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Odd Od Dodo

                                         Idyllically Odylically Odd I Be
                                   Such  is  my nature
                               It is who I be
                            In an unnatural world
                                   Flapping upstream
                                              I am ruled by the Ods
                                                    Not this man made dream
                                 Not a slave to the sway of         society
  Long labelled weird but      "in a nice way"
                                                                      I am apparently odd
         And so odd  I  will stay
                                                        As  I find more in common
               With birds and  trees  anyway
                               For like feathers and leaves I am
                                        Swayed  by the  breeze
                                       Roots   in the  earth
                             Love of nature my wings
                      Beauty surrounds me
             I live it every day
                       Yes idyllic
                             And odd
                                    Like a 
                                                I be
                                 Being an Od bird is okay with me

                                                           (even if that means going extinct)


Composed for Broken Wings' 
 Form O-Only One Contest

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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Plastic Paradise

Time’s ticking for whooping cranes
wild buffalo and prairie dogs.
For their losses outweigh their gains,
displaced by cattle sheep and hogs.

The elephant and the blue whale
may share the fate of the dodo.
For their lives are now endangered
like the dragons of Komodo.

Alligator and crocodile
tread the fringes of extinction.
And the California condor’s 
future hangs on its distinction.

Baby seals are slaughtered for fur
and otters for the fish they eat.
Lions and tigers entertain us
and are routinely starved and beat.

In sanitized utopias
we plant the occasional tree.
Yet in our plastic paradise
there's few animals left to see.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Mountains of my country

Just drop once, when you happen to go by.

A tale they may count, mountains of my country;
Of paradise invaded and forests destroyed,
Of vessels adrift and sailors athirst,
Of savage hunting and extinction of the Dodo.

Witness to history stand mountains of my country;
Bloodshed, war times, hunger and poverty;
Settlers, slaves, coolies or expatriates,
They know all, who defiled in time.

Inert and helpless lay mountains of my country. 
Waves of changes struck their homeland.
Forest cried but sweat fell with hope in heart
For making habitation in a newfound land.

Store of knowledge are mountains of my country.
They may tell you of slavery abolished,
Of unification of heart and mind and
The fight for freedom for a respectful life.

Beware, omniscient are mountains of my country
They may tell you of clean or dirty business.
Of unity in diversity or the fumes of hatred
Which burn dark hearts in the sanctity of homes.

Sages are to me, the mountains of my country.
From childhood to youth to parenthood;
Refuge they gave my helpless heart,
Blessed me when crossing overseas,
And were always here to welcome me back.

I love and respect the mountains of my country!

Contest: Mountains
Winner: 1st place.

Copyright © Sunita U.D Palawon | Year Posted 2016

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The God Machine

I really have outdone myself this time!
My ‘God Machine’ is finally in place!
I’ll never have to fret about a rhyme,
Or stop for a red light that changed from green 
As if it sought to put me in my place
A random hiccup clearly quite obscene.

I really am quite clever I must say
My ‘subtle knife’ (1) allowing me to splice
My ‘God Machine’ into time’s tawdry day
The true God left completely unaware
That He is now controlled by my device
And just another victim of malware.

It seems there’s quite a lot that ‘God’ screwed up
That I intend to change now I’m in charge
I think that its bad form to cover-up!
So what’s the deal with dying anyway?
Let no one die will be my countercharge
And life is just a breeze on my freeway!
All pain mere nuisance, manna heaven sent
And sin gives you enormous facial zits
While love and kindness clear up all your rent.
Though talents differ, jealousies dissolve
As differences bring none real benefits
And non-destructive social moves evolve.

All birth defects, parental wealth passé
Genetic weakness gone with dodo bird
No accident of birth gives worth per se
Sins of the parent cannot taint the child
That God might favor one is just absurd
The color of one’s skin no more reviled.

But now I find my plans have gone awry
My God Machine decided I’m a flaw
It seems that I’m outdated samurai
Humanity endangering MY plan
Just plankton in the future’s yawning maw
Machine judged only advocate for man! (2)

Brian Johnston
November 5, 2014

Poet's Notes:
(1) subtle knife - A reference to a magical knife that can open windows in time in one of the 3 books in the Phillip Pullman trilogy 'His Dark Materials' including The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

(2) My poetic version of the lesson of the book and movie 2001 (written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke) where HAL, a computer so smart that it becomes sentient, decides that that only way to really protect a manned mission of a spaceship to the planet Jupiter is to kill all the humans on board the spaceship. The crew's humanity HAL decides is just too big a risk to the mission that HAL is charged (by its human programmers) to protect.

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2014

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What's New at the Zoo

Paula parrot is my name. I once was wild, but now I'm tame
A chatterbox who likes to talk! 
Some news to share? Let's take a walk!
Now tell me what's the latest scoop? 
Oh! Watch your step! There's Dodo poop!

When I fly around the zoo, I'll likely make a friend or two
Some call it weird, or quite absurd, to chatter with the other birds
and sometimes share a joke or two, with Ollie Ostrich, and Adolf Emu

I can't deny, I wouldn't lie, I look the Cuckoos in the eye
We shoot the breeze, and share some pie 
and when I leave, with teary eyes, they flap their wings, and shout "Good Bye!"

I pass on by and say "G'day", to Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo
I greet Giraffe, we share a laugh,  a "How are you??" to Mr. Gnu!
I chat while the Chimps, do acrobats, and say "Ell...o" to Elephants...

Poor Tiger's throat is very sore.......he's caught a bug, and cannot roar!
I offer honey for his he can growl, just as before!!

For Penguins shivering on the ice...I gave them boots, and sage advice
(They are rather bashful....but very nice!)
I'll take a swim, with dolphin friends, and saddle up, my pal the Whale
He wants to know some shocking news, and promises he'll never tell.

Zack the Zebra,  in black and white, pajamas worn, in fancy stripes
I tuck him in, a bed of straw, "Sleep well, my friend and "Nighty Night!"

It seems bizarre talk to those, who live a life behind those loathesome bars...
I chat a lot, perhaps it's looney...but they have told me, "We are lonely"...

So, if you like to talk a lot....give strolling through the zoo a shot!!

For Contest sponsored by Just the Archaic Poet  ..."Personalize an Animal"  12/31/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Early Spring Morning

sitting out in the garden
a fresh orange blossom falls
in her cup of black coffee…
a blending of scents
Contest:It's a DoDo kinda day
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Placed 1st

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2017

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I Have Loved So Cruelly

It’s truly Greek to me and you
“Agape” may sound like the English, agape
I gape; are we awed by Christ loving me and you

The human in me is a swine, sloppy and greedy for love
Consumers-Supreme, like shopping for shoes and food,
Hording homes, trophies, even the Dodo and dove

Beloved, the love of God is not to be presumed
The Creator of the behemoth, leviathan, and atom _
Imagine: He wants a relationship with puny humans

Imagine: His kiss, the force that holds up the universe
Prevents atoms from splitting in awe and fission
Gave all to love ... gives every gift, but we won't converse

O Holy Spirit, forgive me! I take too much for granted
The One who split the firmament into heaven and ocean
Who tells the blood how to make life’s music

Became a baby in Mary’s womb, to grow slow by slow
Suffer like us, become the Perfect Adam, such love
Only He can take my rags, wrap me in His High Priestly robe!

I used to be a romantic; forgive me for seeing how obscene
Is a love that is all face and human flesh
Forgetful, ungrateful of the source; agape love that kisses the perverse

How to conceive this, almost beyond any human being
Such love shames the greatest fairy tale or happily ever after
I want too much ... missing all the while, mysteries of living

Glory to Father-Son-Holy Spirit, amen.© Anil Deo, 20170331

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery

The Queen of Darken Dreams 
Poetic Judy Emery

The dark unfathomed tide 
That has fathomed my life;
Of an interminable pried
That blacken up my heart
That turned it into ice,
My life is only a mystery 
Of many darken dreams;
I can still hear the ravens cry
Day and night 
Always by my side 
deep into the night where life
is full of fright;
it is a part of my early journey 
where lies are always being told
while the creepy stories are 
on the making of true hearts breaking,
where old dreams never made 
a home of darkness;
where poets written down 
what they loved;
where plays are making drama
that made visions come alive;
with wild crazy thoughts
moved the mind and hearts
to a place of the unknown,
where words are written
to a place of forbidden,
Where a place my own mind 
made a written scene;
for others to play out in their own minds,
places in the mind is a journey of some kind,
where true imaginations are made,
where the spirit of me 
hasn’t seen yet;
but I hold no regrets;
but at times I hold worthiness of my heart,
on dreamy eyes;
I do write what comes to my mind,
What my heart bleeds 
For a world of mystery 
To open their minds and read all about me
In darken dreams;
Poetic Judy Emery 
The Queen of all darken dreams,
I let my inter visions of my spirit
Write out my misty scenes
for all to capture what it is I see or bleed,
My thought come with many plots;
to control the unknown;
where sleeping spell and rose dust 
are being cast into a darken past;
yet; hunting down the brighter hopes in life
to come alive in my life;
There will always be the two dodo brides
In my stories;
You will hear many kinds of things 
That will come into darken dreams;
Words of a thief to make the heart weep,
Where witches casting spell
Where only true love could take the spell off,
Where knights ride along the lines
Where queens are made in dreams,
In the sight of ancient time;
I care not about the evil enemies
Because they are a part of the story;
But my work of darken dreams 
I do cherish because they are about me.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

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You dodo bird

On the ground as awkward’s be                         			                
Taken to heavenly flight                                                                                             
Albatross born seed single                                                                                         
When all dove birds fly

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2010

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Just A Passing Wind

I can just see the clouds riding along the wind
breaking formation, watch a tornado spin 
Lifting up houses, then throwing them down
destroying each structure, there is to be found
smashing and crashing around

But then all the swirling just disappears
leaving some thankful and other's in tears
vowing to rebuild, although it'll take years
and hoping that everyone's found
It's just
Mother Nature playing around
Dodo dodo do Dodo dodo do

Down in the keys, the wind seems more friendly
It fills up my sails, makes my boat ride the seas
But then there's a season, the wind starts to roar
we board up our windows, nail shut every door
Hurricanes, you can't ignore

After a while, the mighty wind seem to cease
Humidity rises and so does the heat
searching for water and something to eat
Hoping that soon it'll be found
It's just
Mother Nature playing around
Dodo dodo do Dodo dodo do

Up there in the mountains, the air is so crisp 
the breeze is so gentle, like Moms kiss on your lips
and then your informed, there's a fire alight 
Sierra winds, have gotten strong over night
Some choose to stay or take flight

But then the wind calms and the rain starts to fall
to wash away memories, ashes and all
It's time to rebuild, should be finished by fall
I'm beginning to like how that sounds 
It's just
Mother nature playing around
Dodo dodo do Dodo dodo do

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2015

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Denominated Dog

Old Danny who lived on the outskirts of town
in a shack made of iron and very run down,
was tarnished poor sod,
by one man of God,
who when speaking to Danny always put on a frown. 

The Parish Priest had what I’d say was a lust,
for he’d tell his congregation that it is a must,
to be generous with offer,
for the church coffer,
and one look at Danny, said he don’t own a crust.

Danny poor soul met the Priest and he cried
while he carried his dog, who once ran by his side,
and now dead as a dodo,
Danny wants to know,
if the Priest could say mass for his old mate who died.  

“Good heavens my son!” the Priest looked upon Dan,
“This church only holds service, for woman and man,
but for beasts you may try,
when ever they die,
the new church up the road for an animal plan.”

Dan said, “Thank you father, you’ve been a good scout.
You helping my dog will help its soul no doubt…
for the service they make,
do you think they’ll take,
five thousand dollars, so to help their church out?”

The Priest cleared his throat and his eyes they extend,
then he said, “Wait a minute! Some rules I can bend,
bring your dog and I’ll pray,
for you neglected to say,
that your dog was a Catholic my friend!”

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2015

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Dodo Bird

Have you heard of the dodo? Where did they go? Those birds were so precious. They lived on Mauritius. As a species among the rest, it must have failed the survival test. A few centuries ago, they went away. None of them can be seen today.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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Days the son stayed by the bed
and with his hand on his dads
heart, he felt the last flutter-
       love is forever.

January 12, 2016

Copyright Protected, ID 744048

It's a Dodo Kinda Day
Francine Roberts

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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My motherland, the land of four colors, the land of sweetness As is described by its rich history, filled with wars and battles United it stands today, giving freedom to each and every son of its soil Revered as the land of the sun, sea and sand, the beaches, the golden skin It is where was found the lost Dodo, killed till its last by those hungry colonizers The land where I took birth, the land I admire, the land away from which I shall not survive Imagination pours strongly in every corner of this island, be it in songs or in poetry Unmistakably the jewel of all the Indian Ocean Sweet is its fragrance, sweet is its beauty, my homeland it is! A small retreat surrounded by the blue lagoon Loved by all those who upon seeing its nature, do swoon!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon | Year Posted 2014

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The Last Dodo Bird

How would it be, 
     if mighty planet Mars,                     
   were taken from the universe, 
by one of passing stars?      

And if another came to stay, 
   new mass, and larger than      
      the space of Earth and Sun combined, 
    unheard since time began?

And if 'twas done quite suddenly,
  and right before our eyes,
so close and yet so far away,
    we never came to realize?  

Upsetting balanced forces made,
   that hold our lives in place,
      that to perfection, push and pull 
 to keep the proper space; 

or if the Sun were split in two;
    for burning cannot last
 beholding such a sight, we'd know 
       the end was coming fast!  

Do you suppose the dodo bird, 
   in looking for its mate,     
knew all the world was ending then,
      extinction now its fate?

And lying down,to feel the grass 
   and earth beneath its head
 the only world it ever knew, 
        and soon it would be dead;     

its stupid eyes beholding things, 
            it never saw before,     
 and wonder where are other worlds, 
     or were there anymore?   

I can't imagine anything 
           more sadder than the cry           
      of the last dodo bird, 
                to mate who's dead nearby!           

Who knows the world is over now,
       but that it won't be missed,
   and forces holding it to life 
            had now ceased to exist!      

Tis just the same as we might feel, 
     if knowing of our end,      
       and helpless, I'd call out to you, 
  just as our dodo friend.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

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Put my key in the ignition – the car battery was flat Dead as a blooming Dodo … now what do you think of that Had promised mum I’d take her to the church fete I had to get a wriggle on, I can stand being late I walked as quickly as I could – it’s really not too far Arrived just a few minute late – mum thinks that I’m a star We drank a lovely cup of tea and ate a biscuit or two Rang hubby about my car – oh boy I felt so blue Went to the local garage and Dave the owner came straight round Got the car started straight away – he’s a gem to have around Kept the engine running, now the battery is topped right up Need to drive more regularly – not leave it until it’s kaput! 30th July 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Time Trials and this site of poetic soup dimentiaaaaa

I try and publish and a poem in souptime and "the soupstraints to the confines existant 
excell to a minimal maxitude of differentila indifferencode interossities.
Since i am not sosoup fast with my train of soupthought I guess i will never be Souplasttic.
I write, write and recounter in a past present future souppremise. 
Its obvious yr souprnet leaves me soup blime,in my, ever soupsightless sinful silly soupless sandwhich sanctuary to quick/quack a witless word 
confirm ever frontal feverent folotoid fragment factoid frililous fever of
stilted  thinkthank terd thoughts on a for sale/site/sound garage site
basis of I hold enlightness. BTW WTF,  is wrong with yr empty vocab
vclock villanous counmenance clear as I try and postrepost my brief belief brainules 
on yr ever elusive everpresent invo invisible interprogrammishness invoiced? 
Get it right on target, interiget. Damn this is yr forte reality reformation regress ritual???????????? I am a hack hazard human and I see u derelict dick people online.
Stupid is as stupid does dodo duck ***** damn dill deamnor donked drowned dead and 
god gone grateful for the none guy, leave'em alone TV please!! 
Star bright Star light, give me a star and I'll be alright uptight out of sight.
........... Realllllly equal  WTF mindless minionTime is of the off/on utmost season,
 given in pride to all thought and in emotional co countenance essence. Really, u must
be joking,  Really???????????????????????????????????Unbelieveable.
I know, I know what yr thinking. Dah! Dah Dah Dah ty Da ta Da ti Da. WTF ever. Get a F--------------------------------ing poetic life JC.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2013

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Say I:

On the websites I used to share, I was frequently amazed 
     Poems got greeted with silence; it seems eyes were quickly glazed. 

It’s as if I’d morphed into a Pig Latin-speaking warthog.
     My past efforts to share poetry should all be on failblog.

At the time I could not comprehend how it fell on dead eyes.
     On further examination, the why of it I surmise:

          Appreciation of the written word
          Like a dying dodo bird
          Many don’t know why exactly they should bother.
          Why you gotta write so much?
          Give that thought the modern touch!
          Nothing says it like a Facebook Post, my brother!

Says the Humanities Professor:

“You see, there, chap, I most certainly don’t mean to sound perverse, 
     But quite stricken and dying is affection with written verse.”

“Folks like their thoughts concise, not with endless poetic device. 
     Why speak it if you can see it? Please kindly take my advice:”
“If you want imagery, try an image! Everyone knows it--
     Don't waste your time saying it; it’s oh, so much quicker to show it!” 

          A picture’s worth a thousand words
          A GoPro 120 frames per second.  Absurd!
          Thinking about writing so long just makes my hands blister.
          Why would anyone write that much?
          Give that thought the modern touch!
          Nothing says it like a YouTube Vid, my sister!

Says the Psychiatrist:

“As laughter is our culturally preferred catharsis, 
     People would rather see a vid of drunk frat boys on horses.” 

“All those salty tears you poets try to cause people to shed,
     You just make everybody want to bang their heads instead.”

“Wow, did you hear that? I think that's genius!  Totally sweet! 
     Quick, hand my iPhone right here, and I’ll give that bird a Tweet!”

          Who needs form and meter?
          So what if it sounds sweeter?
          Just say your piece and beat it out the door!
          140 syllables and rhyme?
          140 characters max is fine.
          I just can’t see why anyone would ever need any more.

Says the Neuroscientist:

“Overuse of your cortex depletes glucose as a substrate,
     And since we’d rather conserve energy, video is great!"

“Humans prefer images that skip straight to the limbic brain.
     Oh, and YouTube’s got some vids that are totally insane!”

"Read it? No chance! Not nowadays.  This will take folks far too long.
     We want it quick! And this is why your art form is going, going, gone!”

          Poetry to me is dead
          You can just text me instead
          Just touch-type your thoughts super quick and send ‘em.
          Why you gotta write so much?
          Give that thought the modern touch!
          Unnecessary style, well, it’s just so last millennium.
Says the MMA fighter:

“Sorry, man.  No way.  All that reading is a total pain.
     That, and there’s gotta be someone else with a bigger brain."

“Who needs all those stupid kittens and butterflies and stuff?
     All those fancy words are just a bunch of big crybaby fluff.”

“Are you kidding me? Feelings are for wussies.  Yeah, I think I’ll pass.
     No, hold on--I’ve got one--I feel like kickin’ your pansy ***!”

          You can blow it out your ear
          If you think I want to hear
          A whole bunch of sissy rhymes, unless it’s gangsta rap.
          Why would you write at all?
          Grow a me-size pair of balls!
          You’re damn straight that it’s a big old pile of crap.
Says the college kid:

“You say that you’re a poet, but dude, I’m just not interested. 
     ‘Cuz, like, I’ve never seen any of your stuff on Pinterest.”

“And if you don’t have a website, then you’re no good at your art,”
     He opined, with a fist pump and a deeply resonant fart. 

His friends cheered and exclaimed, “Dude! That was a total grand slam!”
      “You video that? You’ll get a million likes on Instagram!”

          Wait, did you just say ‘inanity’?
          ‘Cuz it sounded like insanity
          Which sounds totally kickass and stuff to me.
          I’m gonna eat a slice of ’za
          Care to join me, brah?
          There’s a couple left, and it’s da bomb biggity!

Say I:

Sometimes all this writing feels like banging my head about,
     But every so often, something interesting will still fall out.

And I see it’s the same with you, when I read the poems you write.
     All the beautifully flowing words have become a new light.

This inspiration is no longer so hard for me to find. 
     Even though Videocracy is hobbling our minds.


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Gerber Style

Gerber CHO-CHO! 

Ga-ga goo-goo!
Clean my booboo,
Lovely chocolate, all over my face.
Eating chocolate with my face.
I want chocolate in my bottle please.
I want you to look at my chocolate colored teeth 
Dark chocolate out of place.
I eat chocolate with my face.

I want to eat chocolate instead of food.
Chocolate chocolate is very good. 
I’ll eat all the chocolate found in a candy bar.
I want to swim in a chocolate filled jar.
I wish to eat chocolate all day long.
Eating chocolate along with my favorite twinkle twinkle song.

I want to relive my baby Gerber photo.
The one titled baby Gerber Loco.
Were in my face I bare a color dodo smile.
A photo regarding my cute chocolate style. 

Gerber Contest

Copyright © Sandy Ivy D | Year Posted 2013

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Losing Time

Days blend together, time's fabric is frayed
I'm a prisoner of my own verse,
Friends lose importance and eating’s past tense,
Things are going from troubled to worse.

Not that successful, poor poet at best,
But the pressure to write presses hard,
There’s no escaping though I push it down,
There are weeds taking over my yard.

Wonder if dinosaurs struggled with rhyme,
It seems clear that it did them no good,
Free verse seems doomed to a similar fate,
Even rhymers are knocking on wood.

Politics likely to kill us for sure,
Trump has studied the lost dodo’s path,
“Build a big wall and we’ll keep the rats out,”
While we lock in the worst psychopath.

Dodo bird even resembles Herr Trump,
Be my guest, just check Google and see,
“Smart as a pigeon,” peacock without tail,
A great emblem for our history.

Long Tooth
July 11, 2016

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2016

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The Joys Of Married Life

Marriage has it's ups and it's downs But it far exceeds the alternative A lonely life without love and affection Love's one of life's true superlatives Some days we have heated discussions That's how it was meant to be Then she does something ever so sweet And you forget why you disagreed It isn't always going to be clear sailing But if the bond is really strong It's worth the struggles ten times a hundred If you're lucky, it will end up lifelong The male tendency is to play the field But trust me, life's way too short To become involved with a bunch of dodo Probably means some time in court Not sure the ladies will like my analogy It's the lesser of two evils as they say Oh boy, I think I may have done it this time Must convince Cathie it's just a cliche © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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rationalism of nationalism

Have you ever tried balancing sideways on a silver spoon holding nine goldfish? Thought not. I suppose it could be considered quite a dangerous act. Largely overlooked are the ants in a ceiling beam. But waving can be felt. The pitter patter parties often jeopardize even the smallest dinners and certainly divide puddings. Oblong objectives of large octagonal cats. Foetuses' in many lines. Domes don't dance so never form a bridge made from tails, ears, or claws. Erotically erupted whilst a storm whipped past. Oooh wow custard jam. How lovely. How divine. How Qureshi queued. Whilst delivering the daily read in the wild the rhino pauses for a slight rest. It os always very wise to take a small nap. A smile from a passing leaf is a thumbs up sign. But stems can hold fortresses of the underworld so take care when treading in a five centimetre field. Many dots. Ring ring ring. Undulating flight of a dodo. And just how many blessings does it take to form a yacht. So tactical. Hmm. Well time to sit with the bees. Lovely. See how the stripes change the iron tainted air. Hahahaha. And now the goblin army is rising. Good. Dare not to alter the tide in a field. Safety can arrive in numbers out swaying the wheeled monsters with pipes of pain and men in domed hats. Silly nonsensical wisdom less personnal. Wave goodbye to them. Then take two trees and perform a ballet with the leaves and branches. How pretty. And tell the suited slug gently to go and sit on a cactus plant. Quite safe. Pointed planted placed plated. Xxxx reasonable rationalism. *** carnivorous cakes. Xx 1 2 3 4 clap clap clap clap then its time for items to go to bed *** nationalism *** prawn salad with no particular order xxxx rapidisation ***

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Why Aren't You Saving More for Retirement

Why Aren’t You Saving More for Retirement?

By Elton Camp

Economists are giving a tongue-lashing
Good sense of the public they’re trashing

Unless much more for retirement you save
You’ll have to work till you’re in your grave

Company pensions went the way of the dodo
Once they realized how much they would owe

But most workers have to face wage stagnation
From medical bills there is incredible inflation

Housing costs get higher every day
Food prices are going the same way

College debts many will have to pay
Until they’ve become old and gray

Too much month for the money anyway
How can they save for some future day?

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2014

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Rest peacefully O dear friend

(In loving memory of Thokozile)

A dark cloud crumpled into our quietened attentions,
Caving in deeply into the deeper ends of our calming wake,
We feel the onerous fall of its falling into our minds deep
And it’s the loss of yet another substantial part, pleasantest among womenfolk;
Her gates board up on us, we may no more see her-
We loved her well, but God loves her best,
And what he once gave he has now taken!

Though she was too soon to be_
Gone forever gone
We hark back to reality’s cruelty
Take in the mordant taste and remember her in the best ways we can,
A friend-colleague-fellow
A sister

Meanwhile she is a step ahead into the path where mortals tread
Carrying on with an upright will still
We would call her by a familiar name Dodo;
Forever alive in our hearts
Rest in peace Thokozile!

Copyright © Mpho Leteng | Year Posted 2015

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They come in all shapes and sizes
some are long and thin, others fat
little ones broad as they are long
some with hairs that give a sting

All kinds of colours we come in
circles and stripes adorn us
winged critters are some of us
others have legs or even none

Our main task is to clear up
to compost the old vegetation 
to pollinate the flowers
we are essential to continued life


Dodo is Swahili an East African language for insect of any kind

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014