles wing.

Dove’s feet “freely” hold,
The banner to fly,
The red, white, and blue,
With stars to the sky.

But Eagles the one,
Gripping arrows that save,
Both from all comers,
He must always be brave.

It stands, a reminder,
To me, yet today,
When I read in my paper,
What the Doves have to say.

How the Dove wants it all
But not with a price.
They want to leave Liberty.
To the roll of the dice.

They say being strong,
Costs too great a price.
But if you hedge on Freedom
You walk on thin ice. 

Not far back in history,
Would we need to go.
To see Eagles brave strength,
Has made America grow.

To the power that we are,
The world has admired.
The Dove would retreat,
Leave Victory, expired.

What the Dove cannot see
As it looks only to self,
The terrorist wants
Both their heads on a shelf.

It’s easy to talk of fairness,
And all the ways we relate,
Across the war table,
They are filled up with hate.

Our life, is what they want,
There’s no turning them aside,
They will even kill each other
And do it with pride. 

Do Doves really think,
They can reason with others.
Who would threaten their citizens,
With killing their mothers.

It’s gone way too far,
For rational discussion,
Our strength is from Eagles,
With mighty percussion.

Stand watch my dear Eagle,
I’ll gladly pick up my tab.
It’s far better for me,
Than a cold concrete slab.

It’s now up to someone,
Who’s willing to stand.
And tell all the world.
We offer our hand,

In Peace if they will.
But don’t be now miss led.
There’s a stick in the other
To smack on the head.

Any group or bold country
Thinks they want to come on.
We won’t go down easy,
Or dumb like a blonde.

You know what I mean,
Have we lost our grit?
The Eagles our future.
Stop being such twits.

This has gone on too long,
As has this old ode,
But somehow I hope,
History will have showed.

We came to our senses
Just in the nick of time.
To stop all this clamor,
And turned on a dime. 

Starting right now,
Each one should resolve,
To not be the problem,
But help get them solved. 

The ode was written by oldbuck,, 
just after receiving from above  
A wonderfully clear picture of 
The Eagle and The Dove.

Copyright © Old buck | Year Posted 2015

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Sing oh Hummingbird Sing
Sing that beautiful love song so melodiously
The song that made him promise to love her endlessly
And made her fall in love with him hopelessly
He whispered, so luring, the words uttered so softly and sweetly
She listened, so believable, she trusted him, no inhibitions, so gullibly
A freefall, so powerless, she let herself slip undeniably and unwillingly
Until all she heard was the beautiful love song
The song which saw teardrops of joy trickling ever so gently
Sing oh Celine Dion Sing
Sing that “Because you loved me” song so sweetly
The song that reassured her of his promise firmly
And swept away all the hurtful moments from her past swiftly
He declared, “never will you hurt again as long as I’m here” so powerfully
She nodded, so grateful, in the nick of time he came into her life proudly
A blessing, so cherishable, no idea how her luck had changed so suddenly
Little did she know, he had altered her playlist secretly
Sing oh Beyonce Knowles Sing
Sing that “Broken-Hearted Girl” song so vehemently
The song that brought her crashing from cloud nine unexpectedly
And snatched away all her hopes and dreams relentlessly
He spat out, “I said I loved you…but I lied” without remorse and so cruelly
She gasped, so horrified, shaking her head in disbelief looking at him glaringly
A sword, so sharp, digging, twisting and driving through her heart so violently
Those teardrops no longer as sweet as chamomile

Sing oh Taylor Swift Sing
Sing that “Teardrops on my guitar” song so acoustically
The song that made her bring out her notepad suddenly
And begin placing these words on paper zealously
She closes her eyes, daydreams, all she sees is him holding her passionately
She wakes up, hurtful, remembers him holding his new girl happily
She scribbles, so emotionally, letting her teardrops bleed out the ink untidily
The tears which have stopped singing the song
All there is left is silence turned into emptiness

Sing oh Brandy Norwood Sing
Sing that “Gonna find my love” song so vivaciously
The song that has removed the flatline from the EKG finally
And has resuscitated her once broken heart miraculously
She dances, so joyfully, knowing the time will come and she waits patiently
Her time, her moment, to finally find him who was made for her so perfectly
She smiles, so excitedly, believing in her she is made fearfully and wonderfully
Teardrops on her notepad now sing a beautiful song
A song she hopes will become every woman’s heart song

Copyright © sharon chirau | Year Posted 2014

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St. Nicholas

There's a little bit of St. Nicholas in all of us…

Most of us will never ride on a flying sled
Led by nine reindeer, one with a "nose so red"
And most of us will never go all around the world
In just one night with gifts for every boy and girl

But we all want this time of year to be
A happy holiday for little ones to see

There's a little bit of St. Nicholas
In all of us each year
And it's all because we are Santa Claus
To all we hold so dear
So in the Spirit of Christmas love
Let us share this season's cheer
With everyone like a newborn Son
In the Nick of time this year               (Chorus)

Most of us may never jingle bells dressed in red
For spare change so others can be sheltered, clothed and fed
And most of us may never visit the needy overseas
Or spend hours with our neighbors or the least of these

But let's give to those who ask and show charity
To the poor and lonely, and the young and old that be

Without necessities of life within longings of love
So they will believe in what they're dreaming of
And receive what they need and more than enough
So that they too can be a little like St. Nicholas


Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2006

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Love comes from the heart

 I think I've been asleep
for just about seven years
I told myself that life goes on
and I shed not any tears.

I lived my life every day
I would say...totally unaware
that somewhere in this world
There is someone that might care

I've been so wrapped up in nothing
that I simply gave up on life
Not wishing or hoping anything
or even consider.. I could be a wife.

Who would want me anyway?
I'm older and way past my prime
But something sparked my interest
Just in the nick of time

I can tell you I was completely surprised
by the compliment from cyberspace.
It said I think you gorgeous and fair...
He hadn't seen the lines on my face.

so of course I told him the truth,
My own words sealing my fate
I would like to get to know you
but I fear you are too late.

I had to be honest with him
right from the very start
but he said age is just a number
and love comes from the heart.

Those words I believe woke me up
to the new possiblities of life
Who knows what life can bring?
I may even become a wife.

And even if that can't be
I will never again depart  
from "Age is just a number"
love comes from the heart.

connie moore


Copyright © Connie Moore | Year Posted 2013

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Attack of the Giant Insects

I miss the old time monster movies where the insects ruled the day,
Where disaster resulted from a mishap with a disintegrator ray.

Unleashing the wrath of nature by causing the insects to expand,
Proving to us once again that the scientists are out of hand.

The military would be activated before they’d answered all the hows,
And the energy beam that they created made roaches the size of cows.

Then a giant deadly mantis terrorized Washington D.C. one day,
And finally taught the congressmen just how it is you prey.

Enormous hairy spiders are in the subway and on the track,
Webbing people in giant cocoons and saving them for a snack.

There was always a beautiful woman with a bod and brains to boot,
And you knew that the hero would save her with his manly chest hirsute.

Because even though he said something to her just to raise her ire,
You could tell that between the two of them there burned a raging fire.

As she works in her lab late at night the bugs come looking for their meals,
She tries to get away but she can’t run too fast while wearing her high heels.

What was there left for her to do but to freeze and start her screaming,
The hero saves her in the nick of time with a smile that was redeeming.

She’d develop a serum to reverse the horror that stares them in the face,
But he was the only one who could deliver it and save the human race.

The combination of her brains and his last ditch daring do,
Would ultimately serve to save the day and lead to kissing too.

They’d fall into each other’s arms as his tattered shirt reveals,
His blood stained bulging biceps and the love for her he feels.

And just before the credits role “The End” comes up on the screen,
Then a tiny vial falls off the lab bench and a question mark is seen.

They don’t make them like that any more but why I just can’t say,
Possibly because tastes have changed and now good taste rules the day.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011