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The Best Chinese New Year Poems

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Ribbon Dance

Ribbon Dance

Ribbons fly in graceful loops
flung by hands of maidens fair,
as they dance with turns and twists,
rainbow ribbons fill the air.

Curves of wonder, colors bright
like a rainbow, mesmerize.
Music, synchronized, combine
gifts of art through ears and eyes.

Rainbow ribbons rise and fall,
twisting, turning high and low.
Led by movements of skilled hands,
twirl an endless color flow.

Like a rainbow, colors blend
and create a mystic trance,
through the art of maidens fair;
dancers of the Ribbon Dance.

Sandra M. Haight

~8th Place~
Contest: Rainbows
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Judged: 11/09/2018

~3rd Place~
Contest: Chinese New Year & Celebrations 
Theme: Ribbon Dance
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Judged: 02/15/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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On Watching Chinese Dances

Colorful ribbons follow the woman’s movements. I can almost see floating rainbows. Pale beauties unfurl ivory hued fans. I imagine swan wings fluttering. I chose both the ribbon dance and the fan dance for the Chinese New Year & Celebrations - Poetry Contest of Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Dance culture of Malaysia

The candle dance is fascinating with  lighted candles on dishes
held in hands with bodies moving and curving to the musical wishes
Silat is another dance with martial art movements to the beat
of drums and gongs causing the dancer to feel the heat
Then the dance Datun Julud is telling a story as you elegantly glide
The most famous dance of all which is renowned worldwide
is the Lion Dance danced at the time of the Chinese New Year 
bringing good fortune and resistance to evil is perfectly clear

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2012

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Son in Law's Day - Chinese New Year

The second day of the Chinese New Year
Tradition has it say
That the son in law visits 
His mother in law
Guest of honour on this day

She treats him like a king
When time to go back home
Gives him two lotus lanterns
One red and one white alone

Time of the lantern festival
At home when with his wife
He hangs them at end of bed
Lights them with a candle, to be read

If the White one burns out first
A Boy they will be blessed
If the Red one burns out first
A girl will grace the nest

This tradition is dying out a shame is what I say
The son in law has a right to be the guest this day
Cos mother in law always says she is right
To be second best one day is an internal fight

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Love and The Chinese New Year

Dragon was hatched in the year of the Dragon, on the Chinese Zodiac.
But, then so was I. Yep folks, that makes me so very, amazingly wise.
Because I was born in the year of the Dragon, a Dragon egg I did get!
Now, for the Chinese New Year, we were invited to participate, you bet!
Valentines Day fell into it perfectly, as we enjoyed a Chinese day, a plenty
Dragon learned the Lion and Dragon Dance, setting fire only to the confetti!

That night, a River Dragon Dance was done, by red lantern lights, on a barge.
Bonfires were lite, fire crackers went off, as a Lady Dragon floated into sight.
An elemental water Dragon, like us, she rode a barge down the river of delight.
Down the river, in all her regale pose, lovely painted face, long body, and lights.
Smitten, Dragon took off, circling above her head, to impress his Lady, thereon.
He danced and flew in wavy circles as the crowds repeatedly, cheered him on.

She surely, did fall in love, as she watched him fly and soar, looking so, in charge!
But alas, it eventually had to end for him, as a firecracker spark lit upon her barge.
His Lady Dragon, so slender, long, demure, and in her regale red and yellow flair…
Disappeared in a poof of smoke, as he realized she was his one, true love, so fair.
For she had seen him, and danced with him, and placed, upon his heart a lofty kiss.
And a soulful look of love touched and lingered and resonated upon his soul, still. 

But she was only paper, as acrobats made her match his dance, upon the barge.
But in the dark of that beautiful night, he saw only, the Ying to his Yang emerge...
A new legend was born, that night, as I tried to appease, his terribly broken heart…
Of a powerful Dragon Wizard, wanting his Lady, had stole her in a puff of smoke.
Now, Dragon was invited back each year, to do the dance again. For to evoke…
The power of True Love in the Dragon Dance, would force the spell, to be broke!

Now Dragon came back home, truly sad, but still with infinite hope in his heart…
Now each year, he would first dance with his own true love, to win her true heart. 
Then he would attack the Dragon Wizard, on a first barge, so he could set her free.
But each year, she’d disappear in a puff of smoke, the wizard would do the same.
Yes, Dragon would continue to return to China, to eventually bring her to his home.
That is how a new legend was born, of a fierce Dragon Prince, with unrequited love.

All of China did delight, for he was not just a paper Dragon performing, any more!
OUR Dragon, would fight, the great, good fight, for his Lady Love, until someday…
I’d replace her with a real Dragon princess to win his heart, in the legend I made.
Then another young Dragon will take his place, as the Chinese New Year cycles on.
But right now he’s still too young, so the battle will simply, have to continue on…

Inspired by Valentines Day and the Dragon Dance.
Written 2-14-2015

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2015

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Chinese New Year

Red envelope
Bursting with luck
Dragons dancing in the street

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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A Chinese New Year

The Lunar Cycle

Holiday of fifteen days

Red lanterns shed light

Copyright © Nikkia Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Year of the Goat

banners rise in street
each painted silk masterpiece
a celebration
of rich colors bleeding life
ancient spirits soar tonight 

gentle goat once gray
brushed bold in crimson through time
draws fresh eyes and breath 
a thousand years preserved
to graze upon ancient hill 

for Debbie's Chinese New Year Contest, 1/24/15
inspired by Chinese silk painting

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Arc of Light

Here is a new beginning, at the red mouth of the river, overlooking the ripple of dark waters that floats the recent past beneath the mottled stone bridge and into the ocean of ancient seas On this, the first day of the great year, from the arc of the bridge, I saw all seasons disappear. And the reasons for happiness, come reckoning with good fortune. While releasing the old ways, as if they were leaves, drifting downstream I have seen my own reflection, and the acceptance of the light, slicing through the dreaming water, resolving my old misfortunes, until they are dissolved into the rust of the silt So, here I am, once again, under the tilt of the moon, on this 15th day of light, The candles flickering, with gentle flames, calling my name. Each an exquisite reminder, that we can start again. Beckoning me to start anew... so that I will part with old pages that drift away with old years, beneath the bridge I have walked across... lit by parchment lanterns, and the arc of light from the moon's infinite heart
_______________________________________________ 1/30/15 Inspired by Chinese Lanterns For Deb's "Chinese New Year" Contest

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Lunar New Year brings blessings bright:
Affluence now cheers our spirits right.

Goodies galore with sure good health:
So much and more with ample wealth.

Time moves most brisk with bounty's range:
We live fine risk as fortunes change.

So much to do as plenty sums:
For me and you with grand outcomes.

The moon aglow this 15th day:
Valentine shows true lover's way.

Chap Goh Mei rhymes that Luna gaze:
Seek to court times in hearty maze.

Chinese New Year brings happy spring:
Here's to good cheer and precious things.

May all our dreams bring happy thoughts:
May love's fond streams bring healthy lots.

Live faith and hope as love seeds grace:
Work your grand scope with cheer you trace.

Leon Enriquez
11 February 2017

(Note: 'Chap Goh Mei' means "15th Day" of 
the lunar month in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect
with origins in Fujian province in China.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017

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Spring festival
Auspicious colours
Painting town red

Reunion dinner
Grand celebration
Hearts aligned

Homeward bound
To gather again
Good times come around

Joy sings
Spring chorus;
Familiar red packets

Laughing faces
Jolly feasting:
Memory subscribes

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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A festive feel in red and gold:
Chinatown deals Goat year most grand.

A splash of will as joy unfolds:
A Chinese fill as cheer attends.


This lunar year arrives with truth:
Our kindred ties forge a fine fest.

Those who are dear gather fond proof:
Our fortunes high in lovely quest.


Paint the town red takes new meaning:
Feel fond delight that ushers joy.

Poise favours red in warm sightings:
Feel grand insight in wealthy ploys.


Now we visit our kin folk here:
Auspicious wit merge with fine stay.

Now each to each greet with good cheer:
Prosper and reach this happy day.


Give red packets with blessings fond:
Touch now can live grandeur this spring.

Lucky trinkets to fill life's pond:
Joy heaps and gives as true health sings.


Such festive joy can fill the heart:
A touch beyond primes charming feel.

Good luck funds ploy in brilliant start:
A rhyme upon a springtime fill.


Leon Enriquez
18 February 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Change of weather
Hot and cold intersect;
Sun and rain dance


Sunburst sparkle
Sudden drizzle falls;
Rainbow concession


By this corner bench
I watch hurrying feet;
Tempo of workday


City dwellers each
Rushing everywhere;
Looking not seeing


Post Office queue
Special delivery;
Fresh currency notes


Chinese New Year festival
Feasting and Red Packets;
Auspicious money gifts


Here beyond stress
Calm resolution;
More on the way


Rest and relax
What's there to tax?
Sit with sure slack


All in good time
Change seeds plenty;
Fortune cookie delights


Food court offerings
Too much choice;
Unsure appetite


The moments stream
Insight comes late;
Throw of dice chance


Leon Enriquez
05 February 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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The Chinese New Year

Are you ready for a brand new year
The spring festival coming
So let’s all cheer
The lunar calendar starts again
It’s time to clean the cobwebs my friend

Gifts of red envelope’s everywhere
This is the Chinese New Year
The year of the sheep
The ram, the goat
Bring your fire crackers to make the most

Don’t forget those tangerines
They symbolize good luck and prosperity
You could bring some lovely oranges too
For friends and relations
Waiting for you

Now the fruit is their beloved gift
But wearing red, is that just a myth
Whatever you do
Do not wear black
It resembles death and we don’t like that

Pineapple lanterns in every colour
They look so sweet
Hanging in the summer
This also stands for prosperity
The mandarins are so very keen

The mother of pearl
Will bring you good fortune
You’re live in abundance
With the well of the fish
And eat every good portion with that dish

Now don’t forget your spring cleaning
But beware of that broom
After all it’s cheating
Bring in the new and out with the old
So this New Year could bring you gold

Last but not least, let your child lay
So you can fulfil your ripe old age
The longer they sleep
The more time for you
Add on the years restoring your youth

Gong Hei Fard Choy everybody

© Copyright KC. Leake
9th January 2015
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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Lion Dancing To A New Year

Lion Dancing To A New Year

It is that time of the year, you'll know it by the din reaching your ears...
Thunderous gong beats, clashing cymbals that's all you can hear...

It is a most riotous time for Chinamen to herald in a new lunar year...
Gaudily coloured lion heads, predominantly colored in all shades of red...

Yellow frills and flumes, silken coat of bright yellow that glisten like gold..
The bright colours and the animated movements mimic  the noble lion...

The prancing gymnasts are tirelessly thrusting and turning the lion heads...
While their partners in the rear are keeping up in unison with perfect flair...

The are times when the gaudy lion heads dipped in humble homage ...
The prancing stops, the musical din slows to a low rumbled beat instead...

All of a sudden, the beating drum speeds up its stacatto rhythmic beats...
The strident cymbals renewed its clashing din, the gymnasts are into the beat..

With a mighty and smooth leap, one prancing lion is atop an elevated prop...
It pauses a few beats, as if itself catching its breath after a giant hop...

Next it swivels its mighty head to the left and the right, eyelids fluttered to impress...
After a measured pause in the beat, the watching audience gasped in surprise...

A flurry of neat sidestepping hops and steps, the lion is now perched at its height..
High above the ground, the leading gymnast is atop his partner, what a sight...

He dipped the lion's head, swooped imperiously downwards till it is inches off the ground...
All in attendance gasped at this masterful acrobatic display, clapping aloud..

A roar broke out in unision when in one swift swoop the lion head claimed its prize...
A red envelope of money hung from the ceiling rafter some 25 feet high...

All could see, the lion head stopped to savour its prize, out spattered the orange peel....
Another cheer as the lion head releases a small red banner of new year cheer..

All this while , the cymbals clashed and  the majestic drums beat incessantly..
For this is Chinese New Year celebration, a lion dance is an age old tradition...

The noisy din is to chase away whatever evil spirits with their bad tidings..
The noisy clamour is to welcome joyously a brand new year and better offerings..

Welcome to the chinese year of the monkey, goodbye to the year of the ram...
Lion dancing, beating drums and clashing cymbals, all things good , let them come..

Happy Chinese Year!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Cheery blossoms bright,
Pussy willows calm;
Pink and white unfurl


Chinese New Year
Family gatherings;
Auspicious red packets


Blessings of good cheer
Feasting with delight;
Springtime promises sparkle


Cheery spirits here
Kin and kind endear;
Roundtable revelry


Mandarin oranges
Happy greetings paired;
Auspicious vocal couplets 


Farewell to the Goat year
The Monkey arrives juggling;
Amusing antics thrill


Touch of jazzy note
Upbeat tempo here;
Old time Chinese melodies


Yu Sheng fortune toss
Prelude to fine waves;
Prosper then our ways


Spring haiku fest
Welcome to good cheer;
Feast the banquet fond


Leon Enriquez
08 February 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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The Year of Wood Goat

                                      Thursday, February 19,2015 
                                       Goat in. lunar new year, in
                                                   Spring, in
                                                  Lettuce, in
                                         Red paper envelopes, in
                                                Red Dragons, in
                                                  in, in, in, in
                       good fortune" "happiness", "wealth", and "longevity
                                                 Yang and yin
                                                  Wood goat
                                              in, woods green
                                                    China, in

Contest Name	Chinese New Year & Celebrations
Sponsor	Debbie Guzzi
Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
7th January,2015

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2015

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Chinese New Years Parade

Cherry trees bare of blossoms
Buds still tight in the trees
A time of pure delight
For every eye to see,

A small flag in every hand
Fresh toasted nuts at every stand
Glee from each new sight
Every child oh, so happy,

Cane in hand
The leader starts the bands
Round each and every street
The families all turn out
Which and what 
And if they doubt
If his Royal Highness
Will be in their company,

As the dances start
Races each loyal heart
Raised chairs bring more company
The trumpet plays
Everyone stays
The dragons dance
Parents forge for new romance
If you hear the harp
Then every one parts
Making room for new company

Confussing is the art
Cause once the tubas start 
Every one is to dart
To the north side of the street
Watch your feet..
Theres a rat to greet
Sir didn't we already meet,
Last year over west side of the street?
Choirs sing from the heart

Now were all in the dark
As fireworks lead us to the park
Off in the distance a dragons bark
Followed by a New Years lark
There sure is a lot to see
Here on the street
Chinese New Year
Lanterns yet to see

My ideas come from enjoying actual Chinese New Years celebrations in several countries.  The celebrations are magical and each one different but a like ~ all with sinifigant difference.  Celerating this king or that dynasty is fun in a historical manor.

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2015

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Beauty now flings
Blessings of spring.

Beauty makes room
For spring time blooms.

Beauty now sings
As joy greets spring.

Beauty and peace
Happy times please.

Beauty knows best
How to live fest

Beauty knows soul
As joy sculpts whole.

Beauty lives well
Just where love dwells.

Beauty in time
Words sacred rhymes.

Beauty and wit
Allow fond fit.

Beauty styles smiles
In touch worthwhile.

Leon Enriquez
06 February 2016

(Note: To everyone who celebrates 
the Chinese Lunar New Year festival --
I wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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2012 Chinese New Year

Once a year this day comes,
Lights flash with the sounds of the drums,
It's the New Year,
Use happiness to reach for the cure.

Bring joy 2012 today,
As the dragon brings the year to stay.
Care to those making poems,
Living life in each and every homes.

January 23rd makes history,
Be joyful in the way you see.
Traditions lay on the date,
Making the zodiac be fate,
Big dragons, big smiles, it's New Years day,
Happy New Year as they say.

Red brings fortunes,
With hope assuring everyone as wins.
Bright dancers to celebrate,
Stay up for New Years starts late.
Bringing forward for the memories to come,
New ways and new things to humm.

Bright flowers bloom to thee,
To the streets all people flow to see,
The show of time in lifes all over,
Luck be brought like a four leaf clover,
Spirits living fee in time,
Making sense of the poem; the rhyme.

The gragon year has finally made it,
The clock ticks, we wait; we sit.
Lighting up the symbols with fire,
Walking with elements of dire.

So it's the New Year today,
I send great wishes towards your way.
Connecting dots as stars so near; yet so far,
Seeing the brightest of all; the North star.
Happy days for our 2012 time,
Saving the words for the beat of the rhyme.

This card is for what the New Year has on its way,
Each of us putting our cards into play.
Happy New Year for it's the dragons time to steer,
Watching close to each person; each peer.
This day comes once, so play,
Lets celebrate for it leaves fast; please stay,
Happy New Year-hope all stays well,
As one keeps wisdom the cover of our life; the shell.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2012

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Manglish Carol

(Christmas in Malaysia)

Now got season to be jolly
Where got snow where got holly
Where got slay bells jangle jingle
Where got new pair of socks from Pringle

Deck the halls with Bougainvillea
Spray-can frost and cotton wool snow
We got air con. that'll chill ya
Enough to freeze your Ho! ho! Ho!

Mechanical kangaroo with no reason
All year round in festive song
Sings Jingle bells in every season
Money's in slot, who gives a ding dong

What Christmas present you got for me lah?
Better have a high class label on
Anything not import got no use lah!
You gimme free also dowan **

Good King Wenceslas look out!
Driving down night market
Dey go anyway on roundabout
Den stop in middle an park it

God rest ye merry business men
Need Christmas profits bounteous
When the taxman comes round carolling
Gobbles up with appetite ravenous

We got Ramadan, we got Eid
Got Deepavali an what next lah!
Chinese New Year, Sultan and Agong birthdays too
Dis Christmas one plus plus extra

‘Manglish’ - local patois version of English
* Dowan = Don’t want

Copyright © Geoffrey Brewer | Year Posted 2017

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Smiles now style
Family banquet;
Happy feast


Roundtable moments
Spring festival treats;
Family bonding sums


Red for good luck
Charming good times;
Springtime company


Red lanterns float
Breezy breeze blows;
Sway of good fortune


Nine course meal
Delight dances round;
Happy chit-chat punctuates


Food fortune toss
Myriad chopsticks work;
Faith works wonders


Festival moods mix
Moments of delightful glee;
Children and old children


Three red tables
Mix and mingle;
Food fare abundance


Spring moves pretty
Mandarin oranges blessing;
Chinese New Year greetings


Hearts open to joy
Peace abides here;
Vivid melodies


Watch cheer decorate
Faces with good cheer;
Hong Bao tokens and oranges


Sparkling exchanges
Ancient customs preside;
Spring celebration


Leon Enriquez
09 February 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Off With A Bang

                     Off With A Bang
When the chinese used fireworks for celebrations 
They used a black powder called gunpowder, it has two
Practical uses for making harmess fireworks or creating
Explosions for rocket missiles during their wars, the same
Was also used for rifles and guns, they celebrated their 
Chinese New Year with these exploading fireworks, but as
Time went on the gunpowder was used to make a huge 
Explosion by a man called Guy Fawkes, he planned to blow 
Up the British Houses of Parliament, his plan misfired and 
He was caught along with his accomplices, and sent to jail.
England now celebrates this night as Guy Fawkes Night
It is on the 5th of November, and families get together
As they burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire.
They also have a large firework display during this event.
Yes gunpowder has many uses and it is used for good
Purposes as well as evil, it can be also used in Dynamite
An explosive which has been used in construction in 
Various ways for good, or misused by theives to blow up
Bank vaults, but all these different variations of uses
The end result is that it nearly always goes off with a bang.

Copyright © John Ginesi | Year Posted 2013

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red banners swirl

red banners swirl

dragon's flame huffs upward

merging yin yang

 Contest :Chinese New Year

Copyright © daniel port | Year Posted 2015

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Dawn hurls
Eastern sun blooms;
New day beckons


Morning mist
Hint of rain;
Sunrise supersedes


Chinese New Year
New zodiac animal;
Lunar spring time


Bad news looming
Haiku poet dead;
Pain strikes home


Cryptic headline
Bad news sells well;
Controversial climax


Bamboo twigs
Twisted spirals;
Prosperous blooms


New hair salon
Cut, trim and perm;
Designer looks


Dreamy death
Rest and relax;
Abrupt house call


Another year 
Slips away forlorn;
New rapture arrives


Floral bouquet
Eleven red roses;
Perfection tells


Feast on fortune
Million bucks here;
Loose change flows


On the blind side
New tale prompts;
Scripts show up


Walkway makeover
New bricks;
Zigzag contours


Leon Enriquez
01 February 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017