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Best Flamingo Poems

Below are the all-time best Flamingo poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of flamingo poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Take Me Somewhere Exotic
The pungence of heartbreak swelters
in the tangled dreadlocks of love-lies-bleeding
Take me somewhere exotic
to breathe not the foul aroma
of disappointment and despair
Show me fields laced with...

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Categories: flamingo, color, imagery, lost love,

Magic Carpet Ride
Twisting and turning on tides of laughter,
we rise and roll with wild abandon.
Through sparkling sheens of summer rain,
those gentle gems of glistening, gleaming drops,
we fly...

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Categories: flamingo, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member Clipped Crops and Croquet Mallets
I miss so many things: the old pear tree, which once lived by the walk and the bees inside. The bees almost never stung, but...

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Categories: flamingo, beauty,

Premium Member howl beyond reason
“Being crazy isn't enough.” ? Dr. Seuss

Jabberwocky's growl
Jabberwocky howl
howl at little girls
howl at the moon
moon with your pants down
moon over Manhattan
Manhattan nights
Manhattan Knights
Knights in White...

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Categories: flamingo, analogy, crazy, word play,

Premium Member Weird Carolyn
Weird Carolyn

The other cheerleaders didn’t like football
Basketball was much easier to follow
But I got bored watching them dribble the ball
My response was hard for others...

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Categories: flamingo, funnyteacher, class, class, me,

Premium Member Aurora borealis
 Silent sighs hide inside breath clouds 
exhaled into sentimental air
as brisk winds summon twilight,
tinting innocent horizons.

Oxygen dances with atmospheric particles
creating a plethora of chemical...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flamingo, analogy, love, romantic,

Premium Member RIVER LIFE
Sailing on the sweet river Shannon.
Ireland's river ways central vein.
Sleeping soundly on a river barge.
Listening to the pit patting rain.

Stopping engine to eat each evening...

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Categories: flamingo, adventure, journey, river,

The Wild Kingdom
Brown Bear
King Snake
X-ray Fish

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Categories: flamingo, animals


Purple leather turtles
Smoking hippy rats
Gastric glands
Secrete Orange Juices
Leave my stomach
Swim in land.
Cauliflower hairy clouds
Pouring purple rain,
Heavy inches  
 Salt dry water
Sad the clown 

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Categories: flamingo, imagination,

buzzards and flamingos
A buzzard from his vantage point of sweeping lofty heights
Enjoyed a cornucopia of captivating sights.
He soared above the rolling hills, the meadows and ravines,
His bird's-eye-view...

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Categories: flamingo, beauty, bird, color,

Drop Dead Gorgeous


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Categories: flamingo, bird, fashion,

Premium Member White Flamingo
Someone once burned a pentagram outside my friends apartment 
not long afterwards, in the courtyard, he tore off all his clothes 
then silently perched on...

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Categories: flamingo, crazy, friend,

Premium Member - Is Not Hard To Love You -

Wrought in silver confession of faith and love

Completely engulfed in romantic flames

No one knows that your lips understand what it means

Higher than the soul ~...

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Categories: flamingo, beauty, emotions, kiss, love,

Premium Member Pink Paradigm
so, the chicken
 came first
with an inventive burst

no wonder it can't happen backwards
the law of physics would surrender

the concept as beautiful as new weather
and fluffy...

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Categories: flamingo, life

Three Pink Flamingos Go On Holiday - Pt1
Once upon a time as all good stories start
Lived three pink flamingos who never were apart

Flo she's the little one, who likes to tease the...

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Categories: flamingo, children, car, car, ,

Flamingo a-go-go
wings Para Para                      ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flamingo, america, bird, dance, joy,

The Flamenco

 Emotional tension fills the air...
 Lights and laughter everywhere

 A fiesta audience waits eagerly for a night of passion.

 The dance of Spain and...

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Categories: flamingo, dance, tribute,

Premium Member Romany Gypsy
With flashing eyes she did enthral
as to the beat of drums she danced
a wild flamingo with clacking castanets
her wide hooped skirt was all a-swirl

Golden earrings...

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Categories: flamingo, beauty, dance, fire, hair,

tropical topical
Taming a tropical topical tree? Taking a trunk? Telling a tailor? Traversing a tale? Many ideas. Much like the ideological dramas of a beach front....

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Categories: flamingo, absence, allah, angel, beach,

Premium Member Immortal Flame
Slay me
September sun
Hot penetrating star
Wanton repossession I lust

Kiss me afire
Spread me bathed blushing surge
Flare flies flamingo dawning sky

Contest: Late Summer Standard
Sponsor: Brian Strand

Susan Ashley
Re-edit from...

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Categories: flamingo, desire, feelings, longing, lust,

CRAYONS- the big box

yellow lemon
green apple
red raspberry
orange orange


grey goose
pink flamingo
red robin
raven raven


gold fish
blue whale
red snapper
salmon salmon


black panther
brown bear
Redd Foxx
sable sable


copper head
black mamba
red  racer
snake skin


black man
white man
red skin



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Categories: flamingo, bird, blue, color, fish,

My Pink Angels
My Pink Angel's

Long reed leg's sun dance;
exotic pink angel's stance,
sweet pink flamingo....

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Categories: flamingo, animals, nature

Country Christmas
“Country Christmas Carol”      ---  dedicated to my family

 by  Miriam  McCue (creator of flamingo art, &

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Categories: flamingo, family, funny, people, sea,

A Trip to the Zoo
People come to stare at animals there.
With no time to spare, they rush everywhere.
Moms and babies share as she gives them care.
Elephants declare their presence...

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Categories: flamingo, animal, care, life, urban,

The Flamingo
Have you ever seen a flamingos legs
And wonder about the angle
What appears to be his knee
Is actually his ankle

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Categories: flamingo, animals, children, nature,