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Tiddles didn’t like his new tinned tea Fussy Pussy Angry Animal Shows claws From paws Self catering cat Catch mice Tastes nice Caught in the rain Soggy Moggy Time for a sneaky sleep Cat nap On lap Contented cat Purry Furry March of the Footles Contest Sponsor Timothy Hicks 03~04~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose
an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this
a tender swept deal amidst the pain zero in on a name heros plain
each day is a gift if you get my drift soft sorrow in the drift
live in the center of your mind circle in my mind...,
Kit Kat the sorrowful nap can give you a heart attack treasure in back
love is a coma a masterful sonar toward anything goes,

taking a cat nap with the sugar in the back folding hands as to react
circle in the wind the sorrowful minister wins the beauty as to reach a bit deep;
the folding of the hands embraced by the saviors hand
a commercial to breath knocked down to your knees
fragrance to the wind as in sorrowful win

a breath of lavender with a shed of Rosemary,
knocking as to dreaming the underscore is winning
proof a deposit in the closet a rip torn logic,
sure fire way to meeting cactus branch receiving glory be

life is busy when your making other plans all to understand the Willow nor the fan
time to embrace and understand:
Rocky running up those stairs one can't compare that nothing was there
he made his way drinking eggs slurpee,
a nestled beat stand room to repeat...,

Rocky throwing stones in regards to staying in the zone
having to fight Mr. T and The Russian or should I let somethings beam,
sweat pant Army pants the quietness of letting go beyond the branch of leting go
Rocky could fight like there's no tommorow amidst his pain nor sorrow,

Although the years have passed still having every reason to ask the flame of his glory
that's still not the end of the story,
see beyond the make believe his sees a heavenly need to help each other
pierced with regards of letting go 

Rocky taco prize for letting things go bust up the beat to increase ts tempo
All those years ago the beat of letting go,
surfing through its magic a time before..,
Rocko taco take you their take you to the sky take you any where

life is built on faith make no mistake the proof is in the pudding who are you kiding
love has gained it also has lost humanities courageous of cost

Each new day we learn something valuable amidst the pain inside we gain
what are the marching orders let me be the first to explain:
A coward dies 1, 000 deaths a saint dies but one
in the ancients circle let them mark down but none
beauty in the famous beast lie down gently and repeat
a ballpark figure that one deserves to recapture

love has its roots down deep and structured for all to notice
how you had fought so hard and fierce my one truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time my one solution is using my mind
living on the edge and its going to my head sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky I see a reflection of you pass me by
Our war were in is almost over its so hard to believe I lost my lover...,

pierce the moon beam to the center of the heart

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2018

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SLAP the POET -Doc-

   ~ SLAP the POET ~

First, you come to splat my baby SKAT!
Now I'm gonna give you a slap like this and that.

You call yourself, Doc the Poet & Notorious FLIRT.
OUCH! Doc, being you must really hurt.

Thank you for waking me from my cat nap.
Now it's time to bend you over my lap.

I will spank you like a kid for talking crap.
Teaching you a lesson that will make you snap.

I will slap my hand across your face.
For posting your Acrostic disgrace.

On my face was a smile that you post
With a look you'll never know

Doc, like a kid, you call them my towers.
Claiming  my twins carry certain powers.

In a poem, Chris A. Once called them melons.
While my Hubby climbs and calls them Mount. SAINT Helene's.

Take some notes when you read this.
Don't talk about another mans double "D's" pillow kiss.

Don't make yourself out a poet fool.
Keep your cool and clean off your drool.

Don't end up like my Hubby who is lost in my abyss.
It's not my wits that got your dumb a$$ caught in reminisce.

            ~ SKAT ~
       (Dakarai Cobbs)

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

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To hell and back with cancer

>To hell and back with cancer, is my personal feelings, please do not take them to heart.

To hell and back with cancer.

It started with a lump to see right in the front of me.  I thought it was old age.
But when it moved to my side, I thought that lump was, acting quite strange.

I have a team of GPs, at my local, National Health Surgery.
Was quite late PM, I saw one of them.  To hospital quickly he did send me.

I drove there in the snow, you know.  One, dark December night did go.
I wondered what was wrong with me!  What did my GP feel?  Or indeed see?

Walked into outpatients I did do.  They read the letter GP gave me, to hand in too.
Oh, did I forget to say, GP wrote it out straight away, then sent me on my way.

Soon I was whisked away.  That’s right, was a blur of tests that night.
Bloods, x-rays, many doctors too, said I had to stay there.  It’s true.

Over a year, I had tests galore.  Was at home, so tried them tests, to ignore.
After scopes by the score, I often thought, would they do anymore?

Then they dropped the bombshell.  'You have cancer.' My mind thought, 'hell.'
My sister died of that, you see.  And I thought I’d soon be with she.

Those doctors thought another way, to save my life, they did say.
‘Strengthen this man’s weak heart.  Then on that cancer, we can start.’

Papworth surgeons repaired my heart, was so strong now Broomfield could start.
In six months, they did just so, took out that cancer tumour, you know.

That ladies and gentlemen was four years ago, recovery was a tad slow.
But hey I am still here you know, boring you with my poetic flow.

I know we all cannot survive, I know I am lucky, as now I thrive.
I hope all you cancer folk out there.  Survive like me and breathe Earth’s air.

But sadly if you have to go, to that Paradise, I do not yet know.
Seek my sister Alma, can you hear.  And thank her, for helping me down here.

Thank God also who I do pray to too.  I love him, as all folk should do.
Then when I finally have to go, I must thank him personally.  I must just so.

I was laying awake all night as I usually think I do, although must have had the occasional unknown cat nap, as you do. When something told me i must write this poetic verse! My tumor was a GIST. A large tumour attached and feeding from my stomach. Without my knowledge and causing no pain. It was forever growing and I was given 10 months to live without treatment. I reckon I am in year plus 4 now. Have a nice day,life's too precious to ignore.  (TmA) <

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Cat Nap

Already tiny kittens interprets love   Mother's voice purr-fect bond

For Leonora Galinta's contest, "Write Me A Poem...Picture Prompt ( cat and her kittens)

Copyright © Connie Gildersleeve | Year Posted 2013

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Faded in XOxo oxOX Fadin' Out

A special dedication to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" song in her album "Beyoncé", which came out in 2013.
I took a cat nap...yah put on your classic, clever-mini cap 
drank that sorrow sap, my companion and cool chap 
Torture me with your rap...
and all that crap in a snap of a finger and don't linger in my way of my goals that are like a marked-up, mishap map 
I wanna drag you up like an animal in due season 
Yes, I worship your scent of I-must-repent 
I was dust in this Earth of Mirth for an outlandish reason 
Why don't you get the hint that I love you to the highest extent right this very instant and outstant...
Yeah, it's true
I make up words
Out of the blue...
It's as absurd as herds of butter-birds 

We are beautiful, bizarre nobodies 
We have alienated ambition 
We are a flawed flawless 
Perfection in passion progress

{verse 1}
You seriously got me addicted to your love affair
You bruised my wounds and you're gonna pay 
I'm only following the rules, so don't use me - that's just not playing fair, 
But you don't care if it's a game of truth or dare...glad I made your day by my past hesitation that led me astray, some say 
We bite the bullet to the core
Don't accuse me of being an attention hog...waiting for the rope of hope to hang the tragedies of this world of woe - there's a future in store 
What are you waiting for?

{hook x2}
Next time, there will not be a next time this sun-shining day
Don't play me in repeat like your favorite pop way...
Missing your clutches of your touches
Craving those OXOX's like urges of sexes 
X out the lust in my heart 
I O it my work of lyric art 

Tripping out in my room
Double trouble doom...
Come on, 
Resume on
Call me yours...your ear ignores...
And I will do your chores...failure scores...
Faaaaaded in love...
Jaaaaaaded in hate...
Where is the luv from abuv?
Watchin' political debate...
Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof 
Underrated you and I - foes and friends, but anything goes, whether it's from below or above 
Embrace the faces of graces from above under 
You departed from my arms of charms; now, we shatter asunder  
Like a mirror of poverty pain that reigns upon the city
Refrain from driving me insane in a lane of crimes I committed of...and I'm found pitilessly guilty 

{hook -whisper-}

Not yesterday's tomorrow
Not today to your dismay...
Not tomorrow's backwards sorrow
Maybe another'll get your way...I'll give up my way for you to stay 
Faaaaaded in love...
Jaaaaaaded in hate...
Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof 
I'll stray away from the aftershocks of your downfalls
Your uprisings are from your deepest, regretful failures...and your unanswered calls...and fixated freefalls 
Faaaaaded in love...
Jaaaaaaded in hate...
Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof 

{verse 2}
You got me so hooked
Why did you overlook
The event that got booked?
You postponed our like my looks, not my mind or heart that is an endless book...
Sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor 
My attitude of gratitude transformed into graze in your own maze attitude 
You cannot put a label on my untamed behavior 
When I'm up on stage with the spotlight showering down upon me, I rise above the audience of all eyes and I bodyquake with I, myself and me to shake off the rage of feeling misunderstood, not good in the hood in my ghetto neighborhood; I hope my vibrant voice is now understood
I'm an astonishing star
And I will go oh so far...
Wondering where You are...
To heal this scar with miracles in disguise that I can't despise, for it's on my top love bar, 
Despite the peace war... 
That hits us more and more... 

{hook x2}
{hook -whisper-}

{verse 3}
You're sick in the mind
You got me far behind
You'll be sorry when I'm gone
I welcome the dusk's sun 
The dawn will burn you alive
You're a bee in his busy hive 
Behave and be brave, Dave...
I save my breath by giving you a "farewell" brave wave
You stare into the illuminating efflorescence 
My attire is on fire with your desire, my fantastic fluorescence 
We bite the bullet to the core
Don't accuse me of being an attention hog...waiting for the rope of hope to hang the tragedies of this world of woe - there's a future in store 
What are you waiting for?
Ahhhh oooooh ooooh 
Ehhh ahh I-I-I....
Sick with dem luv floo 
I'm confident shy...
I'm modest...
I'm honest....
I'm humble...
I do crumble...
Arrogance was in my veins...
Yet, I still got prideless brains...
Ooooh ahhhhh 
I'm a handsome flaw...
Ohhhh yeahhh
My reputation, fame 'n fortune is meh and bleh 
God's Word means everything to me 
The World means close to nothing, I see...
I hear with an open ear...even my tear stains me with fear that I hold on to so dear...I taste with a tongue so sensitive up in here...I feel with much cheer, for God's aura is near...His spiritual soul replaces fear and doubt with faithful cheer, so crystal clear 

{hook x2}
{hook -whisper-}

I crave your crowning moments
I'm buzzed off of blessings that appear to be curses 
Supposedly, your eyes of lies and helloed goodbyes that give you temporary highs that makes my heart cry out: why's oh why's 
Your verses curse and it ruins my self-esteem...sick of your rehearses 

And it's our ultimate mission
To count all our naughties...from everybody...or creepy "anybodies"
Let's engage in our future vision
To blur out all the fakes and the hotties...for we aren't a disgrace or a robotic with eccentricities 

Lap up my pity's sorrow
Of yesterday's tomorrow 
Wrap your wings around me
Take flight in our reality fantasy
You're all up and down in my grill — got me mind-blown, you silly-Billy clown — you're my thrill, just take a chill pill and hush, little baby...I've been lovin' and hatin' you lately...frankly, honestly
I want to feel your need for me, so I can flee from captivity...
I need to numb your want for me to
But, it's impossible
Or is it possible? 
I doubt it is, indeed...
I'll fulfill my deed...after I feed off of my want and need...
And it's you
I adore You too...
But who knew...
I'd be the hue of blue...
You can't deny
I'm faded in-in-in love 
You're the crow that flies too high 
And I'm the-the city dove
Purrrrrr hurrrrrr 
You're my black and white armor...never in errorrrrrr
I take a tour into your busy-lazy life 
Hurrrrrr puurrrrr 
Life's gettin' harder, for my past, present and future is a miiiiiighty blurrrrr 
You take a tour into my pleasant strife

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Dog eat dog world
Awakes to new dawn;
Paradoxical gains

Words and yet more
Empty words dilute;
Cold comfort frozen

Headlines sensation
Bad news in vogue;
Catchy decadence

Muse upon feeling
Profound thought;
Self-realization lights

Mood swings highlight
Psychic trauma;
Pain instigates

Skybridge running track
26 floors above;
Senior citizens jog

Look to this day
To do something good;
Saturday cat nap

Set routines
To-Do List unfurls;
Time is never enough

Much ado
About nothing new;
Changes re-order

Ideas rule the world
Change agents --
Come and go abruptly

Worn-out old pavilion
Two weary workers;
Chat over beer repast

Busy passage conduit
People hurry briskly;
Haphazard side stepping

Busy networking
Trying to get ahead;
Lost in the crowd

Visual impact dazzle
Too much colour;
Not much insight

Takeaway counter
Pre-order your drink blend;
Beverage on-the-fly

Leon Enriquez
04 July 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Cat Crazy Play

"Come play with me,
I have all this restless energy.
If you don't come and play with me quickly,
I'll drive myself and you crazy.
My instinct is currently telling me,
to hunt, stalk and kill so that I may eat,
but there isn't any prey for me,
in this immediate vicinity,
so I run around like a maniac stopping suddenly,
to see if I've startled any prey hiding nearby me,
but I startle nothing, nothing attempts to flee,
so I'll climb your drapes and destroy your blinds constantly,
because maybe there's prey up there that I didn't smell or see.
Do that thing you do with that feather on a string,
the one I hunt, stalk and kill over and over again.
Get me chasing that thing until I am panting,
then go ahead and serve me my daily feeding.
I'll feel as if I have hunted, stalked, killed and successfully eaten,
followed by 10 - 18 hours of cat nap sleeping,
then your life can return back to normal once again."

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2016

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Cat Nap

Crawling, furry pet 
Aggressive, yet so lovable
Trying to get any sign of attention and winning it 

No worries planted in their feeble brains 
Attractive and a clever animal
Pleasurable extra family member, always keeping me busy!

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2012

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Change of sheets
to ivory silk, color of cream
or buttermilk.  Creme
Fraiche to mesh
in golden shine from
open blind.  She's across
the bed to bask, to bask, 
like a cat who knows
and shows the way, a spot
for the poet to store in
winter light, to toast in,
the bed, her host 
in image clear, memory 
dear, her cat C. Chan 
curled by winter window 
for winter sun, its 
chill undone.

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2014

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Taking aim

At the river's edge
a tiger takes a cat nap
no creatures come near
Except for one, whose aim is
to buy the lovely painting

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2015

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Cat nap

At my feet
Dreaming of mice
Muscles twitching fast
You should be resting now
But instead you are chasing
Running as fast as you can go
Excited, you almost have him now
What will you do when you catch him? I ask.

Copyright © Gayla May | Year Posted 2012

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So Beautifully Soft - The Lilibonelle style

~So Beautifully Soft~

The beauty of the spring season is like no other 
Just look outside today and you will see all the flowers grow
If you don't believe it just take a look and then another  
During this time all these things take place everyday quick or slow.

Just look outside today and you will all the flowers grow
During the spring season most of the days are nice and cool
Weather starts to warm after winter is gone with all the snow
Spring then arrives so softly to reign with a new set of rules

If you don't believe it just take a look and then another
It's so good for a change to see the flowers and trees sprout
After a long cat nap the grass and all the plants turn rather
Green, and that's the magic of spring returning to shine with her shout. 

During this time all these things take place everyday quick or slow
Every year is so wonderful to welcome and enjoy this beautiful season
It's a blessing  from God our Master Creator to see again her wonderful show
With all her radiant beauty she gives us hopes and for living lots of good reason.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

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Cat Had A Pet

Cat had a pet;
Some old dude
He met, while on patrol
His many backyards
A territorial feral;

A lap was empty,
Well used
But warm enough,
Some sandwich unfinished
Surprise!—It was tuna!
(A match seemed
Made in heaven)

Cat had a pet,
Some old dude
He met—an opportunist:
Quickly he laid claim
Though the find sat
Quite lame—
Unable to speak
Yet attentive;
Having tasty treats
Pocket full unending—
How inventive!
Quite the incentive,
Seemed a match
Made in heaven—

As seasons passed
Their relationship grew
Till the old dude due—
His chair
Now empty;
Well, not always…
An occasional cat-nap
Keeps the heat on…
Purring while dreaming
His incentive:
A warm lap
And a pocket full of treats

Surely a match
To be continued
In heaven—

Copyright © Joe DiMino | Year Posted 2016

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My Big Blue Peepers

I came in a tattered old box,
the grand size of a man's shoebox.
I knew that I was unwanted,
around a big empty house I wandered.
On a drive in the country one day,
these people said I was cute and took me away.
But, the novelty of a kitten wore off quickly,
I ran and jumped and was just too wiggly.
So, they gave me to this girl who likes cats,
well, here I am sweet girl, congrats!
She opened the lid slowly and peeked inside,
I was so scared my meow was tongue-tied.
Hello beautiful, she said-  but I was frozen,
my kitten spirit had been broken!
In the next days things were happening,
around her apartment I was galloping.
I had new toys, like squeaky mice and balls,
and I would come when I heard her calls.
There were pretty food dishes and a brush,
my fur she would tame whispering,  hush-hush.
But, the sweetest was being on her lap,
purring, purring, purring during a sweet cat nap.
The best thing that ever happened to me,
is finding my forever home with this girl of glee!
She does not care that I am too fluffy,
that I have no manners and can be scruffy.
She cares little that I like to scratch things,
from a cat tree this kitty now clings and springs!
She says she adores me to pieces,
whispers that she loves my big blue peepers;
     and I sure love this girl-   to pieces and pieces.

September 3, 2018

Poetry/Personification/My Big Blue Peepers
Copyright Protected, ID 18-1057-890-01
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, Personification of a pet, Wild Animal or Insect
sponsor, Tania Kitchin, Theme chosen - pet cat

Second Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2018

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Beauty smiles
Truth keeps watch;
Joy murmurs


Jacuzzi trip
Clear water massage;
Aqueous healing


Midtown moments
Sunny side up;
Poignant flavours


Walkway charades
Morning fiesta;
Umbrella cacophony


Old Mister Lee
Two years gone;
Tembusu memoir


Such silly antics
Blindside politics;
Monkey business


Glimpses of home
Michelin Star meals;
Vivid prosperity


Dark skyline 
Thunder and lightning;
Rainy dawn hurls


Morning outline
Lake shore rainbow;
Sun and rain


Cat nap
Purrs dreams;
Feline fancy


Brown squirrel
Zigzag curiosity;
Fruity forage


Street vendor
Latest news print;
Too many unsold


Car pool moments
Grab or Uber taxi;
Disrupted trips


Cash speaks
Goods listen;
Magic barters


Word budget espresso
Not much unsaid;
Meaning percolates


Morning cuppa
Double-shot sling;
Caffeine fix pump


Raining again
April pregnant wet;
Sun on holiday


By the wayside
Fallen nest;
Broken bird's eggs


Anniversary here
Candles attest;
Fond memory awakes


Leon Enriquez
03 April 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017

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The Ballad of Peabody and Little Miss

Peabody and Little Miss, checkin' out the kitchen
Knockin' over the trash can to get the treats inside
When caught, he runs out the back door to escape friction
While she jumps on the counter to find a place to hide

Peabody and Little Miss, explorin' out back
So many socks to bury, so many balls detected!
She sees the tiny bird and goes on the attack
While he warns, "This is MY yard - it will be PROTECTED!"

Peabody and Little Miss didn't always get along
Little Miss was a gift of long-ago Christmas morn
When Peabody arrived last year, she hissed, "You don't belong!"
But now they are as close as brother-sister born

Peabody and Little Miss are ready for their cat-nap
Satisfied with everything they left topsy-turvy
So Peabody launches his forty pounds into my lap
And Little Miss follows him up, delicate and curvy

Peabody and Little Miss are true collabarators
Leaving chaos in my house that's now two times greater!

Copyright © Michelle Faulkner | Year Posted 2018

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Around 4 AM - Lived Life as a Loser Snoozer

I have a lot to write and say, buddy, so hear me out some more
Don’t make me feel lower than I have ever felt before…
Listen, understand and stay quiet until I say no more…sorry if I’m a bore...
Know this – a sea of beauty isn't a sea without its shimmering, shallow shore

I can’t forget what happened to me long ago
It’s around 4:30 AM right now and I don’t know
If there’s a chance for me to change my sleeping habits any time soon…I sleep well once in a blue moon..maybe by afternoon! 
Please, someone, enhance my endurance to eagerly embrace a more optimistic tune..I swear, I need to get well soon…hoping real soon

Soon, I will rest for a while and wake up, feeling refreshed or fatigued…either one!

It’s not always technology's fault that I stay awake and alert like a Knight
For my sake and others' who struggle similar to me,
Don’t discourage me by saying I make excuses to be up all freakin' night 
Excuse my language and my gutter mouth…possibly…

No one cares that I am an insomniac who needs help and direction
Everyone seems to get their sleep peacefully, wishing I had…
I’m neglected with rejection and I pray for His abundant affection
Hey, not to mention I pray for rest to make me feel like glad…

Upset and disappointed…what can I say? 
I have no words to say, but words to write today

I can’t help, but feel like dying sometimes…did too many selfish crimes
I am thankful to be alive and I did survive such dark, dangerous times 
You know what? Come on, wake up from your bliss…rinse away my rain of pain 
Help me up in the clouds of cheerful restfulness and help me not to go insane
Dig deep into the roots and soil of my inner-being and its struggles
I’m concentrating on trying to relax and such
While you are effortlessly asleep by warm touch
It’s tough to be in my skin, sprouting with hopeless hair
I’ve been cooped up at home all night…I need some air…

Disappear, despair that I desperately feel…and deal with…

It’s clearly complicated where I’ve been, again, 
It’s left unsaid because no one seems to care… typical that they aren’t anywhere
I bet I will be up until the daylight comes at ten 
This insane, isolative insomnia doesn’t play fair…found the urge to sleep nowhere

But, I won’t dispose of hope…despite my countless troubles that doubles

It’s 5 AM and I am wishing I could be someone else right now
Oh, I see I am losing a few hours of sleep and it freaks me out 
I probably shouldn’t worry anyhow…I will seek sleep somehow
I based too many poems on my insomnia that it’s a problem no doubt…

I’m stressed somewhat…no big deal…
It’s 4 AM and the struggle is really real…
Ridiculous how I am still up and about
It sounds silly and feels quite funny no doubt

I will laugh away my many issues 
I will give you a pair of my shoes
Here you go, try them on…put your feet into them…
Hope you know that it’s not easy to be a worrisome Gem

No worries…I will find out a wondrous way to sleep it off today 

I guess, no matter what, I will keep trying to fight the grand fight of finally…giving in to a sweet and surreal sleep…
Suppose I will dig deep for fine results
I will cease from pulling a thousand nighters like a creep and I will sleep without a peep…mentally counting silly, puny sheep 
Don’t bring me down with your insults

Don’t be mean…just because you sleep perfectly doesn’t mean I do too…I won’t deal with dismay and I know that everything will be okay as long as I seek change that will happen in a remarkable, unexpected way – I pray it happens this way…sleep well as I count sheep, coming their merry way and they are in my over-stimulated mind to baa away and stay or wander aimlessly and shamelessly stray 

Wait…let me catch my breath…
I’m bothering you with my rants and shenanigans once again…
I almost talked myself to death
Now, I got to rest my mouth, mind and everything else again…
Might as well count a hundred hens and then…
Maybe…just a itty-bitty maybe

Maybe…hm…okay, perhaps, 
I will have a cat nap relapse 

And I will get some well-deserved rest
If not, better late than never…
You snooze, you lose…I do so at my best! 
Yeah right, alright then, whatever..

I’ll sleep eventually…no problem there, no scars to bear
Just don’t mention my horrible sleep habits whatsoever
It’s not like I don’t care…I did care to write and share
I won’t regret or feel bad about it…I know I will get better……
And feel better and be a gracious, glorious go-getter…
For my issues of restlessness of but temporary weather

My issues were all because…all because…
I chose to be a snoozer loser – to sleep is my personal next dare.....
Now, I need a restless, reckless applause…
To my misfortune, my night was one sleepless, living nightmare! 

Bang the gong of finally-sleeping-since-forever
Now, I am a snoozer winner, but just a beginner without a fuss 
Believe it or not. Insomnia has a huge stinger
And it has stung me an infinity times…gr, what a jerkasaurus 

Nevermind all that name-calling and all that nonsensical jazz to the marvelous max
Tranquil-deceiving insomnia, do me a wild favor and stop being a sleepy-time hater
I told myself to calm down a notch and close my eyes…just let me kick back and relax…
Change is a challenging chore as I always say; oh wait, hey, alarm clock, don’t be a traitor!

Let me sleep well as hell…silent slumber ditched me…
Before the alarm goes off like a countless number of coughs
Dreams of mine, I will dwell…I will rest, so leave me be
I will ignore the rest of their scoffs…pretend It’s their laughs 

Rest is granted for everyone to take a break from work
When will restlessness stop acting like a berserk jerk?
Guess I may never know, while I reap these tears I weep, 
What it’s like to have a pleasant night’s sleep…drifting to and fro in the deep...

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2018

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Shelton Washington state

County seat, of Mason County, Washington, highly rates
United States Westernmost city on Puget Sound e quates 
above ground sans tectonic plates
Population 9,834 per 2010 census 
end result from biological mates
maintains commission form of government 
drafted by mandates.

Shelton served by small steamboats greet
omprising Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet
Old Settler, Irene, Willie, City of Shelton, 
Marian, Clara Brown, & S.G. Simpson
logging, farming, dairying, ranching 
& oyster cultivation for populace to eat

Simpson Timber Company mill lit airy
cobblestone trod with defeated cleat 
Puget Sound's Oakland Bay over yon
dominates landscape of the down
town area as essential heart beat
Shelton identifies the "Christmas 
Tree Capital" sold by the ton.

47°12'49?N 123°6'22?W (47.213702, 
-123.106088) coordinate bench mark
total area of 5.9 square miles (15 km2), 
of which 5.6 square miles (15 km2) land
0.3 square miles (0.78 km2) (5.60%)
water laps with an occasional errant shark fanned
in a pinch captured, processed and canned
a delicacy that fin de siecle 
bony illegal booty fined by the oceanic arc.

well nigh two decades in the past
this poet trekked across America
beginning in a place called Gap
Pennsylvania, where stockpile en massed
of Amish goodies barely did last
and vanished in a gingerly snap
of fingers, which necessitated 
sustenance when van fueled i.e. gassed

up while myself or other driver stole a cat nap
seduced to sleep by syncopated tires
as highway miles passed
inching closer to youngest sister
via this linear transcontinental lap
destination Seattle Washington
indigenous iconic statue cast.

Ronald Strickland a fine companion
and Boone storyteller to boot
about my zen age (five decades plus two) 
him trying to rake in some loot
by writing about his idyllic travels, mute,
yet unpretentious and no square at root
perhaps one day, I will surprise him
with a call and give him a toot

though on might deign to bellow
while atop the snow capped Mount Rainier
Taking in the august magic 
crystalline beauty all year round:
whereat snowfall etches silhouette 
once dusk shed daylight
sketching in natural bas relief 
ascension from horizon to heavenly height
albedo effect from glistening snow light
luminescence transforming night
into blinding sight
from pure flakes of incandescent white.

Copyright © MATTHEW harris | Year Posted 2017

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she carried her cat
up under her hat
tail sticking out
as it wriggled about
and as for her mittens
well, they were both kittens
when calico vested
I bettcha – you guessed it
six calico cats quietly nested
her favorite for fall
a tiger cat shawl
when eating Chinese
a wrap Siamese
it’s not that she’s lazy
this cat crazy lady
she’s addicted to “purr”
to kitty cat fur
there’s just something about it
won’t leave home without it.


submitted to – CRAZY CAT LADY:RHYME – Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2018

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My blankie

It tags along with me wherever I go
There isn't any journey my blankie isn't in tow
Like a super hero cape I wear it wrapped around my shoulders
As I explore my top secret mission waiting around the boulders
On long rides in the car it keeps me warm
I use it to take down bad guys that swarm
I use it to make my own secret lair
I set a sign outside of it saying enter if you dare
I sometimes use my special blankie to dry my crocodile tears
I took it with me my first day of school and like a superhero I faced some pretty big fears
My blankie is super soft and cozy
It makes a soft landing when I'm playing ring around the rosie
It gets drug through the dirt mud rain and snow 
Indestructible like a superhero, wouldn't you know
Sometimes I'll use it to play peak a boo with my baby brother
While I'm really a super hero working under cover
I like to lay on it and day dream about the shapes of the clouds in the sky
To far away lands on my blankie being my magic carpet that I'd fly
I use it to sail the seas and take down pirates to find the burried treasure
No other blanky can ever compare or measure
I snuggle my blankie when I take a cat nap
I wear it as a royal cape with a royal crown, not cap
Some who watch Snoopy say I'm a cute little Linus  
I Iike to think of myself as more like lockness
Grandma's added extra superhero patches whenever it's torn
It's extra special because she made it for me before I was born
At Nana's I take it with me for a special sleep over 
It brings me luck like a four leaf clover
When I get hurt and my parents are out of sight
One hug from my blankie and my worlds been set right
At the Drs office I hold it extra tight
Mommy and Daddy tuck me in with it each night
My blankie loves me and I sure love my special blankie
Grandma says when I get bigger she's going to turn my blankie into a bunch of special hankies

Copyright © Melissa Tracy | Year Posted 2018

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Push Down And Turn

When you wake up and realize that your meds have forced you into a four and a half hour cat nap- 
You sit up and crack your neck. Yawn. 
Look out the window, and see how much the Sun's glare has weakened. 
You grab a glass of water and your pill box. Check the date against what is missing and what day your phone says it is.  
Because your mind is too foggy to trust. 
Because your doctor needs to lower your dosage.
Will you survive that?
Your thumb presses down on Saturday. 
Different shapes, sizes, and colors are audited as you're still trying to survey the logistics of moving any further. 
Maybe you should just skip to the end. 
Take them all. 
Tell the Sun farewell and cozy back up to a chemically induced facade, lit up by an endearing subconscious.
Angels sing as you push down, and turn.
Grab that last capsule and drift off like one of your rock star heroes that burnt out, rather than fade away.
But you're just a burn out who wants to fade away.
So you swallow your medicine.
Lay back down,
and wait for the encore.
-James Kelley 2016

Copyright © James Kelley | Year Posted 2018

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superstitious kitty

For There Is A Brighter Side Contest
Picture #2

Superstition can be fun
Since the day it has begun
Seeing others try to shake
Unlucky feelings as they wake
Ladders you can not walk under
Spilling salt is a big blunder
Don't step on a sidewalk crack
But don't pick on a cute black cat
They're called unlucky all the time
But its such a shameful crime
Cute and fury  big sweet eyes
Their tiny little purry cries
Can melt a heart right to the core
Playing with yarn on the floor
Is always a funny thing
In a lonely life they bring
Comfort and joy from day to night
They are not a scary fright
When they curl up in your lap
A peaceful dream with a cat nap
Furry or flat fur to pet
And please do not forget
They get rid of pesky mice
Which is very very nice
To all black kitties everywhere
You'll be hugged with tender care
From now on and shunned no more
Love you have never felt before

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2018

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dog tired this day march 29th 2018

     A minor typo found this fanatic spell binding hound to resend a poem posse sub bully dashed off in a huff (past the hour) if nothing else than fur his spurt full of peace, bot tee, and mind. 
     Thus this Norwegian bachelor wannabe (most closely aligned with said status closely attained unmarried state by pledging my Unitarian troth)  tilled, sown, and furrowed spirit nsync with the missus sleeping in close proximity.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
dog tired this day - march 29th, 2018
no matter this dawg gone pup
    took numerous one after another cat nap
his utterly fatigued
    body electric still ragged

    as if he went without sleep for a lifetime,
    ensnared within a time warp,
    espied that aggravating "aw SNAP"
(error code instead of a webpage

    indicating Chrome happens to be 
    experiencing problems loading)
    or, simultaneously
    caught in a narcoleptic parent trap

thus, while a burst of energy
    temporarily doth prevail
(a priori which extreme fatigue
    of body, mind and spirit -

    more troublesome, and worse than -
    getting crucified
    with a rusty nine inch nail
alleviated with deep sleep finds

    much more tiredness
    than usual quotidian sleepiness
    bruiting this male)
    being imprisoned (for high
    gram matt tick crimes

   and misdemeanors) such as: comma, splices,
    dangling a modifier, splitting an infinitive,
    unnecessary parenthesis (), et cetera
    which landed me punctually,

    proverbially, and squarely 
    in the slaammed shut jail
fed thin gruel with grubs that didst flail
nauseating pluperfect revulsion
    each time hide exhale

which, many hours long rests did restore
for a bit of time only for totally tubular
     exhaustion to come roar
ring back leaving me tour
    charred as if...i fought in every major war.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Cat a log

The question has to be this. Is a meow a cow?

Q1…...................A Catalogue?

Well what can one say?
Really all that?
How can I possibly make it under the word count?
So many pages and items itemised mean that descriptions decipher coded callings
Well presumabley it would begin with an attempt to identify the word catalogue
So begin by pulling the word out in a concertinaed fashion
And that make what?
Cat a log
Always ignore and be very ignorant of a U and and E for a U and an E together are simply way too much of a headache and a sight to understand
Particularly if attempting a headstand on top of a big wheel at a fun fair
So a cat on a log could have many pages:
i. A large head. This page is filled with many items including fur and eyes and comes with free ears as a special introductory offer
ii. Paw page. Claws are optional although customers can opt to buy retractable paws or paws that can pull out. The pull out paws are the most popular.
iii. This is the page of the upper body. So details several fur options. As with the fur options of page one it is possible to have log or short fur styles and colours are of all hue including rainbow coloured varieties. 
iv. This is the middle section where customers can choose from a selection of sizes depending upon availability. And of course fur selection. And a range of colours too.
v. This is the back end of the cat so customers can choose a tail. Sometimes it is possible to request no tail particularly if the customer is from the Island of Mann. There is an absence of a tail upon that isle. Again it is possible to select the type of fur. And of course colours.
vi. The final section is the type of log. A wide selection of trees are available. Plus it is possible for customers to create their own log from a tree using an app called 'treenamer'. This clever app offers a beautiful range of wood from worldwide and cosmological locations.
vii. This is the index page.

And so that is a catalogue explained.
It is far harder to outline
A catamaran
A cat o nine tails
A cat nap
A cat kin............and how many more times?

When a pin becomes a paw it is time for the scratch of the posts.

Z Otocolobus manul Z at 44 claws to 9 whiskers


Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017