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Best Coral Poems

Below are the all-time best Coral poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of coral poems written by PoetrySoup members

October: I'm eighteen, shortcutting home
through an autumn-burnished churchyard -
copper-lustred leaves, moss-skinned stone -
a jaunty swing of skater skirt and arm,
college folder square-sturdy in my hand.

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Categories: coral, abuse,

Premium Member The Angel Inside
Coral life forms in copious swarms
feast in the Cambrian chyme,
dividing their cells and forming their shells
to end on the seafloor as lime.
Tectonic churning and magma...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: coral, allegory, angel, art, beautiful,

Premium Member Winter Blues - I Cry For Color

I shiver tears.
My joie de vivre;
summer esprit’s lemon zested
lilac flirts and coral whispers have escaped me ~
grievous gray now flows through my veins.

I shiver melancholia,

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Categories: coral, depression, loneliness, longing, sad,

An Epic Love For Women

I know you're not here

but you are in my heart 


you are always with me

i'll just slip into you

with these words.
I know 

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Categories: coral, beauty, celebration, dream, heart,

A Spark In Flight
My love, the world is ours,
its reflective sapphire oceans,
its turquoise pine tree forests,
its topaz colored days,
its moonstone lit evenings.
My love, I'm certain it's us.

The amethyst...

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Categories: coral, romance, romantic,

Premium Member Take Me Somewhere Exotic
The pungence of heartbreak swelters
in the tangled dreadlocks of love-lies-bleeding
Take me somewhere exotic
to breathe not the foul aroma
of disappointment and despair
Show me fields laced with...

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Categories: coral, color, imagery, lost love,

Sea Bride
Across the white sand waters
meld of teal and turquoise hue,
in sunlight, emerald facets, 
in shadow, grays of blue,
first breaking light of heaven,
tinted sky in tones...

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Categories: coral, beach, beautiful, color, morning,

Premium Member Slow Hand - An Erotic Romance
Walking past each other and just by chance
My heart skips a beat and my knees turn weak
Your eyes lock with mine in a fleeting glance

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Categories: coral, lost love, lust, romance,

Premium Member Slow Colors

We drifted not far from shore -
a delicate night with supple air entire,
black and white until patience sent us grays
that rocked with the boat on...

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Categories: coral, love, moon, stars,

The Billabong
There’s an old river course with beginning and end,
now the river runs straight without this river bend,
where the water is still and the reeds do...

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Categories: coral, nature,

Mountain Oasis
The trail to the peak was a long and arduous climb
Which skirted a pristine glacial lake about midway.
Shimmering below, it offered a cooling balm for...

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: coral, beauty, color, nature,

Great Barrier Reef
Pacific beauty, garland of shimmering pastels  
Textures and colors astound, deep in your ocean heart 
Your court is larger than any kingdom on Earth...

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Categories: coral, adventure, beauty, ocean,

Mother and Child
 and she said
Yesterday,I lived for thoughts and dreams
but today I live in my daughter's happiness
All my goals I left behind to watch her reach...

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Categories: coral, angel, baby, beautiful, birthday,

I Sail This Ship Alone
As the last opalescent glow of sunset

fades away

I sail this ship alone

towards a crimson horizon

over a starlit sea

to the soft lapping of waves

which lullaby my...

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Categories: coral, journey, ocean, daffodils, ,

Premium Member Violet, My Adored
Violet, a lovely lady, kin to Purple, can be a contradiction.
Between her fellows Red and Blue (yet more inclined to Blue),
she lies with a calm...

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Categories: coral, color, universe,

Premium Member Faith
I looked to the sky
hoping to find the face of God
in the billowed clouds

I dived in the sea
thinking to discover Him
in coral beauty

I searched...

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Categories: coral, faith, nature,

Premium Member Birth and Death
The sun and moon conceived a star
shooting through time and space
 born within the ocean
delivered upon its waves

while Beethoven's sonatas softly played 
nightly gales whispered...

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Categories: coral, adventure, life, lost love,



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Categories: coral, beauty, morning,

Premium Member Breaking the Surface
A millstone around my neck
and weight about my feet
drag me down so deeply
that I’m being pulled toward something. . .  
something from a darkened...

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Categories: coral, allegory, hope

Premium Member Colours of Parisian Nightlife

Colours of Parisian Nightlife 

Lemon meringue sweet laughter light,
Fills shadows cerulean blue.
Café de Flore’s summer hot night,
Where dreams tangerine rendezvous.

Six strings strumming lavender notes,
Tones, violaceous...

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Categories: coral, romance, summer,



A bevy of wavelets rushes to the shore
while on peach coastline, this quietude I feel,
Under the alloy of rocks not seen before
A hidden water-world encrypts...

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Categories: coral, day, peace, uplifting,

The Fervor Of Our Love

dizzy, from my shameless lust 
i paint your mouth with mine.
nipping, brushing faces, 
breathing you like oxygen.

my fingers, my lips, my tongue 
upon your naked back
draw a map to...

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Categories: coral, romance, romantic,

Premium Member Blood and Coral
Dusk seeps lapis
The horizon looms
in blood and coral
Crows emerge
from peacock plumes
caws of darkness
wings flap
their incessant
Talon wounds
of starlight 
and meld
into the coming day
the cover 

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Categories: coral, day, morning,


When my child hastens to her pillow,
To close her eyes and dream;
She drifts away with stars to play,
Where magic paints the scene.

Mermaids with their tresses...

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Categories: coral, childhood, stars,

Liquid Asset II
warm sea nursery
teems with coral butterflies
rainbows ride the waves


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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: coral, appreciation,