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Broken People

I wish to be with the broken people
the get in your face challenge me people
The sometimes hidden
sitting in a dark corner kinda people
The don't you love me
I wish you seen me sorta people
People just being real people
not having to have it all together people
Them doing their best to figure it out people
dancing and singing without the smooth moves people

I don't care about the color of their skin
or what others think of as their sin
They don't need to be perfect to win
seeing and listening is where I'll begin
Beyond appearance of fat or thin
I only know what I know
I've never been where they've been.

We'll start 
with our broken smiles
It's the best we've got
It might seem like so little 
still I think it's a lot
Through life's struggles we've all fought
lessons needed learning
experienced not taught
real is real it couldn't be bought

So forget the fake people
the all about perfect hair and clothes people
The I live in the right neighborhood and drive the right car people
It's all about me, top of the hill people
They only hang out with the supremely cool people
those too important to talk to me people
thinking they're the best of the best kinda people
when all along they are merely Sheeple 
ba ba baaing, thinking they are strong instead of feeble

I love characters 
people who are unique
I look under exteriors to gain a peek
strength of lions disguised in meek
unconcearned with fab or being chic
Worth listening to if allowed to speak
the stories they tell will make your eyes leak

For in the end
we are all broken
stumbling and choking
Disguising hurt with our joking
victims of others and their poking
So look close maybe you'll see
eyes that aren't blank 
hearts that aren't empty
Who we think of as complicated
in the end might not be
They might push when others come close
yet they are affectionate times three
Each just a bit afraid and broken 
all the while wishing  
and wanting to be
A part of something
If only we choose to see
those on the fringes
are a part of the we
All we have to do 
is let them be!

Dedicated to our homeless population.
They teach us the unvarnished truth about ourselves.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Breaking Free

I feel trapped in a shell and want to get out
It get so frustrating I want to shout
Trying to figure out what put me here in the first place
Before I leave this cramped little space

Not wanting to return to what put me here
Trying to avoid my constant fear 
Of people hurting me... 
Keeping me from who I want to be
I need to realize that I deserve the best
And no longer settle for anything less

I want to escape without looking back
I want to remain on a new solid track
Happy, without fear and totally free
The part of me I miss to be

How do I get rid of this shell?
Once upon a time I knew oh so well
But now I can’t seem to figure it out
Why, where, what is this all about?

Set me free for I am stuck
Praying hard for better luck
I need to escape, this overworked mind
I need to break out and need to unwind

For now all I can do is pray
That life works out in an amazing way
For now all there is to say
Is in this cramped shell,  I can no longer stay

Time to focus on me
Be all I ever wished to be
While I’m finally breaking free

Copyright © BE Bailey | Year Posted 2015

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I don't know and what if

I don't know
I don't know
I don't know
Let it sink in
I don't know the answer
I don't know who you are
I don't know myself
I don't know how to get there
I don't know her
I don't know you that well
I don't know the next step

I don't know the answer
Or maybe I do
What if I am pretending
What if not knowing is my way of controlling you
Not having to take responsibility
What if I just want to see what you know
What if I am practicing to become a politician
Or maybe it's true 
I don't know

I don't know who you are
I would like to
Really I would
What if we spent more time together
I think that would help
What if you opened up a bit more
What if I listened more
That's not always easy
I'm still trying to figure out myself
That's right
I don't know myself

There are times I think I do
When I think I have figured me out
What if I'm deluding myself
What if I can't handle the truth
What if I need some time alone, to figure it out
What if I don't know, how to get there from here

I could ask for directions
Then what kind of man would I be
What if it would be okay, to question myself
To be able to say 
I don't know
I don't have the answers
What if like you, I'm just trying to figure it out
What if, I know myself better than I think
What if it's my way, of protecting myself

When I was young
A girl said "I don't know you that well"
Still she wanted to be with me
Not because she wanted to know me better
It was a hunger we both felt
I don't know her anymore
I didn't know her then
What if I had said no
Had not gone down that road to losing myself
What if I had waited
Waited, till I knew myself
Just a little better
I don't know
And yes sometimes I do
What if "I don't know" is the excuse I used
To do the things
I wanted to do
What if by saying, "I don't know the next step"
I wasn't responsible
I didn't have to take the blame
I could have waited
But I didn't want to

I don't know
I don't know
What if
I did
What if I do
I don't know
What if 
What if it's all nothing but a game
I don't know
Still round and round I go
What if
I stopped
I don't know
I just don't know!

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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Comrades of the Sky

Some orange- bellied birds, fork-tailed and dark shiny-winged, have made their home on or near the rooftop of our house. Swiftly, smoothly wheeling and careening, bird-whooping to each other; freely, happily they glide. . . comrades of the sky. July 24, 2016 For the Etheree Contest of Kim Merryman Note: If anyone knows what kind of bird this might be, could you let me know? I have gone online to find out and can't seem to figure it out!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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We Have A Problem

Communication has gotten erratic,
there's a lot of outside interference
Aluminum yawning creates constant static
I can't hear you ... can you hear me?
Stonewalls separate us,
frequent bathroom stalls
breaks the mood, flushes the trust
How did this happen to us?
I'd be the first to admit, we have a problem
Calling Houston, code red: Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Our love has become stale,
left unattended for too long in the marital breadbox
Inaction is squeezing the life out of us
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox ---
Our marriage is falling at terminal velocity,
time is speeding up on the self-destruct clock
We have a serious problem, dear
Do you hear me talking, tell me you can hear
We have us a critical problem,
and we both need to try and figure it out,
time is ticking down on the self-destruct clock
We have a big problem here
Calling Houston, code red:
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
We're headed for a crash landing
Calling Houston, code red: 
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
This marriage is almost dead
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Unless we find the missing answers in the black box

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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But, I Did it My Way

Lord, he tried to take me
But, you held on tight
I was lost and defeated
But, I still knew wrong from right

I knew what you asked of me
But, I had to do it my way
I ignored your silent whisper
But, the consequences, I had to pay

I was given talent to work with
But, I wasted it on sin
I knew what you were asking
But, I failed time and time again

I believed in you strongly
But, I had something called, pride
I thought it was bring me closer
But, from you it made me hide

I thought I was intelligent
But, wisdom, I had none
I was fleeing from integrity
But, I thought that I'd won

You gave me everything I needed
But, I may as well been blind
I was doing it my way
But, I was leaving you behind

My Lord, you were faithful
But, you gave me my space
It was a time of discovery
But, you put me in my place

My way, was not yours
But, you let me figure it out
I paid for my disobedience
But, now I can finally shout!

The "enemy", can't have me
But, to my Lord, I give it all
I know I did it my way
But, now, I answer His call

Copyright © Karla Null | Year Posted 2009

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Girl, what have you been writing
Tell me, how's your perfect rhymes
I bet you dance like a summer gypsy
Is there still magic in your sweet lines
Are you entering all those contest
And poets bow to your inspired skill
Is my almond eyed, moon-angel
A premium Souper big deal?

You've probably heard a few rumors
I think by now that there's no doubt
You just can't fool the Master Poets
Between the lines they figure it out
So take my hand and dance with me
Let me gently whisper in your ear
This Night Sky, like you.. amazing!
I've come home, Lyric Man is here

Your smile is brighter than the stars
Your touch moves me like the sea
Island girl.. I've just got to know
While I was gone did you miss me?
Don't answer with your sexy voice
Or tell me with your pad and pen
Let me see it in your wanton eyes
Then with your lips tell me again!

~Lyric Man

Note: I was looking for a fun, creative way to kind of let everyone know that "Lyric Man" is back in the Soup. So I imagined this romantic tale. 

Copyright © Lyric Man | Year Posted 2018

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Figure it Out

Time has come 
For me to put paper to pen,
Or is it pen to paper?
If I put paper to pen
Is it on top or down below?
If I put pen to paper
Which direction does it go?

I opt for the one 
Where I sit down to write,
Not the one
Where I stand on my head all night.

If I can't figure this out real soon
I fear my poetic days are doomed.
Looks like there's only one way to win
I'll drag out my typewriter
And start over again.

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2006

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One Fifty-Two Sixteen Two

Hey little kiddies, have you heard this story
Bout the Teddy Bear who could count up to fifty
Only problem was, the numbers weren't in order
But his Bear friends all thought he was nifty

He'd start out, “one... fifty-two... sixteen... two”
Mama Bear said he was doing just fine
Didn't want to hurt her little guy's feelings
She knew he'd figure it out in good time

“He'll learn them before he grows up,” she thought
When it's important to get numbers straight
Like when he's buying honey for his sweetie
And the store sign says five ninety-eight

At first he would count out nine eighty-five
Now that was too much for the honey
Then he remembered what Mama Bear taught him
And gave the man the right amount of money

You can find him going around counting all day
He goes, “one... fifty-two... sixteen... two”
And laughs when Mama Bear gets all flustered
Then says, “one... two... three... fooled you!”

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Love can make the most brilliant mind
Into that of a babbling idiot
Intellect and equations flee
The neat and ordered becomes chaos
Butterfly’s in the stomach
Cat gets your tongue
All your studies of nature
Made no mention of this
Trying to figure it out is a waste of time
The conclusion is harsh
And very simple,
Love just is.

Copyright © Edward Ford | Year Posted 2010

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Scream and Shout

I wish this battle would end today
I’m so tired and really must say
That if you continue
To stress me out
I’m afraid there’s more I can do
Than simply just shout
You say I drive you crazy
And you don’t know why
That I must scream, yell and cry
Well just once
You should hear me out
Then maybe I wouldn’t
Feel the need to shout out
But you must understand
There is a reason to you whys
Why you make ME crazy
And why I easily cry
And I’m not saying
I’m right and you’re wrong
I’m simply saying
It’s getting hard to go on
With this life I made with you
Our home, our marriage
And our children too
I love you all without doubt
But I can’t stand
How you make me shout
And I do not like the way you are
When you say that’s it 
And that it is YOU who are tired
For I have put in
One hundred and ten percent
And you may say you love me
But I can’t see that yet
I thought I did when we first met
But that one I haven’t
Figured out just yet
But I know this without a doubt
That the that you make me shout
Just isn’t right
And is driving me insane
As well as it is you
I can see your views
But the problem here
Is easy to see
It is a little bit you
And a little bit me
And together with family
Disaster makes three
That is my view
At this present time
Concluded from the vibes
That I get from you
And if you don’t get
What I’ve been trying to say
Then I hope and I pray
You figure it out one day
For I’m tired of explaining
Myself to you
When all that you do
Is form your own views
I’m sick of the way
I scream and I shout
When you twist things around
And put words in my mouth!!

8/14/2005 3:47 AM

Copyright © Christina Fell | Year Posted 2005

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Michael's Crotch Dance

Them dancers, singers there on MTV,
why do they grab their crotches frequently?
     I've tried, but I still can't figure it out
     just what on earth that dance move's all about.

That crotch-clutching flick of a mannequin
must be a part of hip-hop hand routine
     with nothing there that's meant to be obscene,
     but which these prudish eyes just now have seen.

But then if it's because of poor hygiene,
it's time to see the doc, to check what's in between;
     if they won't wash and scrub themselves real clean,
     like chimps with lice, they'll scratch, they'll make a scene.

But sure, they know too well what should be done:
if they don't scrape the itch, it will be gone;
     well, Michael Jackson, dance king of all climes,
     at fifty, clutches still his crotch fifty times!

Copyright © romeo naces | Year Posted 2008

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Finding yourself

You took my love
And used it against me
You destroyed my heart 
Or so you thought

Look were i am
Wishing you were there
Waiting like a solider
All the death they see
Ive hardend my soul and my heart
And waited out the storm

My heart isnt a toy for you
But you seem to think that
Look at who im with
Do you see a difrence
Or are they the same person

I will let you figure it out
Who to look at
I see a beautiful girl with a bad decition
Look inside yourself and see the changes
Do you love him or lie to make him feel good
Or do you love someone else

Copyright © Duncan Cannell | Year Posted 2007

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Terrific Tremendious Turbelent Trip Taken Through Time

Terrific Tremendious Turbulent 
Trip Taken Through Time That
Truly Tempted Those Tempered
To Titter Transforming Transparent
Titillating Tenacious Transferred
Trophies Trying Transliterating
Title Transgressing Temptation.

Now you figure it out Contest
with words starting with the
presumable same letter. Ain't
English great.

Jim Horn, Soothsayer 
and also Word Slayer

PS. It sure is sick alright.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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That's What Lovers Do

I’ll give a little more. That’s what lovers do!
I’m so sad. Help me out! Babe, I can’t lie -
Can’t stop remembering my lips on you.
Miss you love you. Please don’t make me cry.

I’m so sad. Help me out! Babe, I can’t lie -
It’s harder to breathe when we’re apart.
Miss you love you. Don’t make me cry.
Take what you want. I give you my heart.

It’s harder to breathe when we’re apart.
I’m back at your door. Give me one more night!
Take what you want. I give you my heart.
We’ll figure it out. We can make it all right!

I’m back at your door. Give me one more night!
You can’t just unkiss me and say that we’re done.
We’ll figure it out. We can make it all right!
It was always you, Sugar. You’re the only one.

You can’t just unkiss me and say that we’re done.
I can’t stop remembering my lips on you.
It was always you, Sugar. You’re the only one.
I’ll give a little more. That’s what lovers do!

May 1, 2018 for Silent One's Music Pantoum Contest 
For anyone who did not recognize it, this is composed mostly
of song titles for lyrics sung by Adam Levine of Maroon Five

Sixteen Song Titles (and lines they are used in)

"Give a Little More"/ "What Lovers Do" - Lines 1 & 20
"Sad"/ "Help Me Out"/ "I Can't Lie" - Lines 2 & 5
"Can't Stop"/ "Lips on You" - Lines 3 & 18
"Miss You Love You" - Lines 4 & 7
"Harder to Breathe" - Line 6
"Take What You Want" - Lines 8 & 11
"Back at Your Door"/ "One More Night" - Lines 10 & 13
"Figure It Out" - Lines 12 & 15
"Unkiss Me" - Lines 14 & 17
"It Was Always You"/ "Sugar" - Line 16 and 19

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2018

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The End Of The poem

I started this poem with the ending
That way I figure just in case
I get half way through and don't have a clue
Of what next I wanted to say

Plus it'll save me all that time
Of trying to come up with the perfect end for the ending
Since this idea came around and I've written it down
At the start of the very beginning

Though it does take away all the mystery
Of what this poem is about
Like sneaking a look at the last page of a book
No more need to try and figure it out

I could throw a surprise twist in the middle
Just to try and liven things up
But you already know what's coming so
I'm not sure a twist would be enough

I now find myself deep in dilemma
Since I started the beginning with the end
I clear my throat with a cough as I finish it off
With where it was I should have began

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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just fly words

see the birds in circled
gliding and drifting with the    wind
this way, that way, way up high together 

high     high touching the azure sky
lost inside white puffed up sailing clouds
then, just falling
fall and falling    here they all come

sweep up in a     whirl
soaring in a silent bird ballet
do a perfect figure eight
around     around again
who is the leader and who is the follower

and like the birds in circled flight at dawn
my words fly up into the sky on wings (of love)
glide with the wind
then, do come back onto my    page
not quite finished words

with you
so    so impatient you are to fly wild
I will try to gather you up
anchor you if I must
oh, do stay still . . .

now-  my dears I am done with     you    
time to see you fly
gliding and drifting with the     wind
way up high
touch the azure sky (fall and fall)
whirl and twirl again    again
you will figure it out
yes, in circled flight spread your wings    just

fly  . . .  words.  
May 31, 2018

Poetry/Free Verse/just fly words
Copyright Protected, ID 18- 1027-408-01
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Submitted to the contest, Best Free Verse in May 2018
Sponsor, Laura Loo

First Place
For the contest, Poetry For The Sake of Poetry
sponsor, John Lawless

Fourth Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2018

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I often wonder, why we exist? And why life seems, as if a list?
Why do we, feel love and hate? Is it some sick part, in why there’s fate?
Why does hate, make you do so wrong? Does it show weakness, or make you strong?
Why is love, called the greatest thing? How is it love, if it’s sadness it brings?
Why are we here, if only to live and to die? I have so many questions, I just want to know why?
Why is that, we were created all equal, when it seems as if though, we were made from a sequel?
Why is it that, they say love conquers all, but at some point in time, we lose love to deaths call? 
Why weren’t we created, without feelings at all, because loves hard to get over, if ever you fall?
Why wonder at all, there’s no way to know, why we are here, or where we should go?
Why waste time, trying to figure it out, and just go out there and see, what life’s all about.
The road may be long, and sometimes it’s rough, though never give up, because deep inside your soul, you are really tough.

Copyright © shanna anderson | Year Posted 2012

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Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

We buy gifts for everyone,
For friends, family, daughters, and son's,
Some gifts expensive, others so cheap,
Remembering you sow what you reap,
Everyone on our list gets that special something,
A tie, a comb, cuff-links, or a ring,
Yet there's one person we forget all about,
You don't give HIM a gift, can you figure it out,
It is HIS birthday after all,
The LORD Jesus that we profess to Love,
HE is Alpha and Omega, Aleph and Tov,
What gift can you give to Jesus our Savior?,
Perhaps corrections in our behavior,
Showing loving kindness at this time of year,
Sharing and caring without any fear,
Forgiving and loving the ones we have hurt,
The ones we have wounded and treated like dirt,
To love the unloved showing them kindness,
Shows Jesus in you, the gift that's timeless.

Copyright © Charles Gerald Patrick Chard 2nd | Year Posted 2018

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Dancing With Those Depressing Blues

Dancing With Those Depressing Blues

There are times that I do not speak
spirit low and my body weak;
times that life knocks me all about,
silence helps me figure it out.
There are times grief sends its deep hits
sorrows cast me into sad fits;
weeks when aching blues loom so large,
and darkness arrives to take charge.
There are times all color is black
shadows come to spirit attack;
times when heart cries and sinks so low,
joy dies and I just want to go.
There are times, dark days no birds sing
only way is end everything;
times that life seems lost and so dark,
life and reality's pain stark.
There are times, that hellish storm wins
feel numb and can not see my friends;
times hope appears to fly away,
no relief despite prayers I say. 
There are times that I do not speak
spirit low and my body weak;
times that life knocks me all about,
silence helps me figure it out.

R.J. Lindley,
Rhyme, 1979

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2019

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The Life Of This Writer

writing is daydreaming on paper or sometimes straight into a computer.
notes crossed out, smacked around, slashed, re-visited, starred, circled,
checked, underlined, slashed out again, retrieved.

after print has happened, it all begins anew.  I count the syllables,
make six hundred tally marks on the page, slash out, cross out, circle,
write OKAY in big letters, draw arrows, put Xs, start rearranging.
Using 1, 2, 3, and A, B,C, as I valiantly try to figure out where 
the next line is going, or whether to even keep it.

I sit down to figure it out, and decide it will be easier to begin
again, rather than edit what has already been typed.  So I begin again,
slashing, dashing, drawing, starring, circling, smacking, cracking,
discarding, resurrecting.

the life of this writer.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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When Truth Came A Calling

There's A knock on my door,
 I ask "who is there". ?
Standing there are five faces. . 
They answer" IN UNISON "Truth"
I ask" Why the disguise"...?
It is I,"Truth" they all refrain.
How will I know which one of
you is to cross my threshold,
Let us all in and you will
figure it out in the end.
"No" I shouted I will never-
I will dismiss the one in
front he is much too "Clever".
Now there are four. Who shall I leave
to come through my door.
The next one began to explain,
every reason he should entrance gain,
a very convincing argument, I exclaimed,
"Go away you are nothing but" Rhetoric";
Everyone knows that the truth is Plain.
Now standing there in
front of my door left three,
The next one to speak
was beautiful, and very sexy...
"let me in, and I will prove I am truth.
You knew my mother her name was Ruth".
No! -You cannot lure me with sex
I read the story of your mother
and interpreted well.
If you do not leave my
door I will surely get vexed.
Now that I sent all but two away,
It was easier to tell ,
Who was left to welcome in..
Which of these two should enter my abode?
I had to ponder as to What truth really meant.
Was it something to be applied like a first aid kit.?
Is it true, that the truth is
sometimes ugly, and always plain?
Will the truth set you free after the pain.  
I pondered some more and let them both in.
One was life and one was death-
One was yen and one was yang.  
Truth number one started to speak, He said:
"No" The truth is not always in plain sight
Sometimes you have to search for it !
And:"Yes", The truth
can be ugly at times,
but you were right;
Real truth never wears a disguise. 
Some truth is Imagined and
real truth's are universal
Depends on the mindset of the
thinker. What he perceives to be real-
has had many rehearsals;
As his thoughts have been trained -
as to what he see's, knows and feels.
The truth is not convoluted,
nor contrived,and 
you will always KNOW
more than you think you do;
When the truth arrives.
When you enjoy the lies, 
and the rhetoric,
It's because the lies 
you believe, benefit you, 
Though PREJUDICE eyes
can barely RECOGNIZE
the TRUTH again ever.

And so you will remain 
To the self seeking lies forever.
We are truth,they lamented-
We are the wide and the narrow 
THE good,THE bad,
There was a knock on my door--
Someone had come,
disguised as one of truth's
Somehow he has come
to blame the innocent victims.
I prayed for my secret 
eye to be opened,
and my judgement 
to be discerning.

Because the truth, 
as it seems, I am learning.
Is subject to Interpretation.
And before "Truth" 
left my home, I was told.  
Man cannot reason out, that
which he does not understand-

If he thinks he understands the proof
but calls upon no spirit to discern -
He alone, is unable to interpret the truth

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014

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Love Is An Action

Love is not a thing
To admire, or look at
If you keep peeling
As you do an onion
To undress or uncoat
To figure it out
You'll end up with nothing.
For love is an action
Evolving, growing
At every tender
Feeding, it's a feeling, so
Free yourself from your demands
And love, with no remand.

Copyright © Misheel Chuluun | Year Posted 2009

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Yogi Berra Song It Ain't Over Til It's Over

One run behind and I'm at bat, 2 are out,
I'll be damned if I don't get a hit.
I tell the catcher I'll be home in a while,
But he grins at me just for a bit.
Holding on first, I can still feel the ball,
But it's wild and I'm safe at first base.
That's where I stay, cause I can still hear it all,
What that chatcher told me right in my face.

It ain't over til it's over.

I tell the umpire to watch out for the man
who's at bat, cause he'll make his own way.
I'm stealing second, though it's not a good plan
cause that catcher hardly misses a play.
I feel the ball and it's faster than me,
But the second baseman's foot is too late.
There comes the call, and I'm as safe as can be,
But on second base, I know I must wait.

It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over.

I hear the hit and it's a good one I know,
it's the winning run, if I go on
Passing by third I'll tie the game if I go
on to home, or the whole game is gone.
I feel the magic, it's the reason I play
and I love coming out from behind!
Home plate is hardly just a leg length away,
But his words keep on nagging my mind!

It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over!
It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over!
You're out! 
Kill the umpire!
It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over!
It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over!
You're out!
It ain't over. It ain't over til it's over!
You're out!
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet
No, if you know your baseball, you will know why
this runner can not score. See notes below if you
don't figure it out.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014

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We Need God Back Into Our Schools

We Need God Back Into Our Schools!

There are some trying to remove God from this nation!
They do is under; “a church and state separation.”

For many years,  God was taught in our schools!
Until the Supreme Court took it away, with it’s rules!

As so many young people look to fill life’s “void.”
They try many things that they think they’ll enjoy!

Rather than having God’s word to obey and live by.
They choose the kind of life that they will die by!

Drugs, sex and violence of many perverted kinds.
Are what is now filling so many young people’s minds!

Read the headlines!  Many young people are stressed out!
Yet our government can’t seem to figure it out!

Another shooting…  Another act of violence appears!
While any kind of answer seems to have disappeared!

The answer is not more money to solve their problem!
No matter how much the government tries to solve them!

Let me give you answer.  It’s called “read the Bible 101!”
It’s time to repent to God the father, the spirit and the son!

Our young people need God brought back into their life!
And allow him to heal their brokenness and strife!

Jesus Christ is the solution for which many are asking!
Only he can give anyone a life that’s everlasting!

Please come Lord Jesus!  And heal the wounded hearts!
It’s everyone one of us, that it needs to start!

No court or school can separate God’s love for you and me!
Where will you spend your eternity?

By Jim Pemberton   10/24/13

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013