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Best Humanely Poems

Below are the all-time best Humanely poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of humanely poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member If Truths Acclimate Climates
Truth is a fertile feisty feather 
pushed off to the academic side.

More complex truths are climates of feathers
within which creative co-empathic minds transgenerationally reside.

Owl Medicine:


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Categories: humanely, destiny, humanity, love, nature, political,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member Politics as Unusual
soars Dr. Jane Anna Gordon,
turns our co-empathic evolving democracy project
into a verbal,
regenerative more,
degenerative less,
occasionally Elite-Pirates v NonElite-MultiCultural Prey revolution,
and even more unconsciously occasionally 
Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGenerative

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Categories: humanely, beauty, body, community, culture, health, philosophy,
Form: Political Verse

If I could change the world in more ways than presently,
Computers would not crash; nor could they ever be hacked.     ...

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Categories: humanely, abuse, animal, care, community, conflict, peace,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Love Revolution
The Revolution of Taoism

Within the evolving cultural womb of human nature's prehistoric original intent

Looked at, but cannot be seen--
EarthMother's creative womb
is called coincidental Invisible
omnipresent Yin....

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Categories: humanely, analogy, beauty, birth, creation, culture, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wisdom's Natural Home
Wisdom can be rationally and exegetically discerned,
because we syntax information through  multisystemic RNA, 
nutrition's regenerating root health development system.

Natural system wisdom transfigures mundane to...

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Categories: humanely, earth, home, marriage, nature, paradise, peace,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member SunGod's Flagrant Fertility
From Darwin, and other naturalists,
we learned survival of the fittest
as polymorphically equivalent
to thrival of the fit-in-ingest.

Hmmm,...fittest mutual cooperators
...or maybe peer-to-peer positive-to-positive
equals reverse correlative negative-to-negative communisystemic.



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Categories: humanely, culture, health, humor, love, philosophy, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Echo Time
Time echoes and resonates without language,
invests in green triumphal backdrop,
below misty blue sky,
blossomed in yellows and spindling purples
blues and flaming orange,
fragile moments of fully fertile...

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Categories: humanely, black african american, culture, nature, race,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member AbNormalOriginals
Setting aside richly incorporated through homeless economies,
we have three political ways
to compare a population's internal status:
a. Aboriginal populations,
b. Immigrants--sometimes appearing as multiculturing creolic waves,
c. EmPowered...

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Categories: humanely, betrayal, christian, health, humanity, humor, immigration,
Form: Political Verse
Blood on the Ballot
No body wants to hear it,
See it, feel it or be near it.
Even the picture of an aborted fetus;
Where would that reality lead us?

But what...

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Categories: humanely, education, life, nice, nice,
Form: Couplet
Tribute to Earthworm Dave
For the past half billion years
They crawled the earth both soil and sphere
Million trillion unknown souls
To eat and breed their only goal
Homme or femme hermaphrodite

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Categories: humanely, earth, funny, humor, humorous, science,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Grateful Dead, Deadans Diner
Welcome to the ultimately ethical food restaurant and take away.
All dishes are guaranteed dead, for all plant and animal products and ingredients.
Vegan ethics has been...

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Categories: humanely, food,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To NotNot Saint Hillary Elect
If you run into first smart 1970s feminist to become President Elect Hillary,
please relay this message,
if you would remain so kind
and thoughtful of our regenerative...

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Categories: humanely, caregiving, culture, health, humanity, humor, political,
Form: Political Verse
Farewell my Badger friend
>I sent the following poem to my old employers.  The RSPCA A year ago as the Badger was being exterminated in certain areas. ...

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Categories: humanely, animal, conflict, crazy, death of a
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Great Expectations
A pandemic Christian evangelical error
disparagingly contrasts gospel privileged scripture,
root of all-powerful faith,
with inferior and erroneous Eastern religious traditions,

Like Buddhism
and Taoist
sanctuaries of well-governed enthusiasms,
and Hinduism,
and mysticism

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Categories: humanely, analogy, green, health, philosophy, political, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Inside Outdoor Voices
Just as honesty plants seeds of integrity
so too
vulnerability plants seeds of honesty.

My primary vocation
in this my gay grandfatherly retiring age
is to parent mindbody challenged adolescents

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Categories: humanely, environment, family, health, love, mental illness,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Exegesis of Original Intent
The ugly head of the Original Intent issue
co-arises with what were our ForeFather Patriarchal Patriots
thinking and feeling to leave out prohibitions against antiChristian degeneracy,
and to...

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Categories: humanely, body, destiny, earth, health, humanity, humor,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Fundamentals of Radicalism
I know fundamentalists 
who confuse themselves with radical truth-tellers,
bedrock keepers of Allah/God/YHWH's Timeless Orthodox Tradition.

Fundamentalists are, however
prejudicially supremacist
in their idolatry of their own monoculturally True...

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Categories: humanely, culture, environment, health, love, philosophy, integrity,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Ms Liska
When I was a FreshPerson in a new higher school,
our English Literature class was delighted
to meet a new to our area Ms. Liska,
who was a...

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Categories: humanely, death, humanity, humor, life, philosophy, student,
Form: Political Verse
A Lucid Moment
Is it difficult to request a simple lucid moment?
All the treachery and deceit shocking my existence
Filled with bewilderment and disgust, I can only lament 

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Categories: humanely, faith, hope, people
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God is NotNot EcoPolitically Great
On Religion:
God is great as notnot God,
otherwise anthrocentrically distorted sense of thermodynamic balance norms
within Earth's EcoSystemic Logic and Language WinWin Network
of historical enculturation.

On Science:
Deductive syllogistic...

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Categories: humanely, beauty, health, nature, power, psychological, religion,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member CoCreation Psalm
Earth Time's song and dance
through nonexisting space,
my song
our PolyCulturing Opera,
time's co-passion story,
history and cultures of existing place as space.

Time's Blacker premillennial face
haunts richer wisdom
but often...

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Categories: humanely, adventure, birth, destiny, earth, political, race,
Form: Free verse
Two Peas in a Pod - My Self-Esteem Ruined
fire within you
devours my hopeful
aspirations…I shiver
with freezing
Give me your heart
and let me fill it
with affectionate
bliss for eternity
Countless déjà vus
unleashes in my
Don’t hang up the

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Categories: humanely, absence, addiction, angst, betrayal, confusion, deep,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member What Grows Necessary
What is necessary
to sacred grace
and secular humane dignity 
of wealthy space--
To life as HealthyRights,
and not so much MonoCulturing Wrongs?

If sufficiently encultured,
If vulnerably innocent
RightBrain transparent
with nutritional...

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Categories: humanely, future, games, health, history, humanity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Sacred Process
Images of God as active dynamic process
have evolved through theological circles,
and marched through anthrocentric political squares,
for at least as long as I have been able...

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Categories: humanely, culture, destiny, god, humor, nature, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member CIPA
CIPA or Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis
is a genetic disorder very rarely found among us.
They afflicted with this disorder have a damaged gene
and as...

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Categories: humanely, death, healthpain,
Form: Rhyme