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Love Revolution

Poet's Notes

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Love Revolution begins and ends with Laotse's opening anthem of Book III, The Imitation of Tao. However, my word choices attempt a post-millennial transliteration of what I believe Laotse may have captured about Original Intent as deciphered through observation of natural systems. Lin Yutang's translation follows (p. 101, Modern Library, 1948, The Wisdom of Laotse).

14. Prehistoric Origins

Looked at, but cannot be seen--

    That is called the Invisible (yi)

Listened to, but cannot be heard--

    That is called the Inaudible (hsi).

Grasped at, but cannot be touched--

    That is called the Intangible (wei).

These three elude all our inquiries

And hence blend and become One.

Not by its rising, is there light,

Nor by its sinking, is there darkness.

    Unceasing, continuous,

    It cannot be defined,

And reverts again to the realm of nothingness.

That is why it is called the Form of the Formless,

The Image  of Nothingness.

That is why it is called the Elusive:

    Meet it and you do not see its face;

    Follow it and you do not see its back.

He who holds fast to the Tao of old

    In order to manage the affairs of Now

Is able to know the Primeval Beginnings

    Which are the continuity of Tao

The Revolution of Taoism Within the evolving cultural womb of human nature's prehistoric original intent Looked at, but cannot be seen-- EarthMother's creative womb is called coincidental Invisible omnipresent Yin. (yi) Listened to, but cannot be heard-- SolarSystemGod's language is called omniscientific Inaudible Bicameral Octaves (hsi) Grasped at, but cannot be touched-- EcoSoul is called omnipotent Intangible metasystemic polycultured Id-entity (wei) This Holy Trinity eludes all our deductive research To balance and comprehend Zero-sum logic and economics. Not solely by its positive rising, is there light justice Truth peace; Not solely by its negative sinking, evaporates non-polynomial dissonant chaos. Squared c and e and p unceasingly balance positive and double-bind negative, continuous rising and sinking wavilinear-nucleic, Universal Intelligent Form cannot not become revolutionary and appositionally and analogically and polyculturally redefined, Or reverts back again toward cycle of entropic autism and confusion and non-polynomial reverse-live-systemic chaos. That is why RNA is called the form of EchoMe The Reverse Image of Black Hole Nothing Negentropy: Gravitate toward permacultural function and we comprehend EarthMother's womb-face mutual mentoring love and peace Follow gravity's synergetic love and you understand Cooperative Logistics in reverse of Competitive entropic Lose-Lose norms. i-hi-vei Jahve Tao We recycle and repurpose holonic Echo-Ecos of Earth looking and listening back out in at EcoSelf's humanely, culturally, historically speciating identity longing to return from where we have never left, although the road of return emerges through our dissonant fog of confusion. Each bicamerolling lens, informating incarnating karmic string-chi entity, of DNA revolving back through generations of rebirth toward this self-fulfilling moment, stretching back to Primal Relationship of sapiens branching off our ecotherapeutic polycultural Tree-Systems of Bicameral/Binary Life, absorbing DNA's refracting light sap waving and weaving back through spacetime's polynomial plasmatic Yin-fold; Golden Ratioed and Ruled (0)-sum Win-Win ecologic Codex, grace-fields of regenerating economic Commons prehension, organic vocational farms yielding optimal form and function harvest, being our Earth-bound becoming global Beloved EarthTribe Community, within each heart and compassioning mind full of nutrient Earth's Universal Intelligently Inductive In-Formation. Each death of willfulness a redemptive pledge of willingness to share each breath, life, Earth's mutually coincident ecotherapy. Holding fast to Permacultural Tao To optimally ecologize affairs of spacetime Able to comprehend Primal Original Relationships Which form interdependent chi-systemic Tao.

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Date: 5/20/2015 9:43:00 AM
Great thought well expressed via the professionalism of a poet. You definitely have it in you and I am glad I came across this one. A commanding 7 here.
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Dillenbeck Avatar
Gerald Dillenbeck
Date: 5/20/2015 9:59:00 AM
Thanks again. I so appreciate your comments and even wonder if we would both benefit by working on something together.