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My Song

~Not Like Me~ 

When you were first put into my arms, 
I begged God, to make you nothing like me 
For my sins, ask for no transformation 
This is my song, my meditation 

Look at my face 
Where has it gone, 
You no longer desire to be part of my song 

Look at my life, 
The toll hasn't been paid 
I'm the one suffering every day 

The vengeance of eternal flames, 
   sit near the empty hearth 
Burning my needs to hold you once more, 
I need you more than you'll ever know 

Now, Look at me, at the age of 73 
I have nowhere to go 
Everyone I know awaits in a place of gold 
Unlike you, you're too busy, proud and bold 
------ A different song!!! 

I sing a song, that accentuate's the mind, 
I have no one to blame, I neglected all the signs 
Hoping the rain would slowly die off 

Today here I lay, wondering where I went wrong 
I implored God, to cause you nothing like me 
I have a heart that forgives, and tries to forget 
I kneel, and I give, and I treat others with respect 
My compassion, I measured in the poorest way 

I judged my life worse than the others did 
Why did I ask ---- Not Like Me! 
For my sins, ask for no translation 
This is my song, my speculation 

The dreaded conclusion of this song, 
All I can say, "Be careful what you ask for." 
In the end, all I can say, I got what I asked for 
Someone, who's Not Like Me...................... 

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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My Heart Is Meant For You

Lights dimmed in a cool marbled hall
a solitary candle flickers
soft chamber music echoes 
and my thoughts turn to You
down on my knees 
memories come as love has gone
how many times have I begged
to have a heart to hold
a bond to build
an angel to adore
Again I beg for the courage
the strength to carry on
to lead
to live
to love
A bright ray of sunshine
filters through the stained glass window
illuminating your image
heartaches soothe as I take in your essence
and I know
my heart is meant for You

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

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My Shoes

In my shoes

Always walking in my shoes.
one step
two steps
one giant step
never the same pair
my shoes are what keep me from walking into a wall
following every sign down this echo-less hall
my shoes, come in every size, shape and color
and what's is a walk without shoes
the walk will get long, and rough
my shoes have a tie that bond with no other
you never know where they might take you

There's only one way to find out!

Enemies of mine, can't find my size.
right foot
left foot
Who are they really?
I lose a pair, I gain a pair
Who really cares!

boundaries to cross
boundaries to lead 
boundaries all around 
boundaries on each stepping sound 

Thin ice
walking on egg shells no matter the lies
dull heels upon a winter canvas sky
my size
your taste
my shoes take me there,
the excitement the knowledge nothing compares 
my shoes know the answer to every question you want to know
my shoes at times skip towards the rainbow
my shoes walk in my dreams
my shoes are every where, except right here
sleepwalking and crying Deja vu 
tired of walking in someone else's shoe
I've walked there before, I'm there now 
the mud under my shoes, tell a story
where I eat 
where I sleep
the dirt on the top, are swept when I weep.
they eat just like me
all the massive energy I store
we talk and we walk
they listen, they carry me
my shoes have no mask, 
they are rugged and non-stop
sometimes my shoes get me to the top

your shoes are running 
to my comfort zone
your shoe, my shoe have a heart beat
your shoes, my shoes ever so sweet.
your shoes are  like my shoes
just different feet

Your shoes, are not my shoes
they fit me real small 
when it comes to my shoes
Why wear them at all?


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But your lies will cease to hurt me
You think that you have finally won
But don't think I'll let you burn me

I'll sit and smile and make you think
I know nothing of what you do
But secretly I'll make you see
The last laugh will be on you

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But your decet will hurt no more
You won't see me cry a singel tear
As I watch you walk out that door

Don't think that you can go astray
And plan on coming back
I don't believe in forgiveness 
I'd rather have a heart attack

My love for you has slowly died
I buried it today
I built a wall around my heart
To keep all men away

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can break much more
They can take your heart and leave the pieces
Shattered all over the floor

Copyright © Christine Portwood | Year Posted 2009

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How Do You Make a Sick Heart Well?

Broken last night, 
 I woke up 
 Precious problem, 
 picking up 
 every part. 
I want to fix it.  
I've tried to mend  
by shooting it into my vein, 
getting in and going, 
by another lover, 
carving the love into my skin, 
by sleeping away 
the black out.
Useless things are poison to the temple.
It’s either one cigarette after another, 
or lots of chocolate, 
the sad tale goes on and on. 
But the fragile heart is broken. 

What do I do?
They tell me to, 
Rely on Thee  
It's hard for me 
I can't see, 
Although I know  
and have been very close  before. 
I was expelled from Hell, thank God. 
Entered into the sunlight. 

While the whole world  
Is in agony. 
I'm feeling happy, 
my heart feels healed,
but this is a deception.... 
it is still broken. 
Just like a peculiar disease, 
there's no cure.

Fill it, 
and deal with all its cuts and bruises...
but then all you have are scars. .
My medicine for the bleeding within...
Is to await love to call me, 
and say that everything is ok. Not to despise my needs...

Inside, there is a little girl screaming. 
And some times...there's an old lady whispering 
that she is utterly tired, and can't bare it anymore. 

Do you shut the door on your heart? 
I can't seem to do it. 
It's too powerful and pure, 
this instrument that passionately pounds within me. 
All its pain... 
I have no control. 

Do you have a broken heart? 
Do you have a heart at all?  

Copyright © Sky Lesco | Year Posted 2007

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Simple Man

I’m a simple man 
In a simple world
Living a simple life
Loving a simple girl
Simplicity such
A wonderful thing
Got a simple heart
That wants to sing

So every day 
When I get up
I simply turn on 
That simple stuff
It’s the simple things
In life for me
Because simple things
Are always free

I love to mingle
I’m kind and gentle
Have a heart of gold
That likes to giggle
Have a simple smile
Like a crocodile
And I dress so smart
With simple style

So every day
When I get up
I simply turn on
That simple stuff
It’s the simple things
In life for me
The simple things
Just set you free

I have a simple home
With simple style
A simple garden
Flowers worthwhile
Simplicity is such
A beautiful thing
Have a simple heart
That wants to sing

I’m a simple man
With a simple heart
Love a simple wife	
Cause she’s simply smart
Live in a simple town
In a simple way
With our simple kids
That are simply great

So every day 
when we get up
We simply turn on
That simple stuff
It’s the simple things
In life for us
Those simple things
You can simply trust

© Copyright K.C.Leake
15th November 2015
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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I am one breathtaking moment
I am one who is lost or alone
I am one raindrop, or one flowering rose
I am warm as the sun, or cold as a stone
I am a distant star or a meadow lark
Or one dark cloud that hovers on the horizon
I am many memories from a long ago childhood
I am today and tomorrow
I am a teardrop filled with sorrow
I am the first rainbow of the season
I have many ways to sing a love song
Or tell a story, or share the laughter, or feel the glory
I am all the colors of our world
I am a disappointment, I am a  pearl
I am all races, all creeds, the scattering of all seeds
I am a leaf who's frayed by the wind
I am a friend, who stays till the end
I am all words unfurled into the light
I am all the broken hearts and hopes lost in the night
I am all the hurt, all the anger, all the joy, all the love
I am all who believe in God above
I am all who doubt
I am all who laugh, and sing, and wail and shout
I am unleashed with wild emotion
I am silent with devotion
I lay stepping stones to healing
I renew by sharing feelings
I am a few unbroken rules, a few enchanting jewels
I am the ember, I am the spark
I am unsure, in ways that count
I have been kind, I have been cruel
I have been curt, I have been hurt
I am a poet.........I have a heart
I am a season nearing autumn
I've climbed to the top, I've hit rock bottom
I am a mother, I am a wife
I have been taking, I have been giving
I have a family, they are my life
These are my reasons to be living


For The "I Am" contest, sponsored by Frank Herrera

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Sifting the Currents

No one scoops up the vast subtleties
Of my mind's water
Quite like the hands that adore me most 
There are no holes,
No overflows, nor spills
This soul does not filter away the essence,
Does not pluck the bloom before it has shown its worth,
Nor does his powerful hands have a heart to ever remove it
From its marshy field of poetic influence

But when it rots,
He simply refuses to discard
And instead regards pollution with avid wonder
For he knows with a nod I have it in myself to teach
And I have it in myself to heal these inner hells

So when these waters flow freely again
In search of new blooms and clear horizons,
I will find his precious hands sifting, provoking the currents
Admirably never losing sight of our love's purpose

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2016

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A Good Person

Listen to poem:
A good person.
What makes a person quote a “good person”? 
Does a good person always finish on top? Not really. 
Does a good person get rewarded for good deeds?
No not in the material manner.
Does a good person deserve the best? Sure.
But so do not so good people.
Does a good person always receive the best? Nope.
But their needs are met on a daily basis.
Does a good person lie? Sometimes.
But no one ever said a good person is perfect.

I have many flaws inside of me. 
I have character defects that keep me up 
at night starving to fall asleep.

I may have many problems inside of me.
But I have a heart of gold that loves too quickly,
yet breaks too easily.

What makes a bad person quote a “bad person”?
Does a bad person always get their way? Sometimes.
Does a bad person deserve misery and 
condemnation? Not always.

Bad people aren’t born bad, they became bad 
probably gradually as they get older.
Does a bad person deserve goodness? Yes.
Everyone deserves goodness. 

I am a good person. (I finally admitted it despite all 
contradictions and self-loathing)
A good person deserves the best, yet sometimes
gets dealt the worst. 
I ask God, why?
I have heard in my heart this being said…

A good person will always face challenges more
than others because they carry the faith that
they can make it through anything.

A good person has demons but they also
have a light in their soul bright enough to
kill anything wicked. 

A good person may get ridiculed more than others
because they are different than most others.
Different isn’t good or bad. It’s just different.

Am I different? Maybe.
Am I normal? There is no such thing.
Am I a good person? Yup.

Will I always be a good person? Yes, Lord willing.
My goodness has rooted from a loving family.
My goodness has rooted from my belief that
the Almighty Lord, loves me…

He loves me because…
I am a good person.
I love Him because....
he made me a good person.

-Laura Loo

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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La Sirena

I long to be with you, to walk along the sand.
As the sunset shimmers, pink and orange and warm,
It dances with the waves, as I wish to dance too.
My feet in the hot sand, my hair wet with sea mist.

But I am not from there, and you do not know me.
I swim in sunken ships, you jog along the bay.
I am friends with the fish, you float above my land.
A different kingdom, one you will never see.

I see yours from afar, but I hide from plain sight.
That bit of red you see, sometimes hiding in waves,
The fireball red streak, misplaced in the deep blue,
Yes that is me my love, me the mermaid of dreams.

My lips ever so soft, my touch ever so kind.
Do you want this body, it is so unlike yours.
Scales and fish tails, fins and gills abundant.
But I do have a heart, I do know how to love.

Querido corazón, come in the water's fine.
Take my hand I'll show you, the wonders of my land.
My breasts and my belly, my arms my beating heart,
I bleed just like you do, would you like to witness it?

I will always love you, if you do not love me.
If you do not see me, hope to envision me,
I will appear in you, I will be in your dreams.
Hold on to me darling, together forever.

Copyright © Mariah Lopez | Year Posted 2016

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Hinged between the family feud,
our love is forged in spite dismay.
as egos grapple rift of old,
I  know you have a  heart of  gold.

Defiance all, my heart aflame,
at statue ruins we meet again. 
This  secret  place, to us discreet, 
Like  puffin doves, we pledge our love,
For no one  else  but  us  can  see, 
our  unity  under the  willow  tree,

Believe  not that of  gossip tongue,
Not  chosen them, my soul mate  be,
I know you not, tradition seek.
For sake of honour, custom speak.

No  rule  or code or  flogging  me,
For you my  love,  my fortress  be.
A miracle wish, this feud shall  cease. 
My knight  in armour  set me free.

I long the  day  in  history,
To spend our life in tranquillity.
Submit to thee my dignity.
A life in distant far away,
lest family lead my life astray.

©Copyright 2013 M..A. Bell (alfi –
All Rights  Reserved 

Copyright © Michael Bell | Year Posted 2017

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Letters, falling apart
words, guiding no where
days are getting so dark
and I am so lost on my way!
Nights are getting Gloomy
and still I am so lonely..
I wish someone was there
just to hold me..

Moments stop where they want
People, every where, drop aside
no one carries on the way
even if you were to die..

I look around and wonder
why people are hitting hard
as if they are thunders!!
Causing the tears to drop down
as if the sky never stops raining..
Everything is so vague
hidden behind the Grey clouds..
And when I try to look through them
I get a hit back
and fall on the ground..

Even those who used to hold my hand
and raise me up, from every fall..
Now went away claiming that
they had enough from endless rose ups!

And here I am 
in the middle of the road
standing in between
Mountains and Rocks
claiming to have a heart, and being of a soul
known as" Eternity Friends"
when they are just.. "No ones!!"..

At then I remembered that
whenever I need a helping hand
I will find one, at the end of my arm..
At least I can guarantee,
that it will cause me no harm..

Copyright © MiAiM K. | Year Posted 2012

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Humanity wears a face

Do my people have a heart to go with the human race,
or is it that they just can't see the beauty in a face?
The colors seem to stand beyond, the fact that we're the same,
uncamoflaged in the war of humanity, supremacy you try to claim.
Never shall we be equal, for we are above what you teach,
you're too scared to see the truth in the words my people preach.
The only one's of equality are the one's that see it true,
the world that you're destroying, because you're not giving the respect that's due!

written towards prejudicial mentality, people detroying the world/mother nature/simplistic minds who cannot conceive the notion that all races are beautiful and we are one race combined...the human race. The world is filled with color and beauty in everything and everyone...

Copyright © amy epiphany tunks | Year Posted 2012

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Biological Egg Donor

So far it's been 35 years since I started to roam the Earth, You only stood in my life from birth until i was 11months then left me with no trace not even a word.

I try to forget about you but in my mind you still creep in, Why put me through this mental torture was I such a sin ? I'm surprised you didn't throw me into a trash bin.

At times I fall asleep with tears in my eyes wondering what was your reasons for disappearing, also wondering if you did the same to my unknown siblings.

In fact it's a whole half of my bloodline that I don't know, Did you even advise them of my existence ? How can you as a "Woman" have a Heart so cold ?

As I grew older I tried to track you exhausting many options and logic, I guess I have better chances of meeting Jesus before we ever discuss this topic.

I was raised by my Paternal side of the Family who nurtured and watched me grow, Now I found the Woman who I will soon marry God willing adopt some children and start my own Family.

I am not poor nor am I rich 1 thing's for sure I will never be like you you disgraceful Witch, The pains you have caused me I would never wish on another since you decided to run and go in to deep cover, I'm glad I don't have to refer to you as a Biological Mother.

By: Shawn Muñoz

Copyright © Shawn Munoz | Year Posted 2016

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Don't Hang Your Dreams on Me

There's no use in hanging on to something that's not yet real
So kiss me, baby, say goodbye; you know the way I feel
I'm not ready to settle down,but I  know you'd like me to try
So don't keep clinging to me, girl, I'll only make you cry
It's true you have a heart of gold
And you'll give it to me, it would never be sold
That might be what I'm looking for
But just for now I need a whole lot more
Baby that's all I have to say
Except maybe I'll be back for you someday
But until that day don't hang your dreams on me
Some people would give their whole life to have what I've got with you
It may not be right but I'm leaving tonight, don't want to make you blue
Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault
You're everything a woman should be
But if I hang around, your world will fall
When the urge to leave starts pulling me.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2007

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You Won't Tell Them How You Lied

Tonight it feels like, the end of the world
Tonight you showed me, you were never my girl
I wonder do you know, what my heart is doing
Well girl it's breaking in two, since you've gone

Go ahead tell those lies, to all your friends
Go ahead tell them, what a big fool i've been
I wonder will you tell them, you have a heart of stone
Or will you call them, and joke about me on the phone

Well be sure to tell them, how you broke my heart
And how funny it was, when I set down and cried
Tell them how, you tore my world apart
'Cause I know, you won't tell them how you lied

You're gonna have to be careful, when you're drinking
You're gonna have to be sober, when you're bragging
You'll have to learn to shut your mouth, when your wasted
Or everyone will no your a liar, and how your mind is twisted

Well be sure you tell them, how you broke my heart
And how funny it was, when I set down and cried
And tell them how, you tore my world apart
'Cause girl I know, you won't tell them how you lied

Copyright © George Martin | Year Posted 2007

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What  time is this
Where once we wait
Whilst questions stir up great debate
Upon this place a storm doth brew
Encroaching in on me and you
To make a stand or make a choice
Have a heart and have a voice
Be not thee fooled by lovely lies
Made to keep well in disguise
A truth thus far which few have seen
Veiled behind some wicked scene
Know what we are and why we’re here
Be not thee bound by useless fear
For power lies in focus held
In knowledge found and wisdom felt
Creative thought shall be the key
Unraveling untold mysteries
With hence unknown abilities
Bestowed with light we’ve yet to see
Transform a world of pain and hate
Into grandest dreams create
This time, this place 
No more we wait
Through storms of violence, fear and hate
The very catalyst we need 
To know the truth which sets us free

Copyright © Sara Ray | Year Posted 2009

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Precious and Rare

A friend that is sweet, lovable, and kind; is someone who is awfully hard to find. It doesn't matter if the friend is young or old. The most important thing is they have a heart of gold. After they make people like that, they break the mold. Someone like you is somebody precious and rare. It's so good to know that you really care. I would like to have you with me everywhere. inspired by another member's poem

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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At Once Into Blind Empty Space, At Once Into Her Arms

At Once Into Blind Empty Space, At Once Into Her Arms

How can it be
Something so unwittingly described
Can break me
Remake me
Turn me to the sorriest of fates
And still fill my heart
With this happiness of late

How can she wound me so
Yet heal all the injuries I have ever known
With her existence
But alas, not her presence
Which sifts its way so tenuous
So tender through my thoughts
The merest pin prick and point of a feathers touch

Settles such a succinct telegraph of love
Nestled sleeping it was
Always in my heart
She wakes me but shakes me to wishing dreams
To disregard the alarms of early birds
And curl forever in the warmth of sleep
Where I lay always next to her

How do I survive without her

When everything I am
When everything I am is wrapped and entwined to her
Though I live and breathe
The indrawn falls upon my empty
And every expression, which defines me
Troubled and at peace inside me
Soars on every possibility of her

How can I fly so high
But still be dashed and dragged to these rocks
How do I fall so shattered
And yet still be constantly reborn
Struggling through a morass of unrequited kisses
Yet gliding free on the ripples she sends
With those same unfelt and untested lips

Parted so, yet her spirit prevails
I feel the wish of her lashes softly closing her eyes
The sliding soft comfort of her embrace
As she takes and holds my empty hand
And all the caution in the world
All the alarm of early morning birds
Cannot halt my rushing head long
At once into blind empty space, at once into her arms

How did I have a heart
Without you
What life was there
Where soul
My love
Who was I
Without you

And though I live and breathe
I expel each breath on the empty
But every expression which defines me
Is bursting with firework delivery 
Colours in the night so laughing
With the unknown embrace of how you love me
And how I so desperately love you in return

( My friends
  The soft and compliant daggers of love
  I know you know so well
  Sharp cuttings of tears
  And the ever expectant solace of their smiles )

Copyright © colin mitchell williams | Year Posted 2009

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A Difference

A Difference  © Trisha Sugarek

to have eyes
is one thing
to see, 
is quite another

to have ears is
to listen,
an art form

to have a heart
is a necessity
to have heart,

to have two hands
to have helping hands,

to love someone,
some thing,
is nice
to love selflessly,
a miracle

to have self-awareness
to have a soul

Copyright © Trisha Sugarek | Year Posted 2017

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Opportunities for Christmas Joy

It's a time to pack away your sad face,
And slow down the race
To a walking pace.

It's time remember the good life,
Put away your knife,
And do something nice.

It's a time to play your part,
By showing you have a heart,
So, others won't depart.

It's time to hold off on the advice,
And with your cooking entice,
All but the mice.

It's time to be a good elf,
Not think of yourself,
And come down off the shelf.

It's time to spread some joy around your neighbourhood,
Even with the local hood,
It could do you both some good.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017

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My Life

I wish I had a life of my own,

Maybe that wont happen until I get grown.

At my grandma's house was the place I was free,

But it look like my mamma took that freedom away from me.

Maybe my life was meant to be like this,

Balled up in my own fist.

Maybe my world is at an end,

My mamma seems like my enemy not my friend.

My whole life is torn apart,

Maybe that's the reason why I don't have a heart.

I don't have a life she took that too,

Without my life what am I suppose to do.

This is how its gonna be for the next couple of years,

The only thing that I have that belongs to me, is my lonely sad tears.

Copyright © SaQuanna Wesley | Year Posted 2005

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Wild Weather

Looking out the window
Rain trickling down the pane
Oh how the wind does blow
Causing destructive, torrential rain

Trees are bent in half
Stray branches flying here and there
Screaming wind sounds like a maniacal laugh
Brings about anxiety and fear

Houses, buildings torn apart
Twisted metal becomes a spear
My God…please have a heart
The sight around me brings a tear

The minutes have felt like hours
The noise from hell has ceased
The gardens are stripped of their flowers
The hellish fury has been released.
©copyright Juanita Torr

Copyright © Juanita Thorn | Year Posted 2013

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Have A Heart

As you bring forth joy
Do not use me as a toy
My heart is at risk

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2011

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What would it be like if I were a tree
Just how different my life would be
Standing still for years on end
Perhaps it would drive me round the bend
Back and forth I’d sway in the breeze
Then in the winter my branches would freeze
In the autumn I would be naked and bare
But I’m just a tree so who’s going to care
I’ll attract all the birds when it turns to spring
They will sit on my branches and then start to sing
Building their houses they fly too and fro
Too bring up their young I watch how they grow
When it gets cold they’ll all fly away
The sign that its winter with a sky that is grey
Alone again not one single bird
The sound of the singing not to be heard
All the little animals have all hidden away
I’m stuck in the ground that’s where I will stay
I see the odd person who’s out for a jog
Then there are others out walking their dog
Then they will stop to let the dog pee
But why do they have to do it on me
Kids swing from my branches till they fall apart
If only they realised I do have a heart
Then there are others who give us the chop
Just to make furniture to sell in their shop
I wish I could talk then I could explain
That I do have feelings and I do feel the pain
So next time your out you’re bound to see me
Maybe you’ll realise I’m not just a tree

Copyright © TANYA CANNING | Year Posted 2015