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Twenty first of October in two thousand and eighteen
Was the worst disaster poetry soup had seen
Poems wiped off the website as all the poets slept
When the disaster unfolded many poets wept.

Some had spent hours composing their verses
But no backup made, the air soon filled with curses
Contest entries too vanished without trace
Sponsors left fuming they had nothing to place.

And the beautiful comments people said about you
Into a cyber space black hole they all vanished too
The next night the poems, to everyone’s dismay
Returned to the site, ‘twas like Groundhog day.

Some blamed the Russians, some blamed the C.I.A.
Others wanted revenge for what happened that day
But do rest assured, soup said “have no fear
Free membership for everyone, for a whole year”

Now that’s a kind act I’m sure you’ll agree
Remember worse disasters have happened at sea
The moral of this verse is to remind everyone
Make a backup of your work when it is done.

(This did happen, not sure about the free membership though lol.
But it is a wake up call; always back up your work.)

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Table for One

Insistent starkness claims a leafless day
Where morning breaks with silent calm and dread
The slope of field is framed, behind the glass
reveals a fallen tree, with jagged edge
and grassy hills now laced with autumn rust 

Inside we find a plain and cheerless room
The table sparce, an empty chair
A plate, a knife, a saucer, without spoon
One empty cup, will wait for no one there...

Ambiance of what has been, 
 ...still lingers in the air,
as amber glows, with threats of snow,
are just a hint, instead

Lonely hours, and lonely days, and lonely shadows blend
The endless songs of yesterday, slip in from window's ledge 
A meager meal will spread upon a table set for one
Where breaking bread alone without a friend
is companioned by a solitary end 

The angled sun, casts shadows deep and long
A somber mood, reflects this quiet calm 
Upon the walls, where gardens grew, are faded memories 
where yellow blooms of yesterday, are just a step away

Where, once were two, who loved and knew their sun would rise again
There now is one who sits alone the table set for one 
Where hope has gone, when morning comes...
                                       to sing a lonely song

Based on the Painting by Andrew Wyeth ... "Groundhog Day"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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A Silent Song

"A Silent Song"

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Blessed or cursed
Morning shave
Coffee please
Write a verse
Remembers last night’s dream
Grabs a napkin, spills his spleen
Shoves it in his pocket
Walks to work
Sits at his desk
Carries on as usual
Chats on with the new study, 
he’s on a roll, softly flirts
Quietly, silently, it always works
Groundhog Day that’s the worst,
Where’s the breaker to dive under it all
Every now and then a Tempest is called for
A heavenly thunderous squall
Just to shake it up
Move through the strung out long day pall
Cover his mirror with her fog and all

All the while
He’s talking it up, little work day dramas
Meetings minute cutlass pen thrust
Business as usual, balls to bust
Still underneath it all he’s thinking the stories frame by frame
She whispers out of nowhere ethereal in his brain,
“The best story is yet to arrive, it’s only the middle of the day…
maybe some gold glitter, a Llama and a Toucan that sashays?”

Empath on his knees by midnight
He’s writing melancholic love songs
The words are tight, verses short 
Not long, he’s thinking Turtle Doves and short skirts
That won’t work…
scrawls it out, writing’s gone with the wind, 
The best words for the story don’t take too long
He listens to some music, thinks of her and sings a new song.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Dreams flourish dripping words
black on white her familiar screen
pounding faster like raging horses hooves and heart beats
bleed vibrant colors mystic legions of wars and lovers
a foreign sovereignty her mind and wily covers her pageantry
Her eyes the windows of her world
Wings beating flying free 
Cages broken, horses hooves racing hearts
She follows him on another shore a dream by sea
Praying prophecies
Empath on her knees

Two very different minds
Free to be

(Lovejoy-Burton/Feb 2018)

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Groundhog Day

This February will not usher spring,
wisteria like grapes hung on their roods;
more pewter shadows does the season bring.
Now I've misplaced all the beatitudes

to lambent grasses flocking on the mount
as spring green creepers tendril up the posts,
the lilac blossoms teeming like a fount
of amulets to stay the latent ghosts

that haunt as far as April with their rime.
As Puxatawny Phil goes under ground
I've six more weeks of gelid hush to mime
the turgid verses of this numbing round.

I rummage blessings as the winter girds,
yet somehow can't remember any words.

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2018

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Groundhog Day

Deemed significant culturally,
a fantastic and old comedy
is this film I love,
which is the tale of
a weatherman played by Bill Murray.

This weatherman Phil has been sent
to cover the groundhog event.
He’s so hard to please,
and that’s because he’s
an arrogant cynical gent.

There’s a blizzard and Phil’s forced to stay
in Punxsutawney for one more day.
He awakes. Something’s wrong!
“I Got You Babe,” the song
by his bedside is what he hears play.

It’s the same song from the day before
when he woke up at six. Out the door,
he goes onto the street.
Things repeat and repeat.
This is something that he can’t ignore.

In a time loop he’s stuck! Each time when
he is hearing “I Got You Babe,” then
that man, once so vain,
begins going insane.
Groundhog Day comes again and again!

When he understands that there won’t be
any punishment whenever he
does anything wrong,
it isn’t for long
before Phil behaves most crazily.

He drives reckless and binges on beer.
Since tomorrow will never grow near,
he drives right off a cliff!
He would not do that if
there were hope, so he’s lost all his fear.

There’s a woman that Phil’s come to know,
and he talks to her every day, so
he can learn more and more
how to make her adore
him! His feelings for her start to grow.

With his efforts to win Rita’s heart,
Phil begins to appreciate art.
He learns French and to play
the piano! Each day
in the townspeople’s lives he takes part.

Seven years come and go. By year eight,
Phil has changed. But will this change his fate?
Knowing everyone’s needs,
he is doing good deeds,
and in Rita’s eyes, Phil’s looking great!

It’s his last Groundhog Day when Phil learns
his life’s lesson. This time his world turns!
Through the great power of
unconditional love
and his good works, a NEW day Phil earns!

“I Got You , Babe” plays next to his head.
But it’s NOT Groundhog’s Day, for instead,
Phil wakens to see
true love won! Rita’s with him in bed!

March 27, 2018 for the FAVORITE COMEDY MOVIE Contest of Alexis Y

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2018

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Groundhog Day haiku

white skies . . .
a grumpy groundhog

© Connie Marcum Wong

*I wrote this a few years ago, but don't think I ever posted it?

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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A Girl Called Fate

He never had the luck
nor the down of an evanescent duck,
in this world where the dice is thrown
just another gamble which side of the track.
In his mission statement, he declares
is my love wasted?
A love never returned
yet oh so tired of giving,
in this his life down half way lane
where constantly with love he finds a “Cul de Sac”
his groundhog day,
oh where the embarrassment is just too much.
So life you’re a b*t*h
casting each day unjust spells this condescending witch,
on the net he tried oh God for years, tried
to workout the plot
but i’m no ***** star, he says
well hung i am, not.
So to you, my fair lady, keep your glow on
I’m looking forward to this our first date,
although history reveals, i’ll come across like a fly in your soup
restricted there, where i cannot swim,
hoping it will not be a disaster,
just, another plunge into love     
what is your name, i declare my ignorance
Fate she says, and i am aware of your plight
there is some one for every one
i am here to guide your way into love!

© Harry J Horsman 2013    

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2013

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Groundhog Day

On the Firth betwixt Carlisle and Deep Creek
  so the crown is worn and the trumpet blares!
A King and his Fool of common fates speak
  merrily unconcerned in the affairs
of tomorrow - and gaze at its wonder
ship lanes in the Hauraki Gulf yonder

Bootleg tapes and bottled bootleg liquor
  play and fill a cloudy jug of gut rot,
and makes the eyes roll and heart beat quicker!
  But when "Reds" run low mate, what have I got?
The Bowden elixir of death snake oil -
bitter brew to make your sphincter recoil

Drinkin in the gaze of Lord Ted and Ma
  like two shags on a rock gettin blinder;
and satisfied that of the twain you are
  the monkey and not the organ grinder!
Still reelin from some big-**** bad karma
when in tears we watched Big Mama Jama

In the cold war of wits first salvos fire
  when hostilities end a sober truce;
yet to score cheap shots is not my desire
  but reason and nuance are of no use!
Do not strike an heroic stance with me
lest you, unarmed, become a casualty

On the truth serum nicely sedated
  I endure till I can no longer cope;
I've maligned, I've impugned, I've berated,
  and I know where to stick that telescope!
Some say his eyes are like a blood red sun -
I say he's just a freakin loose cannon

We ponder and pose simple ethics lost -
  the politics of fashion, the treaty,
the foreign invasion and count its cost -
  the cricket, the ponies, and the rugby!
We lament the great rise of aged realism
and greater fall of youthful idealism

Man of mythology - my cyclops friend -
  one-eyed puppet master of time and tale!
Like a piñata, you will twist and bend
  till a reality blow from Trestrail.
When this yin and yang circus is in town
I am the ringmaster and you the clown

Just me, you, and the Philosopher's Stone
  seated at the table of the long knives!
'Tis the kitchen cocktail hour twilight zone
  till a Liquorland liquor run revives.
Two time travellers with no place to go -
older and wiser and simpatico

So roll a "Drum" and in the hedgerow piss!
  Rip a can, save the world, and theorise;
and if we become boorishly remiss
  so be it, for cut barbs are but a guise.
Now rewind back Masterpieces for me
and play again "One More Cup of Coffee!"

The Mind Contortionist and the King pause,
  my cupbearer grows insanely cocky;
and when you ramble in great clueless cause
  all I can think of is "Jabberwocky!".
We are old bookends of contradiction
but sadly dude, up your end is fiction

Do give yourself an uppercut in hopes
  a clever sparrin counterpunch to throw;
I'll dance and jab and you'll stagger the ropes
  and watch you go down for the count old foe!
No Marquis of Queensberry rules for us
and it's back to our corners with no fuss

Verily one for the road turns to four,
  then there's the billy to boil till we part.
It's late, I'm weary, I'm stood at the door
  and I'm hopin my freakin car will start!
Off home to sleep off the anesthesia
and wake at noon in my sweet amnesia


                  May 1996

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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Eyes looking back at me

Gazing into my bathroom mirror
My eyes looking back at me
Anguish and misery, all i see
Years just like groundhog day
Never seeing it any other way

Life is meant to be more than this
If only a genie, grant me a wish
We all experience pain this is true
Grant me the strength to see this through
Please is this never going to end
Save me from my misery

Luck sometimes comes your way
Giving you hope a brand new day
So I am now home and all is good
Settled sorted as much as one could
A quiet moment, inhaling it all in
Know that i am here and this is real
Knowing this day hasnt been a dream

Never to be taken for granted
Not once, where i have been
Now as i gaze into that mirror
I like what looks back at me 
My eyes see a new chapter 
Of endless possibilities 
The sky has no limits
New space longtime seen

Copyright © Shaz Cheesman | Year Posted 2012

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Fatal Attraction

"Fatal Attraction"
The letter was typewritten IBM Selectric, No final salutation in italics “With love”, but it was there nevertheless invisible electric “VC” Bleeding Bold Black thick cursive stroke With knife point calculation An arrow hit it’s bullseye A flourish with intent A nicotine stain at the bottom of the page Thumb print Mixed with a blur of Faded ink The type punched into the page By a spinning silver ball a small deadly bullet able to repeat repetition repeat repetition and hit it's mark At lightning speed from brain Falling onto the reader’s heart Like pounding black rain “Finding an ounce of good in that….” the third para read, “Is like finding one grain of sand in a Sea of Mud… Close the door now, walk away, before it is too late” His words held a certain power But not strong enough to contain The breeding rabbits running loose In my brain This was LOVE wasn’t it, For all time, a soliloquy, a a brave, yet stupid Statement not a wary question And there was a certain danger in that A final rebellious act To not heed sage warning Make my stand against childhood And a parent’s worthy pact Dangling one’s heart over the edge Holding onto the Other’s stories Holding onto Hope, hoping for Victory in the face of lies and fallen Glory Walking barefoot On the Other’s razor’s edge Holding on was the balancing act Raising the slippery bar higher “Saying your sorry doesn’t mean you’re sorry” Hailstones like fists hit your face Your gut's winded dodging ghosts Perhaps you thought you’d win the race You thought you were escaping High quality paper, thicker than most Stiff, proper, not white, sometimes mistaken for "A pale shade of yellow", he said once in jovial debate over the breakfast table with strong black tea, no sugar and cream buns, “The colour's brave. It’s ‘Buff’,” we all laughed, I said, “Like naked, unafraid?” I kept the letter, It was read again, years later, the words were like some prophecy to put a person firmly in their place In the fatal hours When one looks for lost grace Purple flowers spreading Over skin that’s no longer thin A Balancing Act and like Groundhog day it never ends it just begins Chapters broken are recipes for your Winter season With a growing belly Something new punches you from within Walking barefoot On the Other’s razor’s edge Sharp as a tightrope Invisible where it doesn’t show In the heart Purple flowers spreading (Lovejoy-Burton/June 2018)

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Phil speaks

Phil speaks

Before the winter sun
can open its eyes,
The legendary Phil
emerges out of its lair,
Members with hats and tuxedos,
Predict the long winter
If he sees his own shadow,

If doesn't see shadow,
early spring is ready to burst forth,
Brings festivities
of food and melody,
Misinterpretation can call for
a death penalty,
February 2nd, the Groundhog Day !

Written Jan 29th, 2015
For contest by John Lawless

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2015

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Movie Mayhem---and I'm Exhausted

"American Grafitti" took me back again to High School in the 1960's
"Back to the Future's" nifty hot rod took me back in time and almost left me!

"City Slickers" took me way out west, to rustle cows and ride a horse
"Da Vinci's" code, did not bode well, the Vatican did not endorse!

"E. T. " turned out to be my friend, we peddled bikes far past the moon
"Forrest Gump" shared my lunch, and shared his chocolate just past noon

"Groundhog Day" is darn confusing, is it Monday or is it Tuesday?
"Hannibal" is one cruel dude,..........he sharpens teeth so he can chew me!!

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" invited me to toast their wedding
"Jaws"  invited me to take a swim!   Those who did, were soon regretting!
"King Kong", was one poor ape who climbed too high for past mistakes, 
"Lincoln" had too much at stake, but ended war between the states

"Mummy 1" and "Mummy 2"   made me cry for Mommy,...PLEASE!
"No Country for Old Men"...but young dudes look, and want to leave!

"O' Brother Where Are Thou?"  escaped their chains to play like Ringo
"Psycho's" bathtubs scare me silly, my next motel will be Flamingo's

"Quarantine" because I'm sick? If  I stay in bed, they call me lazy
"Rosemary's Baby"...yikes that kid? Babysit....?? Are you crazy?

"Superman" claimed that he could help me, but flew away with no advice
"Titanic" hit a piece of ice, (that Superman was not so nice!)

"Unforgiven" (now is Superman)...Clint Eastwood is the slicker guy
"Valkyrie"'s plot has thickened...Let's all poke Hitler in the eye!

"When Harry Met Sally" I was jealous....her cafe' scene has made me blush
Xanadu had me roller faster, while I'm dating

"Young Sherlock Holmes" was just a kid, I kid you not, he met his Watson
"Zoolander" 's slacks were Cuban made..  I borrowed some and they were awesome!

(and I'm exhausted!) 

For Cyndi's exhausting ABC contest!! Whew!

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Oy Vey, Another Groundhog Day

“Let go your hold
Your hands are cold
And it’s getting old
When I am un-holed
My soul’s been sold
So they can behold
That a marmot’s found gold
Since they think I’ve foretold

And cast a dark spot
Or maybe not
Coz all I got
Is a long shot
See my nerves are shot
Since I don’t know squat
And danger is fraught
If I show what is naught

Yet they still seek
Punx Phil’s mystique
And ask that I speak
But I only squeak
Then they’ll all peek
At my chubby physique
Of which they’ll critique
Plus there’s still six more weeks”

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2015

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To Believe or Not Believe

~~~to Believe or not Believe~~~

Groundhogs are liars, they do not know

If Spring is here or there'll be more snow

So remember Groundhog day

They're just in it for the pay

While they put on their prophetic show

for Linda Marie's February Funny Bone contest

Francine Roberts ~~~ 31/01/2012

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2012

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Groundhog Day

 (a double Memento form)

Midway between the Equinox
of winter and the spring
a prophet most unorthodox.
For weather, Phil's the king
of seers.

He lives on food you'd feed a dog,
each winter has one goal:
to sleep.
But February this small "hog,"
awakes and leaves his hole
to peep!

And though there be no clouds, no rain,
his shadow's something bad
to see!
Into his hole he goes again. . .
For six weeks, winter-clad
we'll be.

But if no shadow should he make,
oh joy! Above the ground
he'll stay.
And no one cares if Phil's a fake.
The critter is renowned
this day!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Did You Win

 Use it against them. Im still in my, I can see the double dream happening. Everyone is happy because they want u to leave them alone. Yout inner soul is your GPS, but again it gets to the point where you want more so you are chasing a high a feeling of no problems and no worrying of anything. Chasing hi= utopia land of good feelings. 
Everyone keeps saying, well i could have, i could have but i didnt do it. Quit talking about it. There is a war in my brain telling me to stop but continue its slow brute war continously fighting. I see from the outside now. This place is a large trap waiting to bring you inside. Night Brings Creature comforts, nice women nice weather, everyone is happy but it is a trap. You are stuck in this world or really not having it but oh so close. Tomorrow or the next day. It will happen, they continue to say but when no results come, it is always you know i could have if i wanted to but i didnt. Walking down an Endless road. Everday feels as if it was groundhog day. Ek is very confused on why Ek has a bruise. OPening a door at the house, fighting another guy,and football are the options. What is really the truth? Are you living a continous ground hog day and memory dump? It is just so weird, I want out or do I? Ek can not keep the words from flowing out of the mouth. Operation is compromised. It was done to make the appearance seem what it is not but it is killings in the long run. I have to stop it from leaking out. As my head reads the screen from left to right, my body becomes glued to the seat and I cant move. Time races and the meter runs up. Concentrating hard as the words begin to flow more and more, time continues to fly and I cant focus anymore. I can still see the sweat rolling down my face. EK turned on the faucet. Words pour out tlike water as people are left to die from thirst. Millions of gallons of water has not leaked out but with time a million will seem like 2 dollars. I am beginning to wonder why I can not move. My feet are submerged, my knees now. I keep reading. The Night Bringing Creature comforts begin to listen harder to Ek and everything that comes out quenches their thirst. Ek is blinded by the bright faces seen. What Ek cant see is the mirror held in front of the Night Bringing Creature comforts. mirrors hide their true identity and reflects something else. The water is up to my chest now. I see I can leave and I do. As I'm outside, I look in to see Ek has ran out of water. He knows. He prays.

Copyright © greg bell | Year Posted 2013

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Unquotable quotes - X

Unquotable quotes – X

A beautiful wife gets to changing husbands as she may.
An ugly wife gets to keeping her husband out all day every day.
A plain-looking wife doesn’t give a damn any either way.
A happy wife gets to watching her children in carefree play.
A shrew gets to driving her husband round the bend at the end of the day.
An adulteress gets to infecting her children every other day.
A nymphomaniac gets to making her husband out to be a gay.
A high born wife gets to sleeping somehow out in the hay. 
A gay wife gets to making a harem out of the honeymoon day.
A loud-mouthed wife gets to keeping all her neighbours in fear away.
An over-aged wife gets to making her husband look like he was in her pay.
A frigid wife gets to making her husband out to be an impotent lay.
A dumb wife gets to keeping her husband without a say.
A saintly wife gets to thinking she wakes up every day on Groundhog Day. 
A heftily-backed wife gets to thinking her husband hides in her bay.
A baby-faced wife in bed gets to making her husband look the other way.
A bored wife watches corridas on the tele on a rainy day.
A sad wife spots the hairs on her husband’s head turn slowly gray. 

 A chaste wife is an empy church or temple where no one goes to pray.

 A wise man gets to keeping well out of the way of wives and husbands in dismay. 

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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-Table for One-

Insistent starkness claims a leafless day As morning breaks with quiet brown and dread A window frames a fallen tree, displayed, with jagged edge, A severed crown that rests upon the clay The scene inside, imparts a brooding air A room is sparce, without a chair, but hint of hushed despair Desolation is framed and trapped by winter's glass, instead Simplicity and loneliness finds a table set for one Will someone there alone break bread again to a pensive dawning view? The early angled sun casts shadows deep and long A masquerade of warmth, imparts a deeply chilling flame A melancholy mood reflects of Andrew Wyeth fame Upon the wall, a garden grew, with flowers wild and free Today a faded yellow memory, of how it used to be Where once were two, has now dissolved, denied of greener days Now holds a room of solitude and a table set for one And a chill through window glass will crack, a lonely, winter song
------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by Andrew Wyeth's Painting "Groundhog Day"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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The bleeding Machine

This world is ours
If we put our heads together thats cleverer
The Media pins the masses down like wrestlers
Biased to the westerner
Showing of the worst of Africa
Reporting Ebola to Malaria
But missing out the beauty
with intentional duty
Recording wars and mass hysteria
They show the poor with bowls on the floor beggin like Oliver
Like they are unlucky
BBC stands for Blacks Built this Country
ITV stands for I Try Very  hard to keep propaganda out of my yard
Scaring us because
To them a revolution would be scarier
They want our melting pot to boil over
Putting us in the middle like Moldova
Controlling tax paying dogs
Different breeds of terrier
Groundhog day, CD skips, Playback Error
Same phrase everyday 'War On Terror'
They want to fight a word
They must think i'm dumber than i am
They have transparency in their NWO plans
Young Ukrainians dying by Russian hands
The Kremlin is too deep into the elitist pockets
Who are we to understand?
What reasons ring true for invading neighbouring lands
All we see is the devastation of the bombs after they land
War all over our world
I don't need a revelation verse to see
Your better with a Holy book than TOWIE on the TV
Move Teflon minded take nothing literally
Believe half of what you hear... none of what you see
They fly bombs over seas for war creates a sea of cash that we never see
Billions of dead bodies floating in the sea from past War
Through the eyes of the World i see misery
As the media work for the Elite 
And graciously **** you and me

Kirk Jones

Copyright © KIRK JONES | Year Posted 2015

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February Funny Bone


There once was a famous foreteller A groundhog, (a cute little feller)! February was cold So he came out and told.... “Come join me! …It’s warm in my cellar!!”
............................................................................................................................................ For Linda Marie's February Funny Bone Contest By Carrie Richards 2/2/12 (Groundhog Day!)

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2012

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Everywhere Signs

It's too easy to point fingers
When there's plenty of blame
To go around
Time will eventually separate
The compassionate that don't have an agenda
And the publicity whores that jump
On any bandwagon
That is "controversial"
And gives them another reason
To overcompensate for some childhood trauma
Real, forced or imagined for
As long as the cameras are rolling
And the money spigots are flowing
The villains will always have fare weather friends.

Don't send the ill equipped
The fragilest of egos to battle
Particularly ones that need to make their own footprints
Instead of following their fathers
Cause real life ain't a cartoon
Murder plain and simple
And this isn't Groundhog Day
Let alone a lifetime of second chances
To make the right decision.

Don't think that you can
Just leave a kid to his own muse
Without any direction and discipline
And believe that he'll turn out just fine
While you're living off the government dole
Or come of the blue illegal otherwise
And suddenly come cause you see
Dollar signs floating in the sky
A father doesn't bolt
At the first sign of crisis
So, it was inevitable that two unrelated
In every way would meet on a gray November day
With fate seemingly in their hands
I would certainly hope
That given the chance again
The end result would be different
Where were you and I?
When they needed us the most?
Could have we changed the course?
We buried our heads in the sand
So, we're surprised with the ending?
The damage was inevitable
And now its done
Suddenly we given a damn now?


Copyright © eric ploscik | Year Posted 2016

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Almost Tomorrow

My darling dearest lady
tomorrow is near,
the weather will bring showers
of teardrops I fear.
Your lips will not be smiling
eyes not there to shine,
for I know that tomorrow
you will not be mine.
Today one of memories
nothing else to do,
only kisses you gave me
to stay with me true.
I’ll love you for evermore
till that of God’s sign,
then I’ll fight to remember
days of divine wine.
Within my heart a candle
‘tis all I have left,
feelings that will never leave
weave your warp my weft.
It is almost tomorrow
for here I succumb,
wish upon a groundhog day
tomorrow won’t come.

© Harry J Horsman 2016

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2016

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Lost in my head, where'd I get my point of view?
parents? friends? the news? muse's interviews?
The more places I go the more I'm confused 
About what's wrong, right and ultimately the truth
What things mean to me don't mean that to them
Religion, ethics, values, all from a manger in Bethlehem
God must've been bored to have so many pseudonyms
Everything's arbitrary like a dream deep inside of REM
Open your eyes, can't you see it's all just a game
Oh to see through it all is sweeter than aspartame
go ahead, tell me, I'd love to know your stage name?
And how you cope with your self-inflicted shame?
tell me more, tell me who you'd like to become
let me guess, it's based on making an income?
I already graduated but I'm far from an alum
one thing I know is there are few rules of thumb
No sir no, mostly just rules of succumb
Motivations rooted in whispered expectations
Force fed sedations disguised as occupations
Answers to questions with no explanations
Confirmation biases, no need for citations
You're scared to die? I thought you had salvation?
So reincarnate me into anything's offspring
I'll make figure 8's thru infinity like tying shoe strings
Because it's hard goin' home after seein' some things
Like so many people without homes or any things
Or students who walk an hour round trip to school
While we argue over who can use whose stool
Maybe it's Groundhog Day or always April Fools'
I just wish we hadn't forgot Preschool's Golden Rule
I'm withdrew yet in tune, I'm pro-world view
I'm anti-GoPro, pro-Go, just choose and do
Because literally you have nothing to lose 
Maybe this is just a case of a realist's blues
Regardless, I'll be smilin' on this amusing cruise

Copyright © Zachary Alvstad | Year Posted 2016

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Shades of Change

A person’s life is in varying shades of change.
However, at times the plans are not prearranged.
Sometimes our journey seems to have lots of mistakes,
Even when you know in life there are no retakes.

At times a life can get stuck in unfamiliar limbo,
With a heart so troubled, you don’t feel the wind blow.
At this crossroad, you have to get down on your knees and pray,
Because He is the only one that can show you the way.

When life does resemble a monotonous “groundhog day,”
You have to get off the treadmill, unless you plan to stay.
Thinking of someone besides yourself may help your disposition,
And might just promote renewed ambition.

Some people say that change is a good thing.
I wish we could know before what it would bring…
You have to trust God in whatever changes take place,
And He will be there for you in life’s obstacle race.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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26 Stitches

26 stitches is my life. Hardly got a family and no room for a wife. Don't ask questions that you don't want to know. I have already buried myself but where he only knows. Afraid of the consequences but to numb to change. I might open the book but I'm too afraid to turn the page. Tomorrow is another day but to me it never changes. Stuck in this Groundhog Day... Just another 26 stitches. I don't know why they stand beside me. It must be love. But since I lost my brother self-loathing has become my crutch. 26 stitches are how i live my life. The only one who can intervene has since taken his own life. 26 stitches i will forever be. I will see you in heaven, hell or somewhere in between.

Copyright © Derek T | Year Posted 2009