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Best Hypnotise Poems

Below are the all-time best Hypnotise poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hypnotise poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Hopeful
Time to go home there’s that cursed bell
Excitement for most - for him an impending hell
A torturous journey - that takes him down life’s dark...

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Categories: hypnotise, anti bullying,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Language Of Words
You come into my world
a child of mine
of heart and mind creation
sweetly under my flair
following my soul
tracing my steps
growing to a tremendous wealth
encoding my particles.

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Categories: hypnotise, allusion, beauty, blessing, creation, inspiration, muse,
Form: Free verse
My lover artist



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© Red Fiery  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, dedication, devotion, love, passionworld, love, me,
Form: Personification
I am Bored with Solitude
I am bored with Solitude
Don’t need no more of solitude
No need to walk alone
No need of blessings multitude
New Bessy please come home

To feed yourself in...

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Categories: hypnotise, adventure
Form: Rhyme
Our Song
Haunting melodies caress the soul,
Riding eddies of spirit to enchant and capture.

Sharp notes to beckon, soft notes to cajole,
Hymns to hypnotise, harmonies to melt the...

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Categories: hypnotise, music
Form: I do not know?

I walk the night
Time for this girl to cuddle up bed..
But of course after two, I sleep like dead.


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Categories: hypnotise, 1st grade, angel, anxiety, beauty, books,
Form: ABC
the best
   and worst
     of times
haunt experience,

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Categories: hypnotise, inspiration, life, words,
Form: Verse
Premium Member En-trumped

There are many en-tities. Narrative psychologist speak of living and telling 
a story. Our lives should be as we en-live them and en-story them. We...

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Categories: hypnotise, horror,
Form: Narrative
Who, What and Why
Fanatical Clerics feed religious fervour,
by rousing fanatics to kill - as an observer
can see almost daily on the TV today.
No thought given to victims, who...

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Categories: hypnotise, angst, conflict, horror,
Form: Narrative
Daley Thompson's Decathlon
A game that made your fingers throb
And Pacman was an intriguing game
A mission of sticking things in his gob
Who could ever forget Space...

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Categories: hypnotise, childhood, funny, growing up,
Form: Rhyme
They call it Rohypnol,
It keeps your body static,
But snatches your soul,
You're dead but alive,
Sleepy but awake,
Is it real or a fake?
You don't know,
Until you're awake

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Categories: hypnotise, addiction, society,
Form: Rhyme
the peacock
The abstract hues,
The merging colours.
The confounding cry,
So regal,
Strutting with its head high.
The complexity of its almond eyes,
Never fail to mesmerize.
Its piercing majesty,
The facile expression,
And its...

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Categories: hypnotise, beauty, creation, pride,
Form: I do not know?
tropical tree frog
calamondin eyes
hypnotise encroaching prey
sucker pads advance

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Categories: hypnotise, animal, nature, rainforest,
Form: Haiku
The first time I saw you, your beauty captivated my heart,

Yet I didn’t know  that things between us would start.

The evening we shared a...

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Categories: hypnotise, lovetime,
Form: Rhyme
Depth in her eyes

Deeper thoughts written beneath
the shade of her beautful eyes, 
sight seen and is felt but melts 
me emotionally. Visions of her eyes,
yes I see like...

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Categories: hypnotise, love,
Form: Lyric
Tribute To Vivekananda
A mystic of mystics,
Made old truths sound new.

A thinker of thinkers,
When speak startle and out-think you.

A speaker of speakers,
Niether to valorise,
Nor to ridicule motherland.

A philosopher...

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Categories: hypnotise, people,
Form: Alliteration
Clandestine Sinners
Clandestine Sinners 

HE Rises against her TIDES
The perfume she wears
is bound to hypnotise
His insatiable desires
are well acquainted with
her thoughts
Uninhibitedly, he unties
all her knots
His soul coalesced...

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© Red Fiery  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, addiction,
Form: Rhyme
The flames lap and ripple,
rise into the air.
Roar their destructive power,
hypnotise unaware.

Six months have passed now,
since you went to sea.
Our babe slumbers on,
untroubled, on my...

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Categories: hypnotise, devotion, longing, love,
Form: Dramatic monologue
I'm memerise by your eyes but hypnotise by your style.

Brown sugar witha taste of vanilla this attraction is wild.

Jungle fevor I'm hearing passionate cries.

As our...

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© Dion Bess  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, lovesweet, love, passion, sweet,
Form: Rhyme
Dying dreams and Epitaphs
My eyes swept over the epitaph
tracing letter and syllable like a finger on braille
with each read the lines smudged
it all became a hazy blur
the message...

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Categories: hypnotise, art, best friend,
Form: Free verse
The Energy of Hatred
I see my faith it’s so worn and lost
At least I know this
I drink my daily cup of lust
I know I do not need it

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© Ian Petch  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, angst, introspection, life, loss, me, dream,
Form: I do not know?

Sky night, bright, alight
glitters such a wondrous sight.
Comes alive with vibrant moon,
the midnight hour approaches soon.
Starlight dances in these eyes 
as they scour the endless...

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Categories: hypnotise, peace,
Form: Rhyme
bring strangers close,
when deep you knows ,
our thoughts do sympathize,
closeness strangers ever grows,
though words do hypnotise,
good friends return, as well they show,
enchantment on the rise,

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Categories: hypnotise, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
Trading the Circle for the Sphere
Heaven comes to hypnotise
Hell will come to take my eyes
Whichever way, I’ll never say
Defiance tries to find some light
My betrayal always picks the night
Whichever choice,...

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© Ian Petch  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, confusion, imagination, life, sad, betrayal, conflict,
Form: I do not know?
Satellite dishes spoon-fed the sunlight,
refracted visual bubblegum to my lusting eyes,
locked in processed limbo, remote and tethered tight,
dilemma-raising visions entrance and hypnotise.
A hundred-million parasites crawl...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypnotise, mystery, science, science fiction,
Form: Verse