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Best Elderly Poems

Below are the all-time best Elderly poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of elderly poems written by PoetrySoup members

A Prayer for the Elderly
I prayed today for the elderly
They long to hear for you to say
Words of love and words of praise
With acts of kindness they once gave.


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Categories: elderly, absence, age, cheer up,

Those who are now elderly sit and reminisce
Those who are now elderly sit and reminisce
of sweet idyllic days which often they miss.
Sitting as families in beaming abodes
whilst a flickering fire dances and...

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Categories: elderly, childhood, family, life, loss,

Premium Member Humanity
If we don’t feel with our hearts, we don’t belong
If we don’t see as one, the world is wrong
Beyond the wars and the hate and...

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Categories: elderly, life, peoplechild, lost, child,

Premium Member Loneliness
People milling around I  do not notice them, 
my face is turned to hide my loneliness,
Am walking in my own despair
No one else intrudes...

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Categories: elderly, loneliness,

If I Could
if i could,             

                         i'd  wish a magic wand....

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Categories: elderly, giving,

Premium Member Imagine This

You wake up to commotion, throw on some clothes.
Outside you see some bloody bodies piled on the street.
People are screaming, running in all directions
away from...

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Categories: elderly, freedom,

My Piano Knows
My piano sits alone a lot of days,
       Waiting for someone to come along who plays.
Usually that someone is...

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Categories: elderly, devotion, happiness, holiday, musicchristmas,

Premium Member The Giant of Lisbellaw
Stood I there, that last day,
On an iron bridge...
An aqueduct by design,
Where, looking dreamily out over
The Ernes Lower Lough,
My compressed shadow 
Momentarily paused -
To contently...

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Categories: elderly, philosophy,

Premium Member The Makeover - Still Weeping

Still Weeping

Original poem - Verse - June 8, 2013

Many came with flowers,
rainbows of roses and lilies,
solemn people came and went.

And then it was quiet,
the white...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elderly, death, family,

Mossy vines served as camouflage for a decaying headstone
This was the first time I’d laid eyes on your final resting place
In front of me stood...

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Categories: elderly, death, grave, loss, mother,

Pearls Beneath the Harbor
Our bank accounts nearly emptied so we could afford a vacation; two young working girls who'd never been far from home. We were looking forward...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elderly, people, places, world war

Premium Member A Stubborn Man

He’s 85 and he says he isn’t going to die.
Stooped over very badly, maybe two feet shorter now
than he used to be in his prime

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Categories: elderly, death,

The history of man defines Ape as a primate.
Man seems to be in that mind-set today.
He lives life as pent because he denies...

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Categories: elderly, conflict, courage, culture,

Premium Member Dear Lord
Dear Lord,

I come to you with a special need
Please keep me humble as I succeed
My Lord within the breath of this prayer
For all those in...

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Categories: elderly, hopeme, me,

Premium Member Rainbows Dreaming of Gray
Scrambling tooth and nail for a patterned fate
I approached the lofty mansion of Learning's Gate.
All cued up for a slip of paper - the one...

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Categories: elderly, allegory, education, freedom, growing

Premium Member Portrait of a Public Servant
It is 3:00 a.m. on an icy cold winter morning.
A piercing alarm shatters the silence at the station, and
he is sped away on a flashing...

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Categories: elderly, courage, dedication, tribute,

Premium Member Grandfather Speaks with Eagles
Irony cries out in Boulet’s rendering.
Elderly Native American’s stern expression
seems captured beneath eagle’s wings.

Symbol of power and freedom,
mighty bald eagle was chosen by European ancestors...

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Categories: elderly, art, environment, native american,

The Fairy Tale

Long ago, far away
As the elderly birch trees say
There lived a beautiful girl, in the castle of misty dreams,

Her eyes were abyssal,covered by...

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Categories: elderly, beauty, feelings, imagery, princess,

Premium Member If I Ruled the World

If I ruled the world I'd paint it mostly blue,
Spiders would build the finest webs - I'd decree the morning dew,
Auroras would shimmer above the...

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Categories: elderly, humanity, love, nature,

Premium Member Playing Make-Believe
I have many happy dreams of my childhood life,
      Mother and father and grandma made it special;
Playing make-believe was something...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elderly, childhood, dream, happiness,

Memories of You
There was a little boy whom I called “Joshie.”  He had a face like sunshine. He would play outside all the time; never coming...

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Categories: elderly, growing up, life, time,

There are so many people who will stand up
In the cause of speaking for others, but
What is the motivation for this act
I mean what do...

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Categories: elderly, abuse, baby, betrayal, birth,

All About Cecilia
Middle child of seven siblings and has had a troubled childhood
It has made me a stronger person, just not easily understood
Had a baby at seventeen...

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Categories: elderly, introspection, life, me, life,

Taxed to the Hilt
My hero is Henry David Thoreau
Rather than pay taxes, to jail he’d go
     With Uncle Sam’s hand out

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Categories: elderly, angst, funny

Memory Quilt
Memory Quilt       “ For Auction contest “

Welcome all to today’s prestige event
Let us start the day ladies and gentlefolk

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© MARY GRACE  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elderly, beautiful, celebration, clothes, devotion,