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What's the Buzz

If I were a fly, I would take my place
In the halls of Congress where haste makes waste
     I’d buzz the House Speaker’s ear
     Because it has become clear
The voice of the public has been misplaced

Perhaps a good buzz would open their ears
Before they explore new spending frontiers
     Pork barrel projects still grow
     Let’s Make a Deal’s a game show
This game must end now as we’re in arrears

I’d surely make a nuisance of myself
I make a heck of a pesky black elf
     Sit on cups before they drink
     Lay eggs on collars of mink
Then wreak havoc with Obama himself

*Entry for Michael Falotico’s “Fly on the Wall” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Stuck on You

I used to be free
Acrobatics in the air
I would soar with flair
From here to way over there
Fly away
Into my dreams
Free as the air that brushes by me
Anywhere I could be
Whatever tickles my fancy
I could be the fly on the wall
Or the annoying one
Tickling life and all of you
Laughing as I fly so free
Oh how I could dance in the skies
Landing on buffets to delight my eyes
Feasting on gourmet of french cuisine
Life so joyous from high in the skies

So one day my life came crashing down
You imprisoned me to the flyers pound
I could not escape you have me well bound
Now I struggle my life is on ground
No more flying, no more freedom
I am now all tied up and
Stuck on you
To my death I will hate this fate
Regretting the day you and I made that date
Landing on you was death in black
You are the one to steal my last breath
You are……..
I, the Fly

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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Super Fly Spy

On the wall of a house I might be
Owned by *Brangelina Jolie.
There’s no real reason why.
I’m just one nosy fly.
Not to mention, Brad nude I might see!

House to house in each fine neighborhood
I’ll spy like a super fly should.
An “enquiring” mind,
Lots of scandal I’ll find.
As I fly over all Hollywood.

When I tire of the “stars,” I’ll fly to
Any place juicy plots might ensue.
Just beware. Flies like me
Are as sly as can be.
Right now I am looking at you!

*Brangelina refers to the coupleship of Brad & Angelina
I'm assuming they are still together?

For the Contest by Michael J. Falotico:
"A Fly on the Wall"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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The end

Place the coins over my eyes,
and lay me down to sleep. 
This mortal coil has sprung its last,
its time for me to leave.

This time has been no time at all, 
its true they say it flyes, 
Id like to be a fly on the wall, 
to see the truths and lies. 

I was taught as a child that we die and move on, 
but i refuse to accept that is true. 
For as long as you live and as long as you love, 
i will live on through you.

Copyright © martyn oakland | Year Posted 2011

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The politician's roll

If I were a fly on the wall.
I'd dwell in the government hall.
I'd observe all  their ravings and rants.
As they determine the fate of the ants.
As they squabble, and bicker, and fight.
Their conclusions, all born of pure spite.
They march straight along party lines.
While the futures of bugs are defined.
They care not of hardships they'll bring.
When the worker bee's forced to sting.
But they'll regret, from their conscience, they strayed.
As the dung beetle rolls them away.

Copyright © Joe Inka | Year Posted 2011

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With Education you can change the world

“With Education you can change the world”

I was a fly on the wall and I saw...                                                                                                      The “discriminating few” students take many steps back,                                                               In giving values, ethics and morals the sack,                                                                                   Whilst cultivating fear in the hearts of a divided nation                                                             And rejecting dignity in search of debt relaxation.

I was a fly on the wall and I saw...							      Potential school leavers view the status quo void of hope:				                      From the “frying pan” of the challenges of OBE life                                                  Into the cauldron of the “#FMF” strife, they ponder, 			                                                                   Or the ‘opportunity cost’ of joining the UIF queue: 				           With bleak futures on the horizon, they search for a tunnel light to ensue...

I was a fly on the wall and I saw...
Two decades ago a proud nation take a forward stance,				               Shepherding an era that elevated every unified plea,		                        Touching hearts and transforming minds at every fleeting chance; 		              Heralding Madiba’s legacy of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace...

I was also a fly on the wall when Madiba said:						                   “Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world”.

So distorting the view, a discriminating few seemed to misconstrue:                                That by “Using strife to change the world, ‘Free Education’ falls into your lap”. 	                   And as the smoke clears, it doesn’t allay many fears,                                                          ‘Cause the precedence that caused many tears, 				                               Is doomed to widen the generation gap...
Ronald W. Springfield

Copyright © RONALD SPRINGFIELD | Year Posted 2016

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If I Were A Fly

If I were a fly on the wall I would
Never sleep,

I would hear all

See all

If I were a fly on the wall I would
Tell all.

No, don’t think so

You might as well forget about
The thing called sleep

I would harass you day and night
And fade into the darkness

I will eat your food and continue
To grow

Bigger and bigger I will grow

I still will retain my power to fade
Within the walls

To my safe haven called home

For this specified state I will surrender
My all

My safety is met within your walls, I
Call home

While I do these treacherous deeds

But I certainly would buy me a
Pair of seeing glasses and

Keep them free of lint and dust

I would perch my self high above
Close to the ceiling,

Your head is my target

Moon pies is my bombs

Just whistling around your head
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz

But, want it be fun?

You’ll dry your face from all the water
That spill’s and leak''s


Excuse me, 

These were not of my intention

Don’t hit me sir, please sir don’t hit

I’ll find another home just let me
Fly away



Into another wall in your house

Close to wherever you sit not to
Miss any fun

In silence I’m thinking of making
Myself a new home

We’ll make our home as we feed and
Become an nuisance

Flying and buzzing, buzzing around your

Singing you will never rid yourself of me

I will only make more of my litter

To infest your home with my off spring

Our species rise to be stronger as one

Copyright © Carolyn Sears | Year Posted 2008

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Dining In The Oval Office

Overheard by a fly upon the wall

   During Clinton's tete-a-tete with his moll

      Order extra salami

         And a tad more pastrami

            For my pizza on your next service call

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 Michael Falotico's "A Fly On The Wall" Contest - February 2011

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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She really did get this call

I wish I could be a fly on the wall,
When my poor old mother gets the phone call,

        “He’s here at the bar
        Quick bring us your car,

Your husband just got in a brawl”

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2011

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Fly on the Wall

The fly on the wall,
Hears me call,
Your name as,
You tame the dame.
You are driven insane,
Because nothing done,
Freaky with me is mundane.
The fly on the wall,
Knows your name.
The fly on the wall, 
Is eclectically entertained.
Our actions in the flies,
Mind is sweetly stained,
Because our ecstasy,
Is explained to that, 
Fly as a necessity,
And in all of its eyes,
Compoundly  good to see.


Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2011

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Furtive Fly

“Hey Bill, what’s that spot in the hall ?”
“Awe, that’s just a fly on the wall.”
“John, you seen  foreman Bob?
“No. Why? Where is that slob?
“Careful! He’s got big ears, y’all ! “

“Yeah, they say he’s got eyes in the back of his head.”
“Un huh, and he’s dumber ‘n  dirt, I’ve heard it said”
“Yup, ugliest dude I’ve ever seen in my life!
“ Sure do pity foreman Bob’s wife!”
“ I hear ya! Can’t believe they sleep in the same bed!

“Hey Bill, that fly on the wall got lost.”
“Yeah,? Where in heck did it go, Hoss?
“Psst! Here comes foreman Bob!”
“Quick, pretend we’re doin’ our job!”
“Hey! So glad you could buzz in on us, Boss!”

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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A Spy Named Cy

We have this guy who’s a covert spy.
This sneaky little runt is named Cy.
Like a fly on the wall,
this Cy can hear it all.
He knows all that goes on in this sty.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2011

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Fly Spy

As a fly on the wall of Larry's domain

I would witness first hand the cause of his pain

        Once I saw what I saw

        Larry's Mother-in-Law

I'm sure that  I'd never go back there again!

Copyright © RALPH TAYLOR | Year Posted 2011

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Advice Take It or Leave It

I once had a girlfriend to say.
Advice I can give you today.
   Don't linger inside.
   Take me for a ride.
And I'll do the same, let's go play!

For "A Fly on the Wall Contest"

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Waitress Woes-Nasty Customers

Well you're saying your steak isn't rare
And there's food stains on your silverware
You say I exude
A bad attitude
Well just ask me if I really care!

You've been nothing but trouble for me
Now you're trying to get your meal free
I've seen your type before
Let me show you the door
No you can't have a refill of tea!

Now I hear all these rude things you say
Don't you know I work hard for my pay?
I'm as good as you are
Guess I'll go hit the bar
Cos' I'm quitting this job anyway!

**for contest "A Fly On The Wall"
sponsored by Michael Falotico

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2011

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Limerick in Paradise

If I were a fly on their wall. 
And heard about Adam’s big fall.
I’d say “God please try me.
I’ll do better than he
If I weren’t so unfairly small”.

For Michael's Fly on the Wall limerick contest  won # 4

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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We all meet Friends like these and sometimes we keep them!!
Written with a bit of Jamaican Patois thrown in.

Some people when them when they start chat
Just cant stop at all
Not a word in edgeways
You are a fly on the wall
Just like a runaway train 
You wish their mouth would stall
All the world revolve round them
And the echoes from their eardrums 
Don't resonate, to their braincells at all
Impervious to the voice of reason
Tougher than a granite wall

Do they ever stop to think for a moment
That for every problem they got
There are many a solutions
But they never give you a chance
To answer them back.

Last time you were telling me
How you fall out with your friend
Instead of complaining to me
Why not talk to him
Continue with your chatter
Then tell me 'bout his mother
Sister, and a brother called Glen
But you wearing me down 
With all your problems

I have my Water Rates
Gas and electricity to pay
Already got the final letter
And tomorrow is cut off day!

Not too bothered 'bout the cooking
Cornmeal mi know to turn
But if mi have no drinking water 
Mi have no where to turn.
Cleanliness is next to godliness
ChikV on the rise
And keep spreading
Without water to keep clean
Pickney them will get sick 
And Catch germ

Mi know Mass Bertie
Is a good and honest man.
He is not a borrower 
But he will lend
So if its money you want from me
Don't look in my direction
Go and borrow from him.

My parents all use to tell me
Life is not an easy ride
As fast as you fall down
So you must try to rise
Same thing the elders told me
Same thing has just arrived
Same thing I experience
Same way you must learn
Once you suffer from laziness
Dollars you  cease to earn
If you continue with your foolishness
And don't move up a gear
Same thing whey happen last year 
Same thing will happen this year

Working hard is no science
Its brings its reward
Food on the table
And forges self-reliance
So if you have nothing further to say
Please get out of my way 
I have a pressing day
While I bid you farewell
And wish you good day.

Copyright © Reggae Magnet | Year Posted 2016

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sad ''tears''

sad the muse sleeping muse muse Calliope of epic poetry muse Melponmene of tragedy tragedy and a child mournful tragedy born in childhood cannot tell will not tell tell how this child was inspired tell why words fill her dreams dreams that swirl within dreams that torture the night on paper the child writes this paper paper paper that bleeds with words words pour out sadness words dripping deep pain a child doomed to tears sad the tears tears of deep sadness tears rich with blood blood and poems intertwined blood that the muses desire please you ask show to us show show us how to comfort her show us why she has this skill skill the Lord above bestowed skill only the fly on the wall observes a child poet little poet poet of a thousand words poet of dancing prose prose inspired by life prose elegant and beautiful poetry poetry poetry of rhyme and lyric one day to be poetry that tells a story story of a journey story of a shattered heart cannot tell will not tell tell you how the child spins the words tell how words became writing writing that leaves beauty writing always leaving sad tears tears of the innocent . . . tears fall as I realize the child dreaming is me . . . _________________ May 12, 2015 Free Verse For the contest, Show Don't Tell, sponsor, Thomas Martin First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Just Checking

A  fly on the wall I would like to be
Larry's mother-in-law I want to see
Is she that bad
Or is he a cad
Reporting  tonight on news , Channel Three

For the Fly on the Wall contest...

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2011

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if i were an invisible hood
a flight to Washington is my mood
i'd sneak into Bill Gates
snatch his billion crates
and snoop on secrets hushed by rich brood

how he snores, bathes, and blows his short fuse
a fly i’ll be primed for TIME’s scoop news
my bank book will swell
interviews I’ll tell
if Bill’s guards won’t sniff my stinking booze 


(( for Michael Falotico's "  A Fly on the Wall" Contest))

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2011

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Fly on the wall contest

A fly on Oprah's wall.
I think I'll build an Oprah mall.
All of this money
And still no honey.
I'm bored, I think I'll buy Senegal.

Copyright © Chris Matt | Year Posted 2011

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There he is again/searching...
for me - the object of his disdain/
his bete noire

Looking at him through the facets of my vision...
- He is a hulking one of them

The ones who seek to cut off my already
truncated life

Swish! a swift and practiced mano
takes aim

Lo Mein from last night's relvelry
my launch to escape

....too evasive...

Yet, my aggravation is apparent -
if only to myself

Agitated setae sit stilly upon a
bottled back

Nonetheless, I take this latest attack
in stride....An insignificant setback in this
current battle between he and I/between I
and them

Since this is a constant struggle/one that has
probably been going on since the inception of time...

I profoundly ponder past assualts from
whilom ages

Is this the Genocide that my brothers from 
another phylum speak of through the whisper mill?

For, I am also Black, but very
uncomely/I am Black, but the sun
has not made me so...


I have attained my shape, size, and melanin
through the evolutionary hand of creation

Still, do I deserve to procreate,
to be fruitful and multiply?

Each day my numbers diminish
and nobody questions why?

Yet, every attempt to exterminate my existence
is met with a well executed jete

Since hardly anyone is successful the first time

I then let the momentum carry me high
and away/until I once again become a
negroid speck on a drab canvas

....A canvas that only I can bring color to...


Fly On The Wall

Copyright © Poetiq1der Simmons | Year Posted 2014

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Fly On The Wall

Unlike the social butterfly
 I am rarely even seen.
For I'm much more tamed
 Than the rowdy teen.

Comfortably I sit and watch
 All the commotion unfold.
Listening to all the drama
 And stories that are told.

Although in the crowd
 I might feel a bit small...
No way do I mind being
 The fly on the wall.

Copyright © Mark Mason | Year Posted 2016

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That furniture at Grandma’s house has never had a;
Behind, sit down directly on it-
The plastic had duct tape overtop
Where something sharp had pierced a hole
This sofa, that had lasted 30 years… unscathed.
The sofa also had another decorative cover with
Big crazy flowers over top of the plastic.
That furniture had a story to tell and secrets to keep.
That old sofa told the walls to hush, and to never mind the
Shadows it had seen moving methodically, as the street lights
Beamed in, while the household was asleep.
The old sofa whispered to the floors to stop creaking, as we
Tipped-toed back n forth to the fridge, drinking up the
Kool-Aid in the sweltering summer heat,
A quiet breeze swept gently through the open window; 
To help Induced Grandma’s sleep.
Somehow a fly managed to get
through some small tear in the screen.
The fly was the only living witness, 
As to what went on that night.
Those were the kind of nights, that babies were made.
Sunday morning: Too sleepy for church,
Curls sweated out and "edges nappy" once again.
Years later after the plastic was hard, yellow,
And the flowers were faded.
The once bright fabric had been
Given in to the years of washing.
We gathered around in the small  
living room at Grandma’s house
Sharing stories of how we were not
Allowed to sit directly on the sofa:
And reminiscing, of making tents on the
Floor as we watched scary movies
On the television.
After Grandma’s memorial service, and all the
Aunts uncles and cousins had left.
I kept that old beat up looking sofa,
Took it to my house, and ripped the plastic off it.
To my surprise the sofa now an heirloom
Looked spanking brand new… I said to myself
“If Grandma only knew”.
As I was fluffing up the pillows and clearing out the
Coins and other debris; I noticed an old polaroid
Photo lost in the crevice of the sofa;
There it was the lost picture of me
And my prom date, now husband.
All these years we had wondered
Whatever happened to our prom picture.
Well, that day for the first time,
I sat on that sofa without cover or plastic.
I stared at the picture for a while:
Oh my, I remembered;
We had gone out to have burgers,
Paid for our prom pictures, 
And went to the after party;
Came straight to my house afterward,
As there was no money left for motel…
Excited to share this discovery, I
Waited for my husband to come home…and said,
“Honey look what I found” ...
The happy amazement on his face, priceless!
We laughed and said teasingly ... 
“Let us be thankful for this sofa
That has kept our secret so well” (chuckle)
We made love again as we had on that blissful night;
Only this time the sofa could breathe –
After which, we laughed hard, remembering
How we had decided that, the nosy fly 
{knew too much, and had to die}!

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2017

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A Fly on the Wall

It seems I may not need to be
A fly upon the wall,
For so many folks are ready to
Reveal their all in all.
Innumerable tell all books
And gossip magazines
Are ready to print the stuff that once
Was kept behind the scenes.

You can go on line and whisper
All the secrets that you know,
Or show your private moments
On TV reality show.
For a trifle of notoriety,
There is nothing they won’t say.
If you want to peek in other’s lives
It’s not too hard to do today.

When I was young, the party line,
Was the local gossip’s toy.
If you mentioned something secret,
It would fill her heart with joy.
It would come back to you the next day
And would have been enlarged a bit. 
Your sad secret is much juicier
When someone else is telling it.

I would like to have been listening
To The Sermon on the Mount,
To be sure that Matthew had it right
In his remarkable account.
Or to have heard with my own ears
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
That’s something that an humble fly
Could not appreciate, I guess.

I am glad some human stood there
Who could write it down for me.
We have the written word to thank
For preserving history.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011