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Best Fox Poems

Below are the all-time best Fox poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of fox poems written by PoetrySoup members

At the footbridge Sue was meeting her beau
(He was married to a woman called Flo)
Sue soon found out his deception
She dismembered his erection
For his love...

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Categories: fox, betrayal, body, humorous,

Premium Member Christmas night reflections
Fluttering beneath the newly cut
Festive green hollies,
Decked out with heaped drapes
Of freshly fallen snow,
A bold little red breasted Robin,
Busily searching,
Cheerfully hops to and fro.

Darting between...

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Categories: fox, christmas,

In search of the human mind

Different thoughts crossed my mind,
a few conclusions I could not find
The human mind has no stop!
Receiving input, danger, before I...

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Categories: fox, adventure, body,

black and white landscape
a colony of penguins ~
standing and waddling

in the oceans depth  ~
lives a black and white giant
orca killer whale   ~


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Categories: fox, bird, nature, ocean, snow,

Premium Member To An Injured Fox Cub - with thanks to Michael Coy
Today I found you cornered, drenched in cold,
your fur coat nothing but a newborn's down,
a tiny ball unfolding while I hold
you shivering. Your lacerations frown


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Categories: fox, analogy, animal, hurt, metaphor,

Acts of Aggression
         Based on a quote from Watership Down:
"He fought because he actually felt safer fighting than running."


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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fox, war,

Premium Member The Autumn Man

I think I'm getting older ~ there's difference in every way

Body doesn't feel the same ~ on an ice cold Winter's day

What's really bothering me...

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Categories: fox, autumn, men,

Premium Member Faerie Felt Awe Surrounds The Lake

Daffodil majorettes lead the spring parade
Mom fox had lured out a reluctant kit
Verdant grasses are growing lovely shade
For dainty dulcet purple violet

Gentle nurturing rain from...

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Categories: fox, flower, spring,

The Fable of the Fox and Goose
 There once was a fox, as wise as can be,
 He lived in the hollow of an old oak tree.
 Not so very far...

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Categories: fox, parody,

Premium Member - A Most Irish Fairy Tale -
- A Most Irish Fairy Tale – Merry Christmas to All

It’s not just Santa Claus who we meet in the very cold of December; 

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Categories: fox, beauty, christmas, december, love,

Premium Member Deceptions Epiphany
A lie, wrapped in deception, in the cloak of silent nights
Deception, soothing as black ink, until dried
The wetness caresses the illusion of pretenses white
When it...

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Categories: fox, angel, beauty, dark, evil,

Premium Member Star Scream
I want you to feed me my only fear,
to make a ritual of the ruddy rain I hear
deluge my dreams with Love's broken mirror,
our inspiration...

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Categories: fox, lost love,

Premium Member Jukebox Gigolo
Old Zack Adams sits a slouch’n so sloppy drunk on a bar-room stool,
Wear’n his cheap-threaded cowboy suit and a stained satin shirt.
All the while a...

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Categories: fox, abuse, addiction, allegory, emotions,

They're all here, the disjointed pointers,
to peer, to leer, to jeer. They'll dig her out.

Oh yes she hears: voices with vices, snake-slimy
accusations hissing in her...

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Categories: fox, abuse, mental illness,

Premium Member I Am An Artic Wolf
My silky ivory coat keeps me warm in the artic climate,
my keen senses search for prey in the Alaskan wilderness-
When I encounter the mighty mount...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fox, animal, life, , cute,

Premium Member He wasn't
He was an ugly handsome 
In a foreword  backwards kinda way
Silent and outspoken 
with nothing great to say

Strong with a strange weakness
Secrets he could...

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Categories: fox, addiction, angst,

Premium Member Something Strange is Happening in DC
This morning I am glued to my TV,
for something has happened in DC!
I’m scratching my head.
Am I dreaming still in bed?
They are PRAISING the President...

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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fox, humor, political,

A Cup
It started with a cup.
The cup turned into a bottle.
The bottle made an addiction.
Addiction morphed into violence.
Violence grew into destruction.
Destruction Destroyed reason.
The reason delivered abuse.


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Categories: fox, abuse, addiction, deep, depression,

Premium Member A BUSH FIRE
One scorching afternoon,
A sudden splintering sound...

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Categories: fox, animal, fire,

Premium Member A Fox Was A Kit
A fox was a kit and a dog was once a puppy.
Don’t throw a fit, but a fish was never a guppy.
A horse was a...

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Categories: fox, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Ampersand
I think with this new year
There's just one thing To resolute 
Do everything I possibly can
To show how much I love you 

I could write...

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fox, friendship, happy, love, romantic,

Premium Member Ethan The Cat
Ethan lies upon my lap,
      in sweet and tender slumber.
This happens all throughout the day,

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Categories: fox, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member When Day and Night Greet Each Other
Remnants owlish wisdom wafts through nighttime’s purple sky.
Fox settles down with her kits, against a nurturing oak stump.
Meadow and forest perform their nightly slumbering rituals.

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Categories: fox, 6th grade, 7th grade,

Premium Member SLY FOX

There you go again little Sly fox P.D.
Another game of tag and jeopardy.
Clever, clever, little fox so bloodthirsty.
Chaos roams through your veins of liberty.

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fox, adventure, crazy, cute love,

The Rabbit and the Fox 20 line Ballad
~~ The  Rabbit and the Fox   ~~  20 line Ballad
The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox are here
go down...

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Categories: fox, adventure