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The Wind

~~The Wind~~
Look into my eyes
Follow me into a world of ecstasy
There and only there
Will you find the peace to unwind

Beautiful brown eyes not blue
Shady lids, stunning  ocean view
Embracing every word 

Hear the wind whispers your name
Come with me
Drown with me
Into the abyss of loving rain
Embrace this moment as I draw you in with words
Release you with the warmth -------I was there

I Share--I take
Into my arms
I am the charm
Around your neck
Around your wrist
Listen to the voice from my beating heart
It yearns
The freedom of touch
The freedom of speech. 
Of love, 
Of purity
Like the wind
I'll find my way
Into your heart
Arouse the cheerful energy
Of your insecurity and pen
Follow me into the sea
There we will fall into the deep
Build sand castles 
Around dreams of reality
Slip into my aura light 
Set to the rhythm of the oceanic night

Now, listen to the breeze
It's called out your name
It's only a matter of time----------------
You'll find yourself calling out...... mine

by: PD
Dedicated to all my loving friends & fans :-)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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Who Am I

Daughter of Mary and Louis (Named after my late grandmother ) My name is Charmaine a name originated from latin Charmaine means -a song Eldest of two siblings Wife and Mother Born and raised in the sun-kissed land of Malta (an island in the Mediterranean sea which is politically westernized yet geographically in the southern part of the European continent) Baptised as a roman catholic (with believes rooted in love and forgiveness) Friends describe my personality as amicable and funny (I love to laugh at myself to make others happy ) Till I get to know a person I might keep distant , even act timid and shy . Friends describe me as humble , yet I can be extremely stubborn. It is said that I'm affable, trustworthy, and good willed Honest, hardworking, warm and kind . I describe myself as a child trapped in a woman's mind A little girl who is extremely sensitive many a time. I trust only with my eyes wide open If ever deceived I erupt in a volcanic catastrophe which fades in a short time. I am a day dreamer, a night dreamer My shadow is lost in the moon's eclipse I float on cloud nine occasionally without a will to return (My X-mathematics teacher would obviously confirm this) I am a hopeless romantic ( Cold Unromantics may find me challenging or boring ). I am scared of rejection, and abhore prejudice . I hate hypocracy, medriocracy, and burocracy. I shed my blood for democracy. I believe in freedom of speech until that speech won't provoke the freedom of rights. I am against fundamentalizm, extremism and anything that suffocates 'the voice' . I condemn divisions between rich and poor. I love life, and all that is beautiful. I love birds, animals and flowers I love mountains, rivers,ocean , and all mother nature I love exploring the world , and all that is adventurous . . I am a loyal follower of Maldena Gandhi , Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther king. I love cooking, art , music, and words. I love reading a good book, watching a great movie (Preferably with tishoos in one hand, and chocolate in the other ). I love sailing away from concrete worlds, far from buzzling sounds of nightlife. I love all seasons, Spring with fresia's perfume, Summer with late walks Autumn with cinnamon spices, Winter with Christmas-lights and snow. (Ah yes,How I love Christmas ). I love all simple things , like a cup of English tea I love making my house a home. Be surrounded with those that I care for such as God , friends, family, or be in my own silence reading sweet poetry. Charmaine Chircop - nee: Brincat Born : 1st of May 1977 Star-Sign : Taurus Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite flower : Daisy Margarita Favourite author: God This is a revised repost, inspired to repost it by a running contest of Catie Lyndsey, and the wonderful bios I've read here, thanks. Not for the contest

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2016

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Just A Note : Freedom Of Speech 9

Freedom of speech is a fundamental need that is to be express and achieved Yet it should not rape human rights or violates others ' beliefs.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

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JE SUIS CHARLIE -- Afterthought

JE SUIS CHARLIE — Afterthought

The shock of this most frightening tragedy is practically beyond 
the pale of any reasonable or adequate attempt or effort to explain
it or to rationalize the horrible circumstances surrounding it.

Let me just say that all of us who are writers and poets ply our
poetry, “our intellectual wares,” if you will, in a common written
medium that expects the same unrestricted level of freedom of
speech and expression exercised by those extraordinarily brave
artists at “Charlie Hebdo” who were recently murdered in cold
blood by self-styled Islamic extremists in Paris. 

It is also equally saddening and deplorable that some courageous 
police officers died in the line of duty defending these freedoms 
as well as some other security people and hostages caught up in 
the midst of these most terrifying circumstances. 

The heinous actions perpetrated by these armed extremists
destroyed innocent lives and affected the lives of a number of
loved ones whose burden of sadness and tragedy is unimaginable. 
Their actions also were an attempt to strike at the very heart of 
those sacred freedoms that all of us who live in open societies and
democracies cherish as part of our everyday lives. The armed 
extremists, by their actions, also personified and demonstrated an
obvious affectation for barbarity, stupidity, ignorance, and cowardice 
that were all on ample display as a result of what they did.

Freedom of speech and expression are among those certain
historic inalienable rights given to all of us by the divine hand of
God himself, and certainly not by the generosity of any government 
or religious group (regardless of faith). The brave souls who died
at Charlie Hebdo, died exercising this most sacred franchise.

The point I’m driving at is this: Those extremists who committed
these most reprehensible actions of recent against their fellow man 
did not win in spite of their collective efforts to destroy lives and to 
sully these precious freedoms that all of us as writers and artists 
hold so very dear.

The outpouring of emotion and sadness in support of these slain
heroes in the face of this most despicable crime is quite compelling, 
and underlies the continuing determination of all of us who love
and cherish the freedoms of speech and expression to continue to
speak out and to exercise these sacred rights without reservation.

With all of this in mind, I humbly and proudly conclude my narrative 
to all of you here by saying and echoing as loudly as possible:
“Je Suis Charlie” . . . “I am Charlie.”

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 10, 2015)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Does not the pen yield its ink unto the bare page,
For expressionism to spill forward expelling inspirations
Liberal curve, it’s the power of freedom of speech is
It not.
How many have died for what they believe in,
What weight in blood soils, have these brave
Individuals has cost in life’s causes of the justice
And righteous.
These voices sounding can be heard even though
The flesh flame has been extinguished, hope light
Flickers in the darkest corner of silence, and it’s mighty
Winds wave can still be felt amongst the living.
Know one stands alone in a justified cause, if the truth
In the written words is spoken out loud, and is proudly
Bared by the author.
The next generations seeks our kindling fire, to inspire
There small embers to burn more brightly let us encourage
Such raw fuel to ignite, not smother it by smug self righteousness.
Set ablaze the pages of the future generations, let their inspirational
Spark spread, setting the very heavens a fire with enlightenment's torrent.
In this world we are given the gift of speech, thought, and wisdom,
For what other reason but to share the best of ourselves with others,
It is the gleaming light that sizzles in the eyes of the human spirit,
And severs us from the beast of the fields, and it is called Intelligence,
Compassion, and the freedom of speech.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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Listen to poem:

One of the true ways 
to remain in captivity is to keep silent to avoid your captor’s 
hostility and confusion

A penny for my 
thoughts has provided me with the ammunition 
To fight for what I believe in, though anything I say can and will be held against me
I choose to make freedom of speech 
my solution

I was once told 
my opinion isn’t worth One Red Cent
is why I choose to Put Two In


Less we all start standing together 
we will continue to stand on fake pedestals 
waiting to loosely dangle from transparent barb wired nooses 
perpetuated to slowly drain our 
blackened melaninated 

The electrical current 
drained from our nodes as black chains keep us from binding 
grounding us separately to current-seas 
keeping us 
blindly taking a part in the regression of our own race 
while watching the progression of another 
from virtual black bars

We are 
a new age of vanguard 
yet still the last of a quickly dying breed of signal switches 
tuned in to emit static on frequent-seas 
vibrating universal tones of data as 
broken receivers

A network of broken satellites 
disconnected and separated by false beliefs 
the mystery of our history and the constant backbitten cackling static 
of the dream killers and 


We are misled misleaders 
who have grown to fall for everything 
yet only stand for ourselves


We are the 
least expensive as items on the worldwide market
 with the most expensive dreams 
easily bought
 yet we and everything we’ve once owned almost 
impossible to be reclaimed because of the lack of value we have for our fellow man 
so we decrease the longevity of our lives on 
worldwide shelves


Are we 
the only included, exclusion, 
captivated by an enemy intrusion, 
that uses their captors, social, economic and political pollution 
as a means to overcome the fear of our 
negativity ignorance and 
doing the enemies work for them 
by loudly promoting putting each other down and killing each other 
as a solution to captivity and applauding our 
House slave efforts 
as well doing?

Only the 
mislead would keep perusing
this ill-gotten plague of self-genocide that leads to the doors
of the broken scales of justice and 
unavailing her prostitution 

With the 
faces of paper presidents who weigh more than those with
leaving the words of truth 
to be pounded into worthless coins 
and gathered together to make political bills that lead to our 
persecution, imprisonment, and 

Where is the proof of this 

The fact that
we even have to say Black Lives Matter 
is the chocolate pudding this 
proofs in

I was once told 
my opinion isn’t worth one red cent 
is why I choose to put 
two in


Copyright © AC Benford | Year Posted 2016

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freedom of speech?

are we free to be free
when it comes to poetry
or do we have to pay a fee
for our popularity
are we free to just be
or slaves to the jealousy
that allows us all to see
who belongs here honestly
can we agree to disagree
or give in to hypocrisy
this is not a simple plea
but a bold statement to you from me

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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The Media

Reporting the news has changed so much from the past
I cannot even remember when I heard a good news story
It started out years ago slow, but has it ever grown
I wonder how long this type of thing will last?
They say that it sells, blood, guts and all the gory
Is that really the reason, if the truth was really known

Graved diggers they are, they are digging graves deep
Showing "dirty laundry", in hopes that it will never come clean
Reporting the rotten, no more than a scandal sheet
Make an innocent person guilty, so they will never sleep
Twisting word, so they do not sound mean
But like hungry dogs fighting over a piece of meat

Freedom of speech, a right that we should all hold dear
Freedom of the press, to inform the public, not to destroy
Journalism with integrity, the ways that it used to be
To make facts available, not every effort to smear
To read in the morning, sit and enjoy
While we still have this freedom and are still free

A right that should be used, not abused
Or something that government want you to say, because it is politically correct
Something that makes common sense, not cause mass hysteria
So that all can understand, not be confused
One day this right could be taken away, we cannot forget
This what I think that we need in our media

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2009

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Heaven Is Not A Democracy

Heaven is not a democracy
There is not freedom of speech there
There is not majority rule there
There is not racial purity there
There is not economic inequalities there
What a beautiful place it must be

Copyright © edward johnson | Year Posted 2017

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"A Rose From Heaven Grows"

May we always address dis-complacency, the vacancy,
And remove all opposes, to our roses,............................................................(Acts 18:4-6)
Here at Poetry Soup, completing love’s 100% loop, in our soup,

For an authentic rose, from God it grows, always knows,
It’s own heart, from which it grows,

For authenticity’s, dis-complacency
Displaces a rose, from which it grows, then only heaven knows,
A rose, from which it grows,
Then it tis the mind’s dis-complacency, from it’s own heart,
Then does it’s part, hid from it’s own heart,
Redresses the rose, then rose begin an oppose,
To it’s heart, from which it grows,......................................(II Thes.2:3-5) Ego mind persona

A displaced rose, is still a rose,
By it’s own authenticity, it still grows,
As the heart, still does it’s part, from the very start,

For it  tis the mind, lost in it’s wilderness time, must realign,
With beginning of time, love of heart’s kind,
For it  tis,  redressing of mind, with heart’s beginning of time,
That undresses the rose, from it’s dress of the oppose,..........................(II Timothy 2:24-25)
For a rose, is still a rose, from whence it grows,
Not death’s oppose,

Like a tree, grows from inside itself, you see,
From an higher intelligence, to be,
That being,  from it’s own heart, it’s love of start,

Like a dog, is a dog, not a hog,
Tis  it’s central intelligent being, does it’s seeing,
Not it’s bureaucracy of fleas, hidden in it’s leaves,
Nor living in the hairs of your scalp,- Yeeeeeap!
Taking their ease, if you please,

As a nation, we have bureaucratic fleas, living in our leaves,
The fleas are in control, should a flea be so bold,
To tell the truth, tis growing old,

Should a parasite raise our taxes, should the parasites waxes us,
In our town hall meetings, try to ignore our pleadings,
And begin their elite minded proceedings, 
By saying we are criminals, and it they are the emeralds,
Tis our freedom of speech, being bleached,  under siege,
Should not even a dog own his own fleas, guys pleeeeease!

Our government is not a party to our rose,
They are opposed, to our rose, the fleas that grows, 
From the power of our rose,
In our leaves, if you please,
A parasite, out of sight, must take flight,

Tis their complexity, the hex, no flex, too complex,
Will bring our nation to it’s knees, so please,
Use your voice, of choice, 
Our fleas have become to numerous, to humor us,
Not a plus, but like a rust,
Our fleas in charge of us!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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Freedom Vs. War

Tonight is the night I fill the sky
With pure scents of Jasmine and Anise 
Tonight people shall rest in peace
For no one shall be a worthless spy

Your dream shall never come true
You are nothing but a shadow on a wall
For you are always in the blue
Even lightning and thunder make you askew
You see, I am the energy people need
I am the one that waters the seed
Without me, the world is nothing
Without me, news will be boring

Ha! Is that what you think?
People treasure me deep within
For I am their twin
I am there writing ink
Haven’t you heard in what you call “news?”
How many repeat the words of “Freedom of speech?”
Behold those who chanted my name 
Recording the pages of history
Celebrate not you treacherous monster!
For the people shall rejoice once more

I shall never let you destroy what I have built!
Freedom shall never seep into my soldier’s heart!
For they have no wisdom to make them feel guilt
I shall always have smoke ready to start
Until I demolish the sky;
until I see it cry…
The world shall collapse, turning into dust!!
Damage, chaos, and WAR are a must!!!

Today, people might not see me
But, tomorrow everyone is going to be free
I shall plant unison in today’s children
I shall always whisper into their ears
Awaiting the day where I, Freedom, shall become your fear
The day where you shall turn into DUST!!!
A spell shall be cast to banish you away
Nightmares shall haunt you as you play

Mommy!! You scared me!!!
Look out, Freedom is coming after me!!
HA! What you say is nothing but Fantasies
Fantasies that shall crush you when…
Screams are heard instead of laughter…
Bombing is heard instead of parties…
Thus, I advise you to wipe away every Hope within you
Come, join me, and we shall rule the world…

Never!! Your schemes shall never work on me!!
Enjoy what remains
For it is not more than the ticking of the clock 
That shall wipe out your existence

Though War is one of the physical influences in our world,
People might be delightful mirrors from the outside
And an intruder with a gun deep inside
Never nod your head in agreement to one who seems kind
For in the end, the idea of a friend dies with the wind

Always stand up for yourself and do not Always agree on what it said

Copyright © Sara Zahed | Year Posted 2009

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The Feminine Flames of Freedom

Freedom does be a common thing for the common lot
Freedom does be our given due
Freedom of expression, freedom of speech
Freedom of choice, freedom of thought

Freedom does be crucial for all of humankind
But it does be more so, specially for us, the feminine species, since we are dolls
Dolls made of fuss
Dolls being frail, dolls being easily used and abused

Freedom does be for us, the right to say no
The right to voice out our fears
The right to be taken into consideration
The right to be taken on board, on the same boats as the men

Freedom does be for us, the right of respect
The right to see life from our own perspective
The right to make a mess and regret
Or the right to make a mess and feel wonderful about it

Freedom does be the reverence of our own bodies
Why, is it a must to make babies
If we wish not to,
If we do feel good as we are

Freedom does be the right to peace
Indeed, wars and battles do be our fort
But peace does relieve our inner voice
So much that we do cherish it so much

Freedom does be the right to ignite flames
Should we deem it needful to
Should we deem that we are being threatened
Or even if we are being cheated upon

Freedom does be the right to be ourselves
Modern girls in a modern world
Girls free to drink, to dance, to walk as we do deem to
Girls free to love, to hate, to feel, to cry and even to laugh

Freedom does be a thing so common for the common lot
But for us dolls, we do have a price to pay for freedom
For controlled we always are by those other beings
Those beings made of ego and lust, who do claim to be so superior

Freedom does be everything
Freedom does be the cause of life
Freedom does be it
Freedom does be made of feminine flames!

Flames of freedom,
Blown by the prevailing winds
Shall reach each and every corner of the world
Indeed, for such do we all await!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon | Year Posted 2016

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Never say Never:

I never knew, I had the strength to write these verse
I always thought silence was a gift
But to believe that freedom of speech is an art of expression
Is just the beginning of happiness?

To have the courage to express one self 
Learning to understanding you
Is the key to inner peace?

I have always been a coward
Afraid of my own thoughts and shadow
Dancing in the dark 
Afraid of the crowd

Sleeping in the corner
Sneaking away 
The first to finish 
Last to start.

But it’s my destiny to write these lyrics
To allow my voice to tell you a tale
I have always been afraid to write what I felt as words never came easily.
I walk with a frown and I am always falling down.

Tired of getting burn
Always on the run forever holding the gun never seeing the sun
But today am putting my feet firmly on the ground.

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2010

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A Little Knowledge

We are judged by lies, by someone else's crimes. They think they know so much but "a little knowledge" is dangerous stuff. They can't forget the past, forget what others did to them to make the truth appear so dim. So now we must fight or be in dark light. Give us people who are strong, who know right from wrong, those who can see beyond the surface, who are proud to fight for truth, for freedom of the mind and love of a different kind. Stand up oh ye brave hearts! Let freedom of speech ring! Much knowledge too is a dangerous thing. By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: Jan. 8, 2018 "All Rights Reserved"

Copyright © Carole Duet | Year Posted 2018

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Mirror Of Life

I am standing in the bathroom looking out the window 
looking at a mirror of  myself  pinned on bulletin billboard across the street
what God created
I must admit that I am pleased with the outcome
Because it could be worst
Two sides of creations
One God made
Second profile that I created of myself on earth 
I am please with both accomplishments
Life is what you make of it
It could be worst 
I have the right to tell
you politely to take the right door and stay out of my life
Freedom of speech
Some say watch what you
say to certain extent
So what's the since of
having this amendment if I still
have to watch what I say
Humans can make mistakes
Humans can also correct there mistakes
Humans can choose to move on to the future
Only  you can change your own direction in life
I said only you can change your direction in life
Pick up those bags of past stones
Demolish them forever forever forever

Copyright © Shaniki Smith | Year Posted 2017

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"Freedom To Be Soul of Agape"

A free verse is a free verse in it's beginning, 
 no matter the form of it's ending!

Free only is the verse if the verse remain free. 
 Free as in the wind blows in rustles of tree leaves. 
  Freedom as birds glide on thermo updrafts,
   over slanted mountain peaks. 

Free  as whispers of voices or  so it seems,
 in the freedom of wind through tender young 
  branches of Pine needle fingers. 

Say as one pleases in one's freedom of speech, 
  in the words of freedom’s verse as new consciousnesses awake. 

Freedom loves freedom, freedom belongs to freedom, 
 freedom has it’s source to freely give. 

Life is as free as free verse disperse. 
 O Cosmic breath, expel your consciousness, 
   I await, I listen, I anticipate. In the freedom of 
    cosmic consciousness, I begin, I proceed,
      my beginning is my end, my end is my beginning. 

All, as I dwell inside the freedom of now. 
 Life’s freedom lives in the now, like a free verse, 
  it needs no plot. Freedom to be for sake of being,
   in finding joy in being, whatever the form. 

My joy is thus fulfilled in being uniquely self. 
 Matters not the form, it only purpose is for
  experiencing the freedom of being uniquely free!

Come! Soar, with me, in the spirit of  the
 eagle's glide upon freedom love's source, 
  of a free verse disperse.

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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Satan Rules

Speak, and be heard, let those feelings be set free,
our God given right, I once heard, freedom for you, and me.

Look at the picture, some paint covered in clouds,
isn't it our right, to speak out loud?

History in high school, was taught with pride,
now all those Americans we studied about, have long died.

With them went hope, and a chance of equality,
these are the things they fought for, not selfish greed.

The Pledge of Allegiance we said everyday,
and everyone stood, as the words were said.

The Constitution was studied, and reports were made,
in front of the class the next day, we would stand up, and say.

All our freedoms that were given to us,
now narrowing down,  "help,"  who do we trust.

A prayer was given, with our heads humbly bowed,
using our freedom of speech, we thanked God out loud.

Everything has changed, now we worry about safety in schools,
shootings, perverts, and God was evicted, now Satan rules.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

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Temper Your Typing

                       You sit
         With an emotion at the ready.
                      An idea,
               For good or foul 
    You pick up pen and ready yourself,
   Thinking of what you want to release.
            The opinion is within.
                  With passion,
    You are obsessed to word what it is           
    That fires your spirit at the moment.           
      What you decide upon as clever
         May soon be released to all.
      The feelings about to be broadcast
 Are to be provided through your authorship.
                  Before you begin
                    Think on this,
                      Will it be:
                A time to be proud?
           A moment of malevolence?
      A period to graze the field of revenge
               For the right expression
             To instill the proper wound?
    Or a plea to an unreciprocated affection?
     Before you bring your ponderings to ink,
                     A bit of parental
                  And protective advice.
               Insurance for your future,   
         Offered from a caring fellow human.
                 Before the writing, think.
                            Are you
               Ready for the world to consider    
                        Your declaration?
                        It's been advised
              By wiser people than thee and me,
                 "Never put anything in writing
                 That you wouldn't want to see
                    In tomorrow's newspaper
    Or on everyone's data processing equipment."
             What you are about to expose
       Will be inhaled by each eye that reads it
                  And exhaled by each
                Spirit that interprets it.  
          Freedom of speech is wonderful.
            It gives you a chance to have
                    A will of your own.
          But freedom is not unconditional.
                 There are limitations.
                Only a certain amount
            Of the rope of independence
              Can be released to allow
            One to have their own say.
         When you set free your ideas    
             You are responsible for
                    The results.
               Just make certain      
                  The length of
          That rope of "your say",
                   Isn't such  
          That it might eventually
                Dangle its author.

Copyright © Roger Thomas | Year Posted 2015

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Black Dove

a hush shivers my spine,
it reeks havoc and I no longer speak-
I traveled back in time,
the only thing I find 
is the tapping of soft feet.
they keep quiet at daybreak,
and wipe a tear before bed-
unspoken words are insinuated
when you're hungry...unfed.

pull the plug,
shock me with paddles,
remorse comes so cheap,
when you're the sinner who reaps-
hush little babies,
don't cry when your broken,
for so much is said with 
words unspoken. 
a lonely boy follows til
he can no longer see-
and in his last breath
he whispers hello to me.

I wonder if the little birdie knows
there's no room for pain-
asking questions,
demanding answers,
driving everyone insane.

freedom of speech can
reveal so much,
as the pain of a whisper
can damage as such.
no reasons for healing,
my dealing is dead,
sanctify moments of 
sorrow before bed.

sinister and snaggle-toothed 
you slur with wine on your breath,
all lies hidden in the truth,
when you wake up lost...dead.

suicidal tendencies
stole you away from me,
tragic hushed ease,
the cruelty finally frees.
until the day arrives when
you can speak with love,
I shall hope with grace
you'll find healing from above.
fly away black dove...
           fly away...

June 19, 2017 

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Why did they fight for our freedom of speech when we as a nation are afraid to speak lead by a government that’s corrupt and weak, the future for our children looks dark and bleak?
What’s happened to this great nation of ours, once so powerful now it’s us who carry the scars more concerned with our image and fancy cars an influx of celebrity paedophiles spending time behind bars.
Young British men fighting for twisted Islamic authors sharpening their knives to behead innocent news reporters it’s time for the government to stand up and end these slaughters before more men don’t return home to their sons wives or daughters, murderers and rapists infiltrating our borders hiding behind a smile with no care for our orders.
Were no longer a nation that prides itself on earning cashing in our next giro cheque seems more concerning when’s the system going to stop giving and start learning or will it take another Philpott to leave his kids burning.
A nation of scroungers has become the impression with a work shy attitude and a Jeremy Kyle obsession happy for you to work to pay for their homes and  pocessions , while there’s soldiers  left homeless in a state of depression ?.
When will there be justice for the victims of all these terror attacks we shouldn’t have to walk the streets looking over our backs, the victims of Grenfell deserve more respect but with the government holding their own enquires what do you expect ?
It’s time for us to unite and end this frustration because after all they fought to keep this a great British nation it’s not about race, sexuality or religion we’re all one people apart of one creation,

Copyright © Sam Russell | Year Posted 2018

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Oh land of the free
And home of the brave, where are you?
Where is the torch that hearkens
The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free?
When did freedom of religion
Become acceptance of
Only one religion?
When did freedom of speech only exist
When the listener and speaker agreed?
Why are we intolerant of extremists abroad, 
But blindly follow extremists we call left or right?

When did news become fake news when it
Stated things that the listener did not like?
When did peaceful protests get vilified 
And intimidation get glorified?
When did public servants 
Stop serving the public?
When will equal justice truly be equal 
despite race, culture, religion, and gender?
Is America, the beautiful
Truly beautiful
When we close our minds
And close our hearts?
Can we be proud to be American
And hate anyone unlike ourselves?

We argue over building
Physical walls,
But ignore
The spiritual walls and
The emotional walls
That we build
To silences differences.
My country, tis of thee,
My sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I plead.
Love your neighbor as yourself,
Forgive others as you were forgiven,
Clothe yourself in compassion, kindness, and humility,
For that is what will make America 
Great again.

Copyright © Rachel Kovacs | Year Posted 2018

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The right to speak

Listen to poem:
Don’t speak to me of freedom’s loss
Free speech that treasured jewel
Lives cut short the human cost
How governments misrule 

Its not a crime to have your say
To speak about the truth
Your silence is to high price, to pay
Make sure you use that polling booth 

Mandela spent many years on a devil's isle
And women died to gain the right to vote
Many soldiers  fell  in wars, defending your lifestyle
Don’t make freedom of speech your scapegoat

No ones ever died from listening , to the spoken word
But many defending the right to speak
to deny the right would be absurd
never punish those that dare to speak

Copyright © stephen pennell | Year Posted 2018

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My Country Tis Of Thee

White stars, red and white stripes.
	Blue for loyalty.
Waving in the wind, instilling pride.
	Reminding us of pledge.
		Apple pie, Chevrolet, John Wayne.

Viet Nam, Gulf War, 
	Freedom of speech, freedom riders,
                               Free to think, free to be the best we can be.

Texas, California, Iowa, from sea to shining me.
	State pride, rawhide, courageous side.

A cultural mix unheard of before the Pilgrims landed, and the Natives
                      Took pity and helped them live.

Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 
	Germans, French, Italians, Scots, Swedes, African Americans.
		All Americans, all united in that.

911 Hero pride.
	Sacrifices.  Pride to all of us, they were Americans.

All for one, a nation under God, my Country Tis of Thee

8/27/2018	  My Country Tis of Thee Contest                 Sponsor:  Brahn Bailey

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Immigration and Naturalization

As I struggle memorizing the rights or freedom

I found
The right of freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly and requesting change of government
The right to bear arms (the right to own a gun though subject to certain regulations
The right to trial by jury in most cases
The people have  rights other than those mentioned in the Constitution

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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Can't they understand that its just too much
You post or tweet but what you write you watch
Bullied by lawmakers into censoring one's post
Exactly the thing that we hate the most
Reason flew away when they made this law
Carelessly ignoring that it has a flaw
Reminding us of the days of Proclamation 1081
Ignorant lawmakers forget that those days are gone
Mindless of the freedom of speech that it would kill
Entirely forgetting that this is against Juan's will

Lawmakers who passes law but does not think
Adieu to you for your careers will stink
Wait for the next elections and watch your vote count sink

A new law against cybercrime was passed in the Philippines and it took effect last Oct.3.
This law includes a very vague section against libel and in effect it is going to curtail online freedom of speech or expression. Filipinos are against it and are clamoring for an amendment. If you are wondering about the name juan which was used in this poem then I'd like to inform those from different countries that Juan refers to the Filipino people.

Copyright © John Boak | Year Posted 2012