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My Zoo From A to Z

Alligators, Aardvarks; Arctic fox and hare. Also Armadillos and Asses will be there!

Bobcats, Beavers, Boars; One Blue whale will do! Bovines and a Booby (maybe 2)!

Caribou & Camels; *Cavies & a *Coot; Cottontails, Chipmunks, Chinchillas looking cute.

Dingoes, Deer & *Dik-diks; Dolphins doing tricks!

Elephants, an *Emu; Egrets and a Ewe.

Flying squirrels & Frogs you will find; Ferrets & Flamingos, Felines, every kind.

Goats & Gophers, swift Gazelles & Gnus; Grizzlies & Gorillas; Gibbons to amuse.

Humpbacks;Hyenas,also Harbor seals; Hummingbirds need little; Hippos need huge meals! 

*Ibex  & an Ibis, and there’s some Iguanas

Jaguars & Jackals & wading birds, Jacanas.

Killer whale; a Kangaroo; Kingbirds and the Koala too.

Ligers, Lynxes, Leopards, Langers; Llamas, Lemmings, Loons & Lemurs.

Manatees & Manxes & some Muskrats; Mustangs, Moose, Macaws ; Mountain cats.

Nightingales & Newts; and a big Naked mole rat!

Otters & Opossums; the Ozark Big-eared bat; Ocelots and Orca too. imagine that!

Pumas, Panthers, Penguins, Polar Bears & *Pipits; Puffins, Peacocks, Pelicans & *Peewits. 

*Qhetzals, such bright birds to see; also a Queen snake, Queen rat & Queen bee.

Rhinos, Rams & Reindeer need a look! Racoons too, & have you seen the Rook?

Sable, Sloth & Skunks & Snowy owl, Snipes & Swifts & *Squabs are other fowl.

Tigers, Toucans, *Tapirs; and just now born. . . 

Utah prairie dogs, Uganda Kob and the only one around, the Unicorn!

Vultures, Vipers, Vixens, and more than that; a Vole & Vervet & the Vampire bat!

Walruses, a Weasel, & the silly *Wallaroo; Woodchucks, Wolverines, Warthog too.

*Xenopus & *Xerus; *Xenarthra & *Xantus. 

*Yaffles & a Yellow belly lizard; a Yeti (found naked in a blizzard).

*Zanzibar and Zebra & the *Zebu; Finally a *Zigzag and a *Zoo-zoo!

Definitions of the uncommon animal names in this poem: 
Cavies - Hoofed animals   Coots -diving birds                Dik-diks - type of Antelopes
Emu - like Ostrich             Ibex - wild goat                     Langurs -Long tailed Monkeys
Pipits - small songbirds     Peewits -shore birds               Qhetzals -jungle bird
Squabs -Birds                  Tapirs -S. American Swine      Wallaroo -large Water buffalo
Xenopus -Frog                 Xerus - Ground squirrel            Xenarthra -Anteaters
Xantus - Bird                   Yaffles - Green woodpeckers   Zanzibar -Gecko
Zebu - Ox                         Zigzag - Salamander                 Zoo-zoo -Wood pigeon

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Vanishing Animals

Listen to poem:
(African human populations are being killed off by war,
famine, disease, and neglect...much like many rare
other species...when will we pay attention and try to
help them?)

stretching out, encompasses curtains,
on distant savannas, of shimmering heat.
And animals vanish:
ibex and antelope;
elephant; grouse.
Here once, now going or gone.
And time vanishes now.
With animals gone, one has no focus.
Moldering greenery, mute,
moves mainly in wind --
pliant life, submitting to breezes,
passive in sun. Rooted in spots
not chosen or won.
Plants do not vanish.
They prosper.
We do not prosper.
We vanish, as animal,
and go hardly noticed.
A dirge, as animals vanish.
We vanish unnoticed.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2011

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BONSAI: the greening Oriental art

You Texas Cuspidata!
Not you, and not a curse:
Taxus cuspidata, for Japanese Yew!

So, don’t confuse a plant with the Ibex
Ilex serrata – that’s Christmas Holly
Or Japanese Winterberry

Butterflies, butternuts, a Buttinsky?
Shut your eyes, it’s Conocarpus erectus
(Pastor here is only saying "Buttonwood" in Latin)

Meanwhile in nature, the pines of Japan
Are dwarfed like bottled thunder:
Pinus thunbergiana

The Christmas Spirit is perennial in China (?)
Schinus terebinthifolius
(Again, Latin for another plant:  Christmasberry)

Try to bonsai gladly;
A creeper in your home or villa;
Haha! Bourgainvillea glabra

My dad called this beauty, Pride of India!
Myrtle set me right, but India won at the end:
Laegerstroemia indica

Neighbors, boyhood buddies, international relations?
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry? No plant connection:
Just Hackberry named Celtis sinensis

(c) Modified 20170417, Deo. This poem was previously published in my book in 2005 (UnAmerican Education: Poetry and Politics, by Red Lead Press)

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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Late Love

Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

Nor are you the stunning star that the Magi led.
For the over-told story of the Magi is as old as dirt
But your drowsy rounded eyes look so cunning fresh;
The kind of tools that the will men pervert.

The famous Ishtar cannot be your match
For she lured with looks in order to kill,
And Inanna may have tried to rival you a bit
Had she not been bait to Dumuzi’s antique skill.

And tired of prating about goddesses, I now must say I love you.
I know that time is so much gone, and so is my chance;
The remote luck I thought I stood some years gone
Must now be as extinct as the Pyrenean Ibex of ancient France.

Some mate told me you vowed the holy nuptials yesteryear,
The twines that no God-fearing mortal should ever sever.
I neither want to lose you - I’d rather lose myself,
Nor do I want to incur the curse that lasts forever. 

Copyright © Hannington Mumo | Year Posted 2015

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         OLD GREAT GRAND OLYMPIAD                      Acrostic

        Ocean creatures organized overwhelming Olympiad.
       Land animals appreciated, approved courtyard.
       Dreadful dragons, daredevil dinosaur drunkard.
      Great grand gorgeous gone celebration
      Rigorous vigorous rattle snake rolled, rang tail- rings.
      Elephant arrogant fought haughty hippo, won wrestling.
      Aggressive antelope attacked ants, angry *** chased.
      Tigers terrified tortoises taking gun, putting paws on triggers.

      Grey goat got gold medal galloping on green grass.
       Raccoon ragged reindeer ramping running rat race.
       All alert expert winners achieved trophies.
      Nine naughty notorious narwhales were expelled to neglect rules.
      Dear, Donkeys,Dodos, Doves, Ducks were delighted.
      Opening orison was displayed by outstanding group of owls. 
      Lame langur, leopard, lion loitered, leaped on ladder.
      Young yeti rode on yellow yak, yawned, yelped.
      Mandrill, mammoth, monkey met mouse tickling mermaid.
      Peacocks, pigeons, parrots, pelicans proudly participated.
      Immodest Incorrigible iguana irritated infant ibex.
      Athlete acrobat agitated alligators assembled.
      Deaf dumb Dog driving double-decker was declared Champion. 

                  Olympic Mania Contest by Janis Thompson

Copyright © Anisha Dutta | Year Posted 2016

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The wisdom of God is his secrets
the glory of men to seek them out
but until he understands his childhood
he will cloud insight with his doubt
With our faith we can move mountains
overcome every obstacle in our road
can leap like the ibex every cliffside
and reach the gold of the motherlode
You have placed within inspiration
and in our minds to reach for stars
the diversity in planes of learning
until we make them completely ours
I bow before your majestic truths
laws of the cosmos contains no lies
the direction of its course is fixed
its movements to create us wise
Every speck we don't understand
we will seek till its truth divine
our only satisfaction its pursuit
until its completed in our mind
Only you can heal a blind man
or repair the lepers skin
transform hearts made of stone
change a man who he is within
Only your spirit can touch his inside
beyond his flesh and bone
only you can reach beyond ones sight
and heal the parts to us unknown
You have given us a need to learn
until we dig into solid rock
we will analyze every grain of sand
until its secrets we unlock
Like the sun our fires are burning
it drives what we weld in its heat
your energy warms our universe
and all its secrets we do seek
You have paved the road to wisdom
showered its path with justice and love
the power of truth and foresight
will produce the life we vision of
Genesis 1
New International Version (NIV)
The Beginning
1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formlessand empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good,and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning —the first day.
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2012

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Striking a Blow for Freedom:Confident, Courageous and Called

Women have been battered and abused 
Since day one
Systemic domestic violence
We are so done
A movement has started #me too
That has opened up the doors
To shine a light and give a voice to those
Who say "I ain't gonna take it no more"

No longer will women be silent
Not passive in their behavior
Dauntless and determined
Like Jesus The Christ our Saviour
It's time for all women to step up
To be bold and speak out loud
That freedom ain't free
Our lives do matter, no longer to be enshroud

Striking a blow for freedom
Against our oppression
Righteous indignation
We are so now stressing
Now focused on what we have
And not what we don't
Letting our faith empower us
Falling back we no longer won't

Faithful, fearless and fighting just to be free
No more abuse, no more battery
Destined for greatness we've always known
That one will always reap whatever one sows
Now as daring women of impact
Confident, courageous and called
Striking a blow for freedom
Our hands fisted and balled

For with God before us victory is guaranteed
Feisty and forceful yeah that's We
And like the mighty Alpine ibex goat 
We will climb and scale new heights
Up the rough side of the mountain
With only one goal in sight
To eradicate our abusers
By any means at all
Women of impact # not me too
Confident,courageous and called

Stepping out on faith
Trusting in the God we all love and know
And symbolically like Jael with hammer in hand
For freedom we'll strike a blow
Striking a blow for freedom
Decisive we now act
We are women liberators
We are women of impact

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2018

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My Beloved is lofty 
              and exalted
his throne sets in the crag
              on the mountain
I am the sea that laps at his feet
his voice is many thunders
               when he sings
               my turbulance is eased to peace
he has bountifully filled my depths
his winds draw my waters to himself
where my affections are             the downpour
that fills all his rivers and lakes
which are released again to my shores
          where we are joined in perpetuity
Sun and shadow are his resting places
           he haunts the trails of the ibex
                chases the mountain ewes to the valleys
                    he walks the untouched ranges
                        I contemplate his movements in time
my beloveds heart          is the vastness           of the wilderness
           and I rest at the edges      of his boundry           
                        I wait for him
                        to view me from the heights
                        answer my waves for his attentions
                        where I caress his foothills
                        and his embrace stirs up the sands
His movements are effortless
                        ceaseless and ever awake
                         to the needs of his domain
the bounties of his devotions are
                         the true provisions of life
                         his generosity is unmatched
                         his reason always true
I am distressed without him near
he is fully vibrantly alive
and desirable of heart
                         I have found abandon of affections
                         ours is a devotion possessed of truth
realized only in a single rejoin
of voices lifted in praise
for the gifts of life with love
                           His father has given him a kingdom
                          those betrothed shall serve by his side
                           his treasury is full
rejoicing and delight are his company
his fondness with the children of mankind
                             and favor has lifted our hearts
                             no longer anchored to the depths
                 but able to soar like the mists
                              that water the valley floors
                                       able to ride the gentle breezes
where sun , earth , wind , and water
                                       have created abundance
sources     Psalms Proverbs Song of Solomon Ecclesiastes
Exodus 19 -20
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2012

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knocking in a basin filled with leaves

A potatoe cake bathing with an onion ring is an iconic sealed ring in a genuine abyss of calm. But an abyss is neither an abbot nor an abbess. For pretty tunnels created in a monastery clap link out to wave wreathed gardens bursting with hue and fauna. So a garland weave can be made into the form of a forty thousand foot ibex. And this can be achieved quite quickly. By placing bees in soldier lines. That normally has the desired effect. Oh wow. A little bean with a fruit cup is arriving. Look how sparkly the costume is. Lovely lingering linguistic lounging linking. And a stick smiling from an antique wooden chair in a mountain forest haze. Hahaha raisins racing radishes. Hahah pointed playing field. Xxxxx intellectuality z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017