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Best Greyhound Poems

Below are the all-time best Greyhound poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of greyhound poems written by PoetrySoup members

with passion’s brilliant mediocrity
we sparked a flame with tragedy
it was our common fantasy

what a candid lie we chose to sing

while watching worlds were turning
we rubbed...

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Categories: greyhound, betrayal,

Premium Member You Cheated Our Son
I didn’t mind when you left me.
It was time to split; I agree.
We had our life and it was done,
But why’d you take away my...

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Categories: greyhound, sad, sontime,

A Cloud
A grey cloud in holes
flew in the sky alone,
headed for its dole
all the time along.

Brilliant sunlight spots
fell onto the ground.
Jumped as little balls,
run as a...

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Categories: greyhound, nature,

A Salty Dog
On the rim of the glass, there is salt all around.
This makes the drink different from a “greyhound”.
Take either gin or vodka mixed with grapefruit...

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Categories: greyhound, drink,


Faces and suitcases with little rumbling wheels.
The seat is hard and littered with yesterday’s paper.
How can...

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Categories: greyhound, allegory,

Premium Member RED RIVER
rivers of scarlet
flood across the USA
packed greyhound bus leaves



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Categories: greyhound, political,

Toothles her tail began to switch,
Tuppy said “you’re too old, just stay a bit,”
Tuppy rode away to where,
A knocking stick a Roo would...

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Categories: greyhound, adventure,

AKA Personality

You love seeing things how they used to be,
looking key thru a one-way, funhouse mirror
Your own mistakes, you never seem to see ...
a cloudy future...

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Categories: greyhound, allusion, emo, psychological, word

My Walkabout...
The nights were long
and my days seem short
had to do something
so I left my port

A one-way ticket
on a greyhound bus
a compelling journey
inner feeling must trust


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Categories: greyhound, adventure, introspection, nature, peace,

A Winner at Last
I owned a racehorse that was renowned,
as only fit to be knackery bound,
bit it’s not a disgrace,
for it won its first race -
although inside the...

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Categories: greyhound, horse,

Premium Member Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter Dance

He told her “don't you worry”, but he'd be a little late.
He promised when he made it home he would take her on...

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Categories: greyhound, absence, beautiful, dad, dance,

Premium Member The Clouds
Buoyant on the North west winds;
Shredded clouds expose a half moon eye.
An eye that stares cautiously at
The hyphens of cars below.

Stratus sunsets trace the highway,

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Categories: greyhound, life

Premium Member Baseball Trash Can Cats Vs Downtown Stray

Here we are fans this fine summer day,
to watch Trash Can Cats, versus Downtown Stray.
The field is grand in this deep wooded glen,
pitchers are warming...

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Categories: greyhound, baseball, fun, poetry,

Premium Member What I Accomplished Today
The bright sun chasing night awakes me with delight
Arising from my sleepy state is a terrible plight  

Dragging forth to brush my tangled pressed...

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Categories: greyhound, life,

Premium Member Jessica Casey - Part 2 - Seven years later
Jessica Casey the punters dream- Sequel to Shy Julie 

They came from near - they came from far
Bus ferry and train and some by car

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Categories: greyhound, family, feelings, humorous,

Premium Member Leaving On A Jet Plane
As I soared at forty-thousand feet strapped in the aluminum-tubed aerie,
Racing through my skull was a tune made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary!
They made...

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Categories: greyhound, humorous, travel,

“The wheel is come full circle.” William Shakespeare

The clock tick-tocks!
The tables have turn counter clockwise.
The knowledge would be known.
Life is only given once.
This is what...

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Categories: greyhound, bereavement, betrayal, change, faith,

Premium Member Grit And Guts On The Gridiron - 2
Pittsburgh, hammertown, Chuck Knoll and his boys
established the best Superbowl Era dynasty
with the "Steel Curtain" defense and the "Blonde Bomber" Bradshaw,
a defense disciplined on shrapnel...

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Categories: greyhound, america, sports, war,

Words on strike
Words on strike/ 
Words on strike/
Overcrowded words on strike/ 
Like a swarm of bees/ 
Words group hug to fish-hook the parliament’s mind/
Holding placards on the...

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Categories: greyhound, adventure, africa, courage, peace,

Premium Member The Joy Of Flight!
Ah! For the good old days when flying was a breeze!
When one could check a bag and board a plane with ease.
Now, air travel has...

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Categories: greyhound, funny

The Silliness
Homey eyes of peasant stew
A cozy-colored mossy mew
Stony cottage, snowcheeks bleu
The forest fins for frosted fruits.

The warmest thought speaks crumbly bread
A partridge purr puffs through...

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Categories: greyhound, fruit, language, love, nature,

The story of two different highway drives
But it all amounts to a strive
The event is a Greyhound male bus Operator named Jeff
The Female Trucker being...

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Categories: greyhound, adventure, beautiful, beauty, business,

Paid Time Off, 
it is time to explore.
Bus ticket in hand,
route carefully planned,
the engine begins to roar..

the greyhound slices across the terrain,
in the rain.
Slipping and...

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Categories: greyhound, lifetime,

Sometimes everything seems fake to me, and I am so tired of people acting like they remember what love is. 
Everyone says it. 
“I love...

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Categories: greyhound, life, love, girl, words,

When love was innocent
Innocent Love
The 10th grade-I was hurt, had a lot of pain I wore, thought that everyone could see it on my shirt, I felt incomplete,...

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Categories: greyhound, adventure, basketball, boyfriend, character,